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Crochet Cabled Blanket Pattern

Crochet Braided Cable Blanket Pattern

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The Crochet Braided Cable Blanket Pattern is a textured blanket that is eye candy. This is a combination of the lark’s foot track stitch and intertwining cable stitches. Suggesting to

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Desert Dreams Crochet Throw

Crochet Desert Dreams Throw Pattern

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The Crochet Desert Dreams Throw is a shocking fun find on Yarnspirations. Mandala’s feelings of stitching pleasure await. Look carefully, the yarn is self-striping using Red Heart Dreamy Stripes. However,

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The Stitch is Right Blanket Game 2.0

Crochet Stitch is Right Game in Rows

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The Stitch is Right Blanket Game 2.0 is the latest version of our first Stitch is Right Game back a few years ago. Some of the most popular stitch combinations

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Crochet Hissy Stitch Baby Blanket

Crochet Checker Baby Blanket

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Playfully named the Crochet Hissy Stitch Baby Blanket behind the scenes but I have called it the Crochet Checker Baby Blanket based on the Lush Life Blanket but checkerboarded up.

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Crochet Here and There Blanket

Crochet Here and There Blanket Pattern

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The Crochet Here and There Blanket is highly textured using Bernat Blanket yarn. The blanket can be used in regular yarn sizes. To change the size of the chain, keep

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Crochet Herringbone Blanket

Crochet Herringbone Blanket Pattern

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The Crochet Herringbone Blanket pattern is an easy repeat once the foundation of the stitching is solidified. The pattern has the herringbone section completed first and then the Single Crochet

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Crochet Textured Tote

Crochet Textured Tote Pattern

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Crochet Textured Tote This Crocheted Textured Tote is really quite popular, in fact, my local stitching group, I have seen several women having them for their yarn haul. Interestingly, none

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Crochet Together Shawl

Crochet Together Shawl Pattern

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The Crochet Together Shawl is an adapted pattern by me based on an existing Yarnspirations.com pattern. Yarnspirations have me focused on Bernat Toasty which is tight to the core boucle.

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Crochet Through Thick and Thin Blanket

Crochet Through Thick and Thin Blanket

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The Crochet Through Thick and Thin Blanket is a beautifully coloured and slightly textured blanket. This an easy to remember to stitch that fun to crochet. I really like this

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Crochet Lattice Laptop

Charity Crochet Lattice Lapghan Pattern

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Crochet Lattice Lapghan Lapghans are a great way to give back and keep someone warm. Most of us know someone in a wheelchair, with mobility issues or just cold all

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Blended Love Blanket by Jeanne Steinhilber

Crochet Blended Love Blanket

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Crochet Blended Love Blanket This Blended Love Blanket is crocheted by using 2 shades of your favorite color, to “blend” them together using some interesting textured stitches. I chose Red

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Toby Rustic Textures Afghan

Crochet Rustic Textures Swirl Cakes Version

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The Crochet Rustic Textures Afghan was originally done in Bernat Symphony yarn. Toby, a personal friend, from Prince Edward Island decided she loved the Crochet Rustic Textures Afghan so much

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Crochet Ridges Blanket

Crochet Ridges Blanket Pattern

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The Crochet Ridges Blanket is pretty easy to maintain as it’s a 2 row repeat throughout the main body of the blanket. The top and bottom bands are done afterwards

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Good Vibrations Afghan by Jeanne Steinhilber

Good Vibrations Afghan

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Crochet Good Vibrations Afghan Pattern Good Vibrations Afghan will get your crochet hook addicted to some fun! I wanted to make myself a new heavy bed topper with some of

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