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  1. Joel Hencken

    I love your tutorial on granny rectangular blankets. However, it contains instructions only for a certain number of sizes. I want to make a size not listed: 6ftx3ft. Can someone advise how to do that?
    More generally, is the a “formula” that you can plug your dimensions into, so you can compute how to do sizes not in the list of standard bed sizes?
    Thank you!

    • Mikey

      That’s a great question. I don’t have a formula but sure wish I had. I tried doing this once and people don’t honour the stitching gauge and so what I promise isn’t achieved as people tend to get different sizes by not using the same hook or suggested level of yarn. I have since deleted what I had.

  2. Katie

    Could I link 2 of your YouTube videos to a pattern I’m creating? One for a foundation DC and one for a crab stitch. I figured I would mention something along the lines of “videos courtesy of the Crochet Crowd” or something similar. I just thought it would be helpful to link a video of the lesser known stitches and I find your videos REALLY helpful.

    • Mikey

      Yes, an embedded link is fine. Thank you for asking first.

  3. The Study of Geometry Summer Stitch Along:
    I didn’t receive the pattern I signed up for a couple of weeks ago.

    Thank You,
    Linda Kirk

  4. Zandra

    Mikey, could you answer a question regarding foundation chains. When the pattern calls for a regular chain and you want to convert to a foundation chain how do you calculate the number of chains you need. For instance if your pattern calls for 82 chains, dc in 4th chain (skipped 3 chains count as 1st dc). How many chains should my foundation chain have. If you would rather tell me where to look that too would be good. I have tried several ways to find this info, but to no avail. Thanks, Zandra

    • Mikey

      I’m really not sure of the answer to be honest with you. I rarely, and I mean rarely ever use a foundation chain. I don’t have any first hand experience. What I could recommend to you though. Chain 10, dc 4th ch and then dc in each chain left and count. You will have the stitch number from that. Therefore, you can know when you do the 82 chains, how many chains the first ch 3 is absorbing to subtract it. That’s what I would do.

      • Zandra Pellet

        Thank you so much, I’m going to try it. Your great.

      • Suganya

        Hai milkey. I need some information about crochet crowd. I do the crochets in my home. I don’t know how to sell that one and how to join your community can plz you explain me?. I live in canada toronto.

  5. Annette Hollingsworth

    Hello Mikey,

    Thanks for sharing crochet along with Kangaroo and Joey. I enjoyed crocheting with you.
    I can’t find how to assemble the pieces. Please HELP!!!

    • Mikey

      I think I am at fault Annette. I assumed people would know how to do that and didn’t film that part. I know… I shouldn’t have assumed it in retrospect. I have a giraffe where I have done the attaching of the pieces and it’s done the same way. I pin the pieces onto the main body and then whip stitch around the component to attach it. I’m sorry. I have failed you today to provide that extra attention you deserved.

  6. Kim Blair

    Help please! I’m working on a queen sized Captain America shield afghan for my son. I worked the shield from the center out into a 456 stitch circle. Now I want to finish as a square but I can’t figure out a pattern sequence to know how many of each size stitch to do??? I have marked off every 114th stitch…then also at every 57th stitch…but that is as far as I’ve been able to get. I have searched and searched but can not find any online help! I’ve reached out to 4 different Facebook groups and they all ask to see the pattern…but there isn’t a pattern. CKimban you help me please?!?!? I’ve promised him this blanket for 2 years and I want to finish it for Christmas…

    • Mikey

      I have a blanket that I cannot show you at this time when the interior is a large circle. It’s not as big as yours but it’s about 300 stitches in the circle. For me, it took me 5 rounds to transition to a square. Yours probably will take between 7 – 9 rounds depending on you.

      You cannot rush the growth of the circle to a square. The trebles that will start should just be a few, then the next down dc can be about twice as long and I usually make the next hdc the same count as hdc. The sc will span the distance and you will mirror the other side. The trick is to determine the number of SC you need.

      As you grow bigger, the SC span will get larger and you will start to decrease the DC and HDC as it appears to be getting more square.

      For me, it took me about 5 hours to get to a complete square. I ripped out, re=jigged math and etc. So I am telling you that you need patience.

