Christmas Stitch Along: Study of The Journey

Crochet Study of the Journey Colourful
Crochet Study of the Journey Afghan
Crochet Study of the Journey Afghan

Christmas 2021 will ring in an unconventional stitch along called The Study of the Journey. It is rare for a paid pattern to be filmed but as a tutorial host and our other Study of Series are filmed, I felt it was important to film this to lend support to our community.

The blanket is a journey of stitches I have learned since 2008. It’s a heavy mix of textures that will have you feeling an incredible sense of pride. A tremendous amount of thought when into the execution of the ordering and colours. Designed with only 3 colours.

Errors Located In the Book – SEE ALL ERRORS

Errors in Book First Page
Errors in Book First Page


This pattern is in our first ever book that launched in September 2021. Simply called The Crochet Crowd, Inspire, Create and Celebrate.

The Crochet Crowd Book Cover
The Crochet Crowd Book Cover

I’m Taking a Chance On You

Usually, when a paid pattern is filmed, it lends itself to people handing over the pattern illegally through doing copies and distributing the pattern without purchase. No, the individual pattern isn’t available for purchase as the cost of the book is affordable with 15 patterns with high-quality photography and diagrams that Daniel has done.

The yarn inside the trunk is Patons Inspired.

So, I am directly asking you not to hand over the pattern freely and allow people to purchase the book as literally there are 1000’s hours invested into the book. I took a stand with my publisher to trust in us and he agreed it was okay. I told my publisher that I cannot put out a book with no pattern support for at least one project.

The finished sample was done with the following:

Patons® Inspired™ (150 g/5.3 oz, 203 m/222 yds)

  • Contrast A – Silver Gray Heather 4 Balls
  • Contrast B – Pacific Blue 4 Balls
  • Contrast C – Sapphire Teal 3 Balls

Use size 6.5 mm, U.S. K/10.5 hook or hook size to obtain gauge. The project total is 1547 m/1692 yds. You will have some yarn leftover on the last ball of each colour assigned. Measurements approx 60” x 60” [152.5 x 152.5 cm]. Gauge 12 sc and 13 rows = 4” [10 cm].

I did this afghan in chunky format, which is unusual for me, but it grows faster and gets you to the finish line faster.

Study of the Journey Afghan Caron Cotton Cakes
Study of the Journey Afghan Caron Cotton Cakes

The design really taxed me in conceptual and thought processes. Our testers did multiple different yarn options that are in the book such as Caron Simply Soft, Caron Cotton Cakes and Scheepjes Colour Crafter. I did the original prototype in Caron Cotton Cakes but I wanted something heavier.

Cotton Cakes Gauge: 13 sc and 14 rows = 4” [10 cm]. Colours I used in prototype shown above as as follows:

Caron® Cotton Cakes™ (250 g/8.8 oz, 485 meters/530 yards)

  • Contrast A Silver Cloud, 2 Balls
  • Contrast B Cream, 2 Balls
  • Contrast C Lilac, 2 Balls

To get this monster to sit down flat from going from the huge circle to the square was my nemesis but I kept trying. I vowed I wasn’t going to leave the table until I had the right mathematics and trials. I sat at the dining room table from the morning to sunset during July 2020 to figure it out. Testing, frogging, testing, frogging and so on.

The Crochet Crowd Book

Quarterdeck Book Planning
Quarterdeck Book Planning

Our book is available for ordering (pre-orders depending on stock levels), available for order at your local book stores and/or online sources.

Book officially launches in September 2021 though pre-orders are now being processed and shipped.

ISBN: 978-1-77276-160-3

This was one of the hardest things I have ever done to create. Your purchase means a lot to me personally. We do almost everything pattern and video support for free. Investing in me keeps the tutorials and free patterns pumping out.

Please consider a purchase and if you want to play along with the free tutorials for this stitch along, the book will be our guide and the pattern won’t be shown on camera but just following the book instructions step by step.

Bonus Free Week 1

Here’s what you can expect in the book. Here’s Rounds 1 to 10. Diagrams are included in the book. For the remainder of the afghan, please refer to the book.

  • Join stated at the end of the rounds is assumed to slip stitch to the beginning stitch or top of the beginning chain. Unless otherwise stated.
  • For the instructions in rounds, each instruction is followed by a breakdown of stitches.

Where It All Began

1st rnd: (RS) With A, ch 3 (ch 3 doesn’t count as st in this rnd). 12 dc in 3rd ch from hook. Join with sl st to top of first dc. 12 dc.

2nd rnd: Ch 1, 2 sc in same sp as sl st. 2 sc in each st around. Join. 24 sc.

3rd rnd: Ch 1, 1 sc in same sp as sl st. 1 sc next st, ch 2, sk next st. *1 sc in next 2 sts, ch 2, sk next st. Rep from * around. Join. Break. 16 sc and 8 ch 2 sps.

4th rnd: With C, join with sl st to next ch 2 sp. Ch 3 (counts as dc in this round and throughout). 4 dc in same ch 2 sp. *5 dc in next ch 2 sp. Rep from * around. Join. Break. 40 dc.

TIP: In the next round, our testers thought it would be easier for you to put a stitch marker at the top of trfp. It’s easier to find where the 2 sc goes into the top of the trfp in rnd 6.

5th rnd: With B, join with standing sc in the same sl st. 1 sc in next 4 st. 1 trfp around both sc sts in 3rd rnd. The trfp is an extra st that is in front to help the circle grow bigger. Start next st in the next group of 5 sts. *1 sc in next 5 sts, 1 trfp around both sc sts in 3rd rnd. Rep from * around. Join. 40 sc and 8 trfp.

6th rnd: Ch 1, *1 dcfp around the last trfp st that we just passed in rnd 5. 1 sc in next st, ch 2, sk next st, 1 sc in next st, 1 dcfp around next trfp in rnd 5, 2 sc in top of trfp st. Rep from * around. Join to beg dcfp. Break. 8 ch 2 sps, 32 sc and 16 dcfp.

7th rnd: With A, standing sc in same sp as sl st. 1 sc in next st. 2 sc in ch 2 sp. *1 sc in next 6 sts, 2 sc in next ch 2 sp. Rep from * around to last 4 sts. 1 sc in last 4 sts. Join. 64 sc.

8th rnd: Ch 6 (counts as dc and ch 3 sp). 1 dc in next st. *Sk 2 sts, 1 dc in next st, ch 3, 1 dc in next st. – big v-stitch made. Rep from * around. Join to 3rd ch of beg ch 6. Break. 16 big v-sts.

9th rnd: With C, join with sl st to next ch 3 sp. Ch 1, (1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc, ch 1) in same ch 3 sp. *(1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc, ch 1) in next ch 3 sp. Rep from * around. Join. Break. 32 sc, 32 hdc, 32 dc and 16 ch 1 sps.

10th rnd: With A with standing sc in ch 1 sp of the next petal point. Ch 5, *1 sc in next ch 1 on the next petal. Ch 5. Rep from * around. Join. 16 ch 5 sps and 16 sc.

The tutorial will have added hints and tips that really only verbal teaching can do. I used standing single crochet and standing double crochet when I can that is not on this pattern. 

Crochet Diagram Week 1

You can click on the picture to save or print it.

Study of the Journey Afghan Week 1 Crochet Diagram
Study of the Journey Afghan Week 1 Crochet Diagram

Timeline – Launching Wednesdays

Patons Inspired Journey Afghan Colours
Patons Inspired Journey Afghan Colours

I have one ball of every colour on hand and a few that has several balls. My goal is to randomize the blanket to use up what I have. Tutorial Version will be randomized in colouring with Patons Inspired that include the following colours:

I will record if I use more than 1 ball of colour in the tutorial as I go. 

  • Gray Heather
  • Raspberry
  • Honey Spice
  • Olive I USED 2 BALLS
  • Burgundy
  • Cocao
  • Ginger
  • Rich Teal
  • Celery (not shown in the group shot)
  • Violet (not shown in the group shot)
  • Fucshia (not shown in group shot)
  • Purple Gray (not shown in group shot)
  • Rich Teal (not shown in group shot)
  • Clay (not shown in group shot)

See the bottom of the article for the ordering of the colours done in the tutorial. 

Gauge Check

  • November 24, 2021 – Rnds 25 – 29
  • December 1, 2021 – Rnds 30 – 37
  • December 8, 2021 – Rnds 38 – 46
  • December 15, 2021 – Rnds 47 – 59


Releasing November 3rd, 2021

All yarn is Patons Inspired.

  • Rnds 1 & 2 = Honey Spice
  • Rnd 3 & 4 = Silver Gray Heather
  • Rnd 5 = Burgundy
  • Rnd 6 & 7 = Mineral Teal
  • Rnd 8 = Olive
  • Rnd 9 = Raspberry
  • Rnd 10 = Cocoa

Releasing November 10, 2021

All yarn is Patons Inspired.

  • Rnd 11 = Cocoa
  • Rnds 12 & 13 = Ginger
  • Rnd 14 = Olive
  • Rnd 15 = Cocoa
  • Rnd 16 = Mineral Teal
  • Rnd 17 = Silver Gray Heather
  • Rnd 18 = Raspberry
  • Rnd 19 = Silver Gray Heather

Releasing November 17, 2021

All yarn is Patons Inspired.

  • Rnd 20 = Celery
  • Rnd 21 to 23 = Fucshia
  • Rnd 24 = Rich Teal

Releasing November 24, 2021

All yarn is Patons Inspired.

  • Rnd 25 = Mineral Teal
  • Rnd 26 = Purple Gray
  • Rnd 27 = Burgundy
  • Rnd 28 = Honey Spice
  • Rnd 29 = Clay

Releasing Dec 1, 2021

All yarn is Patons Inspired.

  • Rnd 30 = Clay
  • Rnd 31 = Fuschia
  • Rnd 32 = Violet
  • Rnd 33 = Olive
  • Rnd 34 = Ginger
  • Rnd 35 = Celery
  • Rnd 36 = Mineral Teal
  • Rnd 37 = Silver Gray Heather

Releasing December 8, 2021

All yarn is Patons Inspired.

  • Rnd 38 = Honey Spice
  • Rnd 39 = Cocoa
  • Rnd 40 & 41 = Olive
  • Rnd 42 = Cocoa
  • Rnd 43 = Rich Teal
  • Rnd 44 = Clay
  • Rnd 45 = Fucshia
  • Rnd 46 = Mineral Teal

Releasing December 15, 2021

All yarn is Patons Inspired.

  • Rnd 47 = Raspberry
  • Rnd 48 = Celery
  • Rnd 49 = Cocoa
  • Rnd 50 = Purple Gray
  • Rnd 51 = Fucshia
  • Rnd 52 = Honey Spice
  • Rnd 53 = Burgundy
  • Rnd 54 = Silver Gray Heather
  • Rnd 55 = Purple Gray
  • Rnd 56 = Olive
  • Rnd 57 = Raspberry
  • Rnd 58 = Orchid
  • Rnd 59 = Ginger

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  1. Kirstin

    I usually avoid projects like this because I hate sewing in all the ends! What is the trick for sewing in the ends so that they don’t stick out? I’ve been crocheting for years & still haven’t figured that out on projects like this with lots of color changes. I love the texture in the blanket & it will be great for using up some of my stash. Thanks for another great pattern!

    • Mikey

      In the first week of this series, I show how that is done. Weaving in the ends 3 times back and forth. A project can never stretch in 3 ways. Meaning the weaving in is permanent. Use about 1 or 2″ of distance of maximum security.

      • Jennifer Hunter

        Hi Mikey, I am loving the Study if the Journey afghan but after completing rows 13, 14, after the peaks, I can not get it to lay flat. I have frogged 15 times. Help please.

      • Mikey

        It should sit flat if you go beyond that step. What was your gauge check when you started? Did you match the gauge?

  2. Wendy Carrick

    Hi Michael,
    Round 31, is hdc missing from the written instructions? It reads ch2, join, break. The pattern drawing shows the join is a join with hdc. 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 all read hdc in the instructions but not round 31.

    I do not see this posted in the corrections. Thank you.

    • Mikey

      Yes, that’s in the errors list. Originally, the blanket colouring wasn’t changing and I forgot to correct it. I’m sorry about that.

      • Jennifer Hunter

        How many stitches are in each row, mine is not laying flat still & I am in round 17? HELP

      • Mikey

        I Have recorded that in the book. Just review the instructions as written and you will find that information.

  3. Cath McCauley

    What does crochet make me feel? Crochet for me is my relaxation, my inspiration and it lets me share my love to others when I gift a blanket to them ! It also gives my mind something creative to think about and keeps my hands busy while I am sitting and getting my chemo. In the last nearly 3 years I have made a lot of items filled with love and positivity ,instead of being filled with doubt and dread of what my future is! Crochet is in my mind about the future and what we can make for others and hopefully inspire some of my grandchildren to learn and create with me !

  4. Michelle Brustman

    Crochet make me feel like am artist. Whereas on campus I have no talent but I can take on and make it into a three-dimensional project whether it be a baby blanket or a piece of clothing or a toy. It is an amazing feeling that I can take words off of the page and turn it into something to hold and for the most part people like it. I am a school bus driver and once a year I take time to crochet a toy for each of my students and my elementary when and each year they will forward to receiving a toy from me. I enjoy it so much it gives me peace and allows me time to calm down after a long day of dealing with children on my bus and my children at home!

  5. Elaine Parker

    Crochet is my peaceful place, nothing makes me feel better than picking up my hook and quietly working away on my latest WIP (ok, one of the many on the go at all times). Thanks to you I now have 2 full yarn rooms! I would love a signed copy of your book. We were to be on the Alaska excursion with you last year, but thanks to Covid, that got cancelled. I had intended to have you sign my Crochet Crowd bag, but this would be fantastic! I have followed you for years now and make almost everything you create, just love the texture you put to all of your projects. As a transplanted Canadian, I love listening to you and hearing my native tongue. Your sense of humor is a bright spot in my day, love watching your live sessions!

  6. Christine L Goodness

    This is how crocheting makes me feel. I had quit crocheting for a while because of severe pain in my wrist, esp. since the part of left wrist was surgically re-invented as a tongue when I had oral cancer. I’ve been feeling depressed and out of sorts, but picked up my yarn and hook the other day and everything fell smoothly in place. I was crocheting better with little pain and a feeling of calmness and peace came over me. Crocheting is my happy place when everything else in my life is falling apart. And now I will be able to make Christmas presents for my family, which I didn’t feel I could do before. (And certainly could not afford to buy! Crochet makes me feel happy. And I love the way Mikey explains everything.

  7. Faith Coleman

    I am currently on leave from work and have been crocheting like a fool I find crocheting is a great stress reliever and helps me relax! I can’t wait to check out your book!

  8. Mary Ellen Davis

    Crochet makes me feel excited when I start a project: choosing a pattern, yarns, and colors. When I start stitching it’s a different feeling: I go to a very mindful place where those yarns and colors start to become one as I stitch: one with each other, with the hook, with my mind, and with my heart. It calms me to no end as I concentrate on what I’m doing – whether it be an easy piece or complicated, it doesn’t really matter. Crochet is a way of entering a state of meditation for me and I truly love it.

  9. Wendy Thomas

    Crocheting makes me feel like my grandma is always with me. She tried to teach me in my early 20’s but I could not catch on. So she bought me some yarn and a how to book and I picked it up from there. Crocheting has gotten me through some pretty tough times from depression to making a few extra dollars here and there. When I’m making things to sell I always that my grandma for being there for me and getting me through the hard times. I’m so happy she never gave up on trying to get me to learn how to crochet. Funny thing is I ended up being the one to teach my own mother when she was in her 50’s. I’m getting my first grand baby in January and I hope I will be around long enough to teach her as well.

  10. Shona Adams

    You guys crack me up! I love how you give each other credit for the contributions each makes to keep it all going. I love watching the videos and have learned so much from you. Thank you for all you do for us. I was wondering if you guys cook. That would be a cooking show to see!

  11. Pat

    been crocheting for forever how it makes me feel well that depends on the day and pattern some days I feel like a great crocheter some days I feel like a beginner but all days crochet makes me feel happy and productive

    • Karen Alcord

      Mikey and Daniel, I had been crocheting for years with just basic stitches. I also followed Kim Gutzman learning about Tunisian crochet. I have always wanted to learn more advanced stitches! Thank goodness for FB and You Tube! I can now crochet all of the complicated stitches that I needed to learn thanks to your website and You Tube Channel. Thank you so much for your knowledge and your wonderful patterns!

  12. Deborah Akerman

    How crochet makes me feel…..comfy & productive & creative! I can’t just sit & watch TV, I have to be doing something and its usually crochet & I feel I’m ‘getting something done’ and not wasting my time. But when I picked it back up,( after many, many years pause& finding your page on FB) I was using it as an escape. An escape from doing something about a waning marriage, an escape from going thru all my boxes stored in the basement from a move 20 years before, an escape from packing to move because I had to sell my ‘dreamhome’ I designed years before….all those things I knew Needed to be done (I had no help) instead I crocheted!!! I made so many afghans… one wants one….I’ve kept them all, they remind me of those times, I know when I did them, how I was feeling, etc. I started crocheting 50 years ago, my mother taught me, but she mostly knit. I spent many hours in the 70’s making those funky tops & vests, I didn’t date so it was my escape & keep busy hobby. I requested my local library stock your book,,since they have a large fiber arts section. I just checked its on order, but I’m not first on the list; apparently someone beat me to it!!!!

  13. Mirna Sangiovanni

    Back in 2010 I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. After a period of denial came a period of depression then moved on to fighting mode. A year later a dear friend finally got her wish of carrying a baby to term. At that time I decided to make, instead of buying, a baby shower present. I did a little bit of crochet when I was 10 and a few doilies as an adult. I was determined to make a blanket and a hat for this miracle baby. That was the beginning of my hooking days. Crochet has become a part of me. It is my get away, my therapy, the time I use to create (not design). Now there is not one week that goes by when I am not crocheting something, weather a blanket, a hat, a crochet along. You name it, I am crocheting.
    Mickey, you were the first crochet Guru I followed on You Tube and Facebook. Thank you for your patience and the time you spend making videos, designing, teaching and inspiring us to be better at crochet. Many blessings.

  14. Sally Horncastle

    I have been crocheting since I was about 5, so about 60 plus years. My mom taught me to keep me busy as I was on bed rest from major surgery. I have crocheted ever since. Crochet is my expression of creativity. I love to crochet for others as gifts made with love and patience. I love seeing the smiles and gratitude when someone opens my gifts knowing that I spent my time crocheting something special for them. Crochet is rewarding to the heart knowing you made someone feel special.

  15. Rebecca

    I taught myself to crochet in college many moons ago. Since then I have learnt so much. I made bags for my Mum and Niece for Christmas a couple years ago. This year I am making each of my good friends a friendship Care Bear and wrist warmers each in their favourite colours. I use many of your patterns. They are so easy to follow. Thank you.

  16. Crocheting makes me feel happy, frustrated, calm, giving, challenged, expressive, and connected. My mom has told me that ever since I was a baby I have had to keep my hands busy. Crocheting certainly does that Thank you and your crowd for all you do!

  17. Brenda Jean Mossop

    I’m asking for this for Christmas. crochet makes me happy and reminds me of my childhood when my gran taught me to crochet I am now 73yrs old. Love you guys .

  18. Jason E Thomas

    Thank you for all that you do. Looking forward to the up coming projects. You’ve re lit the fire in my hook.

  19. Dee Ruff

    Crochet makes me feel relaxed, happy, like life has purpose, it is my ‘getaway’. I have a 27 year old Autistic son, non verbal, very much dependent on me for his every day needs. But oh when I can sit down for a few minutes and pick up a hook and yarn, pure bliss for me. Bonus to it, he has warm hats, scarves, blankets and such. He even models my shawls for me so I can share with my family and friends on facebook lol! He is a great guy but he has massive anger issues and well he is a grown man, if he can’t get it under control, you can imagine the out come, but being non verbal, he couldn’t tell me if anyone abused him so I’ll take my chances on a blow up rather than putting him in a home. A few years ago I had hit a hard spot, just dealing, a friend of mine introduced me to your videos Mikey, and that was it. I was on a mission to make and give! I taught myself to crochet when I was about 10. I had one grandma that crocheted, she actually learned in school to make granny squares, her teacher would sew them together into afghans to ship to the soldiers during the war(WWI). I asked her to teach me, she insisted she couldn’t and that I would have to learn on my own like she did….So I did. I had never done much with it until my friend introduced me to your videos, after that everyone got scarves, hats, shawls and eventually blankets! I found so much pleasure and joy in it and still do. Nothing like taking a ball of yarn and turning it into something people love and cherish!
    A lot of my crochet projects go for Christmas presents, baby shower gifts, birthdays, weddings, you name it, if I’m invited there will be a homemade goody in the box/bag. I watch for signs in my family and friends of depression, if someone is having a bad time of it, they will get a pick me up. No I don’t need another crochet pattern book….Would I love and cherish it? Yes, what crocheter wouldn’t? But please pass me by and give to someone else. I just wanted to share how your patterns gave me a purpose to life again! You helped bring me out of a depression deeper than a canyon and I have never looked back!! Thank you and keep cranking those videos and patterns for us, who knows, maybe others need that purpose again too. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough for all you give to us but that is about all I can do. I didn’t post this for any sympathy, I posted this to hopefully make you smile for what you GAVE to me!!! I wanted to convey just how important you are to some of us out here. Love you and Daniel like crazy, you are a couple of awesome men I would love to meet in person but since I can’t I at least can tell you how you have touched my life!
    With warmest regards~ Dee

  20. Lauri Young

    My favorite person who ever lived on this planet (my Grandma) always had something on her crochet hook. I used to rub her feet while she was crocheting. When I became aware that I was becoming a grandmother, I decided that my grand baby would need a handmade blanket. As one of my most treasured things I have is a blanket my grandma made just for me. She made it in pink, purple and white. The stitch she used was the broomstick.
    I looked at many you tube videos to learn. Then I found an older video of Mikey acting on a phone call that he had to quickly make a baby blanket for the next day. I was literally hooked from that point on. I especially love the videos when you are silly and can’t stop laughing. I am truly inspired my your creativity.
    I have been out of work since March. I am a nurse and am recovering from back surgery. I have been working on reducing my stash yarn that I had entirely too much of. I have been making hats to donate and blankets as well for the Assisted Living that I was Director of Nursing.
    Thank you for everything you do for all of us 😊

  21. KC Larsen

    First of all I love this design and look forward to making it! Covid happened and with me being home 24/7 thought I would go crazy. I decided to try to crochet, luckily I found the Crochet Crowd Stitch Social Group, found a lot amazing people and your great tutorials. Searching the Crochet Crowd Site I was able to learn the basic stitches and thought just maybe I might be able to make something. I thought I would try the Better Together afghan and with your tutorials I attempted it. Believe me I did A LOT of frogging but eventually I finished. I was so proud of myself when I did it. Now I have done The Puffy Flower Fun Day, the mosaic blanket, The Study of Geometry (which I loved doing!) Made a hat, working on a Christmas tree skirt now and the autumn log cabin throw (great to do when my husband is driving) lol. Crocheting relaxes me and I feel like I’ve really accomplished something when I finish it! it’s also fun to do! I want to thank you Mikey along with everyone in your group for the wonderful job you all do!

  22. Helen

    This book is on my Christmas list, and I may have mentioned it a time or three (ahem).
    Ontario misses you two!!!

  23. Christiane

    I love crochet and knitting and I´m always looking for new inspirations….You´re doing GREAT Job <§

  24. Elizabeth Montes

    Crocheting makes me feel stress free. I have had a lot of health issues since 2005 that have taken away my ability to work. I went into a deep depression in this time until my son told me that I was going to become a grandma and that he wanted me to crochet something for the baby. I taught myself to crochet when I was 10 years old and I hadnt done anything since I started working in 1994.
    But my son had seen my work aroung the house. So I boght some yarn and looked for my needles and started crocheting and I havent stopped since. My depression is under control, a day cannot go by without me crocheting for a while. When I crochet I feel like I can leave my worries behind because I need to count LOL. Its like going to a secluded Island where only my work and me exist.

  25. Terry Downey

    Crocheting makes me feel loved. My mother crocheted beautiful things for me when I was a child, and fabulous afghans for all her beloved grandchildren. She taught me to crochet as a child with all the love and patience a child could ever need. When I crochet for my family, and when I taught my daughter to crochet and now my grandchildren, it’s as if I am looking through my mother’s eyes, working with my mother’s hands, feeling with my mother’s heart, and though she is gone from this earth, she is still there, in me, pouring out her love on every new generation.

  26. Bryana Gaffney

    Good Morning!
    To answer the question crochet truly makes me happy. It helps to calm my mind at times and really keeps me grounded. I have been able to learn so many new things and really put my mind to the test on creativity. I have found something I am pretty good at and am so glad that I took the leap and taught myself 3 years ago!
    Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  27. Bryana Gaffney

    Good Morning!
    To answer the question crochet truly makes me happy. It helps calm my mind at times and keeps me grounded especially after a rough day. I am so glad that I took the leap and taught myself to crochet 3 years ago. Ive been able to be creative, gave fun, and learn so many new things through crochet. Thank you for this opportunity!

  28. Melody Jansen

    Good morning!
    It will be 4 years this December…

    I always wanted to be crafty, but nothing I tried ever worked! I have had so many Pinterest Fails, I finally admitted I am not a crafter.

    Christmas 2017, my sister in law sat in the living room crocheting headbands for all of us. I watched as her fingers flew with her hook and yarn. It blew my mind to watch her! My hands literally itched to hold a hook! It looked so complicated, but strangely so easy! I just knew I could do it!!

    I went right home and YouTubed crochet videos. I found Facebook groups. I still remember being baffled by the “what’s your favorite stitch” question. I just knew I hated single crochet, so HDC? DC?? LOL

    I thought I could at least make a scarf! But I kept watching this guy on video! He was funny and easy to follow. He’d bring out these patterns and my mind would be blown again! I’d never be able to follow a written pattern! I’d always need YouTube!

    I have 3 young adult kids. My middle son is mentally challenged and bi polar. I am his full time guardian. I’ve had to have him (mentally about 13) arrested for hitting me, which, thankfully, did the trick, so he is only verbally abusive. It wears on me. I try to not take his attacks personally, but he knows just how to cut me.

    He’d attack. I’d put out whatever fire popped up. He’d yell. He’d cuss. He’d cut. I’d escape to watch Mikey on a YouTube video and plan my next creation. Slowly, Mikeys patterns started to make a little sense. I started snagging the free patterns and then started visiting Etsy. Crochet made sense to me. It clicked in my brain so clearly.

    Crochet found me. Crochet saved me. My brain untangles as I turn a ball of string into something amazing! When he tells me I am fat and stupid, I KNOW I am not. With just a hook, I can turn a ball of string into a beautiful creation even he will love! (He proudly displays his AC/DC blanket in his room.)

    Mikey, thank you for giving me something I can always turn to, regardless place or time. When I need an escape, Crochet is there. When I get to relax, crochet is there. When I need an amazing gift, crochet is there. You taught me that. I AM a crafter!

  29. Patti Rafuse

    Crochet makes me feel a sense of calm, in a world that is anything but…

    Taught by my mother, somewhere around the age of 5/6… I always liked the big balls, and patterns that didn’t have many changes or ends to sew in. I seemed to prefer balls of cotton #10 (for filet crochet), or to make blankets with few colour changes.

    It’s been hard the last +21 years… I lost my brother, and my mother, 3 weeks apart from each other, back then. She was my everything. My world. On my 31st birthday, she decided she could no longer fight her battle with mental health…and we lost her. I didn’t pick up my hook for a long time after that. Things I made, were usually for her, and my passion just wasn’t there. 11 years ago, I left a toxic 25 year relationship… it hasn’t been easy!

    Crochet has been a great way to unwind and shut out this ‘crazy’ world. You (Micheal), are a shining light, on many hard days, your laughter, contagious…please, don’t ever change!

    We love you… xo
    To have the opportunity for a chance to win your book, would be awesome! Even though I’ve told myself I have too many blankets, I would love the chance to make the ‘Journey’ with you…I’ll forever be comforted by your love, in the blankets I have made from your patterns… why not add another wonderful one, to my collection! Even if I have to sew in, all those dreadful ends… 😊

  30. Angela Scott

    Happiness is gifting a handmade crocheted item and watching the recipient’s face light up! It’s one of my favorite things to do 😊

  31. Hi Mikey, I am really interested in attempting your new pattern, unfortunately I am unable to buy anything new right now since I live off of Social Security Disability and they’ve decided to take $150 for MediCare premiums each month leaving me only $550 to pay my expenses and raise my family on.
    I began crocheting on a daily basis to assist in my MH therapy about 9 years ago. I was diagnosed with situational PTSD and General Anxiety Disorder, but I manage to maintain my composure the best when I have a beautiful and complex pattern to stitch up to keep my attention focused on instead of the events that are the cause of my diagnoses.
    I wish I had extra $$$ to play with so that I could read your story and learn a little bit more about you… you’ve become such an inspiration to me with just the little snippets I’ve heard of your MH journey. I’ve followed your Facebook page since about 2013…

  32. Laura Bond

    Crocheting is calming and relaxing for me. I got overwhelmed last Christmas and lost my Crojo and am trying to get it back as it helped keep my depression under control. The past year has been very difficult for me as a result of losing my crojo. Thanks to Mikey and his wonderful videos I can listen to him talk crochet and that helps me relax a bit, so all wasn’t horrible. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you and your videos helped me NOT make a very selfish and very bad choice. You are the best Mikey.

  33. Susan Ellingson

    My mother use to crochet beautiful doilys and when she showed me how to do it, I would get so frustrate and mad at her becaus I couldn’t do it. Now, many years later after joining crochet crowd social and learning to read patterns, crocheting beautiful items, I realized just how patient my mother was. Crocheting calms me down, taught me patience and I love the finished products.

  34. Joni Stewart

    Crocheting brings me joy and satisfaction of completing something with my hands. My mother and I learned to crochet at the same time and I think of her as I continue to crochet in my lifetime. I recently crocheted items that my mother would have given to her grandchild as a bridal shower gift. It was my way of keeping her memory alive. Little did I know that my sister’s in law’s family would be aware of the special meaning of the gift. Here my mother had made these items for my sister to give as bridal gifts for them. This made my heart full.

  35. Amy

    I would love to win the book giveaway! However if I don’t I would just like to thank Mikey, Dan & so many others for all the wonderful pattern you put out for FREE!!! I learned how to crochet & read patterns from Mikey’s tutorials. I just think you all are an amazing team of people & wanted to let you know how appreciated you are!

  36. Lisa Glenn

    How does crochet make me feel? It makes me feel happy and relaxed. My grandmother taught me the basics over 40 years ago I’ve come a long way since then. I love that I can take a hook and yarn and create something so beautiful. Thank you Michael and crew for all the amazing Patterns and for sharing your love of crochet with all of us. You are an inspiration to all!!!

  37. Debra Acker

    Crocheting gives me peace and stress release. I learned from my grandmother at the age of 4. Made many chains for her Christmas tree! And from my mother. I miss them both dearly, and can hear them telling me how to position my hook and tension. I have made projects from delicate doilies to bulky afghans. Each one giving me a huge sense of confidence. Especially this past year or so. I work in healthcare and crocheting is my outlet for calmness! I have a long list of projects I looking forward to doing I’m me retirement, which will be the end of 2022 after 48 years in the field! You are such an inspiration to me in helping me see the end of my career and starting my new adventure of beautiful creations!

  38. Sally Martin

    Crochet makes me feel calm, artistic, powerful. I work retail…in a pandemic…So crochets also a great de-stresser. My cats love it when I sit to crochet, especially Bobo. He was a stray that we took in.

  39. Patricia Barclay

    How does crochet make me feel? Safe, warm, loved, caring and cared for, productive, creative, and mostly, HAPPY! My childhood was very turbulent. We all suffered many trauma’s, and I found comfort in my books, baby dolls, paper dolls, Barbie dolls until I was older.

    In 6th grade, I met my first boyfriend, Joey. Living in the mountains of Appalachia at that time, our school was rather small, and so was our class. Joey and I always finished our classwork well before most of the other students, and the teacher would let us sit in the corner and play various games. After we tired of jacks and marbles, Joey brought a couple of crochet hooks and some yarn. His grandmother had shown him how to make granny squares that winter. And sitting in our snug little corner, on the tiled school floor, he sweetly and patiently taught me how to crochet. As winter chilled along, we began teaching our classmates too. Since it quickly became the craze of the class, some adult aqcuired a donation from the local rug yarn factory. By the end of winter, we had crocheted about 25 rugs to donate to the school’s Spring Festival. It was the first community project I participated in, the first time I felt like doing something for others was as valuable to myself as it was to the people it helped.

    That was in 1972. I went on to become a teacher of 12 year olds Not only did I teach them Math and English, but I also sponsored the craft or crochet club. Now that I am retired from public school teaching, I teach a self-development course, give one-on-one crochet lessons, and crochet for family and local farmer’s market.

    I am so grateful for Joey and his grandmother passing on the love of crochet.

  40. Jill Breslin

    Crochet is my relaxing. I teach Kindergarten and first grade. This is the way I unwind in the evenings. It makes me feel connected. My grandma taught me to crochet when I was little. I feel connected to her and connected to life. Doing something with my own hands is amazing.

  41. Jenn Romanick

    Crocheting has brought me so much. I’m a fairly new hooker, but I love a new challenge or learning a new stitch/skill; extremely rewarding. I have a bestie that has also taken up crocheting, giving us another fun adventure to do together. I love the joy it brings me when I gift or make something special for friends and family. Crocheting is a fabulous stress buster and is always a great reason for road tripping with my bestie to find yarn deals(it’s all about the hunt!) or finding that perfect shade or gorgeous yarn. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of amigurumi animals; they are given to kiddos that are having a tough day or need a small friend to share their tears and fears with. Sometimes little people need to deal with some pretty big things and if just one of my Auntie’s Comfort Critters can help in a small way; that warms my heart . . .

  42. Miriam Olsen

    I am a perfectionist that has health issues that keep me from being able to perfectly do very many things anymore. Crochet helps me feel like I can strive for perfection and actually accomplish something great! I have had a lot of people tell me that my crocheted items are good enough to sell but I just strive for that crochet perfection so I can gift things to others and see their happy faces!

  43. Sherry Thorne

    Hi Mikey, It’s hard for me to write about what crochet means to me but I’ll try. I was a very lonely child. I had been bullied by my siblings and all through school. I was all alone in a library at 7 years old and I saw a book about crochet, I couldn’t put it down. We were very poor and I knew better than to ask my parents for any crochet supplies even though I wanted them so badly. A few months later, my grandmother took me to a thrift store and I saw crochet hooks and yarn for sale. I didn’t ask my grandma for the supplies but she bought them for me anyway. She said she had to because she hadn’t seen that kind of excitement on my face in a very long time. I worked really hard at it and all though no one appreciated it, I finally felt a little less lonely. As they say, the rest is history. I love crochet and over the years I’ve given almost everything I’ve made away to others. I want people to have a feeling that someone cared enough to work really hard on something that was meant just for them. I want to give them that special feeling that I longed for. P.s. I want to thank you for all of your videos as they truly have inspired me and upped my crochet game in ways I never dreamed possible 🥰

  44. Jessica Mellott

    How does crochet make me feel?
    It makes me feel loved, gives me joy,and helps me find peace. When i crochet i feel all of those and sometimes more. It makes me feel closer to my grandmother whos passing was and still is hard for me. She was the one to teach me how to crochet when i was only 4. She was the only one i had on my side as a kid. Crocheting give me joy, because i and teaching my daughter how to crochet and i make afghans for everyone in my family. It give me peace to know that even with all the bad in this world today i can make something that puts a smile of someone’s face. That face could be family or a strangers face when they get a donated gift from me. So that’s how crocheting makes me feel.

  45. Robyn Hare

    I love crocheting as it is a stress reliever and so relaxing for me..

  46. Anita McBride

    I started crocheting after my first grandchild was born. It made me feel good knowing I was making something they would use. I am now retired and enjoy crocheting all of the time. It is my happy place. It makes me happy to be able to make things that people can use.

  47. Jane

    I had to crochet in school so many yrs ago .I remember I had to do a hat. I didn’t really like it as I was made to do it. Fast forward to present times. A few yrs back I became a first time Grandma. I wanted so bad to crochet a baby blanket and hat for my new granddaughter. So I went to you tube and put in baby blanket and so many videos popped up. I noticed the crochet crowd, the number of video they had. I read about how the crochet crowd came to be. I did crochet that baby blanket and hat. I have crochet other things, cowls, ponchos, scarves. I am still not really for a wearable , a cardigan but I will get there. I love crocheting to see the end product. I love crocheting it’s very relaxing for me. I love learning about different yarns. As well I view videos to push my boundaries in crochet.. Giving a handmade crochet item to someone makes me happy too. Thanks for all you do Mikey for the crochet crowd. We are very lucky , all of us, for what you give and teach and everything is free to everyone.

  48. Kathleen Evans

    Crochet makes me feel like I’m worth something. I quite often feel worthless at my job, and even in my own family. Making something for the sake of making something makes me feel like I must have a purpose; crocheting is my therapy, both mentally and physically. I taught myself when I was diagnosed with a serious case of Rheumatoid Arthritis. In doing my research on this autoimmune disease, I read that crochet is good for the hands, in that the joints remain flexible. And it’s done just that; I have pretty bad nodules on my fingers, but they still move freely. and along the way of my crochet journey, I’ve noticed how it makes me content; every year in October I crochet hats for a local homeless men’s shelter, and have several friends who contribute to my hat drive. It’s so incredibly rewarding when I deliver them; many of the men ask about them if I’ve been a bit late. Thanks Mikey, for all the tutorials that got me going, and keep me growing.

  49. Donna

    Crochet makes me feel nostalgic because my aunt who was born in 1896 taught me to crochet when I was a teenager, she could not read a pattern, but she made some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!!
    Crochet makes me feel calm, I’m a caregiver to my mother and my special needs son. I don’t have much time to myself, but when I do, I pick up a hook and feel the stress melt away!!
    Congratulations on the book!! Can’t wait to get a copy!!
    Have fun picking a winner!! So many beautiful entries!!

  50. Agi

    Why do I crochet? That’s a good question. I never really thought of the reason why. I reach for my crochet bag when I watch tv. It keeps my fingers out of the popcorn bowl. It keeps me warm during winter evenings as I spread my project on my lap. It tests my cat’s control as he watches me work. A finished project gives me a sense of accomplishment. It keeps my brain nimble and my vocabulary fluid as I learn new stitches. Mostly though, I just crochet. It is a skill I taught myself in high school and never really set it aside even while raising young children and working. I prefer it over knitting as mistakes are easier to correct and work moves along at a faster pace. Of all the crochet websites, Facebook pages and blogs, The Crochet Crowd shines. Keep up the fantastic work boys. To all the crocheters who share their work, you are my inspiration.

  51. Caty

    When crocheting I feel tired, my elbow hurts, I can’t sleep, but I’m happy 😊. I’m crochetholic. I am Mexican but I like watching you in Facebook, you make me laugh 😂

  52. Mary Durrett

    Crocheting is like breathing to me! The hook is like a part of my hand and if I don’t have it in my hand I panic. I fell in love with the art and joy of crocheting going to my grandmothers house and digging through her big bin of yarn. I’ve now been crocheting for more than 40 years. And, I am so thankful for the lessons that my grandmother gave me. I had surgery a few years back on both of my thumbs because the cmc joint wore out. I thought my days of crocheting were over. But…I learned how to hold my hook a different way and off I went. I get so much pleasure from picking up a skein of yarn and imaging what I can create with it. I had made several of your YouTube tutorials and you are such a joy and a wonderful teacher. Keep up the good work!! XO

  53. Barbara Muirhead

    I started crocheting 13 years ago when we moved to the US from the UK. It was just me, hubby and our son. Crochet gave me something I could do on my own but also made me feel like part of a community through blogs, Facebook pages, websites and tutorials. The crochet community is one of the most welcoming, encouraging and kind on the internet.

  54. Danielle S

    When I picked back up with crochet I watched all the crochet crowd videos to learn. I ALWAYS recommend your videos to new learners. I can’t express enough how much I appreciate all the work you guys put in to helping others master the craft. Can’t wait to get a copy of the book 💗

  55. Angela Sessoms

    Mikey and Dan,

    How does crochet make you feel? This is a great question. Crochet helps with depression and stress. The designs you and others have come up with are so beautiful and it is an honor to recreate them in colors that I have. Making something for someone is such an honor. It brings joy where there is sorrow. It helps to provide light during dark times. I love watching your videos. You provide so much humor even when you don’t realize it. I love when you say, “Fake it till you make it”, or “just slam it in there”. I find myself saying those things as well during my crochet adventures. LOL. It makes my family laugh and look at me crazy. When you are teaching a new stitch I have not yet done (which is rare now) I often say Mikey are you smoking crack or come on Mikey for real? LOL. Thank you for being a positive light in my life. You never know the impact you will have on people and you have impacted so many lives with your personality, light, and talent. Thank you!

  56. Tiffany Miranda

    Crocheting makes me feel close to my mother. Having lost my mom to suicide in 2014, one of my main regrets was never spending precious time with her to learn how to crochet. She made my christening gowns, holiday sweaters, blankets, and more. When I lost her, I felt as if all of my artistic abilities sailed away. Before deploying with my military unit a while back, I found a crochet group run by a few of my Army sisters. They set me up with yarn, a hook, and an easy pattern off of YouTube. The rest is history. After I returned from duty, I taught my two sisters how to crochet. Now, we bond over patterns and our love/hate relationship for hats vs blankets. I feel my mom’s love with every project I complete.

  57. Cynthia Wunderlich

    Thank you for the opportunity.
    I love crochet now, at the beginning it was stressful. I was learning on my own and felt that I was doing everything wrong. My stitches were tight, so tight I had to wear a bandage on my finger . I didn’t crochet fast enough. Learning new stitches drove me insane. I actually put it down for many years.
    One day I was cleaning out my junk closet and I ran across all of the yarn I packed away. I was going to donate it. I had maybe 6 crochet hooks of various sizes. I sat down dug out a book and proceeded to chain stitches. I ended up making a ripple blanket for my father. He had cancer. It was so wonderful to just let the mind and worries go and not have to race to the end. To just enjoy doing something for a person you love. When my father passed I gave the blanket to my son. He cherishes it and only brings it out for special occasions.
    I crochet through out the year and give all of my projects away. They are a gift that I want to give. A part of me. I love crochet and the joy I receive from others delight.
    My father gave me patience and the knowledge that life is not a race. Enjoy every moment however big or small.

  58. Donna Awalt

    I was not all that interested in crocheting until I had a car accident ( 8 years ago) that put me in a position that I could not do anything for a very long time. I was mad at the world after the accident that not only injured me but my 16 year old daughter (also injured). Do while laid up in bed I decided to watch so videos and I watched these 2 guys from from Toronto Ontario only a couple of hours away from me ( I’m from London, Ontario). I listened and watched videos of Crocheting, I decided after about a month that I was going to give it a try and things changed. I started crocheting and I could not believe how my mood started to change. When I felt overwhelmed with pain I went to crochet, when I felt frustrated cause I couldn’t go for a walk( which I did on a daily bases), I would crochet and watch their videos. As I was able to get around and move again I continued to crochet when I was having a bad day ( fighting pain ). When my daughter decided to go to University several years after the accident she decided to go to Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada I was scared to let her go by herself so I moved to Nova Scotia with her. Once again I was stressed right out. Doctors diagnosed me with severe anxiety and depression and told me that but the crocheting was helping to stabilize me. A little while after the move (about a year) I’m watching a video with these 2 same guys ( Mickey and Dan) and found out they are moving to Nova Scotia Greenwich and only going to be about 45 minutes away from me ( Windsor), I was so happy for them and me getter chance of actually meeting them well its been a few years and still my anxiety will not let me do it but I’m happy cause when I’m having a hard day I go to the videos. I love the guys they put perspective in my day and make me laugh, which helps my day go better. I want to thank both of you for helping me through all my pain and sadness. I would love to meet you and Dan but still have issues with my anxiety but hopefully some day I will make it to a Crochet night with the two people that helped me through the toughest time. Congratulations on the book you guys deserve it.

  59. Michelle Raber

    My grandma taught me to crochet when I was younger. But I lost the craft. In 2012 I had a lot of mental health issues and the calming of mikies videos I picked it back up. In 2014 I separated from my long term boyfriend.. crochet and the support of the crochet crowd got me through an extremely rough period of my life. The bright and corkiness of Mikey and Dan is infectious and I hope more people can find the therapeutic and warmness this amazing couple presents. I am currently on vacation and I brought my crochet hook to the pool and my husband swears I will die with a crochet hook in my hand. Thank you for your amazingness!

  60. Patricia Reitz

    Michael, when I discover The Crochet Crowd, on facebook, I was in 7th Heaven. I loved crocheting. When my sister passed away, I started making prayer shawls. Crocheting was healing my spirit. Daniel gave me the opportunity to come help at the Creative Festival. That was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I couldn’t get enough crocheting. I fell in love with you guys. I wanted to learn everything.
    After the cruises, I ended up having 4 surgeries, That slowed me down but I’m finally back to crocheting a lot.
    I missed the opportunity to get your autographs. Thank-you for all you do!

  61. Melissa G.

    When I was pregnant with my first baby, I decided to teach myself how to crochet. I had learned how to knit by my grandmother when I was a child but crochet was something I wanted to learn. I love to crochet items for my kids and baby gifts for extended family members. After my kids go to bed, I crochet while I watch tv. The hashtag I use on social media to share my work is #mombydayhookerbynight. 🙂

  62. Tampa Girl (Patty)

    My grandmother, who could not read English, taught me by just looking at crocheted items and sometimes pulling a portion out and figuring out how it was put together backwards. My mother never crocheted, when my father passed, she was 58 yrs old and stayed with me a while. She asked me to teach her. She won a ribbon at our county fair. Years later I taught my 8 year old granddaughter how to crochet and she has not stopped. She is 22 now and has done so many more patterns than I ever have done.
    So that is the story of Four generations of crocheters. Thank you for all your information.

  63. Janet

    Somedays crochet frustrates the dickens out of me! When I get lost or stuck on a project I just tend to leave it unfinished for a year or so before I come to the realization that I really don’t understand the pattern , never will nor will ever finish. Sometimes I look for direction and help of others, but try to politely thank them because I don’t always understand what they are explaining. Yikes! I remember trying and trying to understand the Picot stitch in the Study of Texture blanket. It was new to my crochet vocabulary and a total enigma. I felt like a kid again who had so much trouble learning to count money (partly because it was never plentiful and every nickel or dime I found was like unearthing a pirate’s treasure chest). I remember Mikey trying to explain the stitch to me, but I just didn’t get it! So… finished the afghan using a ‘fake it’ stitch.
    It wasn’t until the following year’s Summer stitch along that a light bulb went on. Those ” Aha” and eureka moments don’t always happen, but when they do, they are with squeals of joy!
    I may not be the best or fastest crocheter, but when I have completed a project in which I have climbed a mountain of determination the end result is satisfying knowing that I have overcome obstacles that others marched through with ease. Crocheting has helped my learning and self determination but always leaves me in awe of the talent and creativity of others.

    • Carolynn Hoover

      I would love to win the book.I have been crocheting for many years but I have learned many things from Mikey The day I discovered Crochet Crowd was the best day of my life I have done quite a few of your SALs I get exicted when you announce a new one is comong . Love Crochet Crowd Mikey Dan Jeanne and all the people it takes to make Crochet Crowd possible

  64. Jacqueline Carlson

    Crocheting “completes me” to use a great quote. It is my touchstone. Thanks for sharing your gift!

  65. Linda Fabrizio

    I’m caregiver to my disabled husband 24/7, crocheting is my quiet time for me. I would be thrilled And honored to have a copy of your book signed by both of you. I get such enjoyment following your adventures in your new home and am always amazed at Daniels creativity.

  66. Linda Fabrizi

    I’m caregiver to my disabled husband 24/7, crocheting is my quiet time for me. I would be thrilled And honored to have a copy of your book signed by both of you. I get such enjoyment following your adventures in your new home and am always amazed at Daniels creativity.

  67. Shelia Joienr

    My Granny taught me the basics of crocheting when I was only about nine years old. She lived next door to us out in the country on the farm. I spent many, many hours at her knee learning all sorts of needlecraft, as well as how to read my first words, stories of our family history, and the birds and the bees. I didn’t crochet much over the years–just a couple of baby booties when I was pregnant at age 28. But when I retired at age 62, my hands that had always been busy with a red pen grading papers as I watched TV in the evenings rediscovered crochet. A lot of good, warm, “all-is-well-with -the -world” feelings are associated with crochet from my childhood. I find it relaxing, especially with repetitive patterns that have a sort of rhythm to which I find myself kicking my foot or rocking my chair! My husband had a stroke and later bypass surgery not too long after I retired and crochet was there to calm me as I sat in his hospital room, and during the months that my life was transitioning from being on-the-go to moving at my husband’s new, slower pace. Crochet gave me something to anticipate and look forward to–choosing the colors, deciding on the pattern, then watching the mystery unfold from my hook as I stitched. I began posting pictures of my projects on Facebook and received praise and validation that lifted my spirits during those dark and worried days of his illness. My husband is, thankfully, much improved now but crochet continues to give me the joy of being able to gift much nicer items than I could afford to buy, to enjoy the lift of someone actually being willing to pay me for some of what I make, and giving me an outlet for my creativity that provides me with a feeling of accomplishment (something many retirees find missing). I enjoy other crafts, but crochet is the easiest to carry wherever I go and to do while I’m with other people. It was exactly what I needed to get me through some tough times as well as to celebrate the good times. I hope I’m able to continue enjoying it for many years to come.

  68. Linda Phipps

    Crocheting helps keep my blood pressure low. I sit in my oversize recliner with all my yarn, pattern(if using one), various hooks and other accessories, a large glass of water, the TV turned on to something and I am good to go for several hours. Oh, and crocheting also helps keep me awake and focused because of a little thing called narcolepsy that I have had for about 30 years. Plus I get lots of joy making and creating lots of awesome projects that I have made and gifted to family and friends.

  69. Sharon

    I would appreciate having your book but there may be someone out there that needs it mor than I do. I am 75 and can’t get out much anymore so I’ve taught myself to crochet scarves and neck warmers for thathave to live on the streets. I appreciate the kindness I see in your personality in spite of some hard places you may have had to walk through.

  70. Donna Grybowski

    Crochet keeps me grounded and helps me focus on what I can control. I’ve crocheted through good times and bad – orthopedic surgeries, infertility treatments, my husband’s bone marrow transplant, and swim lessons, waiting at dance lessons, rehearsals, and pick ups. I belong to a group that crochets (and knits) in public, it keeps us humble and inspires new members. My friends are now becoming grandparents and it’s amazing to see the response to a crocheted blanket or pair of booties. Less stress, more smiles – that’s what crochet means to me.

  71. Jeanie Miller

    Oh how I depend on my crocheting. Working a full time job as a mortgage processor I need something to unwind me from a very stressful job. I have been crocheting since I was 14, taught beginners stuff by her and learned to read patterns on my own. I don’t think I would be able to destress during the pandemic if it wasn’t for my crocheting. Thanks for giving us inspiration in both patterns and your other outlets.

  72. Alexis Lewis

    How does crocheting make me feel? Its my favorite pass time. I love to just watch TV/listen to music and crochet. I crochet when I’m having a good day and when I’m having a bad one. Its my hobby and my stress relief. I first started 3 years ago, wanting to make a snowman for my mom. But I didnt know how to read a pattern so I spent a year watching videos and learning all the stitches I could. Needless to say I was able to make it and I’ve been hooked ever since. Alot of people say I’m secretly an old lady because I can’t wait to go home from work to crochet! Im 26 and I love being “an old lady” ❤

  73. Having the privilege to support survivors of the Human trafficking /sex trafficking with a new therapy option was fun and therapeutic. The start of something so simple with opportunities to entrepreneurship are endless.

  74. Susan Simons

    I first learned to crochet at a very young age from my parental grandmother. I was not that interested and did not pursue it. Flash forward to 2015…I am now an adult and “relearned to crochet” so I could make comfort shawls for Indiana Donor Network. Crocheting things for others (especially charity) warms my heart and makes me so happy! I have a very high stressed job (ICU RN) and crocheting helps me relax and calm myself. I have also had the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends through crocheting. I also went on a crochet cruise with my BFF.

  75. Debbie Stivers

    Crocheting makes me feel happy , it’s what I call ” MY HAPPY PLACE”. Nothing makes me more happier than when I crochet. It’s a place that I can relax, I can create my own style and find my groove. I enjoy learning new patterns , watching crochet crowd video/Mikey’s videos. It inspires me to want and strive and it takes my crocheting skills to the next level. It’s just so rewarding to be able to finish an crochet project and look at it and say ” I did that”. I have been crocheting since , I was a teenager, my grandmother and great grandmother both crocheted/knitting . Such a great tradition that they taught me in my desire for crocheting.

  76. Deb

    Why do I crochet? Well, I’ve always had very low self-esteem so, in one of my “lonely” moments, I picked up a crochet hook and a book (this was WAY before the internet!) that I found for 10 cents at a yard sale. Lo and behold, I could DO this… it was inexpensive (well, back then it was!)… and what a HUGE boost to my self-esteem! Your blogs and videos challenge me to always do better and give me a great sense of accomplishment. Thank you.

  77. Deanna Thompson

    Crochet makes me feel connected to my paternal grandmother who taught me to crochet 53 years ago. My family was moving from California to Michigan and we were traveling by car. We stopped to visit my grandparents in Arizona along the way and my grandmother, who had crocheted for years, took me to a local store, let me pick out a skein of yarn and a crochet hook, and then taught me to do a basic granny stitch. It gave me something to do on the long trip to Michigan. I’ve been crocheting ever since. My ability and knowledge has grown exponentially since then, but I still have a great fondness for the granny stitch; it always conjures up memories of my grandmother, her love and her patience, when she was teaching me to crochet all those years ago.

  78. Mary Oh

    Crocheting makes me feel relaxed and invigorated at the same time. It lets my creativity flow. I love learning new stitches and patterns. I love making beautiful and useful items. I crochet nearly everywhere I go (including a karaoke bar) even if its only 20 minutes waiting for an appointment. Crochet has started many conversations with total strangers whether they compliment me on a creation I am wearing or share a memory of someone they knew who also crocheted. I love speaking with other fiber craftsmen , sharing ideas and tips. I am always happy to help a beginner and welcome them to the crochet community.

  79. helen sullivan-doucet

    I am self-taught and enjoy crocheting. Crocheting relaxes me, makes me feel better when I know I will have something beautiful when I am finished and teaching others gives me a great feeling known I have accomplished some small thing in this beautiful life.

  80. Christine

    Crocheting helps lower my anxiety! When I’m crocheting, I’m too busy counting stitches, admiring my work, or focusing on the pattern to worry about the little things (or big things) in life. Many years ago, I taught myself to crochet to make a blanket for my mother. I never finished the blanket, and she passed away 5 years ago before I could finish it. To cope with her passing, I picked up crochet again and relearned. Crochet helped me with my grief, and to this day is my go to whenever I need to feel grounded, reduce my anxiety, or destress. I still have the unfinished blanket for my mother that I WILL finish…one day!!

  81. Thanh Taylor

    Crochet is a universal language that makes me feel connected to Friends around the globe who are so giving and inspirational. It encourages my creativity and reminds me that there is beauty in the world.

  82. Todd

    Making the world more beautiful, one stitch at a time!

  83. Denise Dituri

    These stitch alongs are so amazing, thank you for doing them! Crochet really is my therapy. I love to be able to create and make. My mother taught me years ago, there was a period of time that I put it all away I thought people would think I was a “grandma” it didn’t last long as I just wasn’t as happy not being able to create. There is something so satisfying in being able to create. Thank you again for all your amazing creations!

  84. Victoria Montanez

    How does crochet make me feel? Crocheting gives me a new link to my creative side. I used to build sets for Auburn University’s Theatre Department. Due to cutbacks, I lost that job and ended up working as an administrator. While my job is fulfilling, it gives me no creative outlet whatsoever, and it started to get me down! I picked up crocheting and it gave me back my creativity and my outlet. I rarely sell anything I make because it is the creating that gives me joy, and the happiness that giving away my work gives to others.

  85. Crocheting for me has so many feelings. I will never forget when I asked my Grandmother to teach me how to crochet when I was in the 3rd grade. I use to sit and watch her crochet making all of these wonderful things for herself as well as gifts to other people. So when I crochet I think a lot about my Grandmother which is no longer with us. But I do have a couple of her beautiful crochet pieces. But it also helps to clam me down when I have a bad day. It helps me to think and reflect on life. Crocheting has gotten me through a lot of my life especially the difficult days. It is a special gift that I learned from my Grandmother and I hold very dearly and close to my heart. I am now teaching my daughter in law to crochet. I hope that she holds this gift close to her heart as well. One day I hope to teach my grandchildren how to crochet.

  86. Kate Chaney

    Crocheting gives me many feelings. When I am stressed, it calms me down. If I am making something for a friend or friends, it reminds me about the value of friendship. If I am making something for our church bazaar, it makes me anxious to to see what people think of it. If I am making an afghan to put in the sanctuary, it reminds me of the times I have seen people wrapped up in one during worship service. I am so fortunate that a cousin taught me to crochet when I was 5 years old; I have experienced years of joy.

  87. Betsy Patterson

    I learned to crochet over 50years ago as a joke….but it sure is not …crochet has given me many things over the years….such as a place to go that is all mine or giving something and watch the face of the person you have given it to …..not sure where I would be without crochet….it got me thru many hard times….better than sucking your thumb

  88. Pauline Montague

    Hello, Mikey and Dan – I can’t stress strongly enough how fabulous the two of you are. Whenever I’m feeling down, I just head over to the Crochet Crowd and look at a few videos, and my mood is transformed. The two of you with your mischievous smiles, saucy talk and giggles makes my entire day better. Mikey, your drawing instructions are VERY helpful to my way of learning. Dan, your garden is stunning (and you tech support unwavering)! I would absolutely love your book. Also, autographs from two as famous as you both? BONUS, for sure. Keep doing what you are doing because this crazy world needs it.

  89. I love crocheting.I learned to crochet on line. When I found Mickey I was thrilled that he took the time to explain everything. He takes his time to show us the why’s and how’s of crocheting. It makes me feel good to know if I have any problems that I can ask. I like how it makes me feel to accomplish something. It’s relaxing and rewarding. I have learned a ton watching Mikey.

