Crochet Farmer's Market Basket

30 Farmer’s Market Fruits and Veggies Patterns

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Here in Nova Scotia, especially in the Annapolis Valley where we live, the farmer’s markets are the place to be. Within a few minutes of our home, there are 6

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Crochet Water Balloons

12 Crochet Water Balloons Patterns

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I have to say, this might be one of the strangest things I’ve ever crocheted, but in reality, it might be the most practical and is certainly the most fun. 

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Lunch and Learn

Crochet & Knit Lunch & Learn Workshops 2021

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Lunch and Learn with Yarnspirations was established several years ago where the designers or social team were hosting workshops. They started off in-house, sort of speak, and then eventually started

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Motif Madness

88 Motif Styles for Crochet and Knitters

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The Crochet and Knit Motif Madness includes 88 patterns. You may be thinking it’s all blankets but it varies. Lots of ideas to choose but look beyond the project and

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The Crochet Crowd Study of Geometry

Crochet Study of Geometry Stitch Along

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The Crochet Study of Geometry is the next study blanket in my (Mikey’s) designs. Scheduled for Summer 2021. This blanket design is considered an easy level and is 60″ x

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Crochet Healing Stitches Afghan by Jeanne Steinhilber

Crochet Healing Stitches Afghan Pattern

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Crochet Healing Stitches Afghan Today I am introducing my newest crochet design, Healing Stitches Afghan.  This blanket has magical healing powers, at least it did for me. It’s a comfy

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PuppiDawg & Mikey

To Crochet Mask or Not to Mask? Behind the Scenes

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One of the hardest decisions of 2020 was to begin wearing a mask but at the time, where do you find one? PuppiDawg was still a baby and it’s been

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Easy Girls Crochet Shrug

Easy Girl’s Crochet Shrug Pattern

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The Easy Girl’s Crochet Shrug pattern is a rectangle that is folded and secured to form a shrug. The sizing for this is approximately 8 years, 10 years, 12 years

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Crochet Christmas Puzzle Finale

Christmas Crochet Along

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The Crochet Christmas Puzzle Along will be the final community celebration before the big boy comes flying down the Chimney. Designed by Michelle Moore, from Nova Scotia.  You can find

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4 Crochet Christmas Tree Skirts

6 Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns

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The Crochet Pompom Trimmed Christmas Tree Skirt is easy to follow the pattern. There are two rows in this easy to repeat pattern. 1 row is double crochet, the next

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Summer Fun Sewing Projects

48 Free Summer Fun Sewing Patterns

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For those where sewing is part of your creative journey, there is a new round-up with 48 Free Summer Fun Patterns to experience. There is no crochet or knit patterns

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Crochet Sunny Spread Throw, Ombre Yarn

Crochet Sunny Spread Throw – 2 Ways

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The Crochet Sunny Spread Throw is neat with lightly textured spoked grannies. I had fun with it using Super Saver Ombre. Originally designed as a solid colour with Red Heart

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72 Teach a Craft Idea

The Elephant In the Room: 72 Teachable Crafts

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Being a step-parent for a short time in my life, I implemented craft night not just for creative development but also for family building. My mother was such a strong

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Happily Hooked Crochet Magazine

Next Level with Happily Hooked Crochet Magazine

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Happily Hooked Crochet Magazine is dedicated to us, yeah us crocheters! It’s a real magazine for the digital age. While The Crochet Crowd is dedicated to serving free pattern and

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