      I will help you do math stand by.

    • Mikey

      You have 456 in the circle / 4 = 114 sts. BUT you have to subtract 1 corner from each side. 114 – 1 sts for a corner. = 113 sts between each corner stitch.

      From here… what I would do if I were you. Start with the corner with Ch 4, 1 tr, ch 2, 2 tr in same beg corner. Next 4 do a tr, next 7 do dc, next 7 do hdc…

      To figure out the SC before mirroring this before hitting next corner. Don’t count the corners. 4 tr + 7 dc + 7 hdc and then add the other side. 4 tr, 7 dc, and 7 hdc = 36 sts.

      Now subtract 113 sts – 36 sts = 77 sc.

      So first round would be corners, 4 tr, 7 dc, 7 hdc, 77 sc, 7 hdc, 7 dc, 4 tr then corner of 2 tr, ch 2, 2 tr in next st.

    • Mikey

      Keep a count of your stitches per side so you can keep adjusting the stitches. I would do a couple rounds of what I suggested below and then re-examine if you have to change the your tr, dc and hdc counts. Eventually the sc stitches will get bigger in number as you will reduce out tr, dc and hdc.

      Unfortunately, I have to do it myself and run a test of test trials to get it right. You will need to be patient but make a judgement call early on in the first side of each round to check if it looks right. If so, keep on going.

      Keep notes so you can test try yourself and remember what to do for each side in each round.

      Best wishes.

  7. Lorraine Higgins

    Hi Mike,
    I and a friend were wondering, in these strange times, if your store in Greenwich is open at all selling yarns. We completely understand if not.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.
    Lorraine Higgins

    • Mikey

      afternoon Lorraine. I permanently closed the studio in May. I sold off everything I had. Once C-19 is resolved, stitch socials can resume but I won’t be venturing to selling any product.

      Hope all is well. 🙂 Michael

  8. Chris Villa

    I am not expecting a reply.

    I just want to voice my opinion of the new header on the website. While it looks nice at first glance it is annoying to have the “white cloud” obscuring the view of the page as you scroll. (I tried to insert a photo but my iPad won’t let me. )

    Otherwise I like the changes so far. Love your site, love all of you and am grateful to be a part of this amazing group. You have no idea how many times I refer someone to your videos and website for help. I have loved watching you grow and have been with you since well before the “Mad Hatter” days. I still think of all those beautiful hats. So much fun. You are amazing and greatly appreciated.

    • Mikey

      I received your email. I have responded there. 😀 – Michael

  9. Sue

    I’m making a square Afghan
    I have 6 skeins of rhss
    Right now it’s 31.5 in
    51 rows
    How big will it be with the yarn I have?
    Do I need more to make a good snuggle blanket/ couch blanket?

    • Mikey

      It’s usually 7 balls for a decent size sofa blanket in granny square concept. If you are doing more solid stitching, it could be 7 – 9. It depends on your tension and the pattern choice. It’s not an exact science so an accurate measurement cannot be given as there are too many variables and our hands control the tension which is unique to everyone.

  10. Theresa Marolf

    i love all of your videos and patterns from you all, and was wondering have you ever seen or done a Mans Mexican Poncho with the pocket in the front??

  11. Hi Mikey,
    Sorry to disturb you but im looking to do the big cables baby blanket preferably with a video tutorial but when i click on the picture and use the search facility it takes me to the candy blanket please can you point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance

  12. Just checking to see if the whole site of the CrochetCrowdStitchSocial is down or if it’s my computer. I can g et to the CrochetCrowd.com but jit always says something went wrong when I click on the Stitch Social page.

    • the web site is working for me, just went on it to check. you may have to refresh your browser

  13. Tammy DonatCarter

    I keep signing up for the 5 week better together pattern but it doesnt take it so I am not getting the weekly written pattern updates I have been saving the videos. Will the pattern be available like other patterns once crochet along is complete so I can get it then or what do I have to do.They are suppose to be updated on monday right.

    • Mikey

      Tomorrow is Week 3… It’s being updated on Fridays. The full pattern will be available in September without needing to sign up. I’m sorry this has become a headache for you. If you want to email Yarnspirations to inquire about why you are not getting the pattern, you can contact them at this website spot. https://www.yarnspirations.com/ca-en/contactus

      • Robin Cody

        Im looking for an old pattern called, Easiest baby booties ever.” It was on You Tube once but I can’t find it in your archives. After stitching 6 single, its doubles for height. Then slip stitches. Fold over and sew in to close. Do you have this pattern??? Its so easy fast to make! Please help?

      • Mikey

        I have to remember when I found that pattern. It was like on year one in 2008 or 2009. I’ll see if I can locate it. Michael

      • Marcy

        I have been looking for the Santa pattern that you had from momma jam is she still selling it if not do you know where I can find it

      • Mikey

        I will have to look on her website. Does she have a contact page? I haven’t talked to Sarah in a while.

  14. Darlene V Quinn

    I had a comment on here and Marina King replied, but her link didn’t really help me. Which I replied to her. Now my suggestion isn’t showing. How do I attach the zig-zag pattern section of the woven pattern mosaic crochet blanket from this spring, to the blocks section. I had to cut off the zig-zag and stacked blocks at the beginning of the blanket to make a new chain, and then ended up having problems. I cut off the zig-zag section from the offset squares by threading a length of yarn through the stitches in the row above where I needed to cut. I don’t know how to fix that row, as the length of yarn is the only thing holding it together. Do you have a video for crocheting a section to another section above it using sc, but not granny squares.

    • lay one side you want to join, out flat right side facing you, then lay the piece you are adding on top right facing down (towards the piece you are adding it to) starting at one end using a needle and thread you work the outside loop (the loop away from you on the bottom piece, and the closest loop facing you on the top piece) of both sides onto the thread continues to the end.

      • Darlene V Quinn

        I’ll give it a try. I still don’t know how to secure the stitches above where I cut off the section and only have a length of yarn running through them to keep them from coming apart while I cut below. Any suggestions? There are tutorials that I don’t understand. Wish Mikey had one for this.

      • if you want to join through that side, work the needle of the bottom of the stitch where you have the yarn running through it and join it to the finished edge of the other piece. as long as you are able to get all of the bottom stitches where you cut, you should be fine. even if you want to work around the yarn you already worked in there to hold the stitch for added security. its a bit of a pain and may take you a little longer than a normal join, but it is doable, I have done it.

  15. Marion E Hardwick

    A couple of weeks ago I submitted my name and email to receive the new Crochet a long and I still haven’t received it. Can you please send it to the email address below.

    Thank you!!

  16. Hi Mikey! I am working on the Easy Cotton Bib video tutorial and happened to check Etsy for other bib patterns and I found a shop that is selling your bib pattern and even uses your thumbnail picture as their picture! I listed it in the website space of this reply.

    • Mikey

      I’ll let Yarnspirations.com know. It’s their pattern. Thanks so much.

  17. Sharon

    Do you sell yarn ? I have enjoyed watching the videos. Thank you.

  18. Betty Pixley

    I love your tutorials and am glad some have left handed instructions, I have however noticed that a few of the videos for left hand don’t play I get an error message saying its unavailable or the owner has removed it. Also do you have any scrap yarn patterns? I wasn’t able to find anything on the site

    • Mikey

      I don’t really have scrap yarn projects as I tend to use left over yarns for various projects without calling the project a scrap yarn idea. The Boho Ornament Afghan would be a scrap yarn project.

      Some of the articles have links to left handed tutorials that have been removed due to complaints. If you go on our Youtube. https://youtube.com/mikeyssmail and search only in our channel. put the name of LEFT HAND in front of whatever you are looking for an it will show the left handed tutorials. We also have a dedicated playlist of all left handed tutorials too. Here’s the link for that.


  19. Ana


    would you consider making a tutorial for Pattons Geo Poc crochet pillow? thanks!

  20. Ana Maniago

    Hi Mikey,

    Would you consider making a tutorial for pattons geo poc crochet pillow. It is in yarnspirations.

    Thanks a lot

  21. Marjorie Gibson

    Mikey would you please give consideration to filming a tutorial for Jeanne’s Christmas Trimmings Afghan?

    Thank you.