  90. Carmen Reyes

    Hello Mikey & Company! Here’s my answer to your question.
    At nearly 46 years old, I decided to give crocheting a shot in early 2019. From the moment I started and saw what my hands were able to do, I was literally hooked!!! I finally felt like I was good at something. As a kid, I was not fortunate enough to enjoy what many other kids were enjoying – things like sports, music and dance lessons, or any other after school activity. I always felt cheated because of it. I always had a creative streak, but I just didn’t know how to apply my love for creativity into anything, and when I did, I just felt like it wasn’t good enough or even important. That changed though when I started crocheting. That is what filled that little void in my soul – I finally found something that made me happy and that I was great at!! I put my love into every piece I make and it shows. Since I started crocheting, I’ve commissioned several pieces, both big and small, and it feels great to know that someone loves my work so much that they’re willing to pay me for it. I finally felt important and validated. My husband supports me and what I do – he knows how fulfilled this craft leaves me, and that makes him happy. I love crocheting more than I like people at this point!! haha – it’s crazy!! I can spend so much of my time crocheting and I love every second of it!
    Since I’m a visual learner, I’ve learned to crochet by watching videos, but I’m planning to step out of my comfort zone and learn to read patterns – a little terrifying for me, but willing to try. Simply put, crocheting has changed my life! Thank you for all that you do and for being part of my growing process!!

  91. Amanda Kelley-Goodhew

    Crochey makes me feel grounded. It calms me. It also helps my brain by trying new patterns. And I love the feeling of giving something handmade to my favorite people.

    • As a disabled person, crochet IS something enjoyable that I can do. I live alone and rely on crochet to keep me company! I would love to have your book to give me enjoyment when it is snowing and blowing here! Thank you for your kindness. 🥰

    • Peggie

      Hi Mikey, Crocheting is a great stress reliever. I enjoy making and donating chemotherapy caps to Knots of Love. I hope that each cap brings and smile to someone and that they are being thought of.

  92. Carol

    Crocheting makes me feel relaxed, accomplished and satisfied. I was taught by my aunt when I was 8 years old. I’m so thankful she took the time to teach me. I’ve also taught a few as kids who still love the art of crochet. Most of what I make are gifts. It’s a joy being to make something for someone else.

  93. Sarah Kaldenberg

    Crochet makes me feel happy and relaxed as I deal with a lot of personal issues and hardships in life. I am always looking for new patterns to try and keeping my mind occupied with a simple repeat pattern helps a bunch.

  94. Despina

    I would love to receive a signed copy of my 2 favorite men! Love everything you so for us! Can’t wait to start this fantastic afghan, it will definitely be an amazing journey 💓

  95. Melissa bullis

    I have fallen in love with crochet and part of that is because of you.. you have taught me how to read patterns not just watch the video. I’m a diagram learner from the start and I’m slowly reading patterns and using my new knowledge. Crochet has been a stress receiver and a blessing in my life. Thank you for all of your teachings. I have so many projects I want to do. And being at home and disabled it gives me a sense of meaning..

    • Orna Gayer-Wolf

      There is no way I will find your book here in Israel, so this cal in my opportunoty to “put my hand” on part of it. That is beyter than nothing. Thank you.

  96. Kalen Reichert

    Thank you, Mikey, for pouring your heart and soul into everything you do. The world needs more people like you and Daniel. I taught myself (using a booklet) to crochet during college to relieve stress, stay warm in my drafty dorm room, and fill a hole I’d felt since my Grandma Tillie passed just before my 7th birthday. She crocheted an afghan for my parents that was proudly displayed in our living room for as long as I could remember and I’d always wanted to learn how to crochet but my Mom’s craft was cross-stitch so that’s what she taught my sisters and me. After we moved out of my childhood home, the afghan was put away in storage in my parents’ new home and when I was home one weekend working on a still life painting for college, I found the afghan and included it in my painting which I titled, “Memories Tucked Away”. After I’d finished the painting, I visited my favorite craft store, bought the “Learn to Crochet in Just One Day” booklet, a hook, and a skein of rainbow variegated yarn, and it worked. I was hooked. 25 years later, I still feel the same connection with my Grandma and the love that goes into every handmade gift. ❤️

    • Gayle Gullick

      Hmmmm, how does crochet make me feel? Good question, hard to answer, but I’ll try.
      I was on a wight loss journey and my nutritionist suggested I take up a hobby instead of going back and forth to the fridge and eating. So, I bought some yarn and a hook and watched you tube. My first project my husband gently suggested that perhaps I should pick a different hobby. Yeah, it was that bad. But 2 years, 120 pounds later , I am still single, double and treble crocheting away. My sister passed away in early 2020 on my son’s 48th birthday. She recieved radiation and lost her hair, so I crocheted her beanies to keep her sweet head warm. 30 hours after she passed away, my son suffered a massive stroke and I sat in his hospital room for 11 days crocheting and crying. He has been home about 18 months and I stay up all night with him and crochet, cry and pray. I make unusual items such as 100,000 plus stitch ” drama llamas” and raffle them or outright sell them to help with my son’s medical bills, handicap van etc.
      Being self taught , I call my work “a happy accident”. I start out doing something and then get a “vision” mid-hook, and it morphed into something else. I pray for whoever is receiving my project and pray for my son and others on my pray list as I happily crochet away. I feel happy, sad, vulnerable, emboldened, free and passionate when I crochet. I never crochet the same thing twice, as I want everyone to have a ooak. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be obsessed with a crochet hook and yarn. You just never know!

  97. Kimberly Grant

    Crocheting makes me feel calm, relax, very grateful that I had the ability to take a fiber and make it into something some one would love. Being left hand and taught myself to crochet right handed. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  98. Crochet me feel excited and creative! As I crochet my mind is always thinking of ways to tweak the pattern to make it better or more attractive. My excitement goes up as I’m getting towards the end. I love to see my finished project!

    • Deb Perrin

      It relaxes me, clears my head and calms my nerves. I picked it back up in 2016 when I was diagnosed with stage 3b colon cancer. Had surgery and had to do 6 months of chemo. My friends had all asked me to to crochet them afghans to keep me busy. In 2018 I had another set back as the cancer came back in my liver which meant another surgery and another 6 months of chemo. Same friends once again asked for afghans. Happy to say that I crochet every day before and after work to keep my mind clear and I am now 3 years cancer free!

  99. Jayne Roberson-Blume

    Mikey & Diva Dan, Its me swtbbyjne from Columbia South Carolina. I met you 2 in Washington NC at the yarn sale. Crochet means that I have an outlet to express myself! When I crochet I am in my own world creating and by keeping my hands busy my mind is also busy. Grandma used to always say “idle hands are the devil’s workshop”. I have learned so much from y’all as well as a lot of designers! Can’t wait to read the book!!!

  100. carol bryson

    crochet brings me joy, each and every project, big or small. I would love a signed copy of your book – that would bring me joy too!!! Thank you.

  101. Carol Hughes

    Like I can do something real…
    That is mine and mine alone…
    No limits and No Goals.
    I curl up in my chair..
    Coffee, Headphones already there..
    Find a place where creativity flows..
    What will result, nobody knows.
    Hats are now my thing…
    Elves and Santa with bells that ring…
    Or owls with huge bigs eyes…
    Hoods with buttons or ties…
    Mikey taught me well…
    On Youtube, can you tell?..
    How proud my Granny would be..
    To know I turned out just like She !!

  102. Sarah Stroud

    Crochet is my therapy. It makes me feel sane and grounded. It was my saving grace when my daughter passed away.

  103. Pamela Hadi

    Crochet…how does it make me feel? Whenever I sit down to crochet, it grounds me. I always have different WIP’s in tote bags to pull out, depending on my mood! Happy? I work on my difficult projects. Tired or feeling down? I have some “no brainer” things I can pull out! My crochet connects me with folks I don’t even know around the world! Crochet introduced me to you and Dan and I’ve enjoyed having you in my home crocheting with me! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your crochet life, your time and dedication are appreciated!

  104. Elizabeth W

    Crochet makes happy. Creating relieves stress. love your patterns

  105. Teresa King

    Thank you for all you do. Crochet makes me feel relaxed and cheers me up when I’m having a bad day. My grandmother taught me when I was 6 or 7. She couldn’t follow a pattern but could look at anything and reproduce it so that is how I learned as well. Every time I pick up a hook I think of her and how proud she would be that I’m still crocheting almost 50 years after she first taught me. I wish she could see some of the techniques I’ve learned the past few years (finally learned to read patterns) although still often prefer to just wing it. I would love to have her look at them and help her learn the techniques as well. She sure would love the wonderful designs you have created.

  106. Erin Miller

    How does crochet make me feel? That is a deep question. I decided I wanted to learn to crochet because my grandmother passed away and I regretted that I never learned from her. She was amazing and I’ll never master all that she could do. So I went to Youtube to try and at least learn simple stitches and there you were. You have taught me everything I know about crocheting. The last three years have been so hard for me between getting divorced, losing several jobs, filing bankruptcy and feeling totally lost because at almost 40 I’m having to find a new path for my life. It’s scary, some days and I hate it. Some days I love it. But during that time crochet has been like a less expensive version of therapy for me. I can just sit and work on a piece and feel like I am accomplishing something amazing as I watch it grow into the final blanket, hat, scarf or whatever. I lost so much these last few years but I feel like you have helped me gain something priceless that I can carry with me through out the rest of my life. So crochet makes me feel accomplished, at peace, and gives me a sense of direction for my journey. I can not tell you how much your teaching has meant to me. I tell people all the time how I learned everything I know about crochet from this awesome guy named Mikey and that he can teach them too! One of my friends had a crochet emergency and was unable to finish a project for a charity event. I was able to jump in and helped and had I not learned from you I wouldn’t have been able to do that. It’s little things like that that just help keep me going when there’s days I’d love to just lay down and cry. You have given me an amazing gift and I just can’t thank you enough.

  107. Lesley-Ann Holman

    OMGosh, you have a lot to read!! I was in my early 30’s and a dear friend (passed away) tried to teach me how to do the ripple stitch. It just wouldn’t sink in to my single mom brain. She then went on to teach me the granny stitch and I got it and flew with it! Now, this was all before home computers and internet. Everyone in my family got a granny stitch something. Leap ahead 30 years and I have become a pro at most of the stitches. I’ve done graphing of characters, photographs and many more. I have always been a pleaser. I don’t want to let anyone down but in recent years I’ve also developed a few major medical issues plus anxiety and panic attacks that have disabled me from doing most anything. I use crochet as my peace bubble. No one can attack me, or get to me and my stress level goes down tremendously. I am always in awe of taking a skein of yarn and turning out something wonderful, except for the No Drama Llama that thing created more stress than I could imagine! I love to watch your YouTube Tutorials and I direct all my friends to them when they want to know how to make something. My life is way from perfect now and I actually put down my hook for two years due to major family issues. I’m proud to say that I am back at it and making pumpkins, a request from my daughter (she hardly ever asks me to make something so when she does, I’m on it)! I see a light at the end of the tunnel for the family issues so I’m smiling and hooking along. I know you are a pleaser too and it hurts me when you get nasty or snarky comments on your page. You are too kind and generous to take it personally. Yeah, I should talk, right! Keep up the good work and I’ll be trying to make that gorgeous blanket you have created. God bless you and Daniel and keep smiling and stay safe!!

  108. Crochet makes me feel thankful more than anything. It relieves my stress and anxiety, allows me to express myself and to create something beautiful. I’m thankful for all of these reasons. On those down days when I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything I look at what I’ve created and know that it will make someone else happy. I’m thankful to the young lady that taught me more than 30 years ago. She was maybe 12 at the time and was so patient with me while I learned. I remember her every time I pick up my hook. I’m thankful for the community that crochet brings together. So many wonderful people from all over the world all working together to create beautiful works of art to share. I’m thankful for Mikey and Dan and the whole crew at TCC for all of your hard work, beautiful pattern and all of the support and love that you show your community of crocheters. Crochet give me a purpose and I am just so very thankful that it became part of my life ❤️

  109. Kathleen Armstrong

    Crochet makes me feel-for the first time in my life-that I can be amazing at something. It took me 5 years of ripping out started projects from self taught tutorials before I hit on a tutorial where it just flippin’ clicked and after that I have grown so much-the sense of “Holy baloney-I actually made that?!?” – So many times, I literally put blood, sweat and tears into a project and wondering why I’m such an idiot to try this-but I keep going-even if it takes me months-and the sense of accomplishment when its done…its a pretty awesome feeling

  110. Sheron Eldridge

    Sherry Eldridge What crocheting means to me:
    Crocheting is the best feel good about yourself craft. It makes you feel good about yourself and what you have accomplished along with making the person feel good about themselves, because you thought enough of them to make something for them. I love learning all the new stiches and the little secretes for messing up. And it is really great when you have someone who cares enough to show you these things on Utube. I thank you all the time because you take the time to show us all how to make the beautiful things and let us realize that we are also capable of making these things too.

  111. Melissa cordova

    I enjoy to crochet. I started crocheting when I was put on bed rest and haven’t stopped. It relaxes me and allows me to feel peace and joy. I get very happy that my pieces can bring others happiness so I guess I crochet for myself and to make others happy I really enjoy crocheting for my children because they love all the different things I make. I want to start this project with my daughter since I taught her how to crochet I think it would be a very fun project to work together.

  112. Sherry Eldridge
    Crocheting is the best feel good about yourself craft. It makes you feel good about yourself and what you have accomplished along with making the person feel good about themselves, because you thought enough of them to make something for them. I love learning all the new stiches and the little secretes for messing up. And it is really great when you have someone who cares enough to show you these things on Utube. I thank you all the time because you take the time to show us all how to make the beautiful things and let us realize that we are also capable of making these things too.

  113. Victoria

    I injured my back at work in 2010 I am in pain 24/7 and I find crocheting relaxes me and helps me take my mind off my pain and it gives me great enjoyment seeing my friends faces when I make them somthing special! 😊

  114. Lori Andrew

    I taught myself to crochet in my 20’s as I was too busy being a busy kid growing up but I remember sitting and crocheting with my mother and having wonderful conversations with her. It was wonderful. I still crochet just by myself now and hope what I do brings someone joy.

  115. Debbie oman

    Hi Mikey, crochet makes me feel talented and gives me something to be proud of. It can pull me out of sadness and keep my mind busy. Thanks for being my first teacher of crochet

  116. Suzanne Drake

    How does Crochet make me feel? it makes me feel happy and knowing I am making something out of love for someone who I care about it warms my heart. I usually end up giving away more than I sell, My late husband used to tell me you will be rich with friends and love and not money. I didnt care, giving an item to someone is like giving them a part of my heart & soul and it makes me feel warm inside.

  117. Donna L. BESSEY

    Crocheting gives me a calmness, like no other. I don’t get to do it often, because I work 7days a week.
    My mom taught me how to crochet, when I was five. She is right-handed, I am lefthanded. I would like to be able to crochet an afghan of Elvis for her. She crocheted may fir my sisters and I. I would like to give back a piece of what she has given.
    Same as your book, I am sure it can only build and strengthen me in many areas.
    That you for all your teaching and guiding. You are very much a big part of many lives.

  118. Crochet helps with everything I do. It relaxes me especially if I have a problem (non-crochet related), I pick up my current project and start hooking. For some reason, I seem to find the answers to any problem I might have. I’ve been crocheting on and off since I was 10 years old. Now I’m retired, I’m enjoying it more. When I started again 3 years ago, I found your You Tube video on moccasins. You are a great instructor, easy to listen to and I love your tips for crocheters. Keep up the great work and don’t forget to take time for yourselves!!! Thanks for all your hard work! And your love for crocheting!!!

    • Patricia Reitz

      Michael, when I saw you in person, it never occurred to me to ask for your signatures. I regret the missed opportunity. I love you guys and miss seeing you. I’ve already bought your book but if I win an opportunity to get your signatures, I would donate your book!

  119. Mariah Sorenson

    Crochet is my SANITY.

    I have four children between the ages of 2 and 17 and we go go go Monday through Sunday. If I didn’t have my 30 minutes of “Me Time”, aka mommy is hiding in the closet with a head lamp on trying to finish at least one row of her WIP before the terrorist (the two year old) figures out which closet she is hiding out in this time, I would probably find myself enjoying an extended stay in a padded cell.

    Just sayin’.

  120. Jessica Hartz

    Crocheting makes me feel like I am doing something I enjoy, that’s relaxing, and is still productive. I love the thrill of completing a project and seeing it in use. I get anxious figuring out what the next project will be as I want to start on all of the hundreds of patterns I have saved. I love the joy of learning a new stitch and seeing a project grow in front of my eyes.

  121. Rose Anderson

    Hello Mikey and Diva Dan!
    While I already have your book (and therefore do not need another one – though it would be awesome to have your autograph 😀), I wanted to reach out with this opportunity you have provided to say thank you.
    Thank you for teaching me that I can follow written pattern instructions. Thank you for taking me way, way out of my comfort zone. I have successfully completed 2 CALs that I would never had attempted had I not discovered you! Looking forward to the one in November!
    Thank you for your amazing tutorial videos. They are my lifeline when I am learning something new!
    Thank you for always making me laugh! Mikey, your laugh and inuendo make me laugh every time. When I am having a bad day, I go to the file where I have saved your videos. Within 2 or 3 minutes I am laughing (and often snorting) and my mood has completely changed for the better. This is a gift! Please don’t ever change! 🥰
    Thank you for an amazing book. I have read it cover to cover and am very proud to have it on my shelf in my “crochet corner”.
    Thank you or the amazing family that is The Crochet Crowd Social. I am constantly inspired and amazed at this group. I feel very privileged to be a member.
    This sounds weird, but thank you for having a public Facebook profile. I follow you (though I never, ever comment…just like your posts) and love the glimpse into what you are creating next on your property. I love watching PuppyDawg’s antics, watching the duckies grow, and seeing what amazing project Diva Dan is creating now. You are two incredibly talented men and I love being able to watch your creativity!
    In short, THANK YOU!!!! You are amazing and admired. ❤
    With love and gratitude from Vancouver Island 🙂
    PS: Just a thought for those of us wanting your autograph. You could always sign stickers that we could then add into our books! Just an idea!!! 🤣😂

  122. Jennifer Caravantes

    I love to crochet. It’s something that is calming to me. It helps me relieve stress. I learned when I was just out of high school to do a basic single crochet and forgot for a while. I picked it back up for the for the spring crochet along of 2019 and have learned everything I know from you and love now to crochet so much now .

  123. Cristy

    Crochet makes me feel calm & Relax, after dealing with Anxieties & Panic Attacks for the last 30 years I learned with yarn I can calm them down and relax more and my fears seems to drift away. I learned a lot from the Crochet Crowd and Crocheting was one of them so thank you for saving me.

  124. Terri

    Crochet is a daily part of my life. Its relaxing and creative and I could never give it up. Its a great way to unwind. ( I work two part-time jobs) I have a small kit that I take to work so I can do a few stitches at lunch. I made 3/4 of a flower (my own design) while waiting nearly 15 minutes to back out of the carpark at home time on Tuesday .This kit literally goes everywhere with me. Out of the scraps I have made thousands of flowers, leaves and a multitude of things .I go to two different crochet groups. One I am passing on the love of crochet to a few work friends. I taught my bestie as well, she can now read patterns and can make absolutely anything. Her goal was tea towel topper. I’m so proud of her. My family love everything I make and that makes me happy. I crochet everywhere .I also crochet things to donate as it gives you a feeling of achievement. Crocheting is a love and I really do love it. If I am lucky enough to win one of your wonderful books I will treasure it. 🙂

  125. Julianna Nash

    Crocheting makes me feel centered and relaxed. It’s the 2nd best therapy ever…the first being a purring kitten. And the two are totally compatible (get your paws off my yarn!).

    I’d love to have a copy of the pattern..the whole book would be awesome.

    I’ve enjoyed many of your posts and look forward to seeing many more.

    Hook on, gentlemen

  126. Sue Munson

    How does crochet make Me feel.

    Crichet is the one thing that makes me feel I am good enough to be here. I am able to create things to give to people to brighten their day. Seeing their eyes light up the smoke on their face it warms my heart.
    It is a way for my life to have meaning and to keep learning and growing. It makes all the pain from the past go away…i don’t have time to dwell on it.
    To be able to crochet for me is a life saver.

  127. Lois Grayson

    How does crochet make me feel?
    How do I begin to explain?
    It Always makes me feel relaxed, distressed and peaceful.
    There have also been times when it’s been a lifesaver. When we suddenly lost our son, it kept me sane. Along with funeral arrangements I began charting and crocheting a small thread remembrance to send with him to the afterlife.
    It helps me pass the time on long road trips. I always make sure I have something to work on as my husband drives.
    It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and great satisfaction when I gift a lovingly made item to a loved one when I see their face
    Thank you and your lovely family for all you do for the Crowd and Community.

  128. Debbie Bentley

    My Aunt taught me to crochet when I was probably about 10 (many years ago). My Grandmother also crocheted a lot. I didn’t crochet any for many years…busy with work and other craft interests-cross stitch and sewing. In the past several years I’ve started getting back to crocheting. It gives me a connection to family members no longer here. My Grandmother made many afghans in a chevron pattern and my first afghan was a chevron pattern. I have some unfinished pieces of hers that I am planning how to finish. Thank you for what you no, I have found your videos very helpful and easy to follow. It’s made it easier for me with learning to read a pattern.

  129. Beth

    Crocheting makes me feel calm ( even though I I do frog a lot). Life has not always been easy losing my mom when I was young, taking care of my brothers. My grandmothers taught me to crochet and it makes me feel close to the great woman in my life.This book will be great whether I win a copy or purchase. Thank you Mikey for being so good to us.

  130. Angi Jenkins

    Crochet allows me to calm my anxiety and ease my depression. When I’m feeling these emotions, I turn to my crochet community, The Crochet Crowd and Mikey, for relief. Crochet and my community helps me to feel accomplished, proud, creative and content when I’m dealing with negative emotions. I’m so honored to a member of TCC. Thank you Mikey.

  131. Sandie Conroy

    How does Crochet make me feel : Crochet makes me so happy i learnt to crochet from Mum just granny squares but because of finding you on you tube i have made so many other lovely things that i’m so proud of Thank you both heaps for all you do for us

  132. Barb Raymer

    When I had my firs Knee replacement I crocheted to keep me occupied from not Being able to work. I use to crochet just the basic stiches until I came across Mickey crotchet crowd website since then I have learned to crochet many new stitches and gave me the cofindence to crochet for friends and family and enter my crocheting in our fair which I have won ribbons I couldn’t return to work so I decided to crochet hats for charity

  133. Shannon Corbin

    Oh! How does crochet make me feel? I hadn’t really taken the time to think about this before! I think… nostalgic, because I learned to crochet as a little girl from the only grandma I really knew. All of the things I love to craft the most, I learned from her. Crochet, needlework, sewing, cooking, gardening…the list goes on and on. She’s in her 90s now, so when I crochet, I often think of sitting beside her, working on something that seemed to magically blossom into something lovely to share with others. Now I’m a grandma, and I can’t wait for them to be old enough to hold a hook and some yarn! 💕
    I’ve been crocheting with you for as long as I can remember. Your tutorials have helped me explore into the difficult levels I would never have dreamed of going. Thank you for inspiring and teaching me!

  134. Laura

    Crochet helps me to relax , and makes me feel like I CAN
    I especially love to crochet with Mikey as my guide, it’s crocheting with a friend.
    Thank you for all you do for me and for others who need a friend in there life.

  135. I had preordered your book and when it was released I got it and love it. I have been crocheting for many years and have many different things. All the ones I made was greatly appreciated even if it was my family. I have made and sold Baby sets for different people also have made 2 American flags and one Texas one that I sold. I enjoy crocheting because when I get off work and come home I watch some TV and crochet.

  136. Ronnette Cooper

    How crochet makes me feel…such a easy question to answer…confidence, for sure. I decided I wanted to learn crochet about 8 years ago, I got lucky and ran across one of Mickey’s video. Mickey was so easy for me to follow, I connected almost instantly to his teachings. I love his passion for the art, which has rubbed off on me. Over the last 8 years, I have grown in my skill, I have went from strictly video to being able to read patterns and diagrams to being able to visualize mentally and having it come off my fingertips. I love how i feel when I finish a project and the smiles it creates. Crochet is definitely not a lost art. Thank you Mickey for giving me this passion.

  137. Brenda Snyder

    HELLO. To Crochet just makes me happy. The process helps me calm down. I am more a crafter than artist since I can follow a pattern, buts it is hard for me to make up new things. I love books. They are my source. I gift most of the things I make.

  138. Theresa Thompson

    I would love to win an autographed copy of your book. But I would want it sent to my son and his partner. Duane has been crocheting for several years as stress relief. He makes afghans mostly. But he just started making toys. I think your book would be a great surprise for him.

  139. Dinnelle Wright

    Crocheting makes me feel whole. I started crocheting when my twin daughters left for college. I was lonely and trying to fill the time when I wasn’t at work. The simple act of creating beautiful items with yarn occupied my mind. When my daughter’s would come home they would claim the items to take back with them. It was like sending them back with extra hugs.

    I’m sure I wouldn’t have made it through the lockdowns, and being laid off for 18 months without this craft, and the wonderful Crochet Crowd group. I don’t post, but I do feel inspired to carry on because of all the wonderful post from you, and the group.

  140. Kathy

    Crocheting is a moving meditation. It makes me feel calm. focused, and grounded.

  141. Maria

    Crochet makes me feel…. I could write forever on the subject. Relaxed, creative, connected to past, to my aunts and that taught me, to my grandmother who was plarning before plarn was a thing. Proud, my son thought I crochet anything and his request a beard and a Viking hat lead to yearly selling my items at a Ren Fest with my sister. I loved that time I spent with her. In control. That’s the hard emotion to admit to. As a child, I learned to crochet when I was six. My first memories of sex abuse I was 7. Crochet was my escape. It was a world I made, one I controlled when I had no control over so many other aspects of my life.

    Today, so many years later. Crochet is my passion. I have more yarn, more patterns and more hooks than I could ever use. I read patterns like others read romance novels. (ok, I read those too.) I notice crochet in movies and tv shows. I watch videos, a lot are yours, I am never bored. I like to relax and do my therapy throws, mostly giant squares. I also like to dive in and make my own with a pattern. My husband just laughs when it seems I frog more often then crochet. I don’t mind. I know I will get it right. And it will be mine. It’s frosting when others appreciate my work.

  142. Carmen Leticia Asmar

    Crochet makes me feel at peace with myself. It helps me with depression and anxiety, and to cope with stress. I have an autistic daughter and my husband suffers from PTSD. Being their sole care taker sometimes takes a toll on me. Crochet is the way I cope with it.

  143. Debbi Guenzel

    Crocheting makes me feel many different emotions. Just depends on the project I am doing at that time! Sometimes I just need peace and quiet, so I choose a familiar pattern to just calm my mind. Other times I want to be challenged, and I am feeling adventurous! That is when I pick a pattern like this one you have created! I love learning techniques and makes me proud to finish such an amazing piece of art! Of course, there are times I become frustrated, when I have miscounted, or used the wrong stitch! That is when I have to put it down and take a break. When I can calm my brain, I can come back and fix those mistakes and feel victorious! There have also been times when I have felt sad when I am done with a project. It had become a part of me, and it is hard to let it go. So, as you can see, crocheting makes me feel a LOT! But, mostly happy and proud! That is am able to use a skill taught to me by my aunt over 50 years ago!!

  144. Linda

    How does crochet make me feel?

    I started crochet when I was maybe 11 or 12. I started knitting maybe a year later. I was always one of those loner kids, shy, a bit overweight, an only child in the 50’s when the norm was a big family. One family had 18 kids I believe! I wasn’t good at making friends, so kept to myself. I started embroidery when I was 10 and it was just easy for me. I did pillowcases and whatever I could find. Then I decided I wanted to crochet. My mother had the funny way of wrapping the thread around her fingers since she did mainly doilies. So I got one of those little booklets at Grants that showed how to do all the needle crafts. It was hard ,but I figured it out and realized I was good at it and learned quickly. It was hard to get yarn, since there wasn’t much available and I had to wait till my parents went shopping on Fridays. My first project was this Afghan started with two circles sewn together done with two strands of yarn. I went around and around that, and it looked pretty horrible! But I still have it! It wasn’t easy getting patterns, so I made up my own. It was very hard, with a lot of frogging along the way. I’ve kept a few of those projects over the decades. One is a mouse with a hidden pocket inside the mouse for my diary key. The key is still there 50 years later! My skills have gotten better over the years. I’m very proud of my work, since I work hard to make every project as perfect as I can. I enjoy that I’m good at something that gives me peace. I’m still a loner, few friends, with aches and pains, depression and anxiety. Crocheting is still something I do well. I’ve taught a few people to crochet, hoping that the skill will stick with them.

  145. Ivette

    I have learned so much from you in the last couple of years. Would love a copy of your book.

  146. judi coley

    \crochet grounds me. i suffer from anxiety and crochet gives me a feeling of accomplishment. thank you for sharing.

  147. Luanne Rice

    My grandmother taught me the basics when I was about 6. I didn’t stick with it. But when I retired 2 years ago I started self teaching myself again and with the help of Mikey’s tutorials I am doing great! It’s so relaxing and rewarding. I’m teaching one of our granddaughters how to crochet also. Thank you so much Mikey!!

  148. Roxanne Yancey

    Crocheting makes me feel ‘grandmotherly’. Ten years ago my daughter was pregnant with my first grandbaby and I thought to myself, “I need to crochet a baby blanket”. In my mind, that’s what gramma’s do. Having not ever crocheted before, I taught myself by watching YouTube videos and looking at books. I have continued crocheting for all 6 of my grandkids now. They are old enough to appreciate that I have made them something special and uniquely theirs. So that’s how crocheting makes me feel–‘grandmotherly’. 😉

  149. Laura Pollet

    Why do I like to crochet? It relaxes me and I love seeing something that I created when it is finished. I am constantly trying new designs and learning new stitches practicing until I get them right. Crocheting also reminds me of the times my mother would sit with me and show me how to crochet a row of single or double crochet or try as she might show me how crochet an item by just looking at the item ( still trying to do that one and I am 67and retired lol). I am so glad to see more and more people picking up this craft and I love that fact that my son tells me I am an artist when he sees something that I have made. Thanks for your books and videos, they are so helpful.

  150. Christine

    Crochet was a way for me to give to my family a piece of me. I taught myself to crochet so i could recreate my grandmother’s potholders for my mom. It is also a great way to chill and relax without a computer (assuming my kitten lets me use the yarn).

  151. Sandy Borth

    Crochet is my time to relax and be creative. I am always making something whole sitting and listening to the tv. Through out the years I create and donate to many different places whenever there is a need. This past year and a half I have been working closely with a community program called New Beginings. I have been creating many different things to put a smile on people’s faces that are trying to start over for whatever reason. Crochet brings me joy so I can give hugs in a different way to many others.

  152. Lisa Sherwin

    Crocheting makes me feel centered and relaxed with a purpose! I love that sense of accomplishment when after even 15 minutes, you see progress! It is so satisfying to make something with your hands, and to be a part of a worldwide community. It brings me joy.

  153. Amy Bradford

    I am rather new to crocheting. I picked it up because a Friend wanted to do a stitch along together. I’m so glad that I joined her. Crocheting helps me to relax at the end of a stressful day. It puts my mind at peace . I feel like I’m making something that will be part of my legacy in the future. That makes my heart happy. I can feel the love pouring out into my work. It gives me purpose. I am excited for the study of journey so I can re-examine my own crocheting journey.

  154. Julie R Syrkus

    I have laughed, I have cried and I have learned. I have been crocheting for years but never had the nerve to try patterns that looked difficult until I stumbled onto The Crochet Crowd and now I feel so much gratitude to all of you for making it so easy to create such wonderful masterpieces. I look forward to your videos and chats, love hearing the stories and giggles!

  155. Mary Carlson

    I taught myself to crochet when i was 18 with a newborn. Crochet eased my mind and stress of being a new mom. Now 43 years later I enjoy it even more because I now have time to create something beautiful.

  156. Karen C

    Crochet reminds me of my grandmother. She tried to teach me the crochet when I was living with her (I was 13). My parents were separated at the time, so it was a pretty rough time emotionally for me. I gave it a bit of a go, but my 13-year-old self finally lost patience with my too-tight tension. I always wished I would have put more effort in. My grandmother became ill soon after we moved out and I wasn’t able to spend the same sort of time with her. Now, I am back to crocheting because I can follow your video tutorials. And I have more patience. Almost every time when I sit down to “hook”, I think of my Grandmother. Crochet reminds me of my Grandmother’s love and makes me feel a little closer to her, even though she has been gone many years.

  157. Somwrita Sarkar

    Before I say how crochet (and knitting) make me feel, I just want to share that I have become a HUGE admirer of all your work, and the incredibly detailed tutorials you have put up on YouTube. I am sure you hear this all the time, but each time it would be heartfelt I think 🙂

    About how crochet makes me feel 🙂 Math, physics, crochet, knitting, music – will you think I am mad (I am, an unapologetic nerd, haha) if I say the universe comes together as an integrated whole, and these for me are just the different ways in which the patterns express, communicate, represent…haha…I LOVE geometry, shapes, and patterns, and how they expresses themselves completely diversely depending on whether its a math problem or a crochet project! But, I also LOVE that in essence, at its very root, its the same!

    I am looking forward to this project!

  158. Carla Wysko

    Crocheting makes me feel calm and relaxed. I am an on the go type person and it makes me take time for myself. Thank you for all you do.

  159. Hi! I like crochet because it is useful, it makes me feel relaxed and challenged at the same time! Doing a new project is awesome fun especially when it is not an “easy” pattern!

  160. Lindsay

    Hi Mikey and Dan, crochet calms me… Especially over the last 18 months of insanity… it helped me through a crazy day. I feel weird if I don’t have a chance to crochet that day.. I’ve taken on expert level projects because you made a video guiding me through it… Made that gorgeous plaid blanket for my mom… thank you for all that you do.

  161. leslie manuel

    how i feel when i crochet…calm at peace. literally it is my peace and joy a world away from all the stress then i donate the things i make to make others feel good….crochet is my life. i’ve been following you for years i am so happy for you and all you do for the crochet world. lovely book.

  162. Jaime Peddle

    Crocheting is my ‘me’ time. So I feel relaxed when I’m crocheting. I also feel very proud when I finish a pattern or project. ‘ I made that’. I give away and sell most of my projects. So there’s also a feeling of accomplishment.

  163. April H

    When I crochet it helps me relax, especially over the last 2 years. I love to be challenged with new stitches or patterns. I enjoy seeing people enjoying the items I have made.

  164. Kim Lane

    Crochet makes me feel whole. I can’t explain it, it just does.

  165. Robin Wilder-hamilton

    Crochet relaxes me and allows me to escape from a lot of my issues, It really took off for me when I got home for Iraq and helped me while I was setttling back into life after deployment with my family and community. creating something from bits of yarn and a hook gives me join especially when something comes together good.

  166. Barb Smith

    What crochet means to me
    I was self taught with a book in hand and a hook and a skein of yarn. I felt like I actually accomplished it the feeling was great.
    Then a few years ago I had to have not one but two surgeries on my elbow and I thought I would never be able to crochet again. I went into a depression and tried other crafts but the desire won and keep trying to work through the pain. Once again I felt so good at mastering it. So to me it brings comfort when things get really rough on me
    Barb Smith

  167. Barbara Smith

    What crochet means to me
    I was self taught with a book in hand and a hook and a skein of yarn. I felt like I actually accomplished it the feeling was great.
    Then a few years ago I had to have not one but two surgeries on my elbow and I thought I would never be able to crochet again. I went into a depression and tried other crafts but the desire won and keep trying to work through the pain. Once again I felt so good at mastering it. So to me it brings comfort when things get really rough on me
    Barbara Smith

  168. Cathy

    Put simply Crotchet is my happy place. It makes me feel
    Hooray for crotchet!

  169. Candi Miller

    How does crocheting make me feel…. it makes me feel happy and helps with my panic attack and my anxiety. I’ve had a rough few years without crocheting I don’t think I would have made it. If it wasn’t for TCC specially Mikey and all he has done to inspire everyone my life would have been different and not in a good way. Thank you Mikey

  170. Pam Wolfe

    I have always crocheted like my mom, for charity. I make cradles for babies sleeping for one charity that i am a member of and my other charity hats and squares to be turned into lapghans for veterans, seniors and natural disaster victims. And right now crocheting is about all i am allowed to do in august i was diagnosed with breast cancer and now going thru chemo and basically confined to the house for fear of catching anything. i would to have one of these books and if it is autographed it would be my first ever autographed book.

    good luck everyone.

  171. Kristine Reiley

    My grandma had taught me to crochet when I was little. I dabbled here and there but for the past 5 years it has helped me get through some intense pain and help keep my head focused on something else. Crochet relaxes me, love seeing how each project unfolds.

  172. Aase Olsen

    Hi from Denmark. I learned to crochet when I was a little girl aged 7 years old. It was my two grannies that taught me. Forgot about it when I was a teenager. You inspired me to pick it up again a few years ago. I actually used it for rehabilitation after my 3rd operation in my arm. Now I can make just about anything. I can also read patterns in 5 different languages. I make a lot of shawls, blankets and soft toys and sell them in aid of cancer research. I am now 66 years old and I love to crochet it makes me feel very relaxed. Thank you so much Mikey.

  173. angela

    how does crochet make me feel…. connected, calm, stupid/smart, happy & productive. crochet has been many things for me. my great grandmother “granny” taught me the basics when i was maybe 6-7 years old to keep me occupied as well as out of trouble and because she loved crochet, tatting & me! i lost the hang of it for too many years and then my mother attempted to teach me how to knit ’cause that was her jam. i never did get the hang of that, i think cause i was all thumbs and no fingers so knitting went out the window. i tried crochet again as a young adult because i loved all the crochet & knit pieces that my mom, aunts & grandmothers had gifted me with when my daughter was born…but again i had lost most of all i had learned at granny’s knee. the only piece i was able to make was a slightly wonky baby bonnet just barely big enough to fit my daughter’s baby doll. LOL now here i am ages later with the sweetest mom-in-love (with a passion for crochet!) in the world, along with access to youtube *wink* and i’ve finally gotten the hang of it all!! woohoo!! i finally feel like i’m tuned in to all the wonderful people in my life that tried so hard to teach me such a soothing past-time. even though some of them aren’t in my life anymore, it keeps me feeling connected to them and have something to connect & talk about in common with my mom-in-love who’s been dealing with dementia for the last 10 years. she keeps us supplied with all kinds of crocheted goodies and shares her yarn stash with me (her heart is as big as the grand canyon!) i’m pretty sure i’ll have enough pot holders to make afghans for the entire family soon!! so again crochet makes me feel…connected, calm, stupid/smart, happy & productive, and over all…loved! <3 many thanks mikey & daniel for all you do for the crochet community!!

  174. June Hyer

    How does crochet make me feel? It makes me feel relaxed oh, it makes me feel useful oh, it makes me feel cool productive, it makes me feel creative, everybody it makes me feel happy.

  175. Loretta Coleman

    Crocheting is my unwind place, my happy place, my me space, my sanity time. I preordered your book and LOVE IT abut would very much like to have it signed by you both. I have learned a lot and have a lot more to learn. Keep teaching I’ll keep watching

  176. Karen Stephenson

    Crocheting relaxes me after a stressful day. This is why I Crochet everyday.


    Crochet makes me feel relaxed and creative. I can pick and mix my patterns and fiber and I can sit and crochet to get to my happy place.

  178. Linda Halcomb

    Crocheting guarantees that there will be something left here to comfort my loved ones after I am gone. That means a lot to me.

  179. Marsha Dodson

    How does crochet make me feel? Many things. It reminds me of my mom, she taught me to crochet, so that would be nostalgic. But also accomplished when you have a completed project. I love seeing how the project progresses and becomes whatever it is supposed to be. It is simply my passion.

  180. Sylvia Mowery

    I enjoy giving the different things i make to others less fortunate , I even give yarn & anything else they need away.
    It makes me feel so happy to give to others. I would love to have your book so I can make more things to give away.
    Thank you Mikie for all you do for us. ❤️❤️❤️

  181. Kate Ortiz

    As the world does it’s best to cope with the last 18 months my personal refuge is crocheting. It calms me, takes me to a place of peace when all around seem chaotic. I’m not sure if us Crowders in the UK are allowed to enter to win the book. I’ve heard a lot about it all good. I know who ever it’s given to will be lucky. Thanks Mikey, Dan and the Crochet Crowd team for everything you have and continue to do for us free and gratis. Lots of love from across the pond in London. Loving your beautiful Garden too..Dan you’re a horticultural genius..You may like to watch one of our Brilliant TV gardeners here Called Monty Don. He came back from a serious stroke to work again in TV gardening..he also had a beautiful dog called Nigel. xxx

  182. Angel Knoedler

    Crochet has been my way to relax, destress, and work through things. I have learned so much from Mikey’s tutorials and Daniel’s graphical aids and am so proud when I finish a project to see what I accomplished while also finding an inner peace. Thank you for bringing such wonderful designs, tutorials, and uplifting community for crocheters.

  183. Melody Seamone

    How does crochet make me feel?

    I started crocheting at a very difficult time in my life. I needed something that would keep my mind busy. I learned by watching the crochet crowds beginner videos. Today crochet is a getaway from the busy world that surrounds me. It gives me peace while also providing a feeling of pride and accomplishment. I was thrilled to learn that the Crochet Crowds studio is only just over an hour away from my home and was able to visit the studio for a sale during Christmas a few years ago. The Crochet Crowd is definitely my go to for all things crochet!

  184. Nancy Fullard

    Crocheting makes me feel as though I have my grandmother and my aunt back with me. My mom was a great reader, but she was never into crafts. But my grandmother and my mom’s sister crocheted all the time. My grandma made a gift for every wedding, every baby, etc. & my aunt gifted blankets to anybody she ever met – even total strangers. Soon after I got married, a friend brought over a little booklet, a hook and some Cro-sheen and showed me how to crochet a necklace. I have been crocheting ever since – 50 years – much like my loved ones – crocheting gifts with a piece of my heart in each creation. So – how does crocheting make me feel. It feels like LOVE!

  185. lyn bailey

    hi to answer the question how does crochet make me feel

    crochet has given me so many emotions. it makes me feel excitement of the project I’m about to undertake ! it makes me feel a sense of peace and quietening within my soul it quietens my relentless anxiety. it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment and i often feel like I’m not good at anything and when people have commented that something is great or good amazing I feel a little bit more encouraged. i started a few people with the crochet bug and we have natter and crochet sessions with laughter and support for one another its a real life changer in the fulfilment in creating something from a strand of yarn and a hook so simple ingredients but still fills me with excitement seeing new shades and new pairing of colours. i dream in colour many nights i see the whirlpool of stranded colours and i can reach up pulling strands from here and there and the combinations that you’d not think would go does!!!!! Crochet is simply amazing!

    with so many patterns available you tube videos and people such as Mikey and the crochet crowd all combine to enrich all fellow crochet people me included Thank you!!!

  186. Laura Nickel

    Crochet for me is an escape from my unpleasant past. When I crochet I feel at peace. I can escape into my creative world and not feel lonely. I also enjoy the process of learning new techniques and stitches. And the fact my new hubby loves to yarn shop with me and for me. He is very supportive.

  187. Jessica Broward

    Crocheting makes me feel free. It relieves the stress I feel at work. I can do something that I love. And it feels amazing to give my family and friends gifts for the holiday

  188. Amanda Nappier

    When i first started crocheting i was rather stressed because i didn’t have anyone to teach me. I wanted to learn because my great grandparents had knit and crocheted and i wanted to keep the tradition going. Watching how to’s on YouTube helped me grasp the basic ideas and made me feel more confident in myself and my progress. When i joined the summer CAL i was so excited because I was ready to learn new stitches and thought this would be the best way to do it. I was right! I learned so many new things and having the videos to explain the pattern and the progress made it similar to a hands on experience. I love crocheting because it makes me feel like I’m carrying on the traditions and can do anything.

  189. sandra jarvis

    Crochet make me feel relaxed and brings back special memories from the past. I remember sitting in front of the fireplace with my mom and grandmother working on our projects. Always brings a smile to my face.

  190. Kim Sibille

    I love Crochet because it makes me feel close to my grandmother. I actually was introduced to crochet in PE in 8th grade. It was winter, cold and wet outside so the PE teacher decided we would spend a week learning to crochet. I made a simple SC afghan that was extremely uneven and misshapen. I still keep that it though, some 45 years later to remind of how far I’ve come. My grandmother was my hero. She crocheted afghans for each of her 6 grandchildren. When I proudly showed her my creation, she patiently explained how to do it correctly, although I’m sure she laughed a bit at my result. Because of her, I continued to crochet, branching out into thread crochet which I had never done. She’s been gone 10 years now, but I think of her so often as I start or finish another project. I have been crocheting afghans for all of my nieces and nephews as they graduate from college since she isn’t here to do that for the next generation.

  191. Jean Marie

    Crochet makes me feel like myself again! A few years ago I chose to leave my career to be a stay at home parent as it was the best decision for us at that time. Parenting young children is all-consuming- working or not working. As the years went by I lost myself and my usual creative outlets. Data dumps, spreadsheets, power tools, paints, and picking got stuffed to the back of the shed since they don’t really mesh with 2 toddlers running around. Kids get older and stop napping and my brain turned to mush. It was hard to dream of new ideas and put them on paper. Kids start grade school and you start getting pieces of yourself back but they also start after school activities so your quiet time turns into “must do everything” time because once school is out you drive, listen, counsel, drive, tutor, supervise, clench your teeth, referee, investigate, control your eye rolling, negotiate, pray for peace and patience, bite your tongue, drive some more, then time for supper and the big bath debate. No time for zen. Or is there??? I hated the nonproductive time I spent waiting for my kids to finish practice. And then I had my aha moment! Maybe I could learn to crochet. So (not knowing what the heck I was doing) I went to a store and bought a book, 2 balls of yarn, and a pack of hooks. Not knowing any crocheters or knitters, I mimicked the pictures and taught myself right handed. Once I understood what I was doing I switched to my dominant left hand. My brainwaves were starting to show life again! Things clicked and I’ve been hooking for a year now. I feel creative and accomplished again and my family has been so supportive and loving of every thing I’ve made. Crochet is more than Roseanne’s sofa blanket. Crochet is the craft that hides in the bathroom with you, sits in the empty parking lot with you, doesn’t age as it waits for you to return, and doesn’t require water, power, or chemicals to clean up. Well, my kids have just realized said bathroom break has gone too long so I am leaving this here.
    Full disclosure: I already bought your book, read it, loved it, and set it on my desk to start a project soon. My kids have also flipped through it, found what they wanted, and asked a million questions about who all the people were. But I would love a signed copy! And would gladly give my unsigned copy to another crocheter. Thanks for being you, Mikey!

  192. Mary Morris

    How does crochet make me feel? Crochet is my safe place. I crochet when I am happy, when I am sad, when I am lonely , you get my drift. I have been crocheting for 40+ years. I also knit. I just retired from teaching. So I am not able to crochet as much as I want. I am also joining CAL’s because I have time. I did the Study Of Geometry. I love to not only crochet, but I give 99% of what I make away. That rounds out my feelings with crochet. Love, I love to crochet, I love to give my crochet away. So I guess, the main feeling is Love.

  193. Jennie Salva

    Crocheting helps me to destress from tough work days. It’s also something I do because I like to. LOL. I started crocheting when I was six. My mom and both grandmas showed me different things with the craft. Having lost all three (my mom earlier this year) I also find it a good way to remember what they taught me, and hopefully improve upon what I learned from them and many others.

  194. Janice Gibbs

    How does crochet make me feel??? Frustrated – so many patterns I want to do when I already have a pile of WIPs to finish. Proud – that I can carry on the crafting that my Mother taught me and pass it on to my Grand children. Satisfied – when I do complete a project (which I would get done faster if I didn’t stop to admire it after every row). Joyous – when I use up another ball from my stash. Overwhelmed – at the amount of yarn I still have in said stash.

  195. Liz

    I have done at least 1/3 of your patterns and love love love the tutorial but most of all I love the bloopers. Keep being the honest, lovable man you are Mikey and of course keep up the great work !

  196. Kathryn

    Crocheting makes me feel connected, especially to my Grandma. While we live on opposite sides of the country, she is the one that taught me how to hold my yarn and hook like a crocheter and not a knitter! I had taught myself to crochet after I had learned to knit. I was visiting her and making washcloths. After she watched me for a little she asked if I wanted to be able to crochet faster. Of course I said yes! Every time I pick up yarn and a hook I think of her.
    I gift most of the items that I make to family and friends, so I always feel connected to whoever is getting the item. It is fun to think about them enjoying it, and imagining the joy on their faces when they receive it!

  197. Hellenic Steele

    How does it make me feel? It’s my place to go to, to escape and relax. The sheer pleasure I feel when I see a recipients reaction to something I have made. I don’t charge for items as it is my hobby. I love trying out patterns, a challenge to myself to see if I can create the piece of crochet. There is a sense of achievement and pride at the end product. It makes me smile, with the occasional expletive thrown in 😊

  198. Mary Elizabeth

    How does crochet make you feel? Purposeful … it has always given me joy, but after several years of losses through a long infertility journey, it is what healed my heart. After my husband & I chose to live child free & stop all medical intervention, I was really struggling with what my purpose was. One day I picked up my crochet hook & a ball of yarn & made a small pillow … from that day forward I have been making these pillows & giving them away to bring hope & healing to others. As I crocheted each pillow in prayer, I looked at it like I’m nurturing my children in spirit. It’s how I mother them & found purpose to my life.
    I really enjoy your videos Mikey & I’ve learned so much from you. I cannot wait to join you all in creating this “Study of the Journey” as a way to honor & give back to myself, honoring my journey to healing through crochet 🥰

  199. Elizabeth C.

    When I was 15 my mother passed away. I had to go live with my sister for over summer and was all alone in her apartment while she was at work all day. I picked up a crochet hook and bought some yarn and taught myself, using a book, how to crochet. It made me feel like I had a purpose and not so alone. Many, many years later I still am crocheting and still makes me feel so relaxed and gives me such a sense of accomplishment. It is a very therapeutic hobby and love it so much.

  200. Laura Briley

    I get stressed and overwhelmed very easy. Crochet helps my anxiety and keeps me calm. Last night I was upset and crocheting helped calm me down. It also makes me feel accomplished. No matter what I’m screwing up elsewhere, I can see the progress I’m making on my wip and feel like I could do anything. Thank you so much for this chance to win your book. Thank you so much for all you do for us. You are so very appreciated.

  201. Jamie Bruni

    You both and a sweet 97 year old friend ( God rest her soul) taught me how to crochet left hand many years ago. I always hoped for the opportunity to tell you that! Crochet for me is therapy. Mental therapy! I can listen to book and fiddle with yarn to relax. The reward? Making something beautiful my family and friends will treasure. Thank you!

  202. Marsha

    Hi Mikey… how does crocheting make me feel? Like most it helps me relax and ca,ms my thoughts. It also helps to keep my hands and fingers from stiffening up from my arthritis. I get great joy out of my grandchildrens smiles when I give them something I have made specially for them. Its the joy and amazement I see on their faces and in their eyes from my crocheting that makes me the most happy. Crocheting just seems to bring so much happiness no matter how simple the item may be. Its like a warm hug.

  203. Kim L

    Crochet makes me feel benevolent, inspired, creative, peaceful and content.
    I learned to crochet at 10 years old by reading books at the library. (no Mikey back then) I have truly enjoyed the many different aspects of techniques that Mikey has brought to the table! What a lovely group and gift you have, Mikey, to teach any who want to learn, the wonderful things that can be made! You make the instruction fun and easy to follow!
    Thank you for all you do… Along with your wonderful team!!

  204. Susan Lloyd

    My mother died of breast cancer when I was three years old. I don’t really remember her, but crochet makes me feel like have a connection to her – she was a talented crafter. Crocheting makes me feel like I have something in common with her and my aunt who also died of breast cancer.

  205. Amber Bigelow

    Crochet makes me feel very relaxed. I love crocheting especially for animals they love whatever you make no matter how many mistakes you make. Also being agoraphobic I don’t leave the house much so having an online group to share my favorite hobby with others helps me improve my skill even more and I get to make friends. I learned from youtube and I am still learning more and more.

    • Amanda Smith

      Crochet time is “Me Time” After busy days with kids and work, pulling out my yarn and hooks help me get back to “0”, to feel calm and ready for the next thing life brings.

      I learned many years ago from my husband’s grandmother who is no longer with us. I wish I could thank her for sharing her talent and show her what it has done for me.

    • Sherri Emrick

      Crocheting makes me feel accomplished. Mikey, you have no idea how much your patterns and tutorials have helped me broaden my Crocheting skills. So much I would not of even tried without your help. Thank you, Thank you.

    • Kellie

      Crocheting is something that keeps my hands busy and my creativity challenged, but most importantly it keeps me connected to my grandmother who taught me as a small kiddo. I think about how she would love that I have picked up the craft again. My aunt and uncle often mention how she would be proud and that makes my heart happy. When I see kids pick out and put on an animal hat , or don my messy bun hat to walk my dog, in any kind if weather, I think of Grandma Tan!

    • Angie

      Crocheting makes me feel calm and accomplished. When everything seems like is so hard in life , you can sit down and focus on each simple stitch creating a wonderful product when you’re done. Side note-I have always loved your tutorials, I live not far from you wo started your channel and I was so excited that my favourite crafters to follow we’re only 1/2 hour away!! I’m so excited that you now have a book too! You guys rock! Happy crafting!

    • Laura Casias

      Thank you for your guidance in this beautiful art form I love. I’ve been crocheting since 1963 when I was 7. It’s helped me through hospital stays as a child (surgeries and treatment for polio), through long days in the parking lot waiting for my daughters’ athletics and band practices, through long stays at airports and long flights for my job. Most importantly, crocheting has always been my therapy. It has always been there when I need peace and time for reflection. I love to teach others and share this beautiful art form.

  206. Sarah G.

    My best friend taught me how to crochet, it has helped me to control my anxiety and stress. Unfortunately she has since passed away, so with each stitch I make I feel her presents and comfort over me. I will crochet as long as I can to hang onto her memory.

    • Deborah Decker

      A stranger in a hospital while I was visiting my dad taught me to crochet. I was ten years old. Crochet relaxes me and keeps my hands out of the cookie jar. Haha. I’ve looked for your book and Barnes and Noble didn’t have it. Thanks for all your hard work.

    • Michelle Smith

      Crochet makes me feel talented in an otherwise mundane life. Thank you for being you!

  207. Maria Romeo

    I love to crochet as it’s my life saver ! !
    As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety and now has become a full time carer for my husband (dementia)!
    Crochet is the only thing that keeps my mind in a good place ! !

  208. Thank you for all that you do for this community that you have created. I am hoping to go to one of your retreats.

    • Kenda Stacy

      I started crocheting about 45 years ago. I lost my husband in December and crochet is the only thing that has helped with the depression and feeling of anxiety! I get home from work and sit in my chair (with my fur babies around me) and crochet. Some nights I crochet till morning.

  209. Crocheting. I learned at age 19. I am 59 now. It makes me feel as though I have accomplished something. I love seeing smiles on faces when I gift my projects. And all the excitement when they see it. My grandson always let’s me know what he wants me to make him. He is 11. It brings joy to me knowing how much he loves my stuff. He gets excited, which makes me excited. Its keeps me busy and calms my nerves. Never enough yarn. Lol. I will be doing your SAL . It will be my stashbuster AND my white elephant gift for Christmas. My daughter helped me organize my yarn this week. She asked me to do a stash blanket. So perfect timing. Thanks for the site and all you do .

    • Linda Lovland

      I started teaching myself how to crochet in my late 60’s. I learned a lot through your tutorials. Then I had to have hand surgery 3 years ago. I couldn’t crochet for over a year. My husband got sick and passed away. I am now trying to get back into it. I learned the c2c stitch a few years ago and made a lot of scarfs and afgans. I have forgotten how to end one side and I can’t find your tutorial one it.Help

    • Karen Lazzaro

      If it wasn’t for crochet I’m not sure what my life would be like. It is my go to for relaxing and helping with my mental health. Living in Victoria Australia we have been in lockdown for ages. Crochet is keeping me sane. Takes my mind off my worries.

    • Julie Malone

      I’m not very artistic or creative. When I crochet and I can make such cute and pretty things -I feel such accomplishment.

  210. Joni Davis

    I love your patterns and your tutorials! I really love how you told about your life at the front of the book. You have done more than you know to bring mental health issues to the forefront, and offer people like me hope for the future. I crochet to help my anxiety. It is a mindfulness exercise.
    Blessings on you and Dan,
    Joni Davis

    • Barbara monty

      I’ve been crocheting for over 50 years. I had many strokes in 2017 then cancer in 2018. My doctors were stunned that I was still able to crochet. A little slow but I’ve got to use up my yarn stash. It relaxes me so much.
      Love everything that you have so generously taught us all. Thank you

  211. Kelli Wadsworth

    I’m not sure what crochet makes me feel, but it’s something I became interested in at a young age and have always come back to when I put it aside because life is too busy. When I was little, I used to watch my mother crochet and would beg her to teach me how. That was an unmitigated disaster, but my at the time future mother-in-law taught me how to crochet when I was 18, and I never looked back. I always come back to it when I’ve had to take a break for whatever reason. It gives me comfort, peace from my thoughts, and helps me feel like I’ve accomplished something when I finally finish a project. My husband passed recently, and I’ve been using it to manage my grief by crocheting a grief blanket that I started a few days before I passed. I would sit next to his bedside and crochet, and now I sit on the couch while thinking of him and remembering him. It helps me process all these complicated and painful emotions.

    • Paula Krystopolski

      My grandma taught me to crochet when I was 6 years old. 50+years later I still have that first hook. It has helped me deal with stress so many times throughout my life. (I say crochet was the original fidget spinner for me.) It also has given me so much joy to give handmade gifts to people for special occassions.

    • Donna Dissauer Saliba

      The art of crochet is therapeutic to me. It helps me relax and I look with pride at what I’ve created with just a chain. I was amazed when I completed my first CAL (Better Together) that l learned so many stitches and changed colors so many times. I couldn’t have done that without your time and talent as a teacher. I’m grateful to be part of this community!

  212. How does crochet make me feel?

    Several ways:

    1. it provides me a calm and release… I am the primary caregiver for my mom who has dementia.. coupled with diabetes… and other health issues. She live with me. It can be very frustrating most days. Some days, I don’t talk to other human beings all day. I take the evening to watch some TV and lose myself in great (and sometimes not so great) crochet projects.

    2. it also gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. When I complete a project and gift it to someone. I love to see the excitement and joy on their faces. Making something I know someone will love makes me happy.

