Top Down Shawl Pattern

Crochