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Crochet Tips

3 Jacked Up On A Hack Crochet Tips

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Behind the scenes crochet tips that happen without you realizing it. Mini swatches of problem solutions. The power of a swatch may be much better than the Star Wars force!

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Crochet Stitches That Deserve the Finger

11 Crochet Stitches That Deserve the Finger

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There are some crochet stitches that exist that are so evil and awful, it causes me to roll my eyes back into my head and give it the finger! I

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Featured Crochet Designers

Self Proclamation of Being a Crochet Designer

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In the world of crochet, there is a multi-tier of what separates the home crocheters from a teacher to a master teacher to a designer and so on. For myself,

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Crochet Bat Conservation Canada

Conservation in Your Backyard – Bats

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Wildlife and humane treatment of animals that trust in our care are important to Daniel and me. Bring back the bats initiative. We came to Nova Scotia with the hopes

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Reviewing Patterns to Help Others

Pattern Reviews Help Others – More Than You Know

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A couple of years ago, Yarnspirations did an upgrade to their site which included pattern reviews of each of their patterns. There is also the ability to ask questions that

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Toe Fungus Solution

OMG Foot Fungus That Never Goes Away: A Solution

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Back in 2015, yeah that long ago, I noticed on a cruise ship that I was limping. It was the second leg of a crochet cruise where I had been

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Baby Facts

New Mom – New Baby – Yarn Aisle Rabbit Holes

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You’re about to add a baby to your family or gifting a family a handmade baby item. Facts and fears. Firstly, many people have the intention to be the best

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6 Crochet Textured Blankets

19 Patterns to Calm Deja Poo of the Mind

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Crochet patterns can be meditative to some degree and can quiet the mind of repetitive self-destructive thoughts. It’s like “Deja Poo, you’ve heard that crap before and it’s circling your

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How to Dye Yarn with Kool-Aid

Dying Yarn with Kool-Aid

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Dying Yarn with Kool-Aid Mikey shows you how to dye yarn with Kool-Aid. This is a step by step photographic tutorial as detailed below. Mikey ran into a local artist

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Mikey Crochet Cruise

Mentorship for Social Media: Part 2

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If you are ready to take the next step, you have to think about how people will find you online. Your business name will make or break you.  Last time,

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