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Mikey - Crochet Nutcracker Construction

Social Media is Taxing: From Mikey’s Desk

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Every spring, around this time, I hit a lull and borderline depressive state. It’s awful, it’s ugly and it’s non-motivational. This year feels different than most though, I’m at a

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The Crochet Crowd Book Cover

The Crochet Crowd: Inspire, Create & Celebrate Book

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On the horizon is our very first book called The Crochet Crowd: Inspire, Create & Celebrate. Expected in late September 2021, from us, Michael Sellick and Daniel Zondervan with guest

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Crochet Basket Weave Pillow

Crochet Basketweave Stitch

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Basket Weave Crochet Lesson Create a basketweave stitch using this tutorial. I teach you what the magic counts are in order to make the afghan or scarves as long as

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Crochet Spectrum Afghan

Half Double Crochet Stitch

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Half Double Crochet Lesson Let’s begin learning how to do a Half Double Crochet. In patterns known as an HDC. This is part of a 24 course program where I

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Crochet Better Together Afghan - Joint Version

Crochet Better Together Afghan Stitch Along

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Crochet Better Together Afghan Stitch Along Introducing the Crochet Better Together Afghan, the first collaboration of Jeanne Steinhilber and Michael Sellick (me) in a blanket where two minds are better

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Crochet Corner to Corner Afghan

Corner to Corner Afghan Pattern

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Corner to Corner Afghan Project Corner to Corner Afghans is really popular right now. They are easy to follow and create. What appeals to everyone is the speed at which

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Crochet Stretchy Gloves

Crochet Stretchy Fingerless Gloves Pattern

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These are probably the easiest fingerless glove patterns ever. Using stretchy yarn to conform to the shape of your hand, the gloves are simply a crochet tube with a closed

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Crochet Butterfly Scarf

Crochet Butterfly Stitch Scarf Pattern

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Butterfly Stitch Crochet Pattern This is the butterfly scarf. It is so named because the stitches give the appearance of butterflies. This is a very popular scarf from our viewers.

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Christmas Wave Afghan

Crochet Christmas Wave Afghan Pattern

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Christmas Wave Afghan Pattern Want a new afghan for your holiday decor? Look no further as this Christmas Wave Afghan is really quite lovely. Easy to follow along directions are

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Crochet Rise & Shine Afghan

Rise & Shine Crochet Afghan Pattern

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Rise & Shine Crochet Afghan Pattern Try the Crochet Rise & Afghan by Red Heart. In this free pattern, you will be able to make a solid granny square without

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