Errors for The Crochet Crowd Book

The Crochet Crowd Book Cover
The Crochet Crowd Book Cover
The Crochet Crowd Book Cover

While it’s fantastic to be accurate, with any crochet pattern and significant projects, it’s easy to make a mistake. Here are the known mistakes and fixes for them. Professionally, this is known as errata.

Learn more about our Book and how to get it here. 

First Printing July 2021 has the following known errors and fixes for them. These were fixed before the second printing on Sept 10, 2021.

Errors are in red with the corrections in blue.


Errors in Book First Page
Errors in Book First Page: Click to get all 3 pages. 

Fixed for the Second Printing – September 10th, 2021

Page 30 and 31: People felt the order was wrong. Was moved in the book to not break up the story. This was intentional but people prefer it not be in its place. We agree with the assessment as well.

Page 49: Tester Nancy Elliott’s name was misspelled. The spacing issue between the Gauge. DK in the sentence structure. Added ( ) around #3 Weight for consistency.

Page 53: Word sunset has the T cut off of the name. An N is cut off the word of reflection.

Page 64: Stitch key shows half-double crochet. That’s not used in the pattern. To be removed. 

Page 86: Stitch key should read Extended Single Crochet. It says Extend.

Page 87: It states to follow special instructions. It should have stated follow special stitches.

Page 113: Kathleen’s middle name is misspelled. Noborah to Neborak.


To Be Fixed for Third Printing

These will be fixed before the third printing.

Page 52: 19th Rnd: With A, join with sl st to next ch 2 sp. Ch 1, *3 sc in each ch 2 space around. Join. Break. Turn. 240 sc.

Page 52: Diagram. The diagram shows the red arrow pointing with the shark fin reference. The first red arrow from the going right to left is pointing to the wrong stitch on rnd 19. It should be shifted over to the left 1 more stitch.

Page 53:  24th rnd: With A, join with standing sc 1 st before the join, 1 sc in next 4 sts, 1 sc in next st going through the space between the ch 3 and n9c next post of the first shark fin to pin it back. *1 sc in next 6 sts, 1 sc going through shark fin post first and next st together. Rep from * around. 1 sc in last 2 sts. Join. 280 sc. 

Page 54: 31st rnd: Written instructions and diagram don’t match at the end of the round. Written instructions are right. The diagram shows a half-double crochet join which you can still do but you will still need to fasten off. Assigning Daniel to fix diagram before 3rd printing.

Page 57: Diagram on Rnd 46 doesn’t show a sc in the beg corner when you finish the rnd.

Page 58: Diagram showing Rnd 47. Skipped stitch not shown. There should be a skipping of a stitch right out of the corner and before the corner.

Page 61: Rep 5th to 24th rows, 8 more times. Should be, Rep 5th to 26th rows, 8 more times.

Page 67 – Baby Blanket With Love

To help you with stitch counts per side. The ch 1 spaces and slip stitches are not counted at the end of each of the instructions. So I am providing that here for your help. Stitch counts increase the ch 1 spaces and slip stitches per side.

I also put in the increase of what is going to happen in the next round so you can understand the increase when you do the repeats.

  • Rnd 1 – 1 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 4.
  • Rnd 2 – 5 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 2.
  • Rnd 3 – 7 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 2.
  • Rnd 4 – 9 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 4.
  • Rnd 5 – 13 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 2.
  • Rnd 6 – 15 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 2.
  • Rnd 7 – 17 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 4.
  • Rnd 8 – 21 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 2.
  • Rnd 9 – 23 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 4.
  • Rnd 10 – 25 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 4.
  • Rnd 11 – 29 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 4.
  • Rnd 12 – 33 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 4.
  • Rnd 13 – 37 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 4.
  • Rnd 14 – 41 sts per side. This includes the slip stitches. Next rnd increases by 2.
  • Rnd 15 – 43 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 2.
  • Rnd 16 – 45 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 2.
  • Rnd 17 – 47 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 2.
  • Rnd 18 – 49 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 4.
  • Rnd 19 – 53 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 2.
  • Rnd 20 – 55 sts per side. Next rnd increases by 4.

Repeating rounds 4 – 20 sts. Then rounds 4 – 15. Then round 8 once. Then complete the final border round.

Page 73: 2nd row: Ch 1. Working in front loops only, 1 sc in each of rst first 5 (6-7) sc. *Work 1 hdc into horizontal bar created below st in the previous row (bar is below loops normally worked – see diagram). Rep from * to end of row. Turn.

Page 85: USA and Metric dimensions are incorrect. [13″ x 40″, 101 cm x 100 cm] [13″ x 151″, 33 cm x 384 cm] Fringe is not included in measurement. 

Page 89: 11th rnd: Ch 2, *1 dc in next 5 sts, 2 dc in next. Rep from * around. join with sl st to beg dc. 84 sts.

Page 108: There is double writing of the same text. Measurement approx 90 ” [ 228.5 cm ] long x 20 ” [ 50.5 cm ] wide . Gauge 17 sc and 20 rows = 4 ” [10 cm]. Remove one of them.

Page 109: 7th row: Ch 1, 1 sc in same st. * 5 sc in next ch 6 5 sp. 1 sc in next sc. Rep from * across. Turn. 397 sts.

Page 109: Rows 10 and 12 have 67 puff stitches per row, not 66.

Page 117: Remove Bp Back Post from the text. I put this in as I thought it would be helpful as it’s a sub-abbreviation. Dc2tog in instructions refers to a back post that should be removed.

Page 117: Dtrcl Double Treble Cluster, Yoh twice and draw up a loop in next stitch. (Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook) twice 3 times. Yoh twice and draw up a loop in same stitch. (Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook) twice 3 times. Yoh and draw through all 3 loops on hook.

Page 119: Tr4tog Treble crochet 4 together, *Yoh twice and draw up a loop in next stitch. (Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook) twice. Repeat from * once 3 times. Yoh and draw through all 3 5 loops on hook.

I will add any more that we find there.


  1. Lorraine Papazian-Boyce

    I believe there’s an error on page 57, in the chart for row 46. The pattern states the corner is sc ch2 sc. The chart shows only one sc in the corner. There should be another one on the right side.

  2. Michelle Hall

    Mikey, on page 117: The Dtrcl there is already a correction, but I think it should also be Yoh THREE times (there are two places it says yoh twice, when it should be three times)

  3. For those of us that bought the 1st Edition of your book, can we go somewhere to get the correct copy of your Christmas journey? It would be so much easier to use that instead of our books and the sticky notes. Because right now, I can’t work on it. Thank you for everything you do for us, Mikey, I really appreciate it. I’m left-handed and it’s so nice to see tutorials for left-handers…. Some of the patterns are very hard to change it into my way of thinking..
    Thanks again,

    • Mikey

      The third printing has to be done to have a correction of the book so far. We only have this page at this time. I’m sorry. We did everything we could to find errors. It’s why Book 2 was cancelled. I cannot produce an error free book and I know it’s frustrating for everyone.

  4. Ruth

    Thanks for answering my question about the Bobblet stitch. Don’t feel bad about the mistakes/oversights. My eldest brother is a poet and he had to have errata sheets printed and inserted into the first 2 chapbooks of poetry he wrote and had published. The first chapbook had a full page off errata that had to be inserted. When words are missing or misspelled in a poem it’s just like a mistake in a crochet pattern, leaves the author and the reader frustrated. I teased him and told him I should have been his proof reader, I have a pretty good knack for catching typos. Blessings to you Michael. Looking forward to your video on the star of the show.

