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The Crochet Crowd Book Cover
Masstown, Nova Scotia. Daniel Zondervan & PuppiDawg
Masstown, Nova Scotia. Daniel Zondervan & PuppiDawg

On the horizon is our very first book called The Crochet Crowd: Inspire, Create & Celebrate. Expected in late September 2021, from us, Michael Sellick and Daniel Zondervan with guest designers Jeanne Steinhilber, Anita Grover, Megan McHugh and Kathleen Nolen.

To preorder this book, you can pick it up at your favourite book store. Our book identification is:

ISBN: 978-1-77276-160-3

Known Mistakes in Book

Please Visit Errors for The Crochet Crowd Book article here for the errors that were found after printing and what the fixes are. Future editions of our book will have these fixed.

I will share a backstory below but for those that what the juice immediately. I felt I couldn’t do the book alone as our company, The Crochet Crowd, was not formed or created alone in the journey. It took a community of people to assist and trust in our platform. So it’s been a journey for everyone behind the scenes, including the digital and testing team.

The book is like our communities, diverse in interests and projects. Our first book has an eclectic collection that is stand-alone projects. The only theme of the book is “The Journey”.

Amazon is now accepting pre-orders if you wish to secure a copy as soon as it’s ready to go. Just look up Michael Sellick or Daniel Zondervan on Amazon and it will up pop up. 

The summation of the bio for the book is being revised to better reflect the storyline. While it’s true I was bullied in school for being unique, the actual story is the realization of being unique and motivated created something extraordinary.

The Backstory

The Crochet Crowd
The Crochet Crowd. Home.

Over the years, as early as 2011, I have been approached by several publishers to write a book. I took a workshop in 2011 about writing a book and low and behold, it’s an eye-opening experience. I left the conference at the end of the day and immediately told Daniel, we have to be crazy to write a book. 

It’s a minimum of a year process and the hours of dedication to planning and writing it are astounding. So over the years, when a publisher reaches out. I decline without much thought. I have a unique situation on my shoulders. I have to run a significant digital footprint in crochet in between doing the book work. Content always has to flow, so my time cannot stand still on anything for long without being noticed.

Michael Sellick & Daniel Zondervan
Michael Sellick & Daniel Zondervan

The writer for Jonah’s Book contacted me for quotes for Jonah’s Book and to secure male hand photos for her. This is about 5 months before it’s ready to go. She suggested that we write a book. However, it planted a seed. If Jonah could find a writer for his book, maybe we can get help to write our book too?

Interestingly enough, another publisher happened to contact me while this was going on. John MacIntyre from MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc. here in Nova Scotia. He just wants to talk to me on the phone and because Jonah’s writer had been talking to me, I was open to a discussion with John.

Mikey's Pergola
Building My Pergola as a get offline project for better life balance.

Long story short, we have an opportunity to write a book about any topic we wish. An associate of John had been watching us since our move to Nova Scotia.

So I figured, I’ll try to write our story. But there is a problem.

  1. I am too detailed.
  2. I get into the minor details that have little significance in the grand scheme of the story.
  3. The book has a negative perspective as I am writing about things that upset me. Not about the focus of the joys as well to keep a good story balance. 

My story isn’t a straight line. While I may be having success in the public eye, my life behind the scenes can be falling apart. How do you write a story with multiple sub-plots at the same time? It’s confusing and is it necessary? 

I gave it a couple of months. I contacted John to tell him I cannot do a book. I cannot balance my time and I am not a great writer. So that’s that. Done. Opportunity on the table then slid off the table and I am back to that opinion of a book is too hard to do. 

Daniel on the Beach
Daniel on the Beach. The Quarterdeck.

A year goes by and I still on John’s contact list. He’s persistent. He wants to meet with us for the first time and present his idea and get a sense of where we are.

We meet in person and I share with him that I cannot write a book. I can do great status updates but to formulate a story and stick to a narrative, I’m lost. So John, found Rick Conrad, here from Nova Scotia. His partner is actually a crocheter and knew of us from our online community. So that greased the wheels for an easy working relationship. Rick helped me formulate the story and stick to a sequential balance. He’s essentially a ghostwriter but truth is, I couldn’t have done it without him. So he’s really not a ghost in my own perspective and I ensured attention is called to him in the acknowledgements of the book. This journey has never been about me, but about us which means the community of those who participate to make it all work.

The Quarterdeck
The Quarterdeck. taking each chapter, piece by piece to make sure it works.

We decided that if we are going to have a factual storybook, we need to pair it with patterns. Why would you buy the book of a crochet host without patterns? I know I wouldn’t. So that kick-started the journey for coming up with patterns.

The first pattern right out of the gate would be another signature textured afghan. I sat for a weekend at the dining room table trying to get the first 2 feet of it done. One section of just 5 rounds took me honest to gawd 8 hours to figure out the math so it would sit flat. Four months on and off designing. How many roadblocks I don’t really know. Three blankets later, the testing team with another 4 blankets. It was completed in a 4-month time frame. Picking it up, putting it down. Doing the Summer SAL for JOANN and other content to keep the ball rolling. It was never a straight shot at trying to get this done.

In one of the projects I did, the yarn got discontinued and so it had to be redone but I had the original already written but tweaked it going through it again a second time.

Quarterdeck Book Planning
Quarterdeck Book Planning

Jeanne originally had 2 patterns in the book but she did this incredible version called Into the Light Afghan that was extremely personal. The attention to detail and texture are second to none. Soon as Daniel saw it, get that ready for the book. I think you are going to love this afghan, truly.

Kathleen has an amazing hat pattern and she specializes in craft show. Anita worked out two unique patterns with so much yarn play, I think her hands may have been raw with so much play! haha. Megan worked with Daniel on a combination series together. Daniel has a beautiful scarf he actually crocheted all by himself. haha.

A week before the deadline, Daniel booked us a resort for a few days here locally. Have you been to a resort where there is no one there? Creepy! The Quarterdeck allowed us to use their conference space at no charge. Honestly, we all by ourselves in the complex building where our room was. We sprawled out over 3 days and went through all of the content, yet again.

The Quarterdeck
The Quarterdeck. Conference Space.

In the end, we had a working dinner with our publisher to discuss the name of the book.

I was set on the idea of the book being called The Journey. However, John thought that our company name is highly searched that the book should be called exactly what it’s meant to be, The Crochet Crowd. However, we needed a second byline. Daniel created the name of The Crochet Crowd back in 2010, two years after I had started this journey but it was me that did the byline. Inspire, Create & Celebrate. It’s the crocheter’s journey from the inspirational process of online and friend recommendations to creating the idea and then taking a few moments in time to celebrate it. I shared with John our slogan and he was immediately said, “That’s it… that’s the right addition”. He was pretty excited by it. We had been racking our brain for weeks trying to think of the byline and yet it’s been our slogan all along! Who knew!?

Since December 2020

The first manuscript was completed and then scrapped. It was too safe. Meaning, my voice in narrating isn’t real. Where’s the sarcasm and the nuggets of innuendo I am known for? I was too scared to write as myself for fear of offending people for what makes me laugh or how I tell a story.

The second manuscript was completed and the humour and sly witty comments and inner voice narrative is being shared. Even reading it, I laughed out loud! I felt the pain of the hurt but smiled with the joys of sharing what I was truly thinking. It was a narrative of both Daniel and I sharing between each other stories. It was also not approved. It’s hard to know when I am talking and when Daniel is.

The third manuscript is now in the works with removing out a second voice and just myself sharing the stories. The second manuscript is authentically us. The martini sipper at the bar sharing stories but it gets confusing in the dialogue. So the manuscript is pulling this back to my own voice, so the reader can best follow along with the yarn-play sort of speak.

What You Can Expect

The Quarterdeck
The Quarterdeck. Book Planning.

The book is written in a way that you are standing in the room as a fly on the wall. You should expect a bit of language to be dropped in the storytelling and raw sarcasm that is my natural self. Most of you know that as when I start to roll on a live video, it comes out in the humour or slip of the tongue. In videotaping tutorials, if I drop it, which is rare, I can edit it out. To some that’s offensive, to others it’s normal everyday dialogue.

You will see real-life situations play themselves out. I think people want to see what the seat looks like from my perspective. The book isn’t a coming-out story, though it’s part of it, you will learn how naive I really can be. It’s a story of finding myself through a community connection of the yarn arts. Flailing in the wind trying to find life’s balance. Realizing, nothing in life is ever perfect, nor is perfection should ever be the goal.

Being in an industry where I didn’t initially fit in and cried in a restaurant over a beer after a trade show that I was completely rejected. I still don’t fit in today but I have come to embrace that. What makes me unique is what works but you couldn’t have told me that in the beginning.


Journey Afghan Making
Journey Afghan Making

The book is now in the design process itself. Book layout, colouring, visual feel and all these big fancy words that I don’t know about. Honestly, I had no idea it was already listed on Amazon as a pre-order.

The patterns are going through a run-through yet again. Just to ensure it is paired down as much as possible.

The entire book has to stay within a price point that keeps it affordable. So we are given only so many pages. The less wording, the more pictures and photography of the journey can be shared in this book.

At this time, we still don’t know what the front cover looks like. There is talk about a third photoshoot to try it again. I don’t feel attention needy for the camera, so I prefer to be behind the scenes as much as possible. So we both feel a bit awkward in doing the photos. However, we have to suck it up buttercups.

Pre-order Book Now

The Study of the Journey Lighthouse
The Study of the Journey Lighthouse

You can order the book now at your favourite book store or where you buy books. KINDLE version is now available where you buy books online.

ISBN: 978-1-77276-160-3

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  1. Deborah Akerman

    How crochet makes me feel…..comfy & productive & creative! I can’t just sit & watch TV, I have to be doing something and its usually crochet & I feel I’m ‘getting something done’ and not wasting my time. But when I picked it back up,( after many, many years pause& finding your page on FB) I was using it as an escape. An escape from doing something about a waning marriage, an escape from going thru all my boxes stored in the basement from a move 20 years before, an escape from packing to move because I had to sell my ‘dreamhome’ I designed years before….all those things I knew Needed to be done (I had no help) instead I crocheted!!! I made so many afghans… one wants one….I’ve kept them all, they remind me of those times, I know when I did them, how I was feeling, etc. I started crocheting 50 years ago, my mother taught me, but she mostly knit. I spent many hours in the 70’s making those funky tops & vests, I didn’t date so it was my escape & keep busy hobby. I requested my local library stock your book,,since they have a large fiber arts section. I just checked its on order, but I’m not first on the list; apparently someone beat me to it!!!!

    • Kitty

      Hi Mickey

      Would you consider making a lid for the lovely basket you made a while back and turn it into a you tube tutorial?😜 I’d love it! I enjoy watching your videos as they are so easy to follow! Thanks!😊🌠🍀

      All the best

      • Mikey

        I don’t recall which basket that would be.

  2. Pamela Inskeep

    Mikey, I have been crocheting since I was 12 years old. In the beginning, it was fun and kept me from getting bored during summer vacation from school. When I was in college, it was a great stress reliever, especially during finals weeks. As an adult, I found crochet to still be a great stress reliever after hard days at work. Now, as a 60 year old, I rely on crochet to keep my mind sharp (reading patterns and diagrams and counting stitches) and keeping my fingers nimble. Crochet has been with me my whole life and I have loved every minute of it. Crochet means the world to me

  3. Brittany

    How Crochet makes me feel. I can not sum it up into a single feeling.However, It makes me feel accomplished the most. I did not grow up or mature in an environment of the “you can achieve your goals”. Instead it was make fun of you for trying. With every finished project and every stitch Crochet guides me to mentally to break away from the toxic mind set of I can’t do this.

  4. Karen Blair

    Crocheting helps me relax, focus and reenergize. Can’t get through the day without it. Don’t go anywhere without piece in my purse and at least 2 crochet hooks depending on how my hands feel that day. Learned when I was in junior girl scouts cc around age 8. Later found out my grandmother used to crochet. Thanks for the book. I am sure it will be useful as well as beautiful.

  5. Congratulations!!! You must feel very proud of this book and all the work that went into it. I know so many are proud of you. I hear your name mentioned in so many of the knit and crochet communities. You are like famous 😁 You are amazing and we all love you. Keep being you ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Crochet lets me relax. I am a person who always has to be doing something so I never allow myself to just relax and chill – not as long as there is a ‘list’ of things that needs to be done! And believe me, on a farm the list never ends. When I crochet I am being productive but able to just sit and enjoy the process, create something beautiful for myself or as a gift and chill. Love it and will never give it up.

