Top 10 YouTube Channels for Crochet 2021

Top Crochet YouTube Channels 2021
Top Crochet YouTube Channels 2021
Top Crochet YouTube Channels 2021

YouTube is constantly evolving and hosts come and go. Some hosts, like The Crochet Crowd, slam a lot of content while other hosts are more on a tempered release schedule. I’m a Stitch Ambassador for Yarnspiration which means I can teach a lot of projects without being the designer.

Being A YouTube Host

Crochet Tutorials with Mikey
Crochet Tutorials with Mikey

Being a host is extremely stressful, at least for me. It was a mere hobby that changed to a business format during my time on YouTube. As soon as you expose yourself to a public realm like YouTube, you are subjected to cheers and jeers. Some jeers can be so personally hurtful at times. I applaud all of the hosts on YouTube.

I’ve learned to pick my battles and know my personal limit on what I can accept for myself. The biggest issue with the platform is the users who are unaware of how to use YouTube. Very trigger ready to leave really condescending comments when sometimes, it’s their lack of knowledge on how to use the search engines and more. It’s a tough gig to inspire and be the host that people expect of you.

Let’s Go Through the Top 10

Many channels that are leading are Spanish Speaking as crochet is more popular in countries where English isn’t the first language.

#1 MilArt Marroquin – Leader of the pack with Spanish Speaking Tutorials from the USA. With 1.16 million subscribers. For those who speak Spanish. Some videos, marked with Subtitles, can be changed to other languages.

#2 The Crochet Crowd – Hosted by Mikey, aka me from Canada. English speaking and focused on everyday crocheters and posting nearly 1 tutorial per day. With 995,000 subscribers. Nearly all videos are subtitled and available in 35 languages due to the closed captioning team we have.


#3 TejiendodeCorazon – Spanish speaking channel with 784,000 subscribers from Canada. Focused on stitch combinations and ideas. You may not need to know Spanish to follow her as the steps are visible on camera.

#4 Naztazia – English speaking and highly influential is Donna from the USA. The channel has 1.07 million subscribers. Donna is really clear with instructions and includes her family as demonstrators on the channel. Donna’s been at this a long time and has it all worked out.


#5 Liliana Milka – Spanish speaking YouTube Host from Mexico with 962,000 subscribers. You may be able to follow along with just observations. She has uber-cute crochet projects with fine details.


#6 Bella Coco – From the UK, English speaking crochet and craft channel. With 894,000 subscribers. She is pleasant to listen to and so many crochet project ideas for everyday crocheters. She has many tutorials that have topped over 1 million views each.

#7 Ahuyama Crochet – Broadcasting from Spain in this Spanish Speaking Channel. Now at 1.15 million subscribers. She has a really fine touch with projects with detail. You may be able to follow along with observation.

#8 HappyBerry Crochet – From the UK is an inspirational English speaking host. With 767,000 subscribers. She comes across as very approachable as a crochet host. From simple ideas to more complex ones. Lots to choose from.


#9 Bobwilson123 – My dear from Australia is Clare. We’ve been at it a long time together. Currently at 403,000 people. Usually, when I am doing summer up here in Canada, she’s in the dead of winter in the southern hemisphere. She’s a terrific host to engage with.

#10 Meladora’s Creations for Crochet – English speaking host from Israel. She has 327,000 subscribers and a lot of projects for everyday crocheters just like us. You will be able to pick up great tips and tricks with Candy.

Feedspot has isolated 70 of the Top Crochet Channels going into 2021.

  1. 15 Top Crochet Patterns Used on YouTube
  2. 75 I Love Yarn Day Free Patterns
  3. Michael Sellick aka Mikey of The Crochet Crowd

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  1. BB

    Why aren’t any of the amazing black women who host channels not included in the list? TL Yarn Craft has the best tutorials for Tunisian crochet.

    • Mikey

      The metrics are based on user engagement. It has nothing to do with the skin colour of a host. Yes, I agree, there are some amazing hosts out there but the Top 70 are chosen based on Feedspots Analytical Data. Some people are upset that there are not more representations from the USA or Canadian hosts but it has nothing to with where people live. It’s all analytical. There is nowhere in our sign up forms on YouTube when we are a host to ask us our skin tone. So it’s not an analytical factor. You are more than welcome to contact Feedspot to discuss the ranking and determination.

      I didn’t choose the list and it’s not based on my personal favourites. Michael

  2. Peggy Fozkos

    Thanks, Mikey for this info!! I know many of the sites and look forward to seeing those new to me. For those who say they don’t care for a particular host, it’s just different approaches work for different people! We’re not all alike, thank goodness!!! Happy crocheting everyone!!!!!
    PF, Indiana

  3. Denise Chavez

    Love this list so much! Being Mexican/immigrant patents, I love that there is so many hispanic crochet channels! Thanks Mikey!

  4. Mili

    Being taught by my Grandma over fifty years ago, you could say I’ve seen and done quite a lot of patterns, yarns, techniques. The last ten years or so we’ve seen an explosion of yarn colors, fiber content, new takes on old patterns. Just look at the simple “granny square” as an example.
    Amazing! I will always say YouTube is wonderful as a tool but for the most part nothing replaces hands on instruction. I’m so grateful to all who have brought back fiber arts. Its been theraputic for so many people! Also, there’s nothing more rewarding than a completed project or the appreciation of a gift recipient! 🤗

  5. Retha

    I agree you have some good ones maybe but you left out the great ones ll
    Like jadanstitches bag o day and others
    And fiber spider you missed a lot of great ones that deserve to be in top 10

    • Mikey

      Agree. The information I got was from metrics analytics based on Feedspot. That’s who was measuring and looking at back end programming for this I believe.

  6. JOSEPHINE Connelly

    What about Fiber Spider.

    • Fiber Spider is a great host, but these stats were pulled straight from YouTube.

  7. Kris Crawley

    Hey! What about Jaydainstitches. Shes quirky and very good teaching…way better thamikey. He is tooo fast and sometimes shows off.

    • These stats were pulled straight from YouTube, they were not our opinion.

  8. Laura from HappyBerry said she is transitioning to art and painting FYI. I love her patterns but am happy for her.

    • Mikey

      Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the update.

    • Fely T Fernandez


  9. jody blackwell

    Funny not to see Bag O Day on this list. They have an amazing yarn community there.

    • Mikey

      Yeah I was saying on Facebook. I’m so surprised some of the other hosts aren’t even in the list. Crystal is in the list just beyond Top 10. Some of the mainstream hosts are not even in the top 70.

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