  5. Shirley Payne

    I love love this book!
    Cruising along with Jeanne’s pattern , Into the Light…waiting for more yarn to arrive. I can’t wait to finish so I can share.
    I’m using Jeanne’s baby blanket, With love, for our next great granddaughter! And I need her help! I don’t know what to do on Row 14, with all those loops, from rows 11, 12, and 13. Obviously, I am misreading something, somewhere. Or just making it hard🤷🏻‍♀️
    After these two, I’m moving onto To The Journey! And hopefully, then find time for the winter CAL. Of course, I will!
    Thank you all so much for the book! There’s room for the next however many!

  6. Anna Beningo

    Good morning! I am doing the Orchard Wrap. Rows 10 and 12 add a puff stitch at the very beginning of the rows which, I think, makes the puff stitch count for those rows 67, not 66. Now I could easily be wrong, but I’ve checked my foundation of 397 stitches and I’ve frogged those rows about 3 times. Would appreciate a double check, if possible, before I go further with the pattern. Thanks a bunch!

    • Mikey

      Anna, just give me a few days to circle back. I have to double-check the diagram.

      • Anna Beningo

        Thanks so much! You’re the best! Hope you have a fabulous day and weekend!

  7. Christina

    I think I found an error in the pattern Orchard Wrap. Page 109, 6th row. Instructions say to chain 5 but the count is calling for chain 6 gaps and the 7th row is is saying to put sc in ch6 space.

    • Mikey

      Reviewing. I think you are right. Adding to the error list. Much appreciated.

  8. Jennifer Riggleman

    I think I found an error:

    Page 119 instructions for Tr4tog are written exactly as the Tr2tog. I assume Tr4tog should be written as Treble crochet 4 together, *Yoh twice and draw up loop in next stitch. (Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook) twice. Repeat from *3 more times. Yoh and draw through all 5 loops on hook.
    Hope this helps someone.

  9. Kymmy B

    I believe I received 1st print and regardless of errors, I am thrilled to have it. I think its awesome and kudos for taking time out to write this!

    • Mikey

      I’m unsure we are capable of writing a book without errors. We have several people testing but 100 pairs of eyes versus a few of us always seems to be much better.

  10. Selene

    Hello, I love the book! I am working on the baby blanket with love that begins on p. 67. I’m on row 14 and my stitch count matches (36 dc). But my subsequent rows end up having more stitches than indicated (p. 70). By the time I get to row 19 I end up with 57 dc instead of 53. I will continue trying to troubleshoot but I thought I’d mention it. I’m giving it as a gift. Thank you for all you do!

    • Mikey

      I have directed to Jeanne to see if she can problem solve this question. We will circle back.

    • Mikey

      Jeanne reports back that several people have completed this pattern. We are wondering if the multiple, which is more important is working out for you?

      • Selene

        Thank you for replying! Yes, the multiple seems to be okay. The moss stitch is working out evenly, but I have not gotten to the repeat of the chain twist yet. I guess I will keep going and see what happens! It looks great so far. I’m using the same yarn indicated in the book, and even the same colors! It will go well with the baby jungle theme of the recipient’s nursery. 🙂 Thanks again!

      • Mikey

        I am manually re-writing the pattern now to check for sure.

    • Mikey

      Here’s what I manually counted and wrote down in my journal.

      Rnd 4 – 9 sts (+ 4 for next rnd)
      Rnd 5 – 13 sts (+ 2 for next rnd)
      Rnd 6 – 15 sts (+ 2 for next rnd)
      Rnd 7 – 17 sts (+ 4 for next rnd)
      Rnd 8 – 21 sts (+ 2 for next rnd)
      Rnd 9 – 23 sts (+ 2 for next rnd)
      Rnd 10 – 25 sts (+ 4 for next rnd)
      Rnd 11 – 29 sts (+ 4 for next rnd)
      Rnd 12 – 33 sts (+ 4 for next rnd)
      Rnd 13 – 37 sts (+ 4 for next rnd)
      Rnd 14 – 36 dc with 5 sl st’s = 41 sts (+ 2 for next rnd)
      Rnd 15 – 43 sts (+ 2 for next rnd)
      Rnd 16 – 45 sts (+ 2 for next rnd)
      Rnd 17 – 47 sts (+ 2 for next rnd)
      Rnd 18 – 49 sts (+ 4 for next rnd)
      Rnd 19 – 53 sts (+ 2 for next rnd)
      Rnd 20 – 55 sts (+ 4 for next rnd)

      I think maybe the lack of the the stitch counts we provided by the ch 1 sps and sl st’s. The math works. I have verified that.