    I love trying new things. I rarely make the same pattern twice!

    I have even dabbled in creating my own designs… at this point, mostly just graph-ghans.

  213. Rebecca Carrier

    Crocheting keeps me feeling connected to my Mom, Grandmother and Aunt, all of which shared the task of teaching me how to crochet 60 years ago. We used to sit at the kitchen table for hours drinking coffee and crocheting. Aww the beautiful memories.

    • Charlott Reynoldd

      Im a 5 time cancer survivor and my saving grace was crochet. I watched Mickey and his videos to learn how to crochet. Learning kept my mind off the thought if today was the day i was going to die. It allowed me to think of something beside my self. It has allowed me to make keepsakes for my children and grandchildren. Thank you Mickey for helping me make it through

  214. Terry Galandzi Scoledge

    How does crochet make me feel?

    Not an easy question to answer, crochet make me feel so many different emotions: relaxed, frustrated, happy and sad, nostalgic, and most recently proud. When I’m crocheting I feel relaxed and content, so long as it’s going smoothly. Then the frustration sets in because I’m unable to figure out the pattern, I keep making mistakes and have to frog-it, or it just doesn’t look like it should. Just to name a few of my frustrations. Then suddenly I figure it out and I’m very pleased with myself. While crocheting I often think of the person that I’ll be gifting it to, This makes me feel so happy to think of them enjoying my work. Sadness also sneaks in. I used to watch my grandmother crochet all the time and have a several items of her work. I wish she was here to see how she inspired me to crochet. When I pick up one of her crochet pieces I feel nostalgic, flooded with memories. I was also taught by my mom, who currently lives very far away. So when crocheting, I miss them just a little bit more. I’m hoping some day my daughter will want to learn. The most recent emotion that I have been feeling is pride. This surprises me because I have never felt proud of my work, I don’t know why. I have been working on accepting compliments and sharing my work more with joy. I can now accept compliments with a smile and a good feeling, most of the time. Still working on it. So thank you Mikey, following you on Facebook, joining your groups, and sharing my work has helped. Your encouragement, funny stories and videos have not on;y helped my crocheting skills, but helped me believe just a bit more in myself. So I say THANK YOU, Thank you for everything you do to support each and everyone of us.

    • Patty

      Crochet makes me feel like I’m doing something special for a friend or family member. Very few of my friends crochet, and it makes me happy to give them an amazing design that I’ve learned how to do through Mikeys tutorials! I’ve learned so much since I discovered The Crochet Crowd. Keep up the good work!

  215. Cami Smith

    How does crochet make me feel?
    I learned the basics at a very young age from my great grandma. She did not have a lot of money so made ‘yarn’ from bread wrappers that she cut into strips Everyone in our family has a special pencil holder Grandma created from her very own ‘yarn’ and empty tin cans 🥰

    A few years back I was asked to help crochet hats for a VA hospital. I wasn’t sure that I would remember enough to make anything after all those years!!
    With the help of YouTube and Mikey…I soon was in my way to making more than hats for the VA 😊
    Crochet makes me happy and relaxed…even more so when I can donate my projects to help out others! I have several different non-profit organizations that all my creations end up going to.
    I love to use Mikey’s tutorials and CALs to learn new stitches and techniques from. He is an awesome teacher and I am amazingly relaxed to just listen to his voice during the instructions.
    I cannot wait for this next Study of the Journey to create and learn by making another great blanket for someone in need 🥰

  216. Joye McBroome

    Crochet makes me feel worthy. As a kid my dad hated me and told me numerous times and crochet makes me feel like I am loved, that I am approved.

  217. Shasta Akers

    I learned to crochet as a child & put it aside for many years. I picked it back up when I became a single mom to cope with my stress levels. This last year and a half has been very tough with COVID, my SO being injured on the job & my youngest child having a severe accident. I don’t think I would have kept my sanity if it were not for this craft. Thank you for all the wonderful patterns & tutorials!

  218. Tabitha Mcpherson

    How crochet makes me feel

    I started crocheting back in June of 2015 almost 2 years after I lost my first daughter Addison. As the years went on I decided that crochet was a good way to help with the depression I had after losing my daughter. It helps me keep calm when I feel like I’m having an anxiety attack. Crochet also helps me relieve stress.

  219. Sue Whittington

    This has been the hardest season of my life, and my anxiety makes some days almost unbearable. This year I lost my husband of 32 years, retired from my job, sold my house, and moved 1000 miles away from everything familiar to me. When I am really feeling the stress and I need an escape I grab my yarn and my hooks, find a quiet corner, and lose myself in my stitches. It brings a sense of peace and calmness over me, having something to focus on.

  220. Johanna Chase

    Hello. You asked how crochet impacts my life…. I was adopted as an infant and have always gravitated to arts and crafts but my mom isn’t crafty. I taught myself to sew by trial and error and then to crochet with books and youTube. It was for fun at first but recently I have discovered how it calms and grounds my mind. After a rough year with family health issues & deaths I found myself craving time to sit and count stitches as I made items to give as gifts. Of all the things I have made so far I have not kept a single item; they have all been given to friends & family. The gift to myself isn’t the result; it is the process and the comfort I feel while working through a project.

  221. Dawn

    Crochet makes me feel . . . good! It makes me feel like giving, like I have something to give. It makes me feel I am healthy, capable and valuable. It makes me feel love.

  222. Rebekkah

    My cousin tried to teach me to crochet when I was a kid but I’m left handed so everyone in my family had a hard time teaching me to crochet. I’m glad I didn’t give up because now I make such pretty and cool things to gift my friends and family on birthdays and holidays. Homemade things are so much more meaningful than store bought. ❤️

    • Michele Brasgalla Wynn

      Crochet relaxes me. I think about the person I am creating for and how special they are to me. I know my creation comes from the heart and I know it will be loved and used. If someone asks me to make something for them it really touches my heart! I am making my son’s 2nd afghan in his lifetime. He literally carries them everywhere! I crochet for the joy of other people.

  223. Amanda Feltham

    I’ve loved the Crochet Crowd for years. I find mikey to be an excellent teacher of crochet. The videos are very well done and I understand much better when I’m stuck.
    Thank you for everything you both do to keep this craft current and fun

  224. Kecia Ciancanelli

    Crochet makes me feel accomplished and proud of myself. I’m left handed and I taught myself how to crochet with a how to book that was written only for right handed people. I love the feeling of completing a project. I crochet as a form of therapy for my hands since I was diagnosed with Wilson’s Disease my fine motor skills have deteriorated. I don’t want them to get worse.

    • Betsy Everett

      Mikey, crochet gives me a feeling of euphoria that nothing else ever has. I picked up a hook for the first time when i was 23 and found out i was expecting my now 10 year old daughter. No matter what i feel i crochet. If Im happy, my joy goes into my project. If Im sad or angry i crochet until i feel better using a scrap ball and when i feel better i take it outside and frog what i made. Its like a release of the negativity. I learned from you and it would be an absolute joy and a wonderful addition to my collection to have your book. Thank you for being amazing. Ive learned and never looked back.

  225. I would love love love to win a copy of your book. I was injured 3 years ago, lost my career, crocheting keeps my anxiety at bay, since I’m unable to work.

  226. Karen

    Why did I start crocheting and how it makes me feel!!
    Well this started as a hobby for me and aunty after losing my uncle to cancer, something just for us to do together, she couldn’t get along with it so gave up, but me I was hooked (pardon the pun), I was diagnosed with fibromialgia and was limited to what I could do, this severely affected my mental health, so when the darkness comes I pick up my yarn and hook and create, relaxes me, focuses my brain into doing something creative and helps me on my darkest of days, my husband says he thinks my hooks are surgically attached to my hand as I never put it down, during the sleepless nights, the hook is out, I actually think crochet is now my lifeline, sad I know, but just how I feel

  227. Maria Gendron

    My grandmothers, mom, mother-in-law and oldest sister all crocheted and knit. I could never get the hang of it. Then my middle sister said she was learning to crochet from your videos, so I gave it a try. Finally I was able to learn how to crochet. Thank you for all the effort you put into teaching people to crochet.
    I love to learn knew things and learning how to crochet something knew gives me a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Thank you for all you and your team do. ❤️

  228. Susana Quintana

    Hi Mickey!
    My mother was Canadian, She passed away three years ago and she teached me to crochet. I borned in Toronto but Im Mexican and I have lived in México since I was 3 months old. I follow you since the very first moment I saw you in a video. I would love to have your book.

    Thanks for all you work and passion. Even I dont know you, you Are one of my favourite persons in the world.

  229. Cyndi Noyes

    You asked how crochet makes me feel? Over my lifetime it has provided a level of calmness and focus for different reasons. I was taught as an 8 year old by my godmother. It was her goal to keep the hands busy and hopefully the mouth shut of a hyperactive unmedicated child. As I grew, I would put it down and pick it up again many times. The first thing I crocheted as an adult was a rainbow striped, chevron blanket for my first born child. I would make gifts off and on as a busy mom of two but it was a skill I had that I could recall. In 2014, my mother needed a 24 hour caregiver. I left my home and family to live with her 700 miles away. I was used to my quiet, to my space, to my crafts. All of that changed. I picked up crochet again for my therapy, to get me through the tough times with my mom. To keep my hands and my mind busy. Mom would pass 2 years later but I have never put down my crochet hook. I do not watch television, I listen to audiobooks and crochet. Crochet has always been my medicine.

  230. Cheryl

    Crocheting makes me feel connected, to family members who crochet and now in this time and space it makes me feel connected to a community that I don’t have to leave home to be with. Crochet has taught me many lessons that can be applied to other parts of my life, the big one being , patience. If it doesn’t work out the first time, try again.
    Thank you, Mikey for providing wonderful videos and patterns and helping to provide a caring inclusive community.

  231. Hi there. I’m going to leave a comment here. A short one. I would love your signed book. Thank you for taking time to publish a wonderful story.

  232. Laurie Anderson

    How does Crochet make me feel? It completes me. Self taught with Mikeys videos in March 2020. Grateful to learn a variety of stitches and appreciate the adaptability of texture and colours and how they interplay. When I get too much in my head, working on a project gets me back to the present. A completed project is positive therapy for me. Thank you for creating the Crochet Crowd Community

  233. Vicki Hassan

    How does crochet make me feel? I think that is a loaded question. Crochet is my therapy, it is an outlet to help me with my depression and ADHD. I have never really felt liked or that I fit in and crochet gives me an escape from that. It is a physical therapy for my hands, my RA and a couple more autoimmunes. I can crochet all day without much trouble but if I take a day off my hands hurt unbearably. I haven’t been able to work since the start of Covid so I am now exploring the option of selling my creations to help with bills. More than any of this , I have simply loved crochet ever since my Grandmother taught me 45 years ago. I wish she could see the things I have been making recently, she would be proud. Thank you for your contribution to that.

  234. Lee Johnston

    I started crocheting when I was a young child. I found it fascinating that I could create something out of string with a hook. My friend’s mom taught me as my mother was a knitter and I couldn’t get the hang of it. (I have since learned how to knit but prefer crochet for most things). I have done it off and on for the last 47 years. In recent years, it has become a lifeline of sorts. it helps me relive anxiety and depression by giving me a sense of accomplishment. During the pandemic, it has literally saved my life. It helped my with depression during quarantine as I live alone and didn’t have much contact with outside world once we started working from home. It helped me recover from a stroke that I suffered last May. I am right handed and my stroke affected my right side. When I woke in the ICU, I could not move my right side at all. Once I started to recover and the blood started to drain from my skull, I was able to start moving my right side. Being in the hospital during the pandemic was horrible as I was not allowed any visitors. In order to pass the time, I ordered some Caron Cotton Cakes, scissors and a hook from Micheals. My friend picked it up and delivered it to the hospital for me. I started working on an afghan. It was a struggle at first but really helped me regain use of my right side. It also helped with my brain function. The doctors didn’t tell me that, but I believe that it got me out of the hospital a lot sooner. The nurses and physical therapist were impressed with speed of my recovery. Today I still crochet and have finished many projects since then. I am grateful to have this ability and cannot imagine my life without it.
    Thank you, Mikey and Daniel, for allowing us into your lives. You bring so much joy to so many.

  235. Lyn

    I want to thank you so much for this blog, group, everything. I taught myself to crochet less than ten years ago and was so glad when I found “the crowd”.
    Crocheting quickly became my relaxing and unwinding activity. It has become an escape for me. And now with the help of you and this group, I have so thoroughly enjoyed trying my hand at blankets like this.

  236. Penny Taylor

    This might sound a bit strange, but I am kind of fascinated by how you can take something as boring and flimsy as string/yarn and turn it into soooooo many beautiful things. Crocheting makes me feel peaceful and also excited at the same time. When working on a project I feel at peace with myself and yet I’m excited to see how my project is going to turn out in the end. I also feel like an artist. I suck at drawing, painting and such, yarn gives me that creative outlet that some people have like my daughter. My daughter (who is quite an artist with her paints, pencils, pens and so forth) once told me that I was an artist in my own way. Instead of using material that other artists use, I “paint” with yarn. I guess another thing is it makes me feel like my mom is close by. I lost my mom the day after Christmas this past year and I probably wouldn’t have gotten into crochet if it wasn’t for her. She once gave me a bag of granny squares that someone else had made and asked me to stitch them into a blanket for her. If it wasn’t for her and that pile of squares, I might never have started to crochet. Crocheting gives me that connection with my mom (even though she never crocheted). My family cant understand why I love to crochet so much, why I love yarn. I guess my answer in the end would have to be-Its complicated! Lol. Thank you Mikey for helping me learn how to turn string/yarn into so many beautiful and wonderful things! I love being a Hooker!! Lol!

  237. Ruth Richardson

    What’s not to enjoy?
    A stash of yarn, a simple tool and I’m off to that other world of hooking, counting, frogging, etc. etc. I’ve even learned to read pattern diagrams – well, sorta but I keep pushing myself. Gotta keep that old brain grinding away – even at the ripe old age of 81 LOL. I’ve enjoyed your tutorials for many years. We’ve shared a province (Ontario) and an industry (trucking [30 years in administration for me] and an overall love of “fiber art”.
    I do look forward to seeing your new book. I’m sure it was a challenge and credit goes to you and Dan for considering this challenge. I look forward to seeing it.
    What’s not to enjoy??

  238. Kimberly

    Grateful and gratified ❤️

    • Victoria Day

      Crochet makes me feel so accomplished. I have always had issues with feeling accomplished when finishing stuff. It also gives me something to be proud of. Like, dude, I just made this and now I got to wear it! How neat is that! I also find peace when I crochet. It makes me feel calm and quiets all the negative rblinga constantly going on in my head. It gives me something to do while the hubs is off on fire contracts, too. Keeps me from going stir crazy in the evenings at home alone.

  239. JANE Morris-Coons

    Hi Mikey! Full disclosure – I own your book. I’m entering to win for my eldest daughter so we can make the Study of Journey together.

    I know you say in your book that you don’t like the phrase “I crochet so I don’t kill people” but I often find myself muttering that. I’m often bored – I’m a 66-year-old disabled widow (17 years this week) who lives with an elderly Boxer. I crochet at night while watching TV to fight off boredom. I love to learn new stitches – that’s why I do CALs. I think as we age we need to keep learning. Recently I was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. That waiting for biopsy results is extremely anxiety-inducing. I crocheted up a storm – went 6” too far on my pattern and had to frog! But it helped a lot with my anxiety. I also love giving blankets to family and friends.

    I was taught to crochet at age 21 by my friend’s mom. The night before my first child was born, as I was finishing off a baby outfit, my left-handed husband saw a pattern and wanted to learn – like RIGHT NOW. It was Afghan Stitch – like Tunsisn today. I had to teach myself to do it left-handed to teach him. He made a beautiful Native American afghan. Got a few snide comments (this was 1979) but as a big burly cop he wasn’t worried about his masculinity. It’s such a nice memory!

    Thanks for all you do, Mikey!

  240. Oana

    Hi. My name is Oana and I am from Romania. 9 years ago I got pregnant and my anxiety and depression skyrocketed. I’ve tried watching Grey’s Anatomy. Big mistake. And then I decided I need something to keep my attention focused I needed something new. With the cheapest yarn found on market and youtube I’ve started my journey. Today I crochet mostly bags and purses. After a full day, 10 minutes of crocheting takes everything from my mind. It’s the best thing that I’ve learned. It’s my friend, my passion my source of income. I love it!

  241. Lisa McCrillis

    Crochet is a funny thing. It brings us joy and frustration, gasps of wonder at our accomplishments and can bring us to tears with its entanglement. We share our love in our creations hoping they’ll be loved and cherished for years to come. Sometimes our creations accompany our loved ones on their journey to the other side and sometimes, if we’re blessed, they wrap newborn lives in warmth and comfort. Our creations bring comfort to the sick and joy to our hearts. Crochet makes me feel connected with my ancestors who spun and wove, knit, tatted and crocheted and to my progeny, for I hope my passion will inspire them to be creative, artistic, compassionate people who share their creations with the world, in turn making it a better place for everyone.

  242. Lauren Udoff

    Hello Mikey, I learned to crochet from my Grandmother. The older I get the more I appreciate the life skill she taught me. I have begun to teach my daughters. Thank you for teaching me more stitches and advancing my craft

    • Julia Allen

      I learned to crochet after watching my mom make magic with her hook. I was 4 and fascinated by what she could create. I’ve always been a creative person but I feel like a magician when I crochet, making concrete things out of yarn. And I feel connected to my mom and the friends and family who will receive what I made.

      • Breonna H

        Crochet makes me feel calm, proud, creative and accomplished which combined makes me feel happy. I had dabbled with it in the past but my love for crochet really started after a suicide attempt. I was in a really dark place and crochet helped pull me out of it. It’s hard to focus on dark thoughts when I’m trying to keep count. It was a great distraction for me. When I would complete a project I felt proud and accomplished. I would make hats mostly. Something I could work up quickly and hand out to coworkers. Six years later and I’m making works of art thanks to Mikey and his patterns. I credit crochet to saving my life and I will be forever grateful.

    • Kathleen Comaty

      Crocheting is my therapy and go to relax as my Fortrise of Solitude!

    • Debra Stokes

      Hi Mikey. I taught myself how to crochet when I was 16 I have made lots of wonderful gifts. And I so enjoy crocheting it relaxes me I watch TV crocheting my granddaughter always tells her mom I hope grandma crocheted me something for Christmas every year I think that’s something new to crochet her that’s special.

  243. Mel M.

    How crochet makes me feel

    Hi Mikey! I had left a comment earlier but do not see the post.

    It’s hard to describe how Crocheting makes me feel. I suffer from gender and body dysmorphia, as well as disordered eating, and the slew of other things that come with this package. Crochet provides me with a place where I can just be me. I feel safe when I’m crocheting. I guess safe is a good description of how crochet makes me feel.

    • Mikey

      I’ve been reading the comments as I approve them. It should be out now. Everything has been read up until now.

      • Bec Giles

        Crochet has made me feel very different feelings throughout my life. When my grandmother taught me, it was excitement at the thought of new thing I could make. As I grew older and became a mother, it was my “Me time” while making cot blankets and beanies. Then, I was diagnosed with MS that effects my hands, so now crocheting has turned into physical therapy, but because of the internet, I’ve discovered CAL’s all over the world and have made the most amazing things. I will say, your videos have also helped with stitches that made me go WTF?? Please keep doing what you do. With love from Australia

    • Julie Romero

      I love your book!! It would be even better with your signatures!! Thank you for all you do for the crochet world!!!

    • Kathy Simko

      Crocheting gives me joy and a sense of creatingg and accomplishment!

    • Dawn Qualls

      Hi Mikey, my grandmother taught me to Crochet while she was visiting when I was 8, after she left I forgot what to do, so my father frogged a row, figured out the pattern and wrote it out for me.
      I never felt good at anything I did, don’t ever remember being told ‘good job’ out any affirmation. Except when I finished a project, so for me, growing up and maybe still yet today, it’s one way to hear I’ve done ‘good’.
      Thank you for all that you’ve done for this community.

  244. Jennifer Jones

    Crochet is one of the many hobbies that I enjoy. So relaxing and I love just making gifts for others! And now that my mother is battling cancer I found out that the local hospital has place for donated items like hats, blankets, etc for patients to choose items for free so that’s more reasons to get my hooks going! Thank you for all you do!

    • Christine Cooper

      My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 10 years old (47 years ago) and I’ve loved crocheting every since. It brings me such peace and joy everyone I pickup a hook and yarn. I was recently diagnosed with Lupus and crocheting is a way to escape the reality of the changes I’ve had to make in life due to this disease. You are a true inspiration to all of us!!

  245. Shellie

    Crocheting makes me feel love. Love because I have precious memories of being a child and sitting by my grandmother’s side watching her crochet for hours on end. Love because most of what she crocheted was for other people and it brought her great joy to give. Love because as I’m sitting and crocheting grandma is first and foremost in my mind. I’m self-taught because she developed Alzheimer’s before she could teach me but it was her love of crocheting and giving that inspired me to learn how to crochet. Love because I’m the modern day version of my grandma- a person that loves to make things for the specific purpose of bringing joy to others.

    • Julie Fitzpatrick

      Hi Guyz,
      Well crocheting puts me in a happy place, as it grows it so satisfying.
      All I want to say is the biggest THANK YOU Mikey for teaching me all that I know now and many more to come.
      Luv ya both,
      Julie Fitzpatrick.
      Xoxo xoxox xoxox
      P..S. is your book being sold in Oz.

    • Jodie Castaneda

      Hi Mikey, thank you for this opportunity and for the blog, website, FB pages, tutorials etc! Crochet is my stress release…I learned to crochet at an early age from my Granny and I had worked on it off/on through the years but it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that it became my primary craft. I HAVE TO BE doing something as I cannot just sit anymore. I can pick up my yarn and hook and crochet the cares of the day away, watch tv, and keep my hands busy while traveling. It became especially helpful recently when my dear mom was in the hospital for a few weeks. I could sit with her and crochet to calm my anxieties. Again thank you for all you do!!! You have been a blessing more than you will ever know!

  246. Celeste M Phillips

    I think like most, crochet is comforting. It brings a sense of peace and closeness to those who have taught you the art. It lets your creativity flow and allows you to be in control. As personal as it is, it also allows you to be a part of an amazing community.

  247. Margaret Houk

    PS: MIkey, I love that you live in Nova Scotia – non nplace like it on earth! – as I have a dear friend in Clare!

  248. Margaret Houk

    Crochet…. Reminds me of Mom & Grandma who taught me.
    Crochet…. Is my peaceful place at the end of the day; calming my mind, slowing my hear &, engaging me on a subconscious level that allows me to release the day, find joy in color, motion, symmetry. It’s my meditation moments.

  249. Cathrine Finnell

    Hi, Mikey,
    How does crocheting make me feel? It makes me feel like, as I stitch along, that I’m a part of my past generations who are not here on earth with me anymore and all the fun times I had with them when they taught me all the different techniques and stitches when I was so young. I miss them all dearly and think of each and everyone every time I pick up a new project. I love the feeling, too, that I get when I give some of my project away as gifts. Their oohs and ahs over the detailed work. I love to tell them that I learned that stitch through my grandmother, aunt or all the lovey new stitches I have been learning through you since I found you on facebook. It is such a satisfying feeling deep in my heart to crochet from past and now learning of new stitches. Thank you Cathrine

    • Cathy King

      I have been crocheting for years l love to make gifts for my family and friends. It also relaxes me when stressed. I’m teaching my daughter (27) to help cope with some of her stress. She loves it.

  250. Casey Dawes

    Crochet makes me feel good about my self and very relaxed. I feel like I am good at something and I cant go wrong with it and if I make a mistake it can always be fixed.

  251. Cyrena Ochoa

    Crochet makes me feel accomplished in something. It’s my only time I take time for myself I love knowing that I can make things that make people smile I’m not that great at it but it’s one of my favorite things to do

  252. Kelly Amato

    Crochet makes me me feel like I am connected to my grandmother who taught me so many years ago and who has since passed Away. It also makes me feel creative. My sister is an artist but when I crochet I create beautiful things as well

    • Kayla Quinton

      Crochet makes me feel closer to my grandmother. She taught me how to crochet when I was about 12. I took it for granted, and didn’t stick with it. There are many days where I regret not sitting down and crocheting with her. Crocheting now makes me feel more connected with her, and I know that she’d be so proud of how far I’ve come in a craft that she loved.

  253. Mel Miller

    It’s hard to describe the feeling I get from Crocheting. It’s therapeutic in the sense that when I’m crocheting I don’t think about the other challenges I face-gender and body dysmorphia, disordered eating, depression, and the usual everyday stress. Crocheting is like an escape for me. When I crochet I can just be myself. The craft has truly saved my life.

    • Rosemarie Merritt

      I have had depression and anxiety since I was about 6 due to some traumatic instances in my childhood. I didn’t get into Crochet until I had read a study that crafts like crochet and knitting can help people with depression and anxiety. I started to crochet about 4 years ago and one of the YouTube channels where I looked for instruction was The Crochet Crowd.

      Crochet helps me to focus on something other than my anxiety. It’s an escape of sorts because I need to focus on what I am doing. It also helps to boost my self esteem a little, as I have self esteem issues related to being Visually Impaired since birth and the trauma I endured growing up.

  254. Nicole Belanger

    Hello, I discovered your site when I started crocheting again 3 years ago. I still have several projects going on because I have to crochet (or knit) every day to decrease the pain in my hands caused by severe osteoarthritis. The models are inspiring and as a native French speaker (and left-handed), it’s helpful for me to follow Michael’s explanatory videos. Thank you a thousand times, your efforts are really appreciated.

  255. Ginny Beck

    I saw your FB post about getting a free copy by posting to your blog……Well let me just say that you have gotten me out of my comfort zone once again…. I do not blog so figuring how to do this was interesting, yea very old school here. During this nonsense the world is going through, I have had to isolate myself since immune compromised. Thank heavens I was able to sit outside the library (in my car usually) and drain their hotspot to download your patterns, ASLs, CALs, and videos (yes I have no wifi where I live). I did this while doing my Netflix video downloading also… Anyhoo.back on track here…because of all that you got me out of my comfort zone to expand my stitch collection, color choices, and comfort ability. I made–No, tackled projects I never would normally have even thought of doing or could. I watched clips of the two of you either showing yarn, talking about events, lunch & learns, house happening, and even doing a game show. You have brightened my day in more ways than you’ll ever know. I have always wanted to go to Nova Scotia so you guys are probably as close as I’ll ever get. So I guess this is a long winded way of saying I’d love a copy of your book (signed by both of you for sure–added bonus).. Thanks so much for all you do to make my day brighter in this crazy mixed up world!!!! Ginny B.

  256. Denise Walker

    Hi guys, I love crochet because of seeing the development of a piece of yarn become something beautiful and unique. I learned to crochet from your videos Mickey and your personality drew me in to learn more. (Being from Cape Breton, I was so excited when you moved here!)To me crocheting is a comfort. It also makes me feel proud when my project comes out as planned. I have a neuromuscular condition that causes my muscles to tire fast upon exertion and so I cannot crochet as long as I would like but I do it as often as I can. I think all our small little pleasures and comforts we have are what can make up a happy life. Keep making crochet cool Mikey and thanks for all the laughs!

  257. Juliana Carney

    Crochet makes me feel close to my family who all lives in South Africa and could not see them for 3 years. To feel the yarn under my fingers is like hugging them.

  258. Marilyn S White

    I love to crochet, having taught myself since becoming a young-married public school teacher. I had no money for extras so found satisfaction and pride in making my gifts to others. I especially appreciate your learning to crochet left-handed as I am a “lefty” and have been challenged forever watching right-handed videos. You touch my heart by taking that on and providing very special videos for us lefties. Thank you so much!!!

  259. Courtney Schulte

    Without crochet…. I don’t know where I’d be! Crochet makes me feel relieved. I feel relieved of all of my anxiety, stress, and depression. When I have a hook and yarn in my hands, I instantly feel at peace. Thank you for all of your tutorials and patterns! 7 years ago I started watching YouTube videos to teach myself. You have ALWAYS been a huge and wonderful help!!!

  260. Lisa Halas

    Mikey, so thankful for all that you and Dan do for the Crochet Crowd! I feel very nostalgic about crochet. My grandma taught me to crochet over fifty years ago, I’m 59. I still have, and use, her crochet hooks that were hers, she past when she was 92. I think that she would be so proud of the things I crochet with her hooks and how far I’ve taken the skills she gave me, so many years ago. I typically work 6 days a week…. Not much me time, but crochet is my “ happy place”. It allows me to relax. I love that crochet is an older art form that is being made more contemporary by designers such as you. It’s no longer a “grandma craft”, even though I AM a grandma now and for that, I am thankful.

  261. Ali Paskun

    Crocheting makes me feel relaxed and at peace, which is important especially today. It was an activity I could share with my mom growing up. We’d sit together at night, watching TV and working on our projects. It drove my father, and later my husband, crazy that we could count stitches and such while crocheting and still be up to date on what was happening on the TV show. Later it was a form of acceptance as I met others who enjoyed crocheting as we swapped patterns, encouraged each other when frustration set it and we were ready to give up on a project, and just simply enjoyed a sense of community (like The Crochet Crowd today). Finally, it is a source of pride and accomplishment when I have finished a project, especially if it is a gift for someone. It’s rewarding to be able to not only say, “I made that,” but to be able to say, “I made that for you.”

  262. Pat Revell

    My great grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 10 years old. I would visit her in Kansas and sleep under home made quilts of many colors, waking up to kaleidoscopes of patterns and rainbows. Then I found her granny square blankets! Oh my! Soft and warm and again full of mesmerizing pattern and color. So I asked to learn… Unfortunately life came and went, things got hectic and chaotic and I abandoned crochet. But a few years ago, in the midst of needing and praying for peace, I found my craft once again. Crocheting allows my mind to settle, to be comforted by something beautiful, soft and warm. When I crochet, peace descends. And all is good.

  263. Christine Nault

    As a survivor of not one but 2 abusive husbands, and sexual assault…crochet makes me feel safe. Let me explain so much of my life cause me anxiety and keeps me afraid. My logical side says I have no need to be afraid but we’ll too many years of abuse conditioned me otherwise. Crochet puts me in control and for me that is the ultimate safe place. I am 6 years out of the second awful situation and we’ll on the way to healing. With the help of my sweet understanding, patient boyfriend and my crochet I will survive!

  264. Benafiana

    I have been crocheting for about 50 years when I bought a hook as a young child and fell in love with the art. I am self thought. As I got older and started a family I realized how calming it was just to hold the hook in my hand. Many people told me to sell my makes. I couldn’t and gave most of what I made. When my ex became abusive I found the hook to be my comfort. I was able to forget the pain and bruises even if just a little while. When depression struck I crocheted more just to forget my painful life. My children and many friends received ami, blankets and wearables over the years. A crochet hook is never far from me even on vacation or traveling. To me it’s not so much the product I’m making but just hold the hook in my hand which is a major source of comfort to me. In 2017 I had surgery on my hand due to arthritis I wasn’t able to crochet for months. I always had a hook nearby to hold onto. Crochet is my only drug of choice.

  265. Tina Gouine

    Crocheting relaxes me from being too stressed and anxious. It has gotten me through many hours with my husband sitting in chemotherapy, hospital stays, his lung removal surgery, hernia surgeries, etc. It gives great satisfaction as well knowing that I can give handmade gifts to those I love instead of impersonal items just bought at a store.

  266. Nicole Roehm

    Crochet makes me feel grounded. I have anxiety and the rhythm along with counting makes me feel calm and in control of something.

  267. Rosita

    I already wrote my answer, but I cannot find it. I just want to say that I’m eternally grateful with THE CROCHET CROWD!!!!

    • Carole Fedro

      I taught myself to crochet when I was 7 years old. I am now 64. I saved my meager allowance and bought some crochet thread, a tiny hook and a book of doily patterns. I learned by following the illustrations in the book. From then on I was hooked. Crochet was a way for me to be creative and gave me a sense of purpose. Fast forward to today and I am still lost without a hook in my hand. I have been following The Crochet Crowd since the beginning. I cannot express my gratitude for all I have learned from you and your remarkable staff. I thought I knew a lot, but my knowledge of the craft has grown exponentially since I joined. My dream was to go on a Crochet Crowd cruise but could never afford it. To have an autographed copy of your first book would send me to the moon and back. Thank you for all you do. ❤

  268. Karen Burgess

    Crocheting helps me relax after a long day at work. Every night i spend at least 30 minutes on a project. It’s my time to wind down from the day. I’m hoping to get your book for Christmas. Thank you for all the wonderful patterns.

  269. Sarah Joyce

    Hi my names is Sarah, I have been crocheting for years but only knew one stitch. One day I went on YouTube and look at the different crochet patterns and I found the crochet crowd videos of different patterns so I clicked on one and it was really easy to follow, I really appreciate it Mikey for putting it in simple terms and showing the detail of how to do each stitch because it’s helped me out a lot I look forward to all the new patterns you come out with. You make it easy to follow the patterns and ever since I’ve been hooked on just your YouTube channel. I took a break from crocheting for a couple years but ever since I found your videos and see how much fun that you can make it for us by watching I started getting into it again and I’ve made all different kinds of things now. I mean right now I’m not even working so what year and I do have I get from family members even though we all can’t afford much but they know I like to make things so when I found out you were coming out with a book made by you and Daniel I got really excited but I know I can’t afford it and I’m OK with that because I like getting to see your lives and interacting with you on your pages occasionally when I can. I was always taught in the years when I was younger that as long as a gift comes from the heart that’s all that matters doesn’t matter what it is I might not be able to afford go out buy things that are fancy but at least they get a gift from the heart and that’s all that matters to me so maybe one day I will be able to get the book once I start saving up again just with car parts and everything else I’ll get there. Thank y’all so much for all y’all do. I hope this all makes since, I ain’t great at essays. Daniel and Mikey are the best.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  270. Kai R Marxen

    The act of crochet itself can be relaxing and enriching and frustrating at times — but the true joy I get is from the giving. Recently, I made a dear friend a baby blanket for her beautiful son after many fertility struggles. She truly loved the gift and I am thrilled to see it in phots she posts. However, the most special moment about this came just a few weeks ago. She and her husband are expecting their second beautiful blessing, a lovely girl this time. With many things going on, they chose not to have a shower of any sort — but I was told by both her husband and sister in law (who is my very best friend) that the ONLY thing she was hoping for (but didn’t want to come out and ASK for) was another blanket from me. There is NOTHING more humbling and gratifying than to be asked to make something for someone who so loved something you already made.

  271. Lisa Halas

    I cannot wait to have a peek into this book! You two are a bright spot in my day, every day ( I follow you on FB ) I’m hoping to get out soon to buy the book and off to the nearest Michaels I’ll go to buy some super soft yarn to create this gorgeous afghan. Thank you both for all you do for The Crochet Crowd. Please know that you are appreciated ♥️.

  272. Vickie Swanton

    Crochet makes me happy. Most of my items are gifted, and the joy I feel when I see someone wearing the hat I made for them, or curled up on the couch with an afghan I created especially with them in mind, makes all the frustrating learning curves WELL worth it. 🙂

  273. Stella Brown

    How does crochet make me feel. Crochet is my safe zoon. Its the one place/thing i know i can do to calm my self after a stressful situation or day. Im a nurse and in this ard time of a pandemic it has kept my sanity. It helps me regroup my thoughts, puts a smile on my face and of course a smile on someone’s once i give the final project to them weather some is a request or just because i want to make it. I would like to just say crochet is my life line my safe place to be.

    Thank you for listening
    Stella brown

  274. Delena johnston

    Crocheting for 52 years. I actually dream about crocheting. As soon I pick up my hook I relax. I was taught by a neighbour when I was 18. She taught me to start with thread and dollies. One of her most valuable lessons was teaching me how to read a pattern. Even after all these years I never ever get tired of crocheting. I get into the rhythm of the stitches and it’s just so calming. There is no such thing as just crocheting in the winter. I crochet everyday as it is part of me.

  275. Sherry (Nelson) Fulton

    Crochet makes me feel peaceful, calm, it’s my go to stress reliever when everything in my day is unbearable. I love the joy my grand kids and friends get when they receive an item I have made for them, it makes my heart leap with joy!!! I would love a copy of your book but funds are super tight. I’m looking after my mom and raising a 13 yr old granddaughter and getting ready for a move in June. Crocheting is my “me time” and my happy place.

  276. Steph Shepard

    Crochet has become my best coping mechanism for stress, anxiety, and those times when the clouds of depression start to creep in. When you see memes like “crochet keeps me from unraveling” it’s more than a cute joke for me, that is literally what it does. It also allows my overactive brain a chance to decompress. I’m a full-time online university student (a lot of self-discipline needed), and a mom to five kids (the youngest of which is 3). My crochet time let’s me unwind and reorganize my thoughts and emotions.. Sometimes I use it just to give it and not think at all — just keep stitching, just keep stitching. Both are much needed escapes from the everyday hustle. Years ago, when I was first trying crochet I almost gave up on it. I can’t imagine where I would be today if I had. Thanks to Mikey and his videos, I was able to get the hang of it very quickly and now consider most of my skills to be intermediate/advanced. Thank you for everything you do. It’s more than just instructional videos and patterns, it’s giving people the chance to discover a new passion, escape from stress and decompress, and your personality provides an uplifting spirit that brightens any day.

  277. Louise Long

    Mikey & Dan,
    Crocheting has helped me through 1920 & 1921, there were a lot of hospital stays and a few surgeries for hubby. Since no one in my family could come with me, I took my trusty crocheting along. Your videos and pictures of PD, cats and your yard are great. Did 3 study of texture and a few other things during this time. Thank you for being there if not in body but in spirit. The book will have to wait and so will the study of journey until the video comes out. We are trying to go on the last cruise but are waiting for the dr’s ok first before paying the last of it and hoping the medical bills (yet to come) don’t stop us. Be safe.

  278. Betty S.

    H iMikey and Dan,

    I feel blessed to have run across your teachings. A few years back, I saw a random youtube pop up. You were crocheting the first Summer Study. I watched and thought, this guy can teach and this is exactly what I need. I did not know how to rasd a pattern nor a diagram. In fact, I could not even make a staight edge. Your video was the inspiration that i needed to pick up crochet again. I watched, listened and practiced. I am now 100 % confident that i can read any pattern or diagram as well as make the most advanced projects. I am head over heals with crochet. Love it like never before. When i am anxious, it gives me comfort. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  279. Maggie Abdulwahab

    Crochet is an escape for me. My mom taught me how to crochet when I was a child. It keeps me sane and gives me something to focus on other than all the problems in my life. I went many years without crocheting but picked it up again several years ago. My youngest son was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 17 back in 2019. Crochet kept me company during the many hours spent at St. Jude during his treatment and appointments. He is in remission now and I thank God for that. Crochet kept my hands and my mind busy during this time so I didn’t dwell on the negative too much. I plan to contact my local Project Linus to donate the huge pile of blankets and wraps that I have made. It will be my way of giving back to those who need that extra hug in life.

  280. Congrats on your 1st book. It’s a lot of work, but so worth it. Writing allows you to grow in your preferred interests while giving the tools & confidence to another to try new stitches.
    Before I explain how crochet makes me feel, I don’t want you to pick me. I’d love to be able to purchase a couple books to add to your giveaway though.
    To answer your question, “how does crochet make you feel”, it actually brought me back into a world with feelings and emotions. I have been a teacher, and school administrator for decades. I hurt my back in 1991, at work and received some dire dire predictions for my future. I beat those odds by 16 yrs before I had to have an emergency spinal surgery. Recovered from that, I was back at work 3 wks later, don’t recommend that. In 2016, I had to have my neck fused. I was going to take off 8 wks from the office, but maintain monitoring my teachers/ students virtually. I did return to work to make sure my seniors finished and graduated. The next day I had 1 of 3 more surgeries I’d need before the end of the year. By Nov. 16th I was an incomplete paraplegic. I didn’t make it to surgery in time to halt the injury to my spinal cord. Docs said, with time I might get my legs back, until then, wheelchair. So, I hit it with everything I’ve got, and I’d bounce back like all he times before. I didn’t bounce back. By Feb.2017 I had to accept the facts & in a blink I lost my profession, my identity, was never getting rid of the 24/7 pain, so I locked my emotions away. I decided I wasn’t going to make life horrible for my family because they still deserved to have a wife, mother, grandma, & untarnished youth. So, I smiled without real joy, went through the motions, mourned for the loss of life before, my art; painting, colored pencil photo realism, cake decorating, sparking students learning, and hid the physical and mental pain away.
    Thanksgiving 2018, I had regained control of my kitchen with arm crutches & leg braces, but needed a bit of help. My DIL, who doesn’t cook, but asked me for lessons, made the comment about how she put a warm pan down on the plastic table cover and it didn’t melt all the way but you can tell it had gotten soft. I told her next time put a hot pad down. She didn’t have any.
    The next day, I thought, well I have a box of old classroom yarn, and a hook, I’ll make her some. Yeah, that didn’t go quite how I envisioned it. The 30 min YouTube tutorial took 14 days and an order of cotton yarn from Walmart. I wound up making a pack of 4 hot pads for all my grown children. I’ve learned to crochet a dozen times over the last 30 yrs. Too much life, not enough time meant I didn’t learn things correctly, or practice them long enough to pick up bad habits. After Christmas, I stumbled on your quick baby blanket and made it for my 3rd granddaughter’s 2nd birthday. The only other blanket I ever made before took 12 yrs and was horrible. I finished her blanket in a day. Of course the other 2 needed a blanket now too. My husband started bringing home yarn with patterns on the wrapping he found on his lunch break. Our first visit to that store is when I discovered just how well known he is there. Seems he asked lots of questions.
    Now, I’m old enough to remember the 70’s and crocheted everything, and I vowed not to be that kind of crocheter. In February my 2nd granddaughter age 3 asked if I can make socks. Well, Mickey, thanks for having a tutorial on that, though I restarted 20+ times I learned 20+ ways how not to do something. I finished socks for all the grandkids. The one that asked me to make them, I gave to her on the day she received mail at preschool. I cut a piece of paper out in he shape of her foot, with measurements, and wrote her a letter telling her learning new things isn’t easy, but with practice we learn the right way. She proudly showed off her new socks.
    It was then that I realized crochet is giving me a purpose, that when I smiled at their happy face, I could feel joy again too. Since then I have made them coats, mittens, scarves, slippers, blankets, dresses, socks, dolls, dogs, school sweaters, and so much more. Last Friday, the 15th, was my birthday and the middle 2 granddaughters brought me presents, the younger one in a pouty face said, “ mom said no to the rainbow, but it was really soft.” I looked to Mom for clarification. Evidently the girls wanted to give me yarn, “because it makes her happy” but The girls didn’t have a project in mind, and Mom didn’t know how much I’d need to do something I might think up. So she said no.
    In that moment, I knew I had a new identity, one that brings happy& loving memories to others. With the exception of my oldest grandkid, the rest will only be told about me as a teacher, running the online school, though the pandemic now means they understand online school, but their memories will be of listening to me read to them, getting help on homework, eating good food, learning to cook with grandma, and me crocheting.
    So, how does crochet make me feel”? Like I have an actual reason to be here, joy when little faces like whatever I’ve made, pride in my husband who visited stores asking questions because I finally showed interest in something again, and thankful crochet is there to divert my attention when the pain in my body wants to take over.
    For decades I maintained a larger classroom library than most school libraries. Books are important, and my habit of buying books and donating them has not changed. To that end, I will be purchasing several of your books to place in our school, small, and mobile lending libraries. I’d be happy to donate to a fund that allows more give always too. Congrats on your 1st of many books. (Hint it gets easier with each one) Thank you for being part of my journey.

  281. Renee

    Crochet makes me feel relax. Anytime I start a project I get into a ZEN like mood. I am by myself and I am one to the hook and yarn. It is quiet and the world disappears for a moment. Ahhhh what a fun place to be.

  282. Mary Ehr

    Crochet relaxes me, and gives me a sense of pride when I complete a project. My grandmother crocheted, but, by the time I was old enough to realize I wanted to learn, she developed dementia. I taught myself and now know the joy she felt when completing projects.

  283. Kathy Kincheloe

    I may not win the book, but at least I get to say thank you for all that you do. You have taught me so much about life and crocheting. Crochet is my go to when life gets to complicated. It relaxes me and gives me a sense of peace, plus the satisfaction of seeing a project completed. It would be an honor and a blessing to have your book. Thank you for all you do so selflessly.


    Crochet relaxes me and helps me focus. It is my therapy. It connects me to my grandmother. It makes me feel creative and peaceful. I can do it on-the-go or for hours in front of the TV. It helps me have great gifts for my loved ones, too! I’ve sewn, cross-stitched, quilted and more. But Crochet is “IT” for me.

  285. Carolyn Bowman

    Crocheting gives me serenity in my stressful life.

  286. Mary Margaret Kachurowski

    Crochet gives me a feeling of accomplishment! I’m not a very crafty person, but my home is full of crochet as is the closet! Friends and family enjoy the gifts they get as well. The pandemic has been a time of isolation and I’ve made a lot of items with thread with all the time available! I’ve not made any of the textured blankets, perhaps winning a copy of your book will be the incentive I need!

  287. Kathy E Spotts

    Crochet is my relaxation! While my hubby sleeps in front of the tv, I sit with his head on my lap and crochet!!! Challenged by the CAL this summer, I continue to try new patterns that I might not have before!!! Thank you!!

  288. Heidi Ross

    Congrats on your 1st book. It’s a lot of work, but so worth it. Writing allows you to grow in your preferred interests while giving the tools & confidence to another to try new stitches.
    Before I explain how crochet makes me feel, I don’t want you to pick me. I’d love to be able to purchase a couple books to add to your giveaway though.
    To answer your question, “how does crochet make you feel”, it actually brought me back into a world with feelings and emotions. I have been a teacher, and school administrator for decades. I hurt my back in 1991, at work and received some dire dire predictions for my future. I beat those odds by 16 yrs before I had to have an emergency spinal surgery. Recovered from that, I was back at work 3 wks later, don’t recommend that. In 2016, I had to have my neck fused. I was going to take off 8 wks from the office, but maintain monitoring my teachers/ students virtually. I did return to work to make sure my seniors finished and graduated. The next day I had 1 of 3 more surgeries I’d need before the end of the year. By Nov. 16th I was an incomplete paraplegic. I didn’t make it to surgery in time to halt the injury to my spinal cord. Docs said, with time I might get my legs back, until then, wheelchair. So, I hit it with everything I’ve got, and I’d bounce back like all he times before. I didn’t bounce back. By Feb.2017 I had to accept the facts & in a blink I lost my profession, my identity, was never getting rid of the 24/7 pain, so I locked my emotions away. I decided I wasn’t going to make life horrible for my family because they still deserved to have a wife, mother, grandma, & untarnished youth. So, I smiled without real joy, went through the motions, mourned for the loss of life before, my art; painting, colored pencil photo realism, cake decorating, sparking students learning, and hid the physical and mental pain away.
    Thanksgiving 2018, I had regained control of my kitchen with arm crutches & leg braces, but needed a bit of help. My DIL, who doesn’t cook, but asked me for lessons, made the comment about how she put a warm pan down on the plastic table cover and it didn’t melt all the way but you can tell it had gotten soft. I told her next time put a hot pad down. She didn’t have any.
    The next day, I thought, well I have a box of old classroom yarn, and a hook, I’ll make her some. Yeah, that didn’t go quite how I envisioned it. The 30 min YouTube tutorial took 14 days and an order of cotton yarn from Walmart. I wound up making a pack of 4 hot pads for all my grown children. I’ve learned to crochet a dozen times over the last 30 yrs. Too much life, not enough time meant I didn’t learn things correctly, or practice them long enough to pick up bad habits. After Christmas, I stumbled on your quick baby blanket and made it for my 3rd granddaughter’s 2nd birthday. The only other blanket I ever made before took 12 yrs and was horrible. I finished her blanket in a day. Of course the other 2 needed a blanket now too. My husband started bringing home yarn with patterns on the wrapping he found on his lunch break. Our first visit to that store is when I discovered just how well known he is there. Seems he asked lots of questions.
    Now, I’m old enough to remember the 70’s and crocheted everything, and I vowed not to be that kind of crocheter. In February my 2nd granddaughter age 3 asked if I can make socks. Well, Mickey, thanks for having a tutorial on that, though I restarted 20+ times I learned 20+ ways how not to do something. I finished socks for all the grandkids. The one that asked me to make them, I gave to her on the day she received mail at preschool. I cut a piece of paper out in he shape of her foot, with measurements, and wrote her a letter telling her learning new things isn’t easy, but with practice we learn the right way. She proudly showed off her new socks.
    It was then that I realized crochet is giving me a purpose, that when I smiled at their happy face, I could feel joy again too. Since then I have made them coats, mittens, scarves, slippers, blankets, dresses, socks, dolls, dogs, school sweaters, and so much more. Last Friday, the 15th, was my birthday and the middle 2 granddaughters brought me presents, the younger one in a pouty face said, “ mom said no to the rainbow, but it was really soft.” I looked to Mom for clarification. Evidently the girls wanted to give me yarn, “because it makes her happy” but The girls didn’t have a project in mind, and Mom didn’t know how much I’d need to do something I might think up. So she said no.

    In that moment, I knew I had a new identity, one that brings happy& loving memories to others. With the exception of my oldest grandkid, the rest will only be told about me as a teacher, running the online school, though the pandemic now means they understand online school, but their memories will be of listening to me read to them, getting help on homework, eating good food, learning to cook with grandma, and me crocheting.

    So, how does crochet make me feel”? Like I have an actual reason to be here, joy when little faces like whatever I’ve made, pride in my husband who visited stores asking questions because I finally showed interest in something again, and thankful crochet is there to divert my attention when the pain in my body wants to take over.

    For decades I maintained a larger classroom library than most school libraries. Books are important, and my habit of buying books and donating them has not changed. To that end, I will be purchasing several of your books to place in our school, small, and mobile lending libraries. I’d be happy to donate to a fund that allows more give always too. Congrats on your 1st of many books. (Hint it gets easier with each one)

    • Cyndi Noyes

      Heidi, your story is one for everyone that thinks that their lives have no meaning. We all have our obstacles but yours were insane. Art in any form is healing and you are proof of that. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  289. Dee Colbourne

    Hello from Newfoundland!!!!
    I am so happy and proud of you both! You deserve this and more for everything you do to promote crochet!
    I am so excited to get my hands on a copy I crochet every day! It helps me pass the time in my small town of 300! It’s hard to get to the city to get books and magazines!
    So this is something I would cherish!!! I also make and donate to the homeless shelters!
    Bless you both! I love your live feeds! You bring me much joy and put a smaller in my heart!

  290. Christine Lydon

    I love a a peaceful, quiet crochet session preferably in good daylight, makes me feel calm-creative and relaxed, first thing in the morning I find when the house is still, is my crochet time
    A new crochet book would be cherished as are my gifted hooks and cruise bag from Terry Tinsel
    I crochet because it’s magic

  291. Wendy Penrod

    What does crochet make me feel? Well, it makes me feel a lot of things. The first thing it makes me feel is closer to my grandma who i lost early this year at the age of 95, one day before her 96 birthday. She was the one who taught me to crochet at the age of 5. She only was able to teach me chain stitch, single, double , triple crochet and how to make a granny square but what she did make was very pretty. I have used what she taught me for 36, almost 37 years as my birthday is the first of next month. I learned a lot more by watching YouTube videos. The next thing crocheting does is help me feel better while I am stuck at home trying to get over a case of c diff I got from taking antibiotics for an infection I got in my jaw last month. If I didn’t have crocheting, I don’t know what I would do. Crochet also go me through the hard time when my oldest was born early and I had to be with her in the hospital for over a month as she has a lot of health issues and couldn’t come home. I made a lot of small baby blankets and premie and micro premie hats while staying at the hospital with her. The nurses always loved to see what I was working on that day. This is how crochet has helped me.

  292. Charlotte Emerson

    How does crochet make me feel? That would depend on the day After working using my hands for over 30 years I have severe carpal tunnel syndrome. Pain and numbness in my hands, wrists and shoulders makes holding a hook and crocheting difficult at times. Most days it makes me sad because I can no longer make projects like I used to. Some days holding a hook is nearly impossible. It also makes me sad because it brings back memories of the good old days when I was young and able to make any project I wanted….except working I didn’t have the time to crochet like I wanted. When I was young I used to dream of when I could retire and do nothing but crochet all day long. Now that I have retired my hands have betrayed me. I used to love buying new yarn. The feel, the colours, the possibilities of what could be made. It’s been over 3 years since I have bought any yarn or crocheted for that matter. I am currently using a knitting loom and trying to finish a scarf with Bernat Blanket yarn. I have a few crochet alongs with you I need to finish. I love using Bernat blanket yarn. It’s easy to hold and works up fairly quickly. How does crochet make me feel? Frustrated. I picked up an Afghan I had started years ago. I tried making a square. Tried 3 times but I couldn’t get the gauge matched correctly. Apparently my tension has changed. Frogged it and it’s back in the bag. How does crochet make me feel…proud that I can take a long string and make something useful and beautiful. How does crochet make me feel…happy when I get a gift finished and the recipient loves it. How does crochet make me feel? Depends on the day. Lately I have been loving watching video tutorials of crochet projects. Makes me happy to at least see all the lovely things people make. How does crochet make me feel….determined to get my current projects finished one way or another. How does crochet make me feel…excited when I saw you had written a book. I absolutely love the book. I am interested in picking up a hook again and trying what I used to love so much. An autographed copy would be the best gift. I love your book because of how much of yourself you put into it. I love the patterns too but they were lagniappe. I would have bought the book even if it didn’t have a single pattern in it. Looking forward to seeing the next book. Would love to hear more of Dans story, more about your cats your PuppiDawg, etc. thank you for doing this giveaway and thank you for all the crochet tutorials you have done. Thank you for sharing your love of crochet!

  293. Joyce Pryor

    My grandma taught me how to crochet when I was 8 years old. I still love to crochet. Crocheting is my way to relax after a long day at work. I love to crochet using one of my grandmas hooks. As I stitch I reminisce about all the good times I spent with grandma sharing patterns and projects we completed. For me crocheting is an adventure. When I pick up a hook and scheme of yarn I never know where the project will take me.

  294. Cindy Osburn

    Simple crochet is my sanity

  295. Wendy White

    I taught myself to crochet at the age of 18 while babysitting. The boys were napping and there was no tv. I was bored. The woman had a bag of yarn sitting on the end of the couch. I knew how to chain so I tried to copy her chevron pattern. I tried it twice but when I laid it flat the points didn’t all go in one direction. When the woman came home I asked what I was doing wrong. One “twist” and she fixed it. Crocheting from then on is something for me to do while listening to the tv. I am not one to have idle hands. I use it to clear my mind. I love the challenges of new stitches and patterns. And most of all I love that my gifts/sales of baby blankets and afghans make people so happy. By the way, that first afghan was THE UGLIEST!

  296. Linda McCabe

    Thank you for giving me the chance to win your book. I have made several of your items. Have enjoyed learning many crocheting stitches and tips from you. Love watching the transformation of the gardens. Puppydawg’s antics have brought me many smiles.

    • Linda

      Sorry original post did not completely open. I love the feeling of crocheting items to donate. Make hats and scarves to donate to schools and homeless. Make lapghans for care homes and gifts for family and friends. Always giveaway what I make. Have only made a couple things for myself.

  297. Debbie Sear

    How does crochet make me feel? Accomplished. I was in the depths of a severe depression. I would come home from work and and play Tetris on the computer, sometimes all night until it was time to go to work again. I was neglecting my family, My dear sweet husband was cooking and doing most of the housework. He suggested that I take up crocheting again (It had been over twenty years since I had crocheted.)

    We went out and bought a crochet hook and some yarn . I started with no plan. I made an Afghan for our bed as he read “The tale of Two Cities”.

    Twenty years have past. We’ve read all the classics. There are too many an Afghans to count, too many hats and gloves, Anigrumi too.
    Accomplished is what I felt when my grandson asked me if I could make a a dragon hat, my daughter wanted lacy handwarmers, my sister wanted a cowboy set for her 1st grandsons new born pictures.
    I could go on and on. But accomplished is the feeling.

  298. Chris Villa

    I am writing another comment because it appears my first one may not have gone through. If it did please don’t count this one in the drawing as that would be unfair. However, this comment is different from the last.

    Crochet is who I am. I am know by my children’s friend because of it. Crochet makes me feel connected to the world, helpful when I am making something for others, allows me to create my own artwork and takes my stress away. In a word…crochet Is me. It makes me feel alive.

    Your story in your book is a true inspiration. By opening up and sharing, often difficult time, you have given us the strength to move forward. I have given several copies of your book along with yarn and hooks to people I know who are struggling. Each of them have relayed how the book and their new hobby, crochet, have helped them to move forward and to have hope. Your book is a love story that fills this old lady’s heart. You see, through crochet you have learned to love yourself and are showing others the way too. Thank you for being who you are and a huge thanks goes out to Diva Dan ( love him too) for all you do for us.

  299. Patricia Aslin

    Crocheting makes me feel like I can conquer the day and keeps me calm.
    I learned a few months ago primarily through your videos. It has been a saving grace as a nurse working through the challenges in health care in Canada right now.
    Counting through the stitches helps me breath and focus which helps eliminate the other chatter in my head. When I put my hook down I feel more at peace and more rested than I do after a nap.

    • Rachel Collier

      Rachel Collier
      Crochet has been therapy for me since my husband’s death and has gotten me through many hard times. I love making and sharing with others. I always have a project going. Will continue to be my go to to help with many unfortunate events. Will be taking projects to hospital as I help sit with my daughter-in-law who was hit head on this past Sunday and is in ICU undergoing her 3rd trip to surgery since Sunday night. Staying busy with my hands helps me help others.

    • Chrochet makes me destress. I love to make crochet items for family and friends. Just sitting and crocheting is relaxing for me. Also thanks for all your support to us crocheting.

    • Wendy Burchell

      Crochet makes me feel calm. I’ve found it to be therapeutic. I taught myself from a book and although it took a long time for me to get it I am so proud that I kept at it until I did. Crochet makes me feel like I can do something real, create something real, that has a part of me in it. I’m not fast or very talented at it but I love how it makes me feel. I have hope that I can continue to get better and create beautiful works of art like I see on the Crochet Crowd.

    • Andrea Gowing

      Hi Mikey!

