Crochet Waffle Square Pattern

Waffle Textured Stitch
Waffle Textured Stitch
Waffle Textured Stitch

Waffle Texture

This stitch shocked Diva Dan and I half to death once a sample was made. The original photo of this stitch does this no justice. We made it in a different colour as you see the photo and boy… oh boy… does it look sharp!

The concept is so simple and creates such a striking appearance. If you are looking for deep pocket-looking textures, this may be calling your name.

Get the free written instructions, it’s called Front Post Double Crochet Square.

Free Pattern:
Free Pattern: Crochet Checkerboard Square Where This Pattern is Found

To Make Different Sizes

Multiple of 2 sts + 2.

Remember the + number at the end of the sentence means that you are to add chains at the very end to maintain the pattern as written.

Video Tutorial


  1. Kristin

    Good Morning Mikey! Thanks for all you do. When I click on the blue “Post Double Crochet Square” it takes us to the RED HEART CHECKERBOARD TEXTURES THROW (sorry for the caps I copied and pasted) not the Post Double Crochet Square Pattern. 🙂

    • Mikey

      This square is part of the Stitch Sampler that is the Checkerboard Textures Through. It’s one of the squares that the sampler is using.

  2. Cheryl Fantasia

    You know I will always look at this pattern. Something is amiss with the yarnspirations thing……thank you for all you do!

  3. Nina

    Info on the border please? Thanks, it’s gorgeous as shown.

  4. Faustina Festorazie

    Hi Mikey,
    With regards to the Waffle Stitch pattern. Is there a multiple of sts. used to increase the size for this pattern???….e.g. I want to do a queen-sized blanket in this pattern, so how do I determine how many multiples I would need. Thanks for your assistance. Love all your video tutorials, they make learning so simple for me. THANK YOU!!

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