      • Selene

        OMG! You are amazing. I just figured out that I screwed up when going from the DC round to the moss stitch (1 sc, sk st, etc). I forgot to skip a few times which resulted in extra stitches. I frogged it which didn’t take very long. I’m a perfectionist. 🙂

      • Cindy Urbat

        On pg 58, rnd 47, it seems like the diagram doesn’t match the written instructions. At the corners, written says to “ch1, sk next stitch”, but the diagram shows a stitch in the first then skipping the next. I’m not the greatest on reading diagrams, am I seeing it wrong?

        Also, pg 117, Dtrcl, is still not correct. The first yoh’s are still saying “yoh twice” on both dtrl’s.

      • Mikey

        Page 117 needs to be updated on the third printing. The error was caught after the second printing. It will still remain that until third revision is done. I have emailed our publisher about pushing a revision for Kindle as there are too many books printed to warrant a third printing right now.

        you are right about Rnd 47. It doesn’t match. I will schedule a revision for that.

      • Mikey

        Downloadable and website is updated with your careful analysis. Thanks.

  11. Janice Tucker

    Hi Mikey and Daniel! I absolutely love your book. I’m not sure if this is an error, or if I am misreading the pattern. But because I haven’t seen any comments about it yet I thought I should ask. On the Tidal Bay Scarf, specifically on page 61, the pattern reads “7th to 20th rows: repeat 6th row” but the chart appears to carry that part of the pattern through row 22. Also the written pattern indicates that the repeat is rows 5 – 24, while the chart says the repeat is 5 – 26. I am likely to go by the chart because I find them easier to follow, but wanted to share just in case that is not correct and impacts the material quantity.

    Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves and for all the amazing patterns!

    • Mikey

      I will redirect to Daniel to make a judgement call on revisions. Thanks for the heads up.

  12. Cindy

    Are the unique stitches in the book on the website or in the YouTube videos somewhere? Could you provide the YouTube links for the patterns in the book? I am having trouble finding them by pattern name. Thank you.

    • The only pattern that will have videos will be the Study of the Journey. Those videos will release on Boxing Day when our after Christmas Crochet Along starts (Boxing Day is Dec 26th)

  13. Mary

    Omg people. Almost every mistake is minor. Do you all send every mistake to every author or was Mickey just accessible? The book is wonderful. Great job guys.

    • Mikey

      I’m okay with the heads up to revise. It’s better to find the errors as soon as possible.

  14. Richard Smith

    Just wanted to check of the corrections will be posted as an updated download for kindle edition?

    • Mikey

      2nd Printing will be Updated in 10 days from now. Amazon normally updates across the board on Fridays. I just asked Publisher and that’s the ETA for the Kindle to get a system update for our book.

      • Richard Smith

        Thanks so much for a quick reply. Really loving this book in so many ways.


        Will those of us who purchased the first edition of your book have to purchase a second book to get the corrections in printable form? I tried to print this page of corrections but the bottom inch or so is covered by a blank space.
        I do love your patterns as they are usually so very easy to follow!

      • Mikey

        Let me formulate a PDF of the corrections so it’s easier to download. Leave it with me. The third edition will have all corrections but it’s not printed as the second edition is currently out. Crocheters are still finding errors which are utterly shocking.

  15. Jaymi

    Love, Love Love this book. I am unable to do any needlework right now due to small fracture on my wrist, so am enjoying reading the book.
    Thanks for the correction list. You all are just wonderful.

