The Study Of Crochet Pattern Series

The Study of the Journey Lighthouse
Crochet Study of Possibilities
Crochet Study of Possibilities

The Study of Series by me was developed back many years ago during the recreation of a project I had free-formed back in 2013.

The blanket was using Bernat Mosaic Yarn and I was captivated by the colouring. I decided to through the blanket stitches that I knew but I had significant buckling issues with it.

Study of Texture 2014
Study of Texture 2014

The blanket sucked in in the middle so much that it warped. I had free-formed to bring the shape back but realized, I couldn’t write a pattern very well. So it was my own journey.

I had taken it to craft shows as an example of what I can do, of course, when people love something. What’re the first words out of their mouth? “Where’s the pattern!” There was no pattern.

Over the years, Daniel kept reminding me about the uniqueness of this blanket and that I really need to figure out a way to design it and write the pattern. This began the journey of what we know today. The Study of… Series by me.

Crochet Study of Possibilities
Crochet Study of Possibilities

One of the biggest joys I have with my series is that I can go in any direction I wish. The series doesn’t suggest a shape or stitch structure. The only thing that remains constant is that each blanket is a stitch sampler.

Sometimes the blankets work themselves out easily in the design phase while others are nail biters trying to get it to work. Of course, with complexity, there are always error somewhere in the pattern. I’ve come to accept that, while I get, to some, as the pattern is launching they want an error-free pattern. Don’t we all. 

The name of The Study came to me while designing the first written pattern version of The Study of Texture. We were watching one of Daniel’s joys, a travelling chef on Netflix. The chef was doing the Study of Berries trying to determine the best. The name of The Study really hit me and thought, I’m doing the study of stitches and primarily an exploration of textures.

Over the years, I have developed several in my series and one of them, I collaborated with Jeanne to include texture and really unique stitchwork.

Below is the Study of Series, some you may have missed.

The Study of Texture Afghan

Crochet Study of Texture Afghan
Crochet Study of Texture Afghan

The Study of Texture Afghan was the first of many that came out of my mind. Part of the issues during the launch was that I filmed the pattern from my notes and not the actual finished PDF. It worked on camera but didn’t work in the PDF. So there was a bit of a hiccup with this.

So the videos today match my notes but don’t match the PDF. So in this version, you can either follow the video 100% or follow the pattern but they don’t match each other. Filming a blanket takes about 60 hours. So it requires motivation and there’s never a guarantee I will get it right the second time.

Thousands of crocheters have made this design and the results are so awesome.

Study Of Texture

The Study of Planet Earth

Crochet Study of Planet Earth Full
Crochet Study of Planet Earth Full

This was originally going to be a circle to a hexagon to a square but I couldn’t figure out how to get to a square without a lot of song and dance. On TV was a documentary about the earth’s stability and layers. As I was crocheting this, I thought to myself, maybe the blanket could represent The Study of Planet Earth. So that became my motivation for stitches applied to it.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Crochet Study of Planet Earth Pattern

The Study of Transition & Texture

Study of Transition & Texture
Study of Transition & Texture

The Crochet Study of Transition & Texture Afghan is a simpler textured-based project. As an educator, sometimes I just want to crochet for myself without the pressure. So I looked at the Red Heart Colorscape and thought to myself, what can I do with this yarn and satisfy my need to crochet without a lot of thought after I have learned the design and just hook and be happy in my own free time.

This Study allowed me to sit back and watch TV without a lot of concentration. It’s one of the most popular in the series but never hit the mainstream in pattern listing on Yarnspirations as others have.

Free Pattern: Study of Transition Blanket

The Study of Flowers Afghan

Crochet Flora Afghan Banner
Crochet Flora Afghan Banner

aka Flora Afghan

A major series focused on large squares with 3D flowers popping up from them. This is the Flora Afghan.

A crocheter had asked me to design the Chrysanthemum Square from the free pattern from Yarnspirations with the Chrysanthemum Dishcloth. I figured it out but the very next day, the idea morphed.

I was sitting one weekend as Daniel was watching Monty Don’s exploration of gardens. We binged it. In the first episode, I thought, what if made a square that looked like something I had seen. In an artistic way, of course.

Mikey's Crochet Wall Hanging Picture
Mikey’s Crochet Wall Hanging Picture

There are 7 different squares in this series that are all the same size. You can mix and match and have a lot of colour play. In fact, during a live broadcast from my desk, this wall art is hanging in a frame. Here are the instructions for this particular adaptation of the Flora Afghan. It’s the same pattern as the Flora but miniaturized with Patons Grace Yarn.

Crochet Flora Afghan - Lilies in August Square
Crochet Flora Afghan – Lilies in August Square

You can actually make the afghan all with 1 square as well. I made the Lilies in August square as a separate blanket altogether. You can have some fun with this design to mix, match, customize or whatever.


Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Flora Afghan


Crochet Better Together Afghan

Crochet Better Together Afghan Blue
Crochet Better Together Afghan Blue

Collaboration is tough when two people have opposing views of what the pattern should be. However, it causes you to examine your goals and where you need to flex the strategy. Jeanne and I developed this one and we realized, instead of surprising each other, we come up with a strategy. By the end of the development of this Better Together Afghan, each of us had our signature look inside one fabulous project.

Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Better Together Afghan

The Study of Possibilities Afghan

Crochet Study of Possibilities
Crochet Study of Possibilities

This afghan hasn’t come out yet but is still in pattern testing mode. Daniel suggested that we come up with a plan to crochet from the outside inward. So the octagons are made first and then built-in back to the centre. It looks complicated but it’s really not. As a design, it was tough but once you see it step by step, you realize it’s all about the pie shapes.

This is unknown when this will launch. It will be in 2021 at some point.

The Study of Fire and Ice

Crochet Study of Fire and Ice Blanket
Crochet Study of Fire and Ice Blanket

Study of Fire and Ice Blanket The Crochet Study of Fire and Ice Blanket is an adaptation based on The Study of Transition Blanket done in 2019.

Since 2019, Red Heart Colorscape was discontinued and the type of yarn it was and was stunning to look at but also pricey to crochet. Instead of letting the pattern fall, I have redone the sample and jigged up the instructions to match Caron One Pound and Caron Jumbo yarn together. Also, I have included a crochet diagram to follow as well. It’s in the free download of this pattern.

The stitch multiple is 4+1.

The zig-zag basketweave section was changed so you wouldn’t go over the 1 ball of the Caron Jumbo for each stripe. In this example, the Caron Jumbo Zinnias is a sharp colour that resembles bold and bright like fire. There is a difference in this section versus The Study of Transition.

Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Study of Fire and Ice Blanket

The Study of ….

We have a summer edition but the idea is still in my head. It’s planned for summer 2021 with our annual launch of the summer stitch along. I don’t have details. I need to pull out my graph paper, pencil, eraser and get to work.

The Study of The Journey

The Study of the Journey Lighthouse
The Study of the Journey Lighthouse

Started in Summer of 2020 and finally completed near the end of September 2020 was The Study of the Journey. This version will be in our first book ever to be published. The original was done in Caron Cotton Cakes but then halfway through, I thought there may be a possibility that the yarn may not be available. So I switched it to something else.

The finished afghan is much bigger than the original. The journey is about the stitches I have learned along with my life, aka the journey. Mixing the stitches together in harmony. The centre of this square afghan is incredible and really amazing. I cannot wait for you to see it.

I got stuck on this journey by the end of the summer and didn’t know where the journey should go. Of course, in the time of Covid-19, a lot of our futures is up in the air. I took a trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada. Remember, at the time, C-19 had no cases there and Maritime Bubble was established so could travel between the provinces without much risk of C-19.

I used the trip to gain traction. With a strategy to push, I went to Michaels Stores and looked at some tearaway patterns by Yarnspirations. One inspired me for texture. So it became part of the journey for that weekend. By the time the weekend was over, my journey blanket was crocheted. It’s been tested several times since.

This blanket is the main feature of the book and I cannot show it at this time.

