The Crochet Crowd

Welcome to the brand new website of The Crochet Crowd. To serve you better, our website has new menus and locations for all projects.

Free patterns can be found in the upper menu. Patterns featured by Mikey and/or appear in tutorials will be found in the free pattern section under Mikey.

Other patterns found online will be featured in the Pattern Utopia under the free patterns.

How this new website works:

This website is a blog and acts like one. As new content comes online, it will be at the top.

For example, when you click on Patterns without being specific with the menu choices under it, it will show you the latest added articles in order of date, regardless of what category it is under. When you click further into the menu to find a specific project such as afghans, it will show you projects related to only afghans.

Our search engine is at the top right of the page in a grey magnifying glass. Our search engine is the latest technology and is probably the best search engine we have ever had.

Due to the new website, we have had to change all of the URLS. While you may find this page as the URL has been changed. I hope you can be patient as you get used to this new website.

Happy Hook’n