      Crochet to me is a lifesaver when travelling. I hate not being the driver, so Crochet keeps my mind off what the driver is doing and helps make the trip go fast…especially the 401 to Toronto or the 417 to Montreal from Ottawa!
      It also reminds me of the 6 weeks my grandmother lived with us while mending a broken ankle — she taught me to Crochet and I have been crocheting ever since.
      In my job as a Children’s Specialist at the Ottawa Public Library, I started a “Kid’s Can Crochet” program to teach children. Crochet is a perfect match for Reading and Literacy, as well as Math and Numeracy.
      Thank you for all the tutorials, fun and humor! Stay safe!

    • Sandy Ryan

      Crocheting helps me feel empowered by creating a work of love for another. It gives me time to reflect and heal from past abuse, literally. I’m not being dramatic, I promise, just honest. Mikey, you are a godsend with sharing your story. It makes it ok to self reflect and introspection is necessary for growth.
      As a side benefit, Crocheting keeps .u hands and mind busy so I’m not snacking in the evenings. After this CAL, and family Christmas presents, I plan on crocheting for our local woman’s shelter. Thank you for so many unique free patterns.

      • Crocheting relaxes me. Creating things with my hands. My Grandmother taught me the basic stitches so many many years ago. I’ve taught myself alot more. Love to watch your videos and Daniel working in his gardens.I’m almost 63. Couldn’t put out my huge vegetable garden this year. Health issues. Keep up everything your doing Michael, you’ve come a long way.

  300. Gina S

    Crochet makes me feel ok. That doesn’t sound like much but it really is huge. I find that my ptsd and anxiety tend to fade while crocheting.

  301. Michele

    Hi Mikey!
    First off let me say thank you in helping with my journey of learning to crochet! Crochet makes me feel a lot of feelings…happy, proud, appreciated, loved and helps me relax after a crazy day. Love the feeling of hooking with my pup on my lap…one of my happy places! I have a wonderful group of Hookers that get together on a weekly basis that are amazing that I found about 8 years ago! I reach out to your tutorials when I need a little extra help. As a group we donate to different projects throughout the year that are near and dear to our hearts. We wrap our town in Holiday Hugs by hanging out scarves for anyone that needs/wants one in hopes that we brighten their day. We do this from the end of November to just around Christmas with scarves that we have made or have been donated by other wonderful people in our community. It is a fun project. Keep up the great work & thank you for sharing your journey of crochet & your family. Love the pet & house project updates! All fun stuff!

  302. Andreea

    Crochet is my refuge and my serenity oasis.
    It’s hard to describe in words how it feels like when I grab the hook and my yarn, but it’s that sudden relief and serenity that kicks in and in the next second I’m getting in super focused mode.
    Crochet helped me in many many occasions, when I was on the edge of the cliff..when nobody else listens and there is no way to express my feelings, a hook and a yarn are listening my sobs and tears.
    I only have 28, but crochet is something I am very proud of knowing..although many people were laughing at me as this is “old ladies stuff”.
    I love people’s reactions when I gift them something made by me…it’s a feeling of accomplishment that something amazing came out of my hands and that I’m not as incapable as other think.

    Thank you for reading…sorry for writing much,
    See you well

    • Kathi Barton

      I was taught to crochet by both of
      My grandmother’s when I was five years old. I was the kid who could never sit still and they both helped me harness my extra energy into a skill that I have used my entire life. I turn 55 next month, so I have half a century under my belt. I love to make things for my family (especially grandchildren) and friends.

      When I crochet, I think of my grandma’s and I’m very grateful they gave me the love of this amazing craft!

  303. Anna

    Crochet helps me feel creative. When I am stressed and nervous I feel calmer when I pick up a hook. I love giving away what I crochet whether it’s a gift or a donation. That is what crochet makes me feel.

  304. Janet Ginn

    I crochet because it brings peace to my day (usually) 😉. I also love feeling the texture of the fibers and seeing a mile of yarn become a lovely afghan or whatever the project may be. I crochet because I need my hands to be busy. I crochet because I can.

    I also just started my first knitting project!

    Thank you for your inspiration and genuineness in this crazy world of ours.

  305. Pat

    Crochet is my “mind taming” hobby. When my brains gets going, I stop it by crocheting. I mentally count my stiches and rows. It relaxes me and keeps the brain busy. I truly enjoy your patterns as they are a challenge. I have been crocheting for over 50 years but never thought about mosaic or the patterns you challenge us with! Thank you.

    • Anne Kreutzer

      Hello Mikey and Diva Dan,
      I have been a part of your ever growing Crochet Crowd for years, right about the time you were doing the mad hatter hats cal. The first cal I participated in was the first mystery cal of the giraffe. It was so fun!! I had very very basic skills then and with your tutorials my skills have definitely improved and I’ve learned so much more. Thank you for all you do to help keep the Crochet world going and please know you are so loved!

  306. Jennifer Craig

    I suffer from anxiety and severe depression. Crochet relieves alot of the symptoms of these conditions. By forcing myself to focus on the video I am watching or pattern I am following. Even counting stitches even though every row or round might be the same helps, or configuring what colors to use together. What looks best together, to get the best possible outcome.The real uplifter is when a project is completed. Then I have some sunshine.

    • Nancy Wagner

      Crochet to me is a connection to my past. My grandparents lived in Indiana (I’m in Arizona) and they would become “snowbirds” every winter & come to AZ. My grandma taught me to crochet. I remember one of the first things she taught me was the broomstick lace (with a real broomstick!). This time of crafting is something I always remember & when I crochet now, some 55 years later, she is still here with me. I love to crochet to help people, that’s why I joined Awesome Breastforms, 5 years, from an article The Crochet Crowd did about the group. Thank you, Mikey, for giving my crochet purpose!

  307. Ricci

    I can’t wait to get this book. I have loved crochet since I was about 5 years old. I crochet to help with my stress and anxiety. It helps keep me grounded and calm. I still feel like I have a lot to learn. I love turning in to the crochet crowd lives when I can. Thank you Mickey for what you do. I really appreciate it. You are the best!!

  308. Chris Villa

    Crochet makes me feel happy, comforts me when I need it and gives me an outlet for helping others thus making me feel needed. In many ways crochet has saved my sanity and my life. And through it I have met many wonderful people who have become extended friends.

    Crochet is my solace. It picks me up when I am down, calms me when I am nervous, hugs me when I need one from my Mother or Grandmothers- I learned from all of them and I feel like they are sitting with me again when I have my yarn and hooks, allows me to be creative and it is my happy place. It is also my go to place when I pray. I feel Him close to me as well, especially when I am making blankets and octopi 🐙 for the NICU or shelters. Crochet is me!

  309. Adeline Chevallier

    Without crochet in my life I will be in a very bad place. My crochet help me relax and unravels from my day. I am a mom, wife and a nurse and my days are not always easy. In need to be able to crochet a little bit everyday to be able to sleep good at night. Crochet is everything to me and because of the Crochet Crowd I expanded my knowledge of crochet enormously. You, guys, are amazing people. Thanks for everything you do.

  310. Julie Bryant

    After just having knee surgery yesterday and all this pain but I am crocheting some right now. Because at the age of 9 my Grandmother taught me and it always brings me peace and relaxation, and memories of her teaching me and memories of her sitting in her chair or in her bed crocheting something beautiful for all of us. I am 61 years old now and crocheting always makes me think Grandma would be so proud out of 10 granddaughters I am the only one who has kept with it after she taught me, and now I have taught my Granddaughter.

  311. Nancy Tsangaris

    How does crochet make me feel? Very calm and makes me happy – I learned from a young age to crochet from my Mom and put it away for years. I learned to make crocheted skirts (style of the day lol) and I felt classy wearing something that I felt looked so good that I made. I got it out again in my mid 40’s. And then put it away again. And then a few years ago – I started crocheting while watching TV with my Mom. I am thankful I have the memories since she passed last year (96 years old). I make lapghans and mostly hat/toques and fingerless gloves for the homeless. After I completed each toque Mom would always model them for me! When I hand out one of the toques or the gloves, it is humbling to think something I made helps someone less fortunate in life.

  312. Teresa Knorr

    Crochet allows me to create and give. I’ve learned so much from you and your team.. Thank you for what you do!! Can’t wait to check out your book page by page.. It’s on my wish list!

  313. Debbi Aubee

    I have C-PTSD and often disocciate as a result. Crochet is one of my coping mechanisms and gives me a sense of accomplishment (one of my others crochets better than me 😂) that I tend to lack or feel I am worthy of. I started as a knitter as a child learning from my Nana but have pretty much self taught myself to crochet. I am far from a pro and can’t read a pattern outside of amigurumi. I have a hard time adjusting things to my size so I try to wing it, as they say. Overall, I do well and seeing the items I make around the house or even having them requested by someone fills me with such pride I often feel I don’t deserve. The Crochet Crowd has helped me to accept that we are going to make a boo boo and we can “take it till we make it” in many cases and that’s ok. Before I would frog until I had a whole pond of frogs. I do that less and less as time goes by. All I know is that crocheting has been the one thing I can feel good about and gives me an outlet that results in something wonderful, even if I don’t realize it at the time. Thank you Mikey and Dan for all you do.

  314. Debbie Ellis

    Crochet has been my sanity for many years for many reasons, I was disabled for 13 years and crocheting is the only thing that kept me going on my dark days. I have been through many trials over the last 45 years and it was my only main stay in my life. I crochet to keep may hands moving from the artheritis that has taken my hands and keeps them moving “my own person therapy” and I am not planning to stop anytime soon. 18 grandchildren keep me busy with crochet, my loves and my love is crochet. I call them warm hugs.

    Thank you for you both and everything you do.

  315. Karen

    How does crocheting make me feel? A year ago I had a bad car accident and crocheting saved my life. It helped me get through the pain. A month ago I had a heart attack and made me realize just short life really is. Now it brings me peace and joy. Everything I make now is for charity so others can have a little peace, joy and comfort in their lives. I pray that my crocheting will touch the lives of others the way it has me.

  316. Jo Aman

    Crocheting makes me feel calm again. I have so much anxiety in my life I don’t know how I could go on without it. I know other people do to and I don’t know how they manage, but with me, it’s crocheting. Many times I want to scream and cry over the loss of my mom, grandma, sister and brother in the last 10 years. Mom’s death hit me the hardest. Then my older sister got dementia and is now in an institution because I cannot care for her. She can become violent and other times is so sweet. It just hurts my soul that people get this disease.

  317. LeAnn Carter Kelly

    Crochet makes me feel calm, relaxed. I’m doing something I thoroughly enjoy. I have problems with circulation in my legs so I have to sit and rest and it helps to pass time. I have arthritis in my hands, but crocheting is the only time when my hands don’t hurt. Crochet has helped me be more outgoing, it’s a conversation starter. I’ll start a project and when it gets too big for traveling, I work on it at home….and start a smaller project I can take with me. Mikey, I learned how to crochet about 4 years ago from watching your videos. I am forever grateful that you learned how to crochet and care enough about people to teach them to learn. You are an inspiration.

  318. Cyndi DeWitt

    Crochet makes me feel happy, relaxed, productive, helpful, and fast!
    I love to knit and crochet. I enjoy the color and feel of the yarn. I like to see my project come together. If I am making a blanket, shawl or sweater, I zoom along until I get to the point where I am working one end while enjoying the warmth and softness of the other, then let myself relax, slow down, and enjoy the process, since by that time I have pretty much passed the point where I have to look at the pattern every 10 stitches.

  319. Tanya Sorchilla

    Crochet makes me feel crafty!

  320. Nicola Frye

    Hi Mikey,
    I am so greatful for the forum you provide. I’ve always wanted to improve my skills and challenge myself to put out good quality crochet projects. Your forum is the first to inspire me, make me laugh and give me incentive to go ahead and challenge myself.
    I have always been interested in crafts and arts. I’ve done pottery making, macrame (who hasn’t) knitting, watercolors, sewing and crochet. Something about crochet has always intrigued me, whether it was the challenge, the uniqueness of creating something you actually wear or cuddle with. And crocheting is unique. How many of us have someone say “I wish I could do that,” or even admire your art and appreciate the gift you give because they really have something that is unique and handcrafted just for them. One of a kind gift.
    This is a craft that I really enjoy participating in. I get comfort from the quiet time when I sit down and work on my projects. The repetition of the work is calming and I get to contemplate my day, problems to solve or to just think about my next project I’ve already got lined up.
    I loved it when my oldest grandchild expressed an interest in learning to crochet. I’ve already given her her first simple project and will enjoy showing her “the ropes.” This is a craft that can enrich your life and be carried on through future generations.
    With the forum you provide, Mikey, through your loving generosity, you help inspire others, provide that platform where we can share our thoughts and designs to promote this wonderful craft for our future as crocheters.
    Thank you to all who participate in this platform. You are greatly appreciated.

  321. Tanya Sorchilla

    Crochet makes me feel accomplished!

  322. How does crochet make me feel?
    The feeling of accomplishment I get when a project is complete is amazing but, I love all parts of starting a crochet project! From choosing a pattern to buying the yarn! I gives my such an amazing feeling. Watching it go from just string to an actual “thing” is one of the most amazing parts of crochet to me. I am left handed and am self taught. My mom tried to teach me when I was a kid but was not successful. I’m a homemaker, our children are grown and on their own so my days would be very long if not for my love of crochet. Don’t get me wrong there’s always something that needs done here at home including taking care of our fur baby and my 20 laying hens but there’s always time for crochet and the happiness it brings to my life!

  323. Jackie Kuehner

    If I didn’t have my crochet to go to, I would be in depression, as it gives me a purpose. I make things to keep my mind and fingers busy, love to give away what I make to see the look on the faces that receive the articles. It is never about the time involved with what I make, but the pure love of it. I know sometimes my Hubby is like are you going to get up and do something and I just smile and say working on it. You have inspired me to step out of my safety zone on crocheting, from simple things to following your videos so that I can make a lot of different things. Keep on doing what you do, because we appreciate all of it.

    • Danielle O'Neill

      Crochet makes me feel peaceful and helps keep my anxiety in check! It makes me feel productive so I don’t feel so guilty taking “me time”

    • Beckie Alvaro

      Crochet makes me work my brain so I feel very good about that. The feelings of accomplishment when I finish a project are wonderful, however, my “too many” WIPs can cause me some stress lol. I preordered your book and received it several months ago so I do not need a book, although a signed copy would be cool! Thank you, Mikey, for providing a book for those who need one.

  324. Sharon Harrell

    Crocheting is my serenity. When I get to, it brings me such peace and joy! 🥰

    • Danielle O'Neill

      Crochet makes me feel peaceful and helps keep my anxiety in check! I love that it keeps my mind occupied and makes me feel productive so that I don’t feel so guilty about taking some “me time”

    • Paula Parker

      I would really love a free copy! I have been following and your patterns for about 6 years. My Mom Annabelle was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s she loved to watch me crochet and loved using her blanket. I even made one for her baby doll . She raised 10 of her own kids and babysat many more. She would wrap and rewrap her baby and she would always get a smile. Even if you don’t pick me, I just wanted to let you know how much joy you brought to my Mom and Myself! Thank you for all you do!!!!!!!!

  325. Nancy Schmoll

    Crocheting makes me feel great. While I am hooking – I love seeing the progress that is being made, When I am finished – I feel a great sense of accomplishment, and when I gift the item to someone – I love seeing their reaction.

    • Susan Gregory

      I started crocheting 2 years ago when my husband passed away. Crocheting brings me closer to him as he always encouraged me to step out of my crochet comfort and try more things. It has also been a means of controlling my anxiety…it is very calming to me..

  326. Debbie Tucker

    Crochet is a skill that had been passed down by generations in my family. My mother taught me and her mother taught her etc. It gives me a special feeling of connection to my family history and the love from mother to daughter. I feel at peace and comfort when I am crocheting. I have no children to pass it on, but I will teach my nieces and great nieces.

  327. Christine Olds

    How does crochet make me feel? My grandmother taught me the basics in the late 1980s but didn’t start crocheting regularly until several years later. I found crochet relaxing and a way to de stress from work. I also like how my knowledge has grown over the years in creating new projects and expanding into new yarn areas. Macramé and most recently knitting and yarn dyeing.

  328. Crochet makes me feel challenged, accomplished and proud.

    I am constantly challenged to improve, learn new stitches and techniques and try new things beyond what I am confident to try.

    I feel accomplished because I learn something new from every project. I feel happy when I complete my projects.

    I feel proud of myself and what I am capable of doing. I am very proud of myself when I complete my projects.

  329. Brenda Jeffries

    I worked on am ambulance for 15 years and crochet was a way to help me deal with and process the stress associated with being a paramedic. I no longer work as a paramedic due to an auto-immune disease. Now crochet helps me cope with the everyday struggles of my disease and being a single mom on disability. Mikey….I’ve watched your tutorials for years….I love them!

    • Alicia

      Crocheting helps me settle and focus after a long day at work when it can be otherwise difficult to sit still

  330. Cindy Richards

    Many years ago I found you on YouTube when you were Mikeys email. It was a bad time in my life and I needed someone or something to bring me back. I had crocheted as a young girl but had let it go. Something about your voice grabbed me and I watched everything of yours I could find. While watching your videos I never picked up a hook, just watched and listened to your voice. Eventually I wanted to crochet again and because of you I found a way to find peace and comfort. Life can be tough so thank you very much for all you give.

  331. Lynnette

    Crochet makes me feel like I have accomplished something beautiful.
    My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was very young. I would copy her doiles. Didn’t know how to read a pattern until much later in life. I taught my daughter to crochet and to read patterns. Great bonding times crocheting the stitch alongs together.
    Crochet is relaxing and allows your mind to escape reality. I really have enjoyed your patterns and tutorials over the years thank you!

    • Ella

      My love of crochet came when I needed something to do when I had my firs baby. I taught myself and found you and Daniel through the Creative festival over 12 years ago. After my 2nd child I found crochet to be my therapy. I love give as gifts and see the enjoyment that people get from what I have crocheted for them. Thank you for your love of the craft and the inspiration you give !

  332. Carol Rivera

    Crocheting gives me such pleasure because it helps me forget all the problems in my life and in the world. My grandma taught me to crochet when I was six ( she passed away 3 years later) so I feel very close to her when I pick up my hook. After a hard day, physically and emotionally, crocheting makes me feel so relaxed and everything seems better.

  333. Susan R.

    Crocheting makes me feel all and only good things! When I crochet, my thoughts are calm and focused – especially appreciated during these difficult times! As an easy to pick-up and put-down art, it’s always readily accessible to me providing that peace like a natural sedative. You can never get too much, haha! I enjoy the creative journey for all of it’s mental benefits. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment as I advance my skills. The sky’s the limit! The Crochet Crowd social media group gives even more benefits; camaraderie, encouragement and growth from our crochet friends everywhere! It’s all good!

  334. Michelle Tipton

    How does crochet make me feel? Crocheting brings me calmness, connection, and confidence. I love when I’m able to get into the Zen and lose track of time! It connects me not only to the present, but also to my past family members that taught me to crochet. I spent many years angry and not talking to my mom and we reconnected a couple years before her death. I’d take my crochet to her place and we’d each crochet in silence and occasionally look up to check each other’s progress, smile and then resume. I’m eager to see the future and pass this love of crocheting on!

  335. Melanie Bortz

    Crocheting makes me feel productive and accomplished. I can’t stand to sit still while watching TV and crocheting keeps my hands moving and let’s my brain disconnect.

  336. Carolyn Wiebe

    How does crochet make me feel? I learned a few stitches from my grandmother when I was about 8 years old and was bored one snowy day. I didn’t do much over the last 40+years but found myself forced into retirement and in a pandemic. You guys have been my lifeline and have taught me so much more than I ever imagined. I donate all of my projects but have found great peace in following your tutorials and look forward to your stitch a longs as feel part of a wonderful group of people. Thank you both for all that you have given me

  337. Amber Owens

    Hello I seen your book, not in person just what people have posted. I’m struggling with getting one. I love to crochet but have struggle with it because my mom passed away and she loved to crochet and so when I look at crocheting I want to cry. I’m pushing through thinking maybe she would be sad if I didn’t crochet. So I’ve been making Amigurumi and hoping to get back to making blankets and such. The reason why I have bought your book is I can’t decide which one I want. I love having books in my hand looking and going back and forth with what I want to do. I also don’t want to travel with a book, done it before and destroyed my book, so I want to buy the kindle version. I’m so torn😂

  338. Karen O

    Crochet makes me feel. It’s meditative when my brain is bouncing around. It allows me to be creative, even when I’m bed-bound. It calms me. And there’s something special about knowing something you created brings joy to others. Crochet makes me FEEL!

  339. Sarah Sharp

    How does it make me feel? It fills me with joy when I can gift something to someone. My husband always laughs , because I gift just about everything i make to people. I started crocheting because one Christmas my husband bought me a tv for the bedroom, (while this seems like a great gift), his response was , well you really like to watch tv. My first thought was …is that what I am all about? Just watching tv? I decided at that moment I needed a hobby , something I could put my time into and get something out of. So after many videos and finally stumbling onto your website, I was hooked(pun intended). Thank you for all you have done for me and helping me find that wonderful joy that I get every time I hand something to someone and say, “I really hope you like this”. Thank you for being a part of that with me.

  340. JoJo Sturgeon

    Crocheting makes me feel accomplished. I never took the time to learn how to crochet when my mother was alive. Fast forward to 10/18/13, I made the decision to choose recovery and admit I was powerless to drugs and alcohol. Part of my journey to sobriety was to change my people, places, and things. I chose to learn how to crochet. Everything I crochet is a testimony of my recovery, a love letter to my mother, it’s just pure joy for me knowing how far I’ve come in my recovery and how far I’ve come with crocheting. So yes, crocheting makes me feel accomplished!


    Crochet is many things to me. Sometimes it is a challenging puzzle. I have to figure out how all the stitches work to make a beautiful object. Other times, I just want an easy pattern that is relaxing that I can do without thinking or paying too much attention. Sometimes it is fun and games when I have a quirky idea of something to make and I can’t wait to make it and see how it turns out.

  342. Kelly Erwin

    I love crochet so much. I have such bad anxiety that i cant go out alone or in big crowds so i really just stay home all the time. Crocheting helps me to deal with it all and not get depressed. My granny taught me to crochet when I was 5 years old so when I pick up a hook it reminds me of all the time I was with her and relieves any stress or anxiety I have going on at the time. I can truly say that crocheting is a life saver for me.

  343. Kathy Decker

    I’m a care giver for my dad he has dementia and had a stroke. He’s 88 and I’m his only care giver. I love crocheting it my get away time to relax and clear my mind. Doing a cal is like having company love doing them with everyone. Enjoy doing your patterns and would love having your book.

  344. Linda w.

    How does crocheting make me feel? At peace. My mom taught me as a child, but put my hooks and yarn away years ago … until 2010 when my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. But my mom never stopped, she was always seen with a hook or needles in her hands, she took it everywhere. So I took out my supplies and started hooking (and collecting yarn) again. Mom passed away 11/1/11 but I kept hooking. then in 2014 when my baby sister was in he 6th year of fighting breast cancer when I made her an afghan (graphghan/word chart) that said “I Love My Dachshund” that she proudly used when she was in the hospital … she passed away less than 30 days later. I now have that afghan. So fast forward to today and I am now making wedding-themed afghans as those close to me make the big step. I cared for my dad and would bring it with me when I went to visit him. I remember him occasionally looking over at me and smiling, sometimes laughing and saying, “you know mom used to crochet all day.” Yup, I remembered. Dad passed away in October 2020. Having my hooks and yarn helped kept me calm through these difficult times. Watching you grow into your Crochet Crowd skin has also helped, you often put a smile back on my face when I could not find one. I would love to have a copy of your book should you pick me. ❤️

    • My mother, who gave me up as a baby, sent me a small crochet rug when I was about.10. I tried too do one too but kept ending up with a China man’s hat. As an adult I taught my self how to make fine tablecloths. Loved the satisfaction of making some thing beautiful. Then taught myself to make afghans. Again a stress reliever and I left productive while watching tv. It also make me feel connected to my mother who died when I was 12 in a TB hops. In Seattle. Never got to meet her after she left me. I still have the rug she sent me!

  345. Kristen N

    I’ve got this on my Christmas wish list! I think you two guys are just lovely.

    • Jeannine Gray

      Crochet has been my outlet to relieve everyday stress while I was working. After retiring it keeps my mind active and I surprise myself everytime I am able to do another project with the help of the Crochet Club. I have learned so many new stitches and find I am always looking to learn more. Thank you for being such a great teacher. Yours is the first place i look for help when getting stuck on a stitch I am learning. I would love to receive one of your books. You and crochet keep me going.

  346. Kim White

    I will make it simple…crochet makes me feel HAPPY!

  347. Sherri Standridge

    Crochet makes me feel close to my mom. My mom taught me to crochet years ago, but after moving and only being able to see her once a year crochet brings me closer to her. Mikey’s videos help me when I’m struggling and can’t just go over to my mom’s house and ask her for help.
    Thank you Mikey for all that you do.

    • Cheryl Lynch

      How does crochet make me feel. Like my brain is working again and calm. 11 years ago I had a strike I don’t tell alot of people was young 55 stroke well I lost alot if things couldn’t remember how to spell simple words it was very scary. To me but i saw a video on you tube. You Micheal crocheting I remember how to crochet why I dont know did it since very young. So I got yarn and my hooks and started printed off patterns because I can read patterns. Well my brain was working better and better every day now crochet is like a life line to me thank you for that

  348. Melinda Barber

    Crochet makes me feel happy. It also makes me feel inspired and creative. Crochet is also calming and relaxing. If I am having a bad day or feeling frustrated sit down with a hook, a ball of yarn and a pattern and crochet away and whatever was bothering me fades away.

    • Kate Goyne

      Crochet makes me feel proud! When I give someone a present I have made, and see how much it is loved. Makes me feel proud, accomplished and appreciated

  349. Fran Prigge

    How does crochet make me feel? Crochet has been my lifeline to sanity on more than one occasion. There have been days where I just felt I couldnt carry on and I would sit on my bed with my crochet work until I could carry on. I was taught to crochet when I was 17 years old by a fantastic lady. I am now 73 and cannot think what my life would have been like without this wonderful lady.

  350. I have taught my daughter to crochet. She uses crochet to help her with PTSD FROM A VERY BAD RELATIONSHIP. She has surpassed me in a lot of areas and is making all sorts of items to give away. She has hinted to me about one of your books for Christmas. I know a personalized book would just make her day. We both really enjoy watching your tutorials (learn with laughter) so much fun.

  351. Natalie

    I crochet to manage anxiety. I make kitty blankets. I donate the blankets to a local animal rescue society. My 2 cats Gizmo and Loki are rescues from that very society.

    When I make the blankets I feel love and gratitude.

    My cats snuggle on the blankets as I make them and I 100% believe they infuse what I call “Safe and Happy Kitty Pheromones” into the blankets.

    When we deliver blankets we are told how much the blankets are loved and appreciated by the adoptive parents. Last week I had the honour of witnessing a person receiving a blanket. I will forever remember that wee kitty face, so lovingly swaddled, settling into the blanket and into its new Mommy’s arms.

    It fills my heart with joy that I am fortunate and able to do this 💜

  352. Karin Moore

    I would so love a copy of your book, I have it on my Christmas list, but sometimes Santa doesn’t check it. You pushed me out of my comfort zone with the RH Mandala Throw, the instructions were so good it ended up being a lot easier than I ever thought it would. I made one in peacock colors for my sister, and she was blown away. Your enthusiasm and interaction with followers is wonderful to see and I hope you never lose that spark. There’s a lot of crochet pages out there, but yours is my favorite. XOXO

  353. Marie

    I am picking my colors and will be starting soon . I add m so excited for this Cal . Thank you for your magnificent creative mind . Sending you love .


    Crochet gives me a purpose. I am older and can’t get around the way I used to. However, so many people have helped me on my journey to give back I do chemo caps and hats and scarfs to give away. It gives me a great feeling to know I am helping others. Crochet is healing for me.

  355. I thought I entered but it disappeared so not sure I did as I can’t find it.

    Crocheting is like reading as it is relaxing na dit takes the mind off of troubles. Due to having to have AC unit work done, having to buy a new dryer, needing mouth work done, out of work for having Covid at one point and having shoulder surgery you could say I spent my extra funds for a couple of months. So it would be great to get a free copy of the Crochet Crowd book and even greater to have it autographed by both of you.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

      • Karen Kimrey

        Good luck with choosing a recipient! So many stories from the heart!

      • Tracy Haworth

        Thank you Mickey, for everything. It seems i am having a confliction of emotions with your question on how crochet makes you feel? .. I am a California girl 50, started crocheting at age twelve. I have been through an seen alot an now a grandma of 5.. So with my crochet hook by my side an crazy,creative ideas i got through feelings of anxiety,anger, sadness, loneliness, hiding greif, joy, fulfillment, achievement, excitement, new hope an more. It is a bunch of feeling for different people an the time of day. The Crochet Crowd videos has inspired an has juiced up my crochet. I can not read patterns at all i tried an tried no go go lol.. sorry ( Crochet Mickey humor)… Anyways i turned my mom onto Crochet Crowd an she loves it. So my mom reads patterns an she would teach me with the help an wonderful examples,wording an explanations on how things work, i just might get it. Any who i can keep going on about this in a nut shell crochet means A Lot to me.. Oh an i miss seeing the crochet crowd cruise videos, keep Crocheting Mickey we love yeah..! 🥰

      • Michaela Roder

        Hi Mikey Hello Daniel
        year ago we learned how to crochet in school, i started a blanket and never finished it. then in my 40’s i’ve become ill and am in pain most of the time. i picked up crocheting again thinking its something i can do to keep my mind of the pain. then i started watching your tutorials i went from a really horrible looking blanket to making slippers and gloves and scarfs. then came to tote bag and the coasters. i make my first sweater and my mother actually wore it in public and has good coments about it wow. you then packed up and moved and i love your stories about ringidingy and decorating your place inside and out. I get ideas from you and even got into the tunisani crochet… if i dont crochet at least 2 or 3 rows a day i freak out… lmao but yes it bothers me if i don’t crochet. i am hooked yes i am an addict to crocheting. i love it. I make all kinds of sweaters and cardicans and hats now learning every time a new thing. and my work if looking better too. so my mom always comes around to see what she can snatch up lmao. so i want to thank you for your tutorials for your family stories and me now having a great hobby which i call my pain management excersise , but most of all i am proud that i can actually create something you can wear in public heehee ( i am a visual person not a note one – i can now somewhat decifer the codes and what they mean ). i guess you can teach an old dog new tricks 53 now and love my cochetting … thank you Mikey – love you guys

      • Carol Wuerl

        Crochet is another outlet to my crafting world. It brings me a calmness to my newly retirement days from education. I was needing a purpose to my new journey in life, without work. I am learning new accomplishments of different stitches, which brings me a need to learn more. I just finished a hat and showed it to my son, he now wants one made for his girlfriend and himself. I am still learning how to read instructions and hope to accomplish more. Such a satisfying fulfillment of joy. Thanks for bringing me a new hobby to add to my list of many.

  356. Sarah Bonvillian

    I love to crochet. It is mainly a stress relief for me. A time that I can getaway from my self and work related issues because I am a school bus driver and a K9 officer. And crocheting has a way of relaxing and taking my mind off of work and enjoying making something beautiful as well as magically wiping up something for someone else with lots of love and made by my own hands. And I usually search for mikey ‘s videos to help me along, and he makes my day much brighter after watching his videos. Thank you mikey!

  357. Nuridiana Bilodeau

    How Does Crochet make me feel?
    Crochet helps me relax. If I am stressed or if I’m feeling blue I pick up my hook and yarn and work on something. I enjoy seeing my yarn come to life in a pattern . It puts a smile on my face and I put it out so that I can enjoy it.

  358. jackie Dundon

    Hey Mikey, would love a copy of your book. I am a new person at trying to learn crocheting and your youtube videos have been very helpful…thank you for all that you do.

  359. Hope A. P.

    How does crochet make me feel? It makes me feel alive, gives me purpose. I learned to crochet at a very difficult time in my life. I had become ill, lost my job, Severe ptsd, depression, and anxiety. It gave me something to do to keep my mind occupied while I started to heal. It also allowed me to make blankets and clothes for my son and family-purpose. Being able to create items is also very healing.

  360. Sarah Olon

    Crochet makes me feel like I’m finally doing something for myself even if the project is for someone else…it’s my self care and therapy…one of the few times during the day where I feel peaceful and relaxed. ❤️

  361. Judy Spengler

    How does crochet make me feel? Depending on the pattern it could stress me a little trying to get the stitches right. Just kidding! For the most part it relaxes me and puts me in a zin sate. I drift off to other places and stitch away. When the final stitch is done I have a since of pride that I made this thing with my own two hands with nothing more than a string and a hook. I literally turned string into a useful work of art. I look at each blanket I make as an individual work of art. No two are the same.

  362. Lorraine Merrick

    How does crochet make me feel? It gives me something that medicine can’t. I love the planning of the next project, I love how twisting yarn around a hook can make something so beautiful, I love finishing a project because it means a handmade with love gift and because I can start the next one.
    I have several medical problems and crochet takes my mind off the pain and mental health problems. I’ve been a knitter for 40 years but crocheting for only 5 all thanks to Mikeys YouTube videos!

  363. Stephanie Surls

    I didn’t even know about a blog! I’m so excited! You work so hard to help us feel like we can crochet anything! Being Autistic, this is my version of stimming! I can go anywhere and have the comfort of my crochet. I learned from your video many years ago. It’s been my passion since. Thank you.

  364. Deborah Crumbley

    How does crochet make me feel? This is my number 1 stress buster! Crochet is my meditation, my relaxation, my zen. Mikey has taken me out of my comfort zone many times with his CALs, but every time he makes it easy for me to succeed! And then I feel a great sense of accomplishment. Crochet makes me feel pride in what I’ve accomplished. I never charge anything for my crochet works of art, I tell people it is like a calming therapy for me, and gives me great, happy feelings to pass those feelings along to those I give my projects to.
    So many beautiful things I’ve made all with the skillful guidance from Mikey. Thank you Mikey for giving me the opportunity to create greatness!

  365. Carla Stohlmann

    Thank you Michael for sharing your enthusiasm with us! The patterns and videos you share with us have a “ripple” ; ) effect. Imagine how far people you have inspired reach with their creations started by or shared from you. I love the feeling of sharing a piece my myself with friends and family through the blankets I make.

  366. Debera Johnson

    Crochet inspires me to be my creative self. I put my all into a project, especially when I’m creating something for others. I’m excited to pick, and work with my favourite colours of yarns. I’m always amazed seeing my completed project – my hands did that! It really is a labour of love. I love myself.

  367. Donna Williamson

    I work a full time job and I’m in the middle of moving from Virginia to New Hampshire. I just lost my wonderful cat after only 8 years to a sudden illness. And in the midst of this and a bunch of other craziness I crochet. Because it makes me calm and makes me feel at peace. Even if I only get in 30 minutes a day, or 1 row or 20 stitches!! I can focus on that fabric in front of me and put the rest out of my mind for the moment. I truly think it keeps me sane in the dark and crazy times. Bright days ahead in our new home closer to my kids and granddaughter … and soooo much to crochet too!

    • Jennifer Lund

      You guys are awesome! I have been crocheting since I was 8 and it is always my go to stress reliever, boredom buster and gift idea craft. I love seeing how it makes other light up receiving something I made with my own hands. Always searching for new ideas and ways to get better and you have always come through!
      From a fellow maritimer!

  368. Michelle

    Crochet makes me feel like I’m good at something. It’s a natural talent. I feel accomplished when I see what I’ve made with my own hands. I’ve never really had something come easy to me, but crochet is something that comes naturally. I feel like I could make anything!

  369. Alisha Brodrick

    Crochet is what centers me and helps me relax. I started a blanket after my little man started having seizures at 6 days old. That bag of yarn and hook went with me to every hospital stay to help me pass time. It went with me to his brain surgery and helped me pass the hours that my baby was away from me. It moved to all the different rooms and floors during his recovery and rehab so that I finally had my own blanket. We lovingly call it the hospital blanket and I think of all the time, prays, and discussions that happened when I cover up with it. I also think of how lucky and blessed I am with my little man. Crochet is what keeps my head above water and my mind calm.

  370. Roxane Leggott

    Crochet is like my memory box. My grandma taught me to crochet about 50 years ago. When I crochet there are so many old memories that come up as well as a way to make new memories with the gifts I give. Through The Crochet Crowd I have been challenged and still amazed at the new things I have learned.

  371. Crochet makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. I have a very stressful job at times, I am a 911 operator, and I take my crochet with me to work. When I have free moments, it helps ground me back down and relax me. I have been following The Crochet Crowd for years now, cannot even tell how how many anymore! Whenever I see someone ask for suggestions, I always suggest Mikey Selleck and The Crochet Crowd. Your patterns and tutorials are the easiest to follow. I would love to have a signed edition of this book to cherish! Thank you for all that you all do!

  372. Deanne Griffith

    Crochet makes me feel wonderful. I have crocheted for many years and It always makes me feel relaxed. I love seeing the finished projects. I had lost my 27 year old son last year and when I lost him I said I was never going to crochet again, because I felt it had taken my time away from spending time with my son. He always loved what I made, he would ask me to make him many things and would show others what I had made for him. It had taken me about 6 months after he passed away before I finally went back to crocheting. I knew in my heart he would not want me to quit. So now I crochet and think about how he would love what I had made, and now I have peace about crocheting back and it has helped me to get through the loss of my son.

  373. Vicki Tannas

    How does crochet make me feel? The answer to that is amazed! Amazed that I can take a piece of string (admittedly a pretty piece of string!) and turn it into a piece of fabric. Cozy and comforting as a sweater or a throw, or a more structured creation as in amigurumi. I have been crocheting for almost 50 years and every time I make something I am continually feeling the “fabric” as I create. Amazing.

  374. Cindy McIntyre

    Crochet brings me such happiness. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 10 and I am now 65. She taught me by showing me and when she passed, I taught myself to read patterns. I don’t crochet as much as I’d like. I have been raising my grandson for the last 2 years. I soon will be adopting him. We are busy with soccer and church. I saw this last CAL and absolutely love it. I am going to give it a whirl. Thank you for everything you do. If I don’t win your book, I will save for it. I truly believe I will cherish it!

  375. Ridette

    Crochet makes me feel calm, serene and grounded. I do it every day after my hectic job in healthcare. It brings me joy, as I learned from my grandmother when I was 5, and often use hooks that both she and my greatgrandmother used. I am blessed with their love of this artform.

  376. Nicole Morrison

    Hi guys, I wish I could say how crocheting makes me feel but it’s hard to put into words. I am 49 and was diagnosed with a rare disease called hereditary spastic paraplegia. This causes spasms and cramping in feet and legs while the spasticity sets in and can be quite painful. I also have severe peripheral neuropathy and anxiety. All of this has prevented me from working the last three years and I will never work again as the disease is progressive. I am still walking right now( although I look like a drunk lol) but I will end up in a wheelchair eventually. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a happy person and stay positive most times. I started crocheting this last year because I am home a lot on my own while my wonderful husband works to pay the bills. Crocheting has got me thru the long days alone, taken my anxiety down as I count stitches and concentrate on what I’m doing and distracts me from the pain of my legs. It does so much for me and I am so thankful for your tutorials because I suck at reading and understanding instructions. Your book is in my cart on Amazon but I haven’t been able to afford it yet as money is always tight with one person working and one on disability. If I am chosen that would be great but if not please know that you have helped me thru some awful times and I appreciate it so much. I am currently working on the sampler Afghan and will post it when I’m done. Take care the both of you 🥰🥰

  377. Becci Parrish

    how does Crochet make me feel? To answer that, I have to go back over 50 years. My great grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 8 years old. I made 3 granny square blankets that year. When I was 15 she passed, and my grandmother gave me all of her hooks. Using them ‘connected’ me to her every day.

    As I got older and later married, I crocheted as gifts for many people (mostly baby blankets). My husband bought me a set of really pretty hooks that were handmade. They weren’t very practical for me, but I learned to love them. Again, when he died, I would just sit and hold the hooks and let ‘him’ tell me what I should be making.

    To this day, whenever I am feeling down or just need a ‘boost’ I pick up a hook given to me by someone I loved, and all is right with the world again.

    Thanks for all of your great videos, I have learned so much from them!

  378. Julie

    Crochet was so helpful after being temporarily laid off from my job due to COVID-19 .It was mentally rough for me not having something to get up for each day . However, I got up and crochet ever morning and it helped me get through some rough days It has taught me to slow down and concentrate on each stitch and learn new things. I feel like I appreciate the little things more. Thanks Mikey for teaching me so much through the crafty journey I am on. And learning new things all the time

  379. Robin L Welty

    Hi guys.
    I feel grateful when I crochet, because I crochet daily for our local hospital. I have learned so much from you, so thank you for that. I make lap blankets, shawls, knockers ect for patients in the cancer ward, NICU, or whatever they need. Warms my heart to be able to do this.

  380. Nyla Hall

    How does crochet make me feel? Being the mom of 3 special needs individuals crochet has seen me thru many things. Crochet has gotten me thru hard IEP meeting for my kids as we go over the supports needed or the behaviors happening and how we will support them. Crochet has held me comforted and given me a sense of accomplishment that I rarely see in me life with out it. The sense of look I can do what is needed and the expected outcome will happen quickly. Crochet has also held my hand as I wept this last July over the unexpected death of a dear friend. Making a lapghan to donate to hospital in his name gave me a place to put my grief. Thank you for all you do for the crochet community and for letting me express what crochet does for me.

  381. Meghan McNamara

    Crocheting makes me feel relaxed and I have found it to be a huge stress reliever. I have been crocheting a little over a year now. When my son was born (he is just over 2 now) I decided to stay home with him instead of sending him to child care. At that time I first started knitting for about a year before I decided to pick up a hook. I found that crocheting was much easier for me than knitting and that I was able to create a variety of items. I love creating all sorts of things and putting my own twist on them. The freedom with crocheting has helped me express myself in a way I never have before, and it makes me feel accomplished. Thank you for the opportunity to receive one of your books for free. I have been considering buying it as I want to make more unique afghans. Have a good day Mikey 🙂

  382. Maria McHugh

    “How does crochet make me feel?”
    Crochet makes me feel LOVE and CONNECTION. When I pick up my hook, I feel my Grandma Welling’s arms around me as she held me in her lap when I was 5 years old. She let me sit in her lap as she crocheted and I watched her magically transform yarn into AMAZING purses and sweaters and vests …on and on. She would teach me to crochet with “under the bridge, catch the fish, pull it through the net”, and I still hear her voice of loving encouragement today when I use the same phrase to teach my own children & godchildren.
    When I frog my work, I hear my Grandma Hope teaching my 8 year old self to “try again, you can do it right, don’t settle for less than your best, you did it!!” Every day after school, I would spend crocheting awhile with her before we’d watch a cartoon then her TV soap opera together. She would so proudly show off all my dishcloth practice pieces to our family.
    I have since shared my Grandmothers’ and my love of crochet by teaching friends ,family, and fellow parishioners in a charity donation group. Four of my six daughters have “taken to” crochet and I see that they too now feel the magic, wonder, joy, love and sense of accomplishment and connection that comes from gifting their creations to others and for themselves.
    I would really like to share your & Daniel’s book with them so they can see the love crochet has brought into your lives , as well as the connection it has brought you to crocheters around the world.

  383. Kim Willcox

    Crochet makes me happy, relaxed and proud. I tried to learn as a kid but my Mother wouldn’t show me how. She gave me a book to learn from. I couldn’t follow the pictures to even do the slip knot! Around 19, a friend taught me to make a chevron blanket. She forgot to teach me to change colors or balls properly. Somehow, those blankets are still holding together 30 years later though! About ten years ago, I met up with some ladies at our local library. They taught me to change colours and we made a few granny squares. I found the Crochet Crowd online and learned anything I needed to learn along my crochet journey. I’m quite proud to be able to crochet beautiful items. I’m just a little sad about all those years I could have been making things.

    Thank you Mikey! Forever grateful to you and those wonderful ladies at the library for sharing your knowledge and helping others to learn a wonderful craft!

  384. Cathleen

    On long road trips crocheting helps pass the time, my husband enjoys driving. He encourages me to bring my projects knowing I will be entertained enough not to ask to do the driving. It has become a family joke that each project is redone (frogged) several times because something isn’t right. I tend to do single colour lapghans. I spend hours watching and rewatching your videos to learn specific stitches, your dedication to spreading the love for crocheting has been inspiring and encouraging. Thanks for your patience in filming, writing and sharing your journey.

  385. Beth

    How does crochet make me feel…. I quilt and crochet in alternating time periods. With severe arthritis in both hands, when something starts to irritate, I can switch. Crocheting makes me feel relaxed, creative and content. I can create something beautiful in an alternative fiber. I learned from my mother who made us those vests, etc., and it makes me smile from the memories.

  386. Robin Monsees

    I’ve been crocheting since I was 11. My Aunt Doris taught me. I’m now 61 and still loving it. I’ve been watching you for years; way before you became a “star”. Your still as humble as ever. I already have your book (which is wonderful by the way), so please pick someone else deserving so they can enjoy it too. ❤️😢

  387. Dina

    Crochet makes me feel challenged by being able to completed a project with a stitch I thought I would never learn. It makes me feel good to pick out yarn and colors other people will love so I can make them gifts for the holidays. They get to see and feel how much time and dedication I put into the project. Just seeing how amazed they are makes me happy 😁

  388. Stacy McNeil

    How does crochet make me feel? I learned to crochet a simple granny square when i worked at an at risk girls home when I was in college. And I put it down for a really long time. When I finally picked it back up it was during a time when I really needed to start taking care of me. Crocheting makes me feel like I am truly focusing on self-care. It brings me to a place of self-discovery and creativity. And the extra special part is seeing the joy of people who receive the projects that I make. Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zones with your patterns and creativity.

  389. Amy Powell

    Crochet makes me feel happy and relaxed as I struggled with anxiety for my entire life. I’ve only been crocheting for 4 years now and self taught as no one in my family crochets. Actually Mikey you taught me . I tried learning a year prior and got discouraged and gave up. Then one day I came across your videos and well now I’ve made many things for my family and friends. You truly are an inspiration and I’m grateful for you. Thank you!

  390. Janice Ratliff

    I’d love to have an autographed copy of your book. I’ll give the copy I bought to a friend!

  391. Laurie Bridle

    Hi Mikey and Daniel: I would love to win a copy of your book. I am a big fan and love your series. I have learned many new stitches to date and pushed myself way past the limit i thought i could accomplish. I would love to be able to make the whole series of blankets. I have done a few of them so far and am saving for the perfect yarn for others. Thank you so much for dedication to helping us accomplish amazing blankets.

  392. EAS

    Crochet has been a saving grace. I’ve been experiencing lots of loss in the last few years, and during this sad season, I can connect to the past and my family, be mindful of each stitch in the present and look forward to creating something beautiful in the near future. It truly is a healing practice.

  393. Carol Adams

    Crochet makes me feel connected to my ancestors and is my way of honoring them. My great grandma tatted lace. Grandma knitted and Mom knits and crochets. I learned how to crochet when I was in fifth grade. Didn’t keep up with it though. It wasn’t until 5 years ago that I picked it back up as a stress reliever. I spent all my spare time worrying about my husband, who is military retired, 100% disabled. As we all know, worrying doesn’t help. So now I create things to make myself and others happy! Congratulations on your book! I would love to be considered for it. Thank you!

  394. Wendy Sue Bebermeyer

    Crochet is my escape. And my me time. And my art. Some people don’t realize that this is art and is a process. What we have to do to go from our imagined end and what it truly takes to get there. I love to see a designer post sneak peeps of what they are creating. And then going back to see their finished project. Mikey inspires me to find that imagined end. Thank you for all that you do.

  395. Anita

    Crocheting has come to serve as both physical therapy as well as a form of relaxation during trying times. Little one recently diagnosed with ADHD, autism, and epilepsy. I love to crochet and so far most of it is for donations and being made with recycled yarns. Winning one of your books would be wonderful. Thank you and God bless you both.

  396. Connie

    AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crochet. It helps me relax, makes me feel artistic & accomplished. I love watching how the crochet item ‘grows’ and how sometimes it exceeds my expectations. The best part is when I see the recipient’s face Thanks so much for the giveaway. You & Daniel are truly awesome.

  397. Grace Down

    Ur tutorials and posts give me life! They are so informative and entertaining, I can only imagine how wonderful ur book is. It’s been sold out at my local Indigo and I’m sure with good reason. I would be over the moon to have an autographed copy. **Mikey squeal**

  398. Robin

    I’ve been crocheting since I was 11. My Aunt Doris taught me. I’m now 61 and still loving it. I’ve been watching you for years, way before you became a “star”. I already have your book, so please give your free book to somebody else deserving so they can enjoy it too ❤️😊

  399. Keri-lynn

    Crochet has helped with my mental and physical needs during the pandemic. It also helps with the arthritis in my hands and fingers. It relieves stress and brings joy to my soul..and the bonus is it can bring joy to the people that receive my projects as gifts

  400. Shelly Brandell

    Well the world is in such turmoil right now. Crochet takes me to a better place, a place of peace where I can forget about all the troubles of the world. Crochet makes me feel worthwhile, like I am contributing something. I rarely keep my creations but rather share them with others as I feel that my gift of being able to create should be shared and should bring joy to others. I recently auctioned off several of the mandala afghans yo raise money from my friends to help my cousin with heart surgery expenses. It was a win/win for both recipients & for my cousin. Thanks to your great tutorial! I would love a signed book but if I don’t win, I will buy one anyway because I have grown so much in my crocheting skills due to Mikey’s great tutorials that I thank you for that. I look forward to your future creations! Thank you so much!

  401. Holly Jolley

    Crocheting makes me feel connected to my grandmother that first taught me to crochet. It was magical to me that she could transform yarn into so many wonderful things. I love your magic too!

  402. Marilyn Rose

    I love crochet. I am not that great at it though. However, in 2020 I discovered the crochet crowd crochet along for the mosaic Afghan. I fell in love and asked myself if I could accomplish something like this. I went for it even though I had my doubts. The journey of completing that afghan made me feel so accomplished and it was a great feeling. Thanks you Mikey for your tutorials.

  403. Wanda

    Hi Mikey I think I accidentally deleted the first reply but that’s a good question how does crochet make me feel. It’s my happy place I would rather do this than anything else. I have been crafting for a long time so I look forward to getting up and turning that ball of yarn into something new. Can’t wait to start the new crochet along.

  404. Pat

    I too ordered your book as soon as I could (so not entering to win another) but crochet to me is an escape. I’m partially retired now & a direct caregiver for my 35 year old autistic son & my 92 year old mother. Needless to say this is a fairly stressful situation. I picked up my crocheting again after many years of just not doing it. Now, it has become a comfort to me & lets me escape & direct my mind elsewhere. Evenings when everyone is in bed is my time now & I spend it with yarn & hook. I have never participated in a crochet along before & am looking forward to doing this project. I have Caron’s Simply Soft yarn that I had ordered for another project but never got started. Do you think that would work for this project as my funds are limited at the moment? I find your videos inspiring & your FB group delightful. Such a positive place. Thank you for doing what you do. You bring comfort to many including myself.

  405. Anne Savard

    Hi Mikey. I would like to start off by saying I am so glad I found you. I started crocheting as a young girl watching my mother do it. I watched her every time she picked up her crochet hook and was fascinated by her work. Then I picked up. I stopped crocheting for a few years since my mom had passed and then found you and your videos. You have inspired me once again. Not only with crochet but finding my way back to having something to keep my mind busy after her passing. I thank you for giving me the kick start to love crocheting once again. Your biggest fan. Thank you xo

  406. Lammie van Engelen

    Hi, greetings from the Netherlands.
    Crocheting makes me feel calm. You can make something so beautiful from a ball of wool. this gives a good feeling and i love your creations so much.
    Because of you I started with mosaic crochet :).
    A lovely pattern that blanket, I am so happy with it. I like to watch your videos on YouTube, you are so easy to follow with your crochet patterns, thank you for this.
    And I see so many nice reactions to your book that I think this would be fun to read, but unfortunately this is not for me to order. dank je wel voor je leuke creaties 🙂 Groetjes van Lammie uit Holland

  407. becca l.

    How does crochet make you feel? Grateful. Thankful. Peaceful. Crocheting chases away the ugly thoughts, and shuts up the noise in my brain. All that chitter chatter and reminders that are on loop in my brain. “don’t forget to do this, but you must do that. oh if only I’d done that. on, and on.” As I unwind yarn, stress releases as I unwind yarn. That sense of adventure when you start a project, separation anxiety when I can’t get to play with the yarn and work on whatever project or projects currently on WIP. My first crochet-along was the Study of Texture, oh what fun.. Thank you for opening that door! That sense of wonder as I chug along a project and seeing it come together is delightful. When completed a big smile can be seen. “I did that!” WOW!! and even better, the joy I get when I gift it, and the recipient is truly grateful and happy with this gift made with love. When a loved one specifically requests that I make them something, it is a compliment for sure. Anyone can go to the store and buy a ‘crocheted throw’… but they want it made with love! I’m all for that! I’ve been making throws and blankets for a couple years now, just to gift to loved ones and dear friends. Something for them to remember me. The Study of Journey is one I want to make in shades of pink, for my dearest friend, breast cancer survivor.

  408. Tracy Rafferty

    I have wanted your book since you announced it was in the works. Anything I’ve seen from it looks spectacular, including the Study Afghan. As an active community member, I love your idea of supporting local bookstores (I wanted to give a bunch of books to my local library branch and I’m upset they aren’t taking them due to covid!) and since I don’t venture out to stores these days, I still don’t have your book 😳. I always enjoyed seeing Mikey and Dan at the Creativ Festival in Toronto and loved the Mandala workshop I attended quite a few years ago. I feel like I know you both and this book is like a family album of a point in time. How I hope to get a copy soon and would treasure it always!!!

  409. Arlene Hoffmann Bommarito

    I’ve been crocheting since about age 7. It’s so calming and relaxing. I would love to have a signed copy of your book. It would be a Christmas gift for my daughter and granddaughters that I am teaching the craft to. I have been having them watch your YouTube tutorials for help when I am not around to assist them. I can’t wait to start on your journey CAL in the next few weeks. So excited to have another heirloom quality afghan to gift my family. Love you Mikey and Dan for all you do!

  410. Deb

    how does crochet make me feel? Challenging and Zen.

  411. Angela R

    I always wanted to be one of those pregnant ladies who sat crocheting blanket for her kids. I wanted my house covered in blankets I made. Turns out… I wasn’t very good. So I gave up! But then I found the crochet crowd with super easy tutorials and it helped me learn so easily! Now I am someone who crochets for me because I think if I didn’t, my mental state would be in such good a worse place. I love being able to sit and just work my hands and create something beautifully. Crochet is my happy place. I will forever crochet for my sanity.


    I take care of my dad that’s 88 with dementia and had a stroke. Crochet help me relax and clear my mind. With Crocheting a cal it like having company. I’m his only care taker. I would love to have one of your books.

  413. Tamara davis

    When I was 10 my hip cracked and fell off the socket. I was laid up in bed for many months and that’s when I learned to crochet. It gave a very sad isolated child something to do. It has made me feel special when I’ve been able to give my gifts of love. My crocheting was I kinda basic for over 35 years till I met the sweetest stranger in line at joann’s. They had an amazing sale on chunky yarn and I had just recently fallen in love with it. I was also experiencing some high anxiety over back surgery and definitely over shopping. Talking with this beautiful stranger about different uses for the yarn. I was feeling pretty dumb so she told me I needed to check out Mikey at the crochet crowd. Mikey you have made such a huge difference. I can’t read a pattern but I can watch your videos and learn so many new things. Crocheting makes me feel smart. Right now life is real hard and I’m struggling to want to stay alive but crocheting does it for me because I think I can’t die till I finish my projects. I can’t die till I make special blankets for everyone. So what crocheting means to me is a life line and way to gift others and bring myself some joy. I can afford a book so you don’t have to pick me. I just decided to share incase anyone else is feeling the same they know they are not alone.

  414. Mary Bercier

    Crochet makes me feel like I’m doing something constructive in my life. I’m retired and need to feel like I’m accomplishing something. And it also is calming. I used to do hardanger, but that was too hard in the eyes – crocheting is much easier to see.

  415. Angela Walker

    How does crochet make me feel? I feel a wide range of emotions when I’m crocheting. Finding a new pattern and buying new yarn makes me excited, like a kid at Christmas. If a pattern is complicated, I sometimes feel overwhelmed or frusterated at times, even mad at myself because my brain won’t cooperate and decipher the pattern correctly. But when things go smoothly, crocheting calms me and makes me feel productive. Most of the things I make are for gifts and I enjoy giving them something heartfelt.

  416. Lucy Berry

    Crochet has let me escape from the stress of daily living. Being a single Mom, raising 3 kidlets on my own with no help from their dad, money was always tight and we had to find things to do that didn’t cost a lot. Hiking, parks, camping for a few days during the summer, sports, and well everyday bills and groceries, not to mention my mortgage took a big chunk of the money I made, but we made it through those tough times. I always felt at ease when I picked up my crochet and it helped make me forget about things and keep me focused on the now instead of the problems of tomorrow. My kids are now adults and I have two beautiful grandchildren and crochet is still a big part of my life. I was taught as a young girl that we always had to be doing something instead of watching TV and that has been with me ever since. If I want to watch a movie, or I should say listen to a movie, I always have a crochet project on my lap, to work on so it doesn’t feel like I am wasting my time just sitting. Life has been a struggle but with the help of crochet projects I have weathered the storm and still look forward to picking up my hook and yarn and creating. 😀

  417. Bartra

    How does crochet make me feel? It’s been what I turn to, to keep my world straight at times that things were going wrong, and also a stress reliever. When my best friend died, crochet got me through it. When I lost my job, crochet got me through it. When a surgery went wrong, it became my therapy. And even happy times.. when someone was getting married, crochet was how We celebrated with a gift that would be with them for a lifetime. Crochet has became my everything.

  418. Roxi

    After working in the medical field all day. I go home to relax which is my crocheting.Brings me closer to my mom who I love Christmas Eve 3 years ago. I love trying to make different things crocheting. Very relaxing!

  419. Sarah Wisniewski

    Crochet makes me feel connected to my past. My grandmother taught me to crochet, and my mom also crocheted. I remember my grandma telling stories that her grandma used to crochet and read at the same time. It has also helped me through rough times.

  420. Prochi

    How does crochet make me feel?
    If someone had asked me this a year back I wouldn’t have been any wiser. A year down it’s a different story. Crochet has been a release for me. Every time I pick up the hook I feel elated the thought of making something with my own hands. It’s therapeutic and at the same time gives me a sense of accomplishment. Thank you so much for your wonderful pattern, website, FB group and the wonderful patterns. A big thank you for all you guys do. Love u 💕

  421. Michelle Simmons

    How does crochet make me feel? It makes me