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Crochet Star Patterns

Crochet Star Patterns

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Star Featured Patterns Stars are probably one of my favourite shapes in general, let alone to create the star baby blanket has to be one project I really enjoy working

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Cute Baby High Top Pattern

Crochet Sweet High Tops Pattern

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Sweet High Top Baby Booties These little high top booties are Mikey’s favourite. These are a Converse Look-A-Like and have an amazing finish on them. You can use regular yarn

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Crochet Classic High Top Booties

Crochet Baby Booties High Tops Pattern

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Classic High Top Booties These booties take Mikey back to his child hood nearly 35 years ago when these high tops were the craze. They bring a sense of nostalgia

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Crochet Basketweave Placemat

Crochet Mosaic Basket Weave Placemat

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Crochet Mosaic Basket Weave Placemat Bring your crocheting skills to the table with this pretty two-colour set. These no-shaped pieces are small enough to make it fun to try out

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Crochet Toilet Tank Topper

Vibrant Tank Topper Crochet Placemat

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Vibrant Tank Topper Crochet Placemat This Crochet Tank Topper is uniform in size to fit most toilets. I have to admit, I’m not a fan of too many fabrics or

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