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Crochet Pebbled Charity Textured Hats

Crochet All Ages Hat Pattern

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Crochet Pebble Textured Hats The Crochet Pebble Texture Hats are sized in 3 different sizes. We have adults, kids of 6 – 8 years old and toddler of 2 –

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Crochet Family Ridge Hats

Crochet Toddler Hat Pattern

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2 – 4 Years Old Family Ridge Hat This is quick to make a hat called the Family Ridge Hat. The pattern picture is showing the adult version but this

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Crochet Toddler to 10 Years Old Vest

Crochet Kids Vest Pattern

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Crochet Toddler to 10 Years Vest Introducing this cute Crochet Vest that comes in 5 sizes starting with Toddlers. Sizes include 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 years of age.

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Crochet 2 - 4 Year Old Size Mittens Pattern

Crochet Kids Mittens Pattern

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Crochet Hands Full Mittens 2/4-Year-Old Size Keep the young people in your life warmer this winter with a fresh pair of Crochet Mittens for 2 to 4-year-old sizes. These mittens

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Crochet 2 - 4 Years Old Bun Hat

Crochet Toddler Old Bun Hat Pattern

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Crochet 2-4 Years Old Bun Hat Crochet a Bun Hat that intentionally leaves space at the top of the hat to put up hair. You bring your hair through space.

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Crochet Cozy Hoodies

Crochet Cozy Baby to Toddler Hoodies Pattern

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Crochet Cozy Hoodies Crochet Hoodies makes for a great gift and is practical at the same time. Using Bernat Softee Baby Yarn. I remember my grandmother made me a powder

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Crochet Baby Groovy Hat

Groovy Crochet Baby Hat Pattern

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Crochet Groovy Baby Hat Would you like your baby hat to have a bit of style without having to do too much with the design? This hat is utilizing the

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Crochet Newsboy Hat

Crochet Child Visor Hat Pattern

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Newsboy Hats In this pattern of the Newsboy / Newsgirl Hats, the pattern is showing two different colours to show you what it looks like with both boys and girls

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Crochet Toddler Santa Hat

Crochet Toddler Santa Hat Pattern

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The next Free Pattern and Video tutorial are the Toddler Santa Hat Pattern. This is designed by Kim Guzman, for Red Heart Yarns. This is a really simple and fun

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Crochet Snuggle Sack Shark for Toddlers

Crochet Mini Toddler Shark Snuggle Sack Pattern

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Crochet Mini Toddler Shark Snuggle Sack Many people have requested a smaller version of the latest Fin-Tastic Shark Snuggle Sack by Yarnspirations.com. Jennie Renshaw of Missouri, USA saw a need

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Crochet Kroy Socks for Beginners

Crochet Socks for Beginners Pattern

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Crochet Socks for Beginners This is a fabulous beginner project for beginners to crochet socks for the entire family. The pattern is provided in 2/4 years, 6/8 years, ladies 5/6,

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Candy Store Kids Crochet Hat Pattern

Crochet Candy Store Hats for Kids Pattern

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Crochet Hat for Kids If you are like me and prefer not to change yarn colours and let the yarn do the work to make a hat, then this yarn

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