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Crochet Holiday Chevron Throw

Crochet Chevron Throw Pattern

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The Crochet Chevron Throw is an easy 1 line repeat throughout. The only thing that really is done is the colour changing to give it the festive look. For those

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Stepping Textures Chevron Afghan by Jeanne Steinhilber

Crochet Stepping Textures Chevron Afghan Pattern

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The crochet Stepping Textures Chevron Afghan is a blanket that is thick and squishy, perfect to snuggle under as fall comes around. I made this one as a gift for

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Crochet Wave Projects

Wave Blanket Crochet Free Patterns

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Crochet Wave Blanket Free Patterns

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Crochet Foamy Waves Blanket

Crochet Foamy Waves Blanket Pattern

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The Crochet Foamy Waves Blanket is using Bernat Freesia yarn. The boucle based yarn provides the soft comfort and warmth of wool. The boucle is tight to the core in

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Crochet Make Waves Blanket

Crochet Make Waves Blanket Pattern

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The Crochet Make Waves Pattern is using Red Heart Escape yarn for this beautiful incredibly soft wave blanket. Once the foundation row is completed, the next row is the only

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Crochet Waves and Leaves Blanket

Crochet Waves and Leaves Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Waves and Leaves Blanket The Crochet Waves and Leaves Blanket is a fantastic fall blanket for your home decor. I love the way the waves work in this one.

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Christmas Wave Afghan

Crochet Christmas Wave Afghan Pattern

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Christmas Wave Afghan Pattern Want a new afghan for your holiday decor? Look no further as this Christmas Wave Afghan is really quite lovely. Easy to follow along directions are

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Crochet Cabin in the Woods Blue Afghan

Crochet Cabin in the Woods Afghan Pattern

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Crochet Cabin in the Woods Afghan Introducing the Cabin in the Woods Crochet Afghan. This majestic wave, chevron or ripple afghan is really neat and full of interesting texture and

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EZ Finger Knit Wave Blanket

EZ Knitting Ripple Blanket Pattern

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EZ Knitting Ripple Blanket Knitting the ripple stitch with Bernat Alize Blanket-ez is doable with the help of this pattern. This is the Bernat Blanket-EZ Ripple Blanket. Learn how to

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Baby Chevron Afghan

Single Crochet Zig Zag or Chevron Stitch

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Singe Crochet Zig Zag or Chevron Stitch The Single Crochet Zig Zag Stitch has abrupt peaks and valleys. To many crocheters, this is something we have seen a lot of

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Woven Scarf by Mikey

Crochet Caron Cakes Woven Scarf Pattern

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Crochet Caron Cakes Woven Scarf Using Caron Cakes, you can also make a Crochet Woven Scarf that provides texture and dimension to the scarf. If you prefer the infinity scarf

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Caron Chunky Cakes Waves Afghan

Crochet Chunky Waves Afghan Pattern

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Crochet Chunky Waves Afghan Using 2 strands at one time, you can make a marled looking wave afghan with a really big crochet hook. Yep, Q or 15 mm hook.

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Crochet Zig Zag Rectangular Shawl

Crochet Zig-Zag Rectangular Shawl Pattern

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Crochet Zig-Zag Rectangular Shawl This Crochet Zig-Zag Rectangular Shawl is a ‘for me’ project. Sure, you can gift it out but the work-personal ship, the careful detail of colours and

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Crochet Mesh Chevron Scarf

Crochet Mesh Chevron Scarf Pattern

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Crochet Mesh Chevron Scarf If you can remember two rows, this Crochet Mesh Chevron Scarf may be up your alley. There is one row of mesh look and the next

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Crochet Peaks & Valleys Wave Blanket

Crochet Peaks Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Peaks & Valleys Wave Blanket Using the new Bernat Colorwhirl yarn, you can create these thick Peaks & Valleys Stitch Wave Blanket. This pattern could technically be used for

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Crochet Granny Goes Ripple Afghan

Granny Ripple Afghan Pattern

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Granny Ripple Afghans Learn how to make a granny afghan that uses waves that go up and down in the width of the afghan. This is much simpler than you

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