    • Mikey

      THanks so much and any more errors we find, I will update them.

    • Cindy Urbat

      Error pg 117, Dtrcl? It is saying Yoh twice, should it be Yoh three times for a Dtr?

      Loving the Study of the Journey pattern and the book, btw!

      • Mikey

        Yes, you are right. I am making an update to this page. Great catch.

  16. Corry Helmond

    Notes and highlights for
    The Crochet Crowd
    Sellick, Michael; Zondervan, Daniel
    What I noticed while reading/skimming the book
    Heritage Nova Scarf
    Highlight (pink) – Page 157 · Location 1118
    13 ”
    Note – Page 157 · Location 1118
    13 ” does not correspond with 101, must be 32.5 cm
    Highlight (pink) – Page 157 · Location 1118
    [ 101
    Note – Page 157 · Location 1118
    must be 32.5 cm
    Orchard Wrap
    Highlight (yellow) – Page 201 · Location 1463
    Measurement approx 90 ” [ 228.5 cm ] long x 20 ” [ 50.5 cm ] wide . Gauge 17 sc and 20 rows = 4 ” [ 10
    Note – Page 201 · Location 1464
    text has one repeat:
    Highlight (blue) – Page 219 · Location 1591
    Highlight (blue) – Page 219 · Location 1591
    back post
    Note – Page 219 · Location 1591
    back post? Where does it come from?

    • Mikey

      Got it… Those are errors including the Dc2tog shouldn’t refer to a back post.

      I have updated the article.

  17. becca l.

    I would love to order the book, but am hesitant to perhaps wait until 2nd or even 3rd printing. When I finally order, how will I know which printing it is? Will Amazon state that on the site? Will it be noted on the book? Thank you in advance! looking forward to creating magic from your book!

    • Mikey

      For sure. I would wait until next middle of next year if you are looking for a completely error-free book. I am sure people are going to find something in the grammar and stuff. I am recording them on the website to cover that basis but if you are in no rush. I would wait. 2nd Printing just happened and I am unsure a 3rd printing will happen at this point as the cost of Paper Products (due to lumber and pulp and paper supply cost are expected to be inflated, it will raise the cost of the book.)


        I got the 1st printing of your book. I love it! I’ll make the changes as you tell me about them. No problem. Thanks for all you do for crocheters. Pat

      • becca l.

        thank you Mikey! Am in no rush but not sure I can wait until next year either… 🙂 I’ll put it on my Christmas wish list and keep up with your corrections as you post them. have a great week!

      • Mikey

        No problem. Have a great day and thanks for letting me know.

  18. Ruth Garcia

    Hello Mikey,
    Love the book and the stories. At top of page 86 it says Bobblet Stitch. I thought at first it was a mistake and should be Bobble stitch. After reading the instructions, it sounds like a stitch similar to the Bobble but not identical. The additional instructions are a bit confusing. It says to start on the RS of the project so texture can be seen. The next sentence says the first row of bobblet sts will be worked on the WS. Could you clarify this please?
    Thank you

    • Mikey

      This was Daniel’s design. When you create this stitch. The natural texture automatically pops out to the back. So if you crochet on the RS, the natural pop will show up on the back of the project. 1st Row is RS… the Bobblet is 2nd Row which is the WS, this means the texture will pop out to the front of the project because you are crocheting it on the WS. I hope this helps.

      When Daniel says to start the project on the RS, you will notice it’s just a SC row… it’s the 2nd row, where the Bobblet is that is on the WS which naturally pops out the back side, which in this case, would be the RS of the work. So crocheting the WS with this stitch would have the texture on the back of the project.

      If you try this stitch, you will see what is meant and notice where the texture is.


  19. Ashley Rose Johnson

    To Mikey Sellick,

    Mikey you should be able to get a list of those who ordered your book from your publisher and you should be able to send the free corrected book out to them for the publishers mistakes and errors and misspellings. they need to be the ones to correct their mistake and send the buyers a corrected and right book. mistakes happen and I was one of those with a bad book and adding on sticky notes till they can replace it with a corrected book free and I am on your order list for sure.

    • Lucinda

      Thanks Mikey, I was stuck on the page 30, 31, I even had to turn it to continue reading but I’m still enjoying everything about it! Human as we are, we all make mistakes but such a great first book, the mistakes are minimal 🧶👏❤️😊

    • That would be nice. Now waiting for an answer to what I think is an error on page 56 = 40th round – there can’t be two corner spaces at the same time!!

      • Mikey

        is this a new comment or based on the emails you sent last night? Sorry. I am confused.

    • Sue Kearney

      I’ve pre ordered mine cos I’m in the uk. I did have a note from Amazon the say it would be delayed. No problem with that but it’s now unclear which print run mine will be from. I cant deal with so many errors (me bad but it set off my OCD ) any idea if i can find which print run I’m likely to get or should cancel and wait till the next print run has most of the fixers sorted out?

      • Mikey

        I would probably avoid buying my book. I’m unsure if I can provide an error-free book. It was one of my fears in deciding to write a book with so many instructions. It would be best if you just skip buying this book as I know there will be something. It won’t set off your OCD then. 3rd Printing is expenses to have a price increase as Pulp and Paper Mill prices are skyrocketing.

  20. Ashley Rose Johnson


    I would correct mine with the sticky note pads and make corrections there in my book so I knew where the correction is and I am very glad people are pointing things out to you and that helps others like me to add sticky notes to where there are errors and I don’t write in my books but this is another helpful tool I wanted to point out for everyone

  21. susan sisson

    First edition, bottom of page 29 reads “And there’s an amazing”. The text continuing on page 31 does not complete the sentence.

    • Mikey

      THat carries over beyond the next 2 pages. That’s been fixed for Printing 2. Just flip a couple pages and you will see the story continue.

  22. Victoria Williams

    Thanks for the updates!

    • I could not find or maybe understand this part on page 49, Added ( ) around #3 Weight for consistency. Would it be possible to make it so I can print the errors and corrections to keep in my book?
      Thanks for any extra help you can give me.

      • Mikey

        Leave it with me. I have to create a document and a downloadable PDF.

      • Beth Hasilo

        Until such time Mikey can provide a pdf of the corrections, I have just sent this link to myself in Messenger. This way I don’t have to print it, add sticky notes or write in my book. Mikey is extremely busy so if he can’t get a pdf put together, I will still have access to the corrections. Lastly, I’m certain these errors or omissions are upsetting to Mikey & Dan BUT just like any finished project we make, there most likely are missed or incorrect stitches. I feel these errors just make my book more unique & valuable! I’m very happy & proud to own my 1st Edition!

      • Mikey

        I’m going to hold off from a downloadable PDF because I really don’t think all the errors have been found yet. Each time a PDF is updated, it will cause several versions of PDFs to be circulating which is going to create a significant mess.

  23. Darlene

    Thanks! Most books seem to stick errata in places you can’t find easily, if ever. I just ordered a replacement today (first one got lost in mail), so I’ve bookmarked this because not sure which edition I will get.

  24. Dawn

    Can you make a printable list of the errors so I can just print it out and place the printed sheet/sheets in the book?

    • Ashley Rose Johnson


      sticky note pad pages will help just write it on them and stick it on the page and that’s what I am going to do with my friends help correcting this information. my book arrived at my friends house just a bit ago

  25. Peg

    Thanks for the corrections! I have made appropriate notations in my copy which thankfully was 1st edition so I got it sooner! In spite of how many times I have read the book and flipped through the patterns it still has that new book smell! Great job on book to everyone involved. It was exactly as I had hoped, ‘life story’ and some fantastic patterns!

  26. Kathy Donaldson

    Great! I will go through and make the corrections. Thanks so much!

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