Crochet Pattern Skill Level Meanings

What do the skill level bar increments mean for crochet?
What do the skill level bar increments mean for crochet?
What do the skill level bar increments mean for crochet?

What Are The Pattern Skill Levels?

With major publishers and yarn companies who produce patterns, there is usually a Pattern Skill Level Bar with 4 increments. The level of pattern is indicated here.

Many crocheters use this bar as an indicator right off the bat to determine if they are capable of doing the pattern without actually reading the pattern. Though I must admit, I have missed out on crocheting some great projects with fear that I wasn’t capable of doing something.

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Sometimes, we just want something simple even though we are capable of doing something more challenging. Each one of these increments have a meaning behind it which is used to determine the skill level. Though I must admit, I have seen patterns marked easy and I have had a conniption trying to figure it out. I have added in my own words what the levels mean to me.

Pattern Levels

As described by the Yarn Craft Council of America.

Beginner, 1 Increment Filled In

  • Projects intended for first-time crocheters using basic stitches and minimal shaping.
    • In my own words, these are simple afghans and dishcloths. Most likely not changing colours or doing anything fancy.
    • Excellent pattern for new crocheters to build their skills on. Practice makes perfect.
    • For experienced crocheters, you can probably watch TV and crochet at the same time without missing a stitch. A non-brainer as your hands will do the work without much thought.

Easy, 2 Increments Filled In

  • Projects using basic stitches, repetitive stitches, colour changes and simple shaping and finishing.
    • In my own words, afghans or projects where there are stitches that repeat to create textures based on the stitches have a unique look. There’s not a lot of complex shaping or anything that requires you to throw your hook across the room in frustration.
    • Experienced crocheters and glance up and down from the TV but have to concentrate once in a while. You don’t have to obsessively count but your family members may see you mumble and ask you to repeat.

Intermediate, 3 Increments Filled In

  • Projects using a variety of different stitches or techniques such as basic lace patterns or colour patterns with mid-level shaping and finishing.
    • In my own words, afghan or projects where you are playing with multiples of different stitches to create interesting effects with stitches. Shaping requiring closer attention such as clothing and more.
    • Better know how to count in your head and hopefully not getting tired of counting to same number.
    • If the project is too big, you might get tired of it depending how badly you want to finish it.

Experienced, 4 Increments Filled In

  • Projects with intricate stitch patterns, techniques, dimension such as non repeating pattern, multi colour techniques, threads, small hooks, and detailed shapes and fine attention to finishing.
    • In my own words, has the potential for the hook to go flying across the room if you are not paying attention to the pattern. The pattern will require a lot more concentration and a lot less conversation.
    • Your tongue may hang out of your mouth as you crochet as you are concentrating so hard. You have the potential to have sudden fits of rage if something interrupts, better warn anyone in your surroundings first.
    • You are better off to crochet on your own and no one gets hurt.


  1. SAZ

    Thank you for this very informative post, and for all of your other posts & patterns. I recently tried crocheting sweaters and I do not agree with the skill level ratings on these particular patterns. For example, a sweater I’m working on right now is mostly SC. So for that reason it seems to be an easy level. However, piecing together the different parts of the sweater and shaping the armholes and neck hole is definitely not easy. Trying to make sense of the illustrations of the different components can be frustrating. There are a lot of assumptions built in to the written pattern. I wanted to give up many times, but I’m trying not to think about it too much and just take it row by row. In my opinion, this is intermediate at least. Many thanks and blessings!

  2. Jenny

    I’m an experienced crocheter embarking on pattern writing for the first time, and I just loved these descriptions! Thank you and well done 🙂 Stay safe and happy!

  3. Patricia Stenzel

    Explain how you crochet the increments by 6 or by 4, etc. Because when I look at the hat it doesn’t look like anything is skipped or increased. Am I reading this wrong.

    • I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking? In a hat, you start with x amount of stitches, whatever the pattern calls for, the second round you usually increase every stitch, then after that, the increases happen differently, (depending on the round of course) you would do 4 stitches then 2 stitches in one stitch from the previous round repeat till the end, the next round you would do 5 of the stitch than in increase and repeat. because it’s worked evenly around in the hat you won’t see the increases, there shouldn’t typically be decreases in a hat. hope this helps. If it’s still not 100% clear I would suggest maybe watch some of Mikey’s hat video’s on Youtube

  4. Dianna

    How many do I crochet to fit a 12 year old. The pattern is for a 6 year old& chain 84. How many do I chain for 12 year old?

    • Without knowing what pattern you are referring to it’s really hard to give you help.

  5. Yes I think you did a great job and knowing our feelings when things get rough!!

  6. Karen

    Love it! That sounds exactly right!

  7. JKLMomof3

    LOL, this is awesome. 😀 Thanks for the giggles Mikey. You are awesome. 😀

  8. rebecca

    i love it especially the very last one where i was laughing and picturing the whole scene of some one doing the experiencing section

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