  7. Edith Jerome

    Mikey, I would love a copy of your book. I learned to crochet from my grandmother about 50 years ago. I didn’t crochet much until 11 years ago. My youngest son committed suicide and crocheting is the only thing that keeps me sane. I crochet a lot of baby blankets and amigurami. I look forward to making ” The Journey”.

  8. Nancy

    Been following you two since 2013. I have learned so much from you. The book sounds like it would a wonderful addition to my craft library. Keep posting, I love it.

  9. Jeanie Sage

    How crochet makes me feel:
    Crochet has gotten me through some incredibly dark journeys. Losing my stepdad in 2011, quitting smoking in 2013 (started back in 2019)& losing my niece in ‘13, uncles in 14, 16, & 19 along with my grandpa in 18 and then my dad in ‘20. It keeps my sanity and it is my safe distraction. I can’t tell y’all what it means to me. It may not always be safe for the pocketbook though. lol. Keep doin what y’all are doing. I am still here on planet earth because of crochet.

  10. Brenda Tuttle

    Hi Mikey,
    Crochet is my happy place!! I’m always learning something new! Right now, learning new stitches! Right now learning the “rice” stitch!! As soon as I get done with Christmas gifts, going to do the Study of Geometry Afghan!! Love that Afghan!! Love your tutorials!! They help me understand the patterns!!!

  11. Paula Steele

    Crocheting makes me feel like the whole world is at a standstill. It is my happy place, no interruptions, no worries, just peaceful bliss. I can lose myself and all my cares just fade away. My creativity kicks in and I become the mistress of my universe.

  12. Bonnie Croft

    Crochet is my creative outlet. Self taught long before the internet, now at 76 I am enthralled by the fabulous use of texture and lots of stitches I was not aware of…also now have names for stitches i did, but wasn’t sure they were real stitches!! Maybe I will get to keep something for myself as usually give away as gifts. Donations or ” I really like that” end up in another home.

  13. Judy Lewis

    I thank you for your tutorials ~ you are so easy to follow and understand, and I end up with great items. I would love a book! Congratulations on this project ~

  14. Kathie Luecke

    Hello, I taught myself to crochet, many moons ago. I crochet almost every night. It balances my life out. I enjoy making hats & scarfs for the Veterans. Plus many many gifts. My mission now is to make my grandchildren Highschool graduation afghan. To take to college. I have 9, made 5 ,4 to go.
    May you sell billions of your Book.

  15. Kelly Barry

    Hi Mikey,
    As a lefty, it was hard to find someone to teach me. But one of my aunts learned how to crochet left-handed just so she could teach me. I was 12 when I created my first blanket. UGH it was so bad. Skipped stitches, weird tension waves every other row…lol But I stuck with it and by the time I was about 14, I made a blanket. Then I started making scarves and hats and other cute items. The first large blankets (with color blocking) was for my mom (almost 40 yrs ago). I used colors that didn’t really belong together, but she didn’t care. She took pictures and draped it over the couch for all of her friends to see. Mom passed away 12 years ago and when we cleaned out her house, that blanket was still draped over a couch. I cried, took that blanket home and still have today. Crocheting to me: Love, Family & Pride.

  16. Lisa Gajdos

    Crocheting make me feel connected to my mom , she passed 15 yrs ago coming up in December . She was always crocheting, I have many items she did , my kids christening outfit , blankets she made for my wedding and many doilies and Christmas ornaments I treasure . I enjoy your projects and would love to read your book .

  17. I have been crocheting for years have made a lot of blankets but more basic stitched like corner to corner just recently tried the moss stitch after seeing it on the Facebook group and have enjoyed doing it
    My question is I so want to be able to create the journey but do I have to be an more advanced ? With the videos and the book is it possible to create or would I be setting myself up to fail ?
    Thank you I truly enjoy your videos and the safe space you created for learning

  18. sharon paddock

    Mikey and Daniel I’ve been following you both for almost as long as you’ve been on you tube re-lesrbing crochet while taking care of my dying father. You make a sad time more barnacle for that I thank you. I would treasure a copy of your book and enjoy all the lil stories behind it that you shared

    • I’d love to have a free book! Pick me! Pick me! *Squeeels!!!!

  19. Johnetta L Coombs

    I learned how to crochet by watching your videos. After my son completed suicide I really took it up to help with the anxiety. I just want to say thank you for showing me how to crochet “which I love” and help me get through the worst time of my life. I can not wait to see your book!!
    Thank you so much! Keep doing what you are doing and know you are helping someone even if you do not know it!

  20. Patricia

    I would love to have a copy of your book

  21. Julia Sandsness

    Love your book and already bought yarn for one of the patterns. Sadly, the recommended yarn is no longer available but there’s a baby blanket yarn that has the same colors/self stripping. It will be fun to do.

    Have you ever thought about creating a butterfly papillon in crochet? I want to make one but really want to follow a pattern. Granted I could create one but that isn’t what I enjoy. All of the butterfly papillon patterns I have seen are knitted but with all the smooth shapes in it, it looks like it should be crocheted.

    • Mikey

      Which yarn is discontinued? I was adamant about using yarn that was readily available. Can you share with me which one it is? I don’t know what Papillion is but I can look it up. Have a great day.

  22. Janice Stibre

    Janice Stibre Love your book!! If i send me copy to you would you consider signing it for me? I will pay return postage. Love your messages and videos. Take care Jan the ripper

    • Mikey

      Janice. Just hang onto your book for now. With the fall there is going to be a crisis in shipping again this year due to Covid-19. It’s best you hang onto it as people are ordering early for Christmas and there is lack of people power to move products around.

  23. Has anyone mentioned the pages in their book seem to be out of order? I finished page 29 and found out that the next one headed “Patchwork” didn’t fit after 29 but page 32 did Don’t know if I’ll see any more like this but I’m going to continue reading it today.

    • Mikey

      Yes, the publisher decided to put in a break into the story but it’s not flowing. It’s been adjusted for the next printing of the book. Thanks for noticing that.

    • Debbie

      So looking forward to reading your book.
      When I received it, it unfortunately has a terrible smell. It burns my eyes and I have even tried airing it out. Did anyone else experience this?

      • Mikey

        I’m sorry about that. I know hot off the press books have an ink smell to it that is really strong. You may just want to give the book away to someone else or just throw it out if the smell is too much to handle. Probably the best solution. I know I have left out my books here and they are not as strong a ‘new’ smell as they used to be.

  24. I like all three of the new mosaic patterns. But my favorite is the motifs.

    Thanks for asking for our opinions.

  25. Nancy H

    Oh my, oh my oh my!!! I preordered the book on March 1, and it arrived TODAY (Sept 1)!!! It came on a day when I needed a reason to dance. Just finished my first pass thru the book, and cannot WAIT for the Journey CAL… yes I might start on my own, but love your tutorials. I’m loving the Ripples-in-the-Bay throw, Into-The-Light afghan, and Orchard Wrap. Thanks, too, for including fun pictures of your team…I can now put a face to the name.

  26. Len Araullo

    Am very excited about the upcoming book. My love for crochet started when I was healing and followed your tutorial then on. Am very happy I came across your You Tube Tutorials.

    I have pre-ordered your book via Amazon (German Site). Best Wishes from your follower in Germany❤

  27. Verna Varrone

    Hi Mikey and Dan,
    I just ordered your book on Amazon today. Can’t wait to receive it. I love your work and how dedicated you are to your fellow crocheters. I’ve been watching your tutorials for the Study in Geometry and making it in snowflake colors. I know it’s going to look great. Thank you for your inspiration and sharing your knowledge. Love to you both,
    Hamden, CT

  28. Irene Parker

    I just preordered your book. I am thrilled to see it and hope you do many more. 3 years ago I started crocheting. You taught me with the easy peasie blanket. Trust me that I didn’t find it easy at all. But, I gained trust in you and you have never failed me. I love your humor and really enjoy your videos. I can now take on intermediate projects. If I get confused by a stitch. I just do a search for the video where you teach it. Crochet has become my go to relaxation activity. I can’t wait to get off work and spend an hour or two crocheting. I still get a lump in my throat when I think of Daniel meeting your pup for the first time and driving him home. I love you both and can’t wait to make the tidal bay scarf.