  22. Melissa

    Having trouble getting the pattern sent to my email. It will not let me sign up to get it. It keeps telling me insecure website.

  23. Rhonda Johnson

    CARON CHILD’S CROCHET CREW NECK PULLOVER….mikey would you consider doing a tutorial on the said pattern. The pattern is on the yarn inspiration web site. I have frogged it so many times. I would love to make this for my grand daughter. This is my first attempt at a jumper and reading the pattern is becoming very daunting

  24. Bernadette Edens

    Would you please consider making a video tutorial for the “Archways Throw” found in the free patterns on the Yarnspirations website? It’s an easy two row repeat blanket made in a solid color! Thank you! 🙂

    • Mikey

      Just filmed it for. Will be available in the next hour. Thanks for your request.

      • Bernadette Edens

        Thank you so very much! 🙂

  25. I’m still not able to register for the Summer 2020 CAL. I HAVE ASKED FOR HELP AND the link I keep getting sent to me is not working. Is it possible to have someone just try to register me?
    Please don’t send the iCloud…… link again. It doesn’t work.
    Pamela Middlekauff
    [email protected]

  26. Pamela McGill

    Where is the pattern that I just paid for?

    • Mikey

      We don’t sell any patterns. So I am unsure what you are talking about.

    • Sharilee Payne

      Difficult site to follow. Maybe simplify..

  27. Julie Hubbard

    HOOKER’S TOTE is linked to a Market Bag, not the bag pictured. Couldn’t find a place on that page to contact you about the link.

  28. Maja Matvenko-Barbini

    I wud love to receive emails from u. Is that possible ? Tk u 😀

  29. Barbara Thornton

    I missed downloading the pattern for week 5 of the Llama afghan stitch along and I cannot find it on the wed or on youtube is there anyway I can get it I would love to have the complete pattern for use again later
    [email protected]

  30. Dawn Carden

    Hi I was watching a video (the toy box baby blanket) that Mikey was talking about tension. Have you thought about trying to
    **WRAP yarn around your pinky under your ring finger and bird finger and over your index finger. **Just a thought.
    My grandmother taught me to crochet and this is how I was taught.

  31. Amparo O'Leary

    i would like to make a donation to help with the free patterns through my bank. i need an address and a phone number. please email me information.

  32. Joan Bommarito

    I l love your tutorials. I made a chevron baby blanket in navy & grey. My daughter wants another color after the baby is born, as an accent, depending on the gender. Any suggestions on how to do this?
    Thank you. Joan

  33. What is going on with you tube , there is no volume on the crochet videos ?

  34. Virginia

    Hey Mikey, Dan and Colleen! Welcome back to the frigid reality of “the Great White North” koooooo loooooooooo kooo koooooo…………..we had a great time on the cruise and met some great people……. looking forward to the next adventure with all of you <3

  35. PENNY

    is there any possible way you could do a video on crochet mittens

  36. could you please post again on here how to get my blanket posted on the page… It is only my second one and I am proud of it… It was a lot of work

  37. Excellent. First time I went to it. Love it. and the challenges sound fun. Are we able to make suggestions for new challenges. I have some ideas.

  38. KB super S loom, you can find that on HSN also beside CinDwoodcraft , Amazon will have it and so will e bay, I just order mine from HSN today and now I cant wait to get it cuz im going to go crazy on looking for a patterns to do on it, oh how wonderful it will be, now I have to get the yarn that I want to do the shawls, ponchos , sweaters, blankets , KItniss cowl , next winter projects to do for next year

  39. Margie Melendy

    Mikey love your video’s. I was wondering if you have ever used finishing needles. I like them much better than darn I g needles and are easier to use when weaving in ends. They are a Susan Bates product and have 5 different sizes in each package. Keep up the good work

  40. I’m interested in becoming a member but why do you need credit card info if the patterns are free? Also, how do I get the complete pattern directions for the ladies brimmed hat?

  41. Crystal Brinn


    Love your youtube channel. I have a unique question about loom knitting breasts. I know it sounds crazy, but my best friend is working to become a lactation specialists and they used knitted breasts to help demonstrate to mothers what to do. I haven’t been able to find a pattern on the loom to be able to make these for her. I would LOVE if you had any suggestions or help!!

    Thank you!

  42. I think at one time you had a tutorial about Apache Tears, but I’m unable to locate it now. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I just adore your site.

  43. sylvia barker

    hi mikey, i what tomake a road trip scraf and im have trouble finded an easy one,as it my first one can you help

  44. Hi Mikey, I am so happy to be on your mailing list. You have brought me many hours of enjoyment learning new stitches. I am 62 so I want to keep my mind as active as possible and the crochet crowd does that. I also enjoy the other folks on here as well, I have seen so many beautiful projects and get excited about learning new stitches. I just want to thank you for all your hard work it is greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend and I’ll be looking forward to hooking with you real soon. P.S. I have friends that ask me about stitches that I have learned from watching you so I tell them go to The Crochet Crowd they have lots of info on stitches and tutorials. I AM A VERY HAPPY HOOKER!

  45. Vicki F.

    I love watching your crocheting videos. They explain everything very well. Thank you so much.

  46. Jenny Bartolo

    My 12 year old daughter has started crocheting this year. Since she has some learning and intellectual disabilities she is a bit slow going but certainly loves the craft. She has learned loads by watching youtube videos. She often asks for your videos when we sit down and marathon watch crochet videos. She recently bought a knook set and is trying to learn. We’ve watched a few videos but she really prefers yours. We were wondering if you have made a knook video or if you will make some in the future. Thanks for your time and all of your wonderful videos.

  47. Paula

    what dose it mean chain 202 loosely. (Ch 4+2)

  48. Patricia

    I always, enjoy your articles. I wanted to comment on your “Diamond and Daisy Rug”. I just love it! That is actually an old doily pattern or a very similar one. I have often taken doily patterns and made them into rugs or blankets or shawls. My hands do not let me use crochet thread any longer so I make the things i enjoy with yarn. Thank You!

  49. Stacey hetrick

    Mikey.. I would like to know how to send photos into the crochet crowd of what I have done..please help me on this..Stacey

  50. Ashley Rose Johnson

    I have loved the site and I have a question do you have a basic star pattern as I am making a saddle blanket for a friend for riding horses

  51. Paula Meyers

    You say in your videos that you have a slower tutorial, I am wanting to learn the Boot Cuffs Pattern. Designed by Cathy Cunningham. And can not find the slower version. Could you direct me to that video. Thank you.

  52. Judy

    This is Judy, I was curious, any idea when the madagascar prizes will be shipped out. I was aware that the ballwinders had to be ordered and was told had no idea when the prizes will be shipped out

    • Judy… Your prize is coming from Schachenmayr… I will get Daniel to confirm they have shipped it out. I thought they had already.

  53. Kristy

    I’m a beginner at crochet and making beanie hats. My problem is how to figure out sizing. I’m using bulky yarn and size 10 crochet hook. Thank you!

  54. nicole

    hi, love your tutorial’s for the pattern’s they really help me out when i can’t figure out how to do a stich on the pattern i’m very advance but i still have a hard time understand some things cause of my disability, but any way what I was wonder is i have a friend who is obsess with batman and wants me to make a batman afghan for her boyfriend, she would rather have me do it then go out and buy one already made. but i can’t seem to find a afghan pattern for batman i was wondering if you could help me out with this. any help would be appreciated.

  55. Ed Brown

    Hi Mikey ,
    Just wanted to find out where you buy your thick handled crochet hooks. I can’t find any locally.
    Thank you,
    Ed Brown

  56. barb

    Looking for suggestions for teaching 9 year old how to crochet. I am a “seasoned” crocheter but need help regarding hook size etc. so she will not be frustrated and discouraged. I would like to get her started on the right track. Thank you!!

  57. LouWonna L. Jastram

    I’m responding to your color combinations article…I REALLY like color so I’m just finishing an afghan with almost ALL the colors you show…yes I mean all, except clack, gray, and one of the oranges, but I did add one or two different pinks, blues, aquas, and yellows! I also like doing just two or three colors, and have even been caught using only one color (as in my Jesus pattern).

