Michael Sellick

Michael Sellick

Founder & Creative Director

Video host and ultimately responsible for this small, but globally, connected community.

The concept was developed in 2008 as a fun hobby but then ended up turning into a business in 2010. Completely by a fluke, this operation wasn’t planned but just happened.

The mission of our community is really simple. “Inspire, Create and Celebrate”. In lacking community for both crochet and general life, this concept was intended to bring like-minded people together in a safe environment.

Michael is ultimately responsible for the operations of all elements of the business. From the financials to the content. From communications with our sponsors to keep the content free for all to enjoy.

He was raised with a sense of community and that “We” is always better than “I”. The community has been brought together and now it is up to each of us to keep it a safe environment for all to enjoy.