  29. Susan Loving

    Love you both❤ just ordered on Amazon can’t wait always.looking for new ideas and inspiration I’m 76 been crocheting since 10 still a.lot to learn and people need to realize when they look at something that looks difficult remember There just Stitches Thank you both💕

  30. Janet Lewis

    I tried to preorder and a note popped up that it could not be delivered to my address. I get things from Amazon all the time so was really puzzled by this. Will try again, if not today, later. I really want to support this as I have loved the you tube tutorials and patterns that I use in my Prayer Shawl Group at church. I am so happy that my sister taught me to crochet a few years ago and Crochet Crowd helped me so much with diagrams and clear instructions. Love and hugs and thanks for sharing your talent with us!

    • If you bring up Amazon in a browser window, then do a search for The Crochet Crowd or Michael Sellick or Daniel Zondervan, it should return the result for the book you can preorder for your location.
      We have found that the links in our article do not work for everyone and get similar error messages. So it is best if you bring up Amazon as you normally would (and we suggest a browser window as the app was having issues for some people as well) and try searching to see if the results are fruitful. So sorry for the trouble and not having a link to make it easy.

  31. Christine Audsley

    Hi Mikey,
    I am recently new at the Crochet Crowd, accidently discovered this while browsing. I’m also an avid book reader. I know some simple crochet. Mixing all these together, I can’t wait for your book and just be yourself, don’t sweat the small stuff, do what comes natural, and let the experts condense what you want in the book. I’ve already pre-ordered the book! Can’t wait to see it. As for crocheting, I’m discovering a whole new world of this due to your tutorials…. and omg!!! there are so many to choose from. It’s wonderful! I have many crochet books and I’m sure anyone who crochets has their favourites as well. I luv your truthfulness. It’s what you believe in that attracts people. I’m personally from Ontario, but been to east coast many times, just love the charm of it, not to mention friends who live there.
    You asked for opinions, and these are a few of mine… keep doing what you do, the rest will fall in naturally 🙂

  32. Dorothy

    I’m 72 and just started crocheting seriously a couple of years ago. I bought some learn to crochet books and fumbled around for a while trying to learn some basic stitches. I was at a craft fair a couple of years ago and there was a young woman there selling hats and scarves that she had made and I just fell in love with them. I told her how talented she was and how I had dreamed of being able to create something so beautiful myself. She said if I wanted to learn I might want to try YouTube. I had no idea this even existed. I came home and logged on and voila!, there you were. Crochet has opened up a whole new world for me. I started off making hats and scarves and everyone I knew got a set for Christmas. Then I graduated to simple blankets and I’ve made all nine of my grandchildren a blanket, thinking it was something to remember me by when I’m no longer here. You have been my inspiration and I can’t thank you enough for what you do. I am now trying to read a chart for the first time and am having difficulty, but I know if I keep at it, it will click. I can finally sort of read a pattern and it usually only takes me about two or three times of frogging it to finally get it right, ha ha. I learn the best by watching someone so the tutorials are so important to me. That being said, I think if that wonderful young woman at the craft fair had not told me about the tutorials, I might have just given up the idea of ever creating something bigger than a swatch.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  33. Carroll

    I am heartbroken. Amazon Canada will not ship to the US. I guess I wait to see if Amazon US will be selling it.
    I love your work!!

    • Please bring Amazon up in a browser window (not using the link in our article). You can search The Crochet Crowd and you will be able to find it on the American Amazon. We have found that it is not working in the Amazon App for many Americans, so that is why we suggest the use of a browser window.

      Hope that helps

  34. John MacIntyre

    Just want to say I’m very proud to Michael and Daniel’s publisher. They are a treat to work with and a joy to be around. We hope we can make the book as original as they are.

      • Lori

        Have you done an entrelac C2C? Looked several times and nothing. Love your tutorials and need one that is easily understood and yours are the best.

        Thank you

  35. Barbara Walch

    My birthday 3-12! Best birthday present I’ve given myself yet! Can’t wait to get this book, thank you for all your hard work Mikey and Daniel.

  36. david olson

    hi Mickey. Don’t worry your book will be a great success. I have great faith in you and dan.

  37. Anne Marie Fiordalisi

    TY TYVM Mikey and Daffy Dan for this great book. I pre=ordered it on Amazon.US. I am going to love your crochet book. I know its going to be a big seller with our crochet crowd so that is why I pre-ordered it.
    On with the S A L 2021. TYVM also for helping me with being a lefty

    • Mikey

      Thank you for the vote of confidence. I’m nervous! 😀

  38. Dianne Larson Ward

    I just ordered the book and am thrilled you decided to do this! You two are both so very special to all of who have followed your adventures, shared your joys and your fears, wanted to hug you both and at times give you a stern talking to about self confidence and how very much you DO for us to develop OUR skills and how WE have grown because of of you. Yes, and we’ve laughed aloud and sometimes spewed coffee at the computer screen. God bless you both and THANK YOU for all of it!

  39. Patricia Reitz

    Your book sounds fantastic. Each new manuscript was clearly an improvement. Your narrating the story makes sense, with you giving your voice for Daniel. Isn’t that how it is when you are doing Crochet Crowd events. And you should celebrate your differences because that is what we love about you. And your picture and Daniel’s should definitely be on the front although not big. Your book will be a sensation!

  40. Patricia Reitz

    I’ve been looking for your book since you asked for title suggestions. I am excited to get your book and I know it will be a success. As I read about each manuscript, I thought you made great choices in each revision. I know you don’t like to be put first, but the narration by you is a good choice. I am sure we will feel Daniel’s presence through you. I don’t think you ( Daniel, and The Crochet Crowd) realize how much your fans appreciate your differences and we love you just the way you are!

  41. Sue Griffin

    Just pre-ordered the book from Amazon. I have learned a great deal from you both. You are very caring, helpful and kind beyond words. Wishing you much success with your future and this book. Can’t wait to see you and Daniel again on a cruise!

    • Mikey

      Thank you Sue. I think you will enjoy the humour in the book. Even with that award-winning pig you made with wings! 😀

  42. Eleanor

    Congrats Mikey! The book sounds great.
    The title on Amazon says, “The Crochet Crowd: Inspire, Created, Celebrate.”
    Could I be your proofreader?

  43. Jerilyn Kellogg Fidler

    Congratulations!! I’m sure your book will be fantastic, like all of your videos and instructions….you and your crochet friends have helped me so much…in so many ways ….. in my own crochet journey….my heart-felt thankx to you!! And keep on your journey …’re not done yet!!

  44. Lisa

    Congratulations! I’m excited for you both!! Can’t wait to get it 🤗

  45. Martha F.

    I am so happy you are doing the book. I appreciate the things you have done for the crocheting community over the years, since you started your journey! I’ve been crocheting for almost 69 years, but have learned some things from you that have made some crocheting so much easier.
    I chuckle too, when I find you have learned some things, shortcuts, that I have done for years!
    I learned to crochet as a child form my mother, but she passed away when I was 9, and I had not yet learned the names of the stitches, nor how to read a pattern. I learned crocheting with THREADS, as yarns were not so handy yet in the early 1950’s. So, I continued to learn by “READING” the doilies my mother made and looking at pictures, blown up large enough I could see the stitches. To this day, I can do something from a large picture if I can not find a pattern. That has come in very handy over the years. (I did finally learn the names of stitches and how to read a pattern.)
    I can do some charts, but not all, as these old eyes can not read some of the small charts, and enlarging them makes them too blurry!
    So, Mikey, many thanks for all you do for us “Hookers”! May God bless syou and Dan on this book journey, as it will be rewarding, not only to you two, but the crocheting community that follows you so faithfully!

    • Joan Vernal

      A A great move Mikey the book is a good move. I am hoping I can get a copy, I am from Jamaica👍👍

  46. PansyRose Parsons

    So excited! I have pre-ordered and can’t wait. Thank you!

  47. Shelly Zentz

    I love you both. I have followed you for so long, since the beginning. I’m a middle aged mom of 2, but you two are the reason I felt comfortable crocheting in public, after reading about a trip you took and just being yourselves. I nearly died when Daniel had his heart problems. Thank you from the bottom of my ❤️ for being such wonderful people. I’m definitely getting this book. 💚

    • Mikey

      I’m glad you found your self-confidence. Life is short.

  48. Patty Krekeler

    Just pre-ordered your book! Can’t wait for it to come out.


    • Mikey

      Thank you Patty. I appreciate your support.

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