Daniel Zondervan

Daniel Zondervan

Graphics & Content Trends

Graphics and content trend-watching are Daniel’s main roles. He’s addicted to Pinterest and is watching what people are making. He is self-taught, through YouTube self-help videos, in the Adobe Cloud Suite of products that allow him to make magazine quality publications. He is responsible for making our materials for our live workshops. While the rest of the team and guest designer write the patterns, Daniel puts us all together in a book format that is cohesive.

Daniel is the life partner, of Mikey, in this whole operation. His true passion is garden and landscape design. He managed to build an orchestra in his 20’s that involved community development.

Mikey and Daniel coming together in 2009. Daniel’s role was to hone hobby to a community format. Upon going to their first big show, a business name, The Crochet Crowd was thought up by Daniel and the rest of the journey starts at that point.

Daniel can be very blunt and feedback can be rough. Part of this is a strength as it makes you a better designer when not everything is received with kind thoughts just to make you feel better. Daniel pushes the team to be better in many elements.