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Mikey's Wool Crochet Hat Pattern

HDC Crochet Hat Pattern

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Mikey’s Crochet Hat This year, I have been focused on more animal fibre blends for my winter gear. Let’s face it, if you add natural animal fibres, you increase the

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Crochet Adult Ear Flap Hat

Crochet Adult Ear Flap Braided Hat

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Crochet Adult Ear Flap Braided Hat This Crochet Adult Ear Flap Braided Hat is easy to make and has braids for added pleasure. Developed by Cathy Cunningham in 2012. We

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Crochet Stripe it Beanie

Crochet Thick Yarn Beanie Hat Pattern

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Crochet Stripe It Beanie Have you seen this yarn before? It’s called Vivid, by Red Heart. I saw this yarn back last December when visiting Red Heart’s office. I was truly

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Crochet Caron Cakes Slouchy

Crochet Beanie Slouchy Pattern

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Crochet Beanie Slouchy The new Caron Cakes yarn has a Slouchy Hat on the ball band for a pattern. This is an easy level hat where the yarn changes colours

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Crochet Visor Cap

Visor Cap Crochet Pattern

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Crochet Visor Cap I’ve really become a fan of beanies with a visor. If you know how to crochet up a beanie, adding a visor may just be a walk

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Crochet Ceres Cap

Crochet Ceres Cap Pattern

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Crochet Ceres Cap Have you seen the Ceres Cap? It’s using Vanna’s Tapestry Yarn. The colours you see in the cap are naturally in the yarn ball. If you haven’t

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Crochet Cupcake Beanie Hat

Crochet Cupcakes Pom-Pom Hat Pattern

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Crochet Cupcakes Pom Pom Hat The ball bands of the Caron Cupcakes Yarn have a free crochet beanie pattern for 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10-year-old kids. Having done this

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Colorwork Beanie Style Hat

Crochet Colorwork Hat Beanie Style Pattern

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Crochet Colorwork Hat Beanie Style Crochet this amazing Crochet Colorwork Hat. This is easy to crochet hat that utilizes 1 ball of Caron Chunky Cakes or Caron Chunky Cupcakes to

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Crochet Mens Beanie Hat

Simple Crochet Beanie Pattern

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Beanie Hat A very popular pattern is my Men’s Beanie Hat. I used two yarns at one time to create double thickness so it’s a nice warm beanie. You will

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Crochet Rainbow Beanie

Crochet Rainbow Brim Beanie Hat Pattern

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Rainbow Brim Beanie Hat This is my first ever crochet pattern called the Rainbow Brim Beanie Hat. I wanted a hat with a bit of texture for myself. I also

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