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Crochet Fall Fabulous Wreath

Crochet Fabulous Fall Wreath Pattern

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Crochet Fabulous Fall Wreath, from Red Heart The Crochet Fabulous Fall Wreath, designed by Heather Lodinsky, featuring Red Heart With Love yarn, shows off your crochet skills as the sweaters

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Crochet Circle Of Skulls Wreath

Crochet Circle Of Skulls Wreath Pattern

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Halloween is fast approaching, and you can definitely feel the change in the air it’s time to get those spooky decorations ready! If you are looking for a fun wreath

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Crochet Apple Wreath

Crochet Fall Apple Wreath Pattern

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Crochet Fall Apple Wreath The Crochet Fall Apple Wreath pattern is so cool. I just adore this wreath. I have sentimental feelings when it comes to apples. I used to

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Crochet Table Top Wreath

Table Top Crochet Wreath Pattern

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Table Top Crochet Wreath Using Red Heart’s Holiday Yarn or Bernat’s Holiday Yarn, create one of these simplistic Table Top Wreaths that can be used year after year to decorate

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Snow Crochet Wreath

Crochet Snow Wreath Pattern

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Snow Crochet Wreath It’s not hard to deny that Repeat Crafter Me is one of the best inspirational blogs on the internet. Time and time again, people are using free

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Crochet Holiday Wreath Pattern

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Holiday Wreaths You can make large wreaths with your crochet hook to be in any shape you want. For Christmas, using a coat hanger is easy to shape into a

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Crochet Small Miniature Pumpkins

Small Miniature Crochet Pumpkins

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Crochet the Small Miniature Pumpkins This small miniature pumpkin is part of a Halloween Wreath by Yarnspirations. If you are following the pattern that I have provided for you, it’s

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Crochet Easter Wreath

Crochet Easter Egg Wreath Pattern

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Crochet Easter Egg Wreath Crochet a simplistic Crochet Easter Wreath. A lacy look overlay that is glued to the frame of the wreath. This pattern will fit a 14″ wreath.

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Crochet Holiday Wreath Throw

Crochet Christmas Wreath Throw Pattern

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Crochet Christmas Wreath Throw New for Christmas / Holiday Decor for Red Heart in 2012 is the Christmas Wreath Throw. This is a traditional throw using granny squares to create

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6 Crochet Star Projects

6 Star Power Crochet Patterns

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6 Star Power Projects Stars are more than just for celebrities, they are for us crocheters who want to showcase skills and unexpected designs. I pulled together 6 designs. Each

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