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How to Crochet Using Multiple Yarn Strands

Crochet Multiple Yarn Strands

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Crocheting with Multiple Strands Doubling or more yarn strands can significantly change your crochet for a number of positive features. Let me share some interesting facts about this particular crochet

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How to Calculate Stitch Multiples with Crochet

Multiples of Crochet Pattern Tutorial

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How to Figure out the Multiples of a Crochet Pattern When people email us or leave message on the Facebook walls to ask about multiples, this are the steps we

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Calculating Multiples for Repeat Stitch Pattern for Crochet

Figuring Out Pattern Repeat

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2 Ways to Calculate Repeat Patterns From Small Samples or Swatch Sizes For small swatch sizes or samples that are fairly small, Mikey shows how to re-create the pattern in

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Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch

The Secret to Finding the Multiples

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What’s the Multiple? The Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch on the right is a great example of a pattern where the multiples were not given. Does that stop me from figuring

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