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Crochet Beginner Well Schooled Throw

Crochet Beginner Well-Schooled Throw Pattern

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Crochet Beginner Well-Schooled Throw The Beginner Level Well-Schooled Throw is for beginners with a step by step photographic tutorial on the free pattern. The pattern is double crochet in the

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Crochet School Spirit Throw

Crochet School Spirit Throw Pattern

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Crochet School Spirit Throw The Crochet School Spirit Throw is designed for beginners and easy to experienced level crocheters can blaze through this probably fairly quickly. Once you get started,

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Crochet School Colour Afghan

8 Crochet School Theme Patterns

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8 Crochet School Theme Patterns Some of us love to support our school or organization’s colours. There’s a sense of pride in showing which school you belong to. Whether it’s

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Crochet Halloween Motif Necklace

Crochet Halloween Motif Necklace Pattern

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Crochet Halloween Motif Necklace, from Red Heart The Crochet Halloween Motif Necklace, designed by Michele Wilcox, is so cute it scares us. Crocheted from Red Heart Super Saver, the necklace

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Crochet School Colours Blanket

Crochet School Colour Texture Afghan Pattern

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Crochet School Colour Texture Afghan Are you or someone you know heading off to school to a College or University? Is it the person just leaving home for the first

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Crochet Team Spirit Projects

12 Team Spirit Crochet Project Ideas

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Team Spirit and Pride Show your team spirit by supporting the colours for events that match team / school colours. Here are a list of crochet ideas to make. Game

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Crochet Pencil Case

13 Crochet Back to School Fun Finds Online

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Back to School For some kids, going back to school is a dreaded time of year… for some parents, they kick up their heels and wish them off to school

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