The Crochet Crowd

Crochet Tea Pot Cover + Tutorial

Reading Time: 2 minutes Crochet Tea Pot Cover / Cozy Crochet this really cheerful Crochet Teapot Cover / Cozy using the Jacobs Ladder Stitching Concept. This pattern had me intimidated by looking at the picture over the past year. I decided to suck it up and look at the pattern and realized it’s not as hard as it looks. […]

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Crochet Instant Pot Covers + Free Recipes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Instant Pots are all the Rage Many people we know have an Instant Pot. Cathy, our bookkeeper has one and is going on and on about it! And, it’s because she knows our Diva Dan is a cook and uses his crock pot a lot! So guess who wants and Instant Pot? Yep, Diva Dan! […]

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Crochet Pot Handle Cover

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pot Handle Cover Introducing a slip on crochet pot handle cover that can be used to remove or hold pots while making your favourite dish in the kitchen. This concept is really simple in making a crochet tube that is closed off on one end and has an opening on the other. To use this, […]

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