Jeanne Steinhilber

Jeanne Steinhilber

Designer & Community Chaperone

Resident designer and Mikey’s right arm in keeping The Crochet Crowd in motion. Jeanne is known for her Hugs & Kisses Designs, #ModernGranny and oodles of free easy to complete patterns.

She is highly skilled in digital processes and is instrumental in keeping The Crochet Crowd Communities in balance.

She met Mikey on the 2nd Year of the Crochet Cruises whereas she was up early and they got to know each other. She would join The Crochet Crowd Team 6 months later.

Jeanne and Wendy work closely together to ensure communications and issues can be solved quickly. In the Crochet Crowd Team, there is no “I” but “WE”. We work together to create the best possible environment for most crocheters.