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Crochet Garden Tote

Crochet Garden Tote Bag Pattern

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Garden Tote Bag This is one of my most favourite cotton bags. It is sizable enough to make a gorgeous project bag that you can make yourself. It’s heavy-duty and

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Crochet Dragonfly Bag

Crochet Dragonfly Bag Pattern

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Dragon Fly Bag Our Laura Jean was inspired by the dragonfly stitch and decided to make herself a backpack bag. It’s not too big and not too small, to Laura

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Crochet Felted Purse

Crochet Felted Purse Pattern

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Crochet Felted Purse Create your amazing round purse using the instructions provided. There is also a matching Video Tutorial for those who need a visual on how to do this

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Crochet Clutch

Crochet Clutch Pattern

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Crochet Clutch The Crochet Clutch is just fun with a bit of texture. It has a crochet diagram to follow the turn that that’s on the flip over closure. If

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Crochet Textured Bag

55 Crochet Bag Project Ideas

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Crochet Bag Project Ideas From hauling your yarn projects to going to the market to pick up fruits and veggies, crochet bags are just awesome. Crochet Bag Projects make for

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Crochet Chevron One Big Cake Bag by Jeanne Steinhilber

Crochet Chevron One Big Cake Bag Pattern

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Crochet Chevron One Big Cake Bag Pattern This is the Crochet One Big Cake Chevron Bag. I love to crochet with self-striping yarn.  The Caron Big Cakes is great because

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Crochet Patriotic Summer Tote Bag by Jeanne Steinhilber

Crochet Tote Bag Pattern

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Crochet Patriotic Summer Tote Bag Hurray for the Red, White & Blue with this Crochet Patriotic Summer Tote Bag!  Here is the summer bag that will quickly become your favorite

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