Craft Wrap and Knot Cowl Pattern

Wrap and Knot Craft Cowl


Wrap and Knot Craft Cowl
Wrap and Knot Craft Cowl

Vivid Wrap & Knot Style

Make an incredible cowl without having to knit or crochet it. Seriously! You just need to wrap this scarf around a neck to get the right size and from there, you are creating a masterpiece.

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Free Pattern: Wrap and Knot Cowl

Vivid Yarn by Red Heart is new as of 2013. It is the thickest yarn ever produced by Red Heart. The entire line is loud with fluorescents. They have it also available in black. Using black makes the fluorescents jump out even more. This is the Wrap and Knot Cowl Pattern.

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  1. I love the pattern. if you don’t have vivid, could you use other yarn? Like worsted or something

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