Anita Grover

Anita Grover

Events & Event Materials Editor

A cheerleader but also jumps in for live events and is detail-oriented. She is Daniel’s lead for the content of materials published for the live events. She can pick up the most commonly missed grammar mistakes but also the flow of a pattern when it’s out of sync.

During live events, you may find her on her knees beside a crocheter showing techniques or maybe sitting quietly in the corner giving first-hand instructions to coach.

Anita’s first passion in the yarn arts is actually Tunisian. We met her back in 2016 on a crochet cruise as we had a guest host that she really wanted to learn from, Dela. From that cruise, she’s the person to jump in and help organize. She’s the person to find the humour when the water is muddy but also the person who you can have a serious discussion with on many topics.

We developed a great friendship with her, as a team. Anita volunteers for us on an infrequent basis.