  58. Peggy

    PLEASE HELLLLPPP! Novice here. I have completed all my motifs for the Peppermint Throw ~ but I don’t understand how to attach them. The tutorial shows how to attach a small motif to a large one but it doesn’t talk about how to attach the big pinwheels. Since there are ‘attaching holes’ in all the large ones, I’m assuming that they are attached by those. How? If the whip stitch is used for these, as well, why are there holes in their corners? I have just finished the Dusty Snowflake tutorial ~ and that one made sense to me since you join them through the holes. I’m completely lost but I know it can’t be difficult because no one else seemed to have problems. And ~ I can’t figure out patterns. All the crocheting I do is thanks to Mikey’s wonderful tutorials. Please help. Thank you.

    I’m making this for my grandbaby for Christmas ~ he loves red. I am desperate to know how to finish it. Thanks.

  59. Love the lacy cardigan you posted the pattern calls for red heart boutique midnight but would love to make one as shown in your photo. Do you know what yarn was used for this? It is shades of blue gold purples etc
    Please help
    Thank you

  60. Robin elsner

    Been looking for the small green loom and can’t find one anywhere, please send me one
    Robin Elsner
    [email protected]

  61. Hello needing some help. Looking to make the peppermint afghan to a queen sized size but for the life of me I can’t figure out how I can do this. Can anyone help me? Either Mikey Cathy or any of you other Hookers have any idea. I’ve followed the diagram shared by Mikey and wanted to know how many more of each motif would I need to add? The middle I can keep going but not 2 sure about the outside of it. Be very grateful for any help. Thank you in advance.

  62. Leslie Wolff

    I am wondering how to submit a pic to you is there any way u can tell me how, I’ve just finished a drop in the pond blanket, it fits my queen size bed, just wanted y’all to see it, thank you, love you articles, tutorials, y’all are the bomb!!!!

  63. Do you have a video on Baby’s gone a hunting Vest and Hat? If so can you post it. I am unable to find one. I got stuck on this one cant figure it out. Please help. I would love to make this but I am afraid it is over my head.. lol If you don’t have this video do you have another that is close to this one (Vest) ?

      • It seems to be two pieces. I think I done the first part right (right back), but not sure how to do the left back part. Any help you can give me I sure would appreciate it. It has a funny shape to it almost looks like a deer with a short tail on it without the legs..

  64. Wendy Drewes

    pattern for hats what was day 29 please

  65. Linda Weaver

    Have been looking for the Christmas Candle Cover !! Each time I “think” I have located the pattern ~ I click on the link ~ and up comes the Felted Crochet Christmas Stocking pattern !!! Although this is a very nice pattern, I’d really like to make the Christmas Candle Cover for some of my friends. Please, please, tell me how to get this pattern !!!! Thank you so much ~ and as always, thank you for all your help in the crochet world !! Love ya and your staff lots !! Linda

  66. I’ver searched and searched for the icy snowflake pttern, is it still available? thank you

    • Sharon

      I have the icy snowflake pattern, but can not find the tutorial for the assistance on it. What happened to it so quickly?

  67. Deborah Thompson Goins

    Hi Mikey, I just wanted to send a quick message to say I am so sorry that you are going through pain in your wrist and arm. I have been living with nerve pain for approx. 15 years so I know a lot about that subject! Please don’t try to teat this yourself due to if it is nerve pain you could do more harm than good. I know from experience. I hope you feel better soon. If you would like to chat about it, you can contact me anytime day or night. You know my email and I am on Facebook. I’m sure you have plenty other friends to talk to I just want to let you know that I am here if you need me. Take care and God bless.
    Sincerely, Debbie

  68. susan

    Just wondering if you ever come to Illinois

  69. Loretta Burnham

    Why can’t I see on Facebook, what The Crochet Crowd puts up. It’s been over a week now,I love seeing it. Please help. Thanks Mikey

  70. Chantal Luiten Lambeek

    Hello are the stiches in your video in english terms or american terms? Thanks

  71. holaind

    comment est se que je peu adhérer a votre club pouriez vous me dire la marche a suivre merci a bientot

  72. Kim pierson

    We are having four events next summer an would love to have you as a teach at all locations. Please let me know how to set that up.

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