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  1. Selene

    I know that I am late to the party but can you please provide the color combination for the blue version of the “better together” afghan? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Mikey

      I think it was recorded in the Better Together Article. Yeah it was. Here you go. 🙂

      Crochet Better Together Afghan – Jeanne Solo Version. Version 2 – Blue/Grey
      Contrast A White (1001) 2 balls
      Contrast B Light Grey (1441) 2 balls
      Contrast C Iced Aqua (1502) 2 balls
      Contrast D Mallard (1623) 2 balls.

  2. Cathy Anderson

    I LOVE your Crochet Study of Possibilities!! It is sooo beautiful as is!! I would love to have your pattern. I know the yarn was expensive but often when looking around you can come up with nice color combinations.

    I’m excited for your book to come out too!

  3. Debbie Schlemmer

    Im speachless at your awesome talent. Desperately want your book of patterns. Impossible to choose which one to do first!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Chris Benson

    Mikey Hi I can hardly wait for your book. Im just scared i won’t be able to do these looks pretty hard and beautiful. But I will try hope you made enough for everyone that wants one. Thank You

  5. Peggy Gay

    Oh I can’t wait! If you do any signed copies I would love to get one! This would be one treasured book.

    • Mikey

      We are not sure of that right now. Due to Covid-19, I am not flying at this time. Air flight is a lot more restrictive here in Canada than the USA at this time. I would have to fly to Manitoba where the book is being printed to do that. All public events for me this year were cancelled last year and will stay cancelled until potentially 2022.

  6. I’m so envious you got to the Island this past year. I miss my home! And those are beautiful “study of…” pieces. I’m looking forward to the next one 😀

  7. Margaret Reeve

    I am a self taught crocheter and have made many fine tablecloths from patterns in the Crochet monthly magazines. These are no longer available in south Africa which is a shame. We also have to import some of the yarns,like the beautiful colours and yarns you use, however, I try to make do. I have never made an Afghan but with all the free time I have now, this will be my next project.

  8. Ruth

    I loved working on the Flora Afghan. I hope you include it in your book. It’s such a great afghan. You can make the same design with the same color but if you change what order you do the colors in it makes it look totally different.. I used mattress stitch to assemble and finish putting the squares together.

    • Mikey

      It won’t be but it could have been a study of flowers. I didn’t consider that as one of the studies but maybe I should now that you mention it. it won’t be in the book, it’s already published though.

  9. Sandy Ryan

    Mikey, Is it possible to preorder rhe book? I can’t wait to see it!
    Thanks for all you do for us.

    • Not yet, but there may be a way at some point. He will let it known once it’s available for pre-order.

  10. Esther Mortensen

    I haven’t bought a crochet book or pattern in year since there are so many freebies out there. But I admire your work and look forward to your book.

    • Tammy Taylor

      I love when a stitch shows dimension. That as you’re crocheting it you can feel the texture coming to life. Your patterns are beautiful and I can’t wait for the book.

  11. Leslie Holm

    Been following for years, love your stuff AND this project in particular – but what you are describing is freestyle, not freeform. There is no regularity in freeform and never a pattern. Once you have a pattern , it is no longer freeform. Check out Prudence Mapstone (not just knitting) the unnofficial queen of freeform.

  12. Darla J Watlet

    I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed everything you do and brought me back to the craft I do enjoy. You have taken me beyond what I thought I could actually do as my Grandmother taught me when I was 5 years old and this year I’ll be 76! Thanks so very much for putting out your beautiful patterns and videos.

  13. Rosita Ruiz de Chávez

    Michael Sellick, a person who I so much admire!
    I cannot crochet fast, but I follow every tip he has to teach.
    Expecting the book!

  14. Gloria Vega

    Is your book out? If not, when can we expect it? I absolutely need this publication! Thanks in advance!

    • Mikey

      Possibly for September. It’s not 100% finalized as the book is still in editing in the manuscript. However, Sept is the goal. Notices will go out in August for pre-orders.

      • Patricia Post

        Looking forward to your book. Signed I hope.
        Thank you for sharing your talent and teaching your skills

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