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Crochet Mandala Doily

Crochet Mandala Doily Pattern

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The Crochet Mandala Doily is a beautiful table topper that has the diagram included with this design. I used Patons Grace. My version is 20″ diam. I used a 2.5

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Mandala Stitch Along

Crochet Mandala Stitch Along Pattern

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Crochet Mandala Stitch Along We are kicking off 2020 just a week early on Boxing Day, Dec 26, 2019, with the Red Heart Mandala Throw Pattern. Technically speaking, the pattern

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Crochet Sun Blossom Doily Example 3

Crochet Sun Blossom Mandala Doily Pattern

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Crochet Sun Blossom Mandala Doily Pattern The Crochet Sun Blossom Alternative Mandala Doily is an adaptation of the original Sun Blossom Doily by Diane Lavos for Red Heart. I didn’t

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Crochet Raised Twist Mandala

Crochet Raised Twist Mandala Pattern

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Crochet Raised Twist Mandala The Raised Twist Mandala is the next lesson of providing, even more, three-dimensional looks to your mandala. What you cannot see from the top angle is

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Crochet Wheel Mandala

Crochet Wheel Mandala Pattern

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Crochet Wheel Mandala This is lesson 5 of the Crochet Mandala Workshop and today we are working on the Wheel Mandala that I designed. This workshop has been designed to

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Crochet Crossroads Mandala

Crochet Crossroads Mandala Pattern

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Crochet Crossroads Mandala This is lesson 7 of the Crochet Mandala Workshop featuring my Crossroads Mandala. In this crochet mandala, we will have what appears as spokes but linked together

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