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Email The Crochet Crowd
Email The Crochet Crowd

Before Sending Us An Email

If you are inquiring about a pattern that is not one of Mikey’s or Jeanne’s original patterns, you need to contact the source where you got the pattern for help. Did you know that Red Heart, Lion Brand and Yarnspirations provide customer service? You will find a contact page on each of their websites.

If your pattern is from other sites like Ravelry, Etsy or other places where the designer is uploading their own patterns, please contact them directly about their designs as they know their designs better than anyone.

We Do Not Offer Pattern Searching

Effective August 20th, 2014, we no longer offer pattern searching. We have a well-established crochet community our Facebook Page for community members to potentially help you. Jeanne and I are the only ones that answer the Inquiry Desk and we are overwhelmed with emails and cannot keep up.

A second option is to use our Facebook Page to inquire as crocheters who use our Facebook Page may have a source or advice to offer.

Subject Titles of Email

We automatically delete any emails received where the person has not titled their email or the email title looks suspicious. We have to protect our servers from spam or malware. We are not responsible for any emails, which include our challenges, where the sender hasn’t labelled an email.

Email Processing

Emails are responded to in the order in which they are received. We are typically backlogged, you should expect delays which can be several weeks. All challenge entries are processed asap and before general help or inquiries.

Personal Response Not Guaranteed

We receive a tremendous amount of email. We do not guarantee that each and every email will get a response. It’s not personal, we are overwhelmed and cannot help everyone who asks.

Facebook Messaging

We do not have our Facebook Messaging on. Michael, Daniel, Laura Jean and Jeanne’s personal Facebook has filters where only friends may message them. Please use our email instead.

Facebook Shout Outs

We pride ourselves in keeping our Facebook Page as advertising-free as possible. We are sponsored but our Facebook is a community page where we inspire and give out free resources. All requests for us to advertise on our Facebook will be denied. Any self-advertising and/our luring on our Facebook Page will result in being removed from our community. We are very strict to keep our community healthy.

General Email

Provide us the following information:

  • First and last name, please.
  • Detailed messages allow us to help you better. Be specific and provide links to show us what you are talking about.
  • If you are referring to one of our patterns or videos, please be specific with the title. Provide a link to the video or article.
  • Provide pictures if required.

Email The Crochet Crowd: [email protected]

Our team works closely together, you may receive a message from any of our team members.

Contact Details

Phone Calls by Email Appointment Only. We do not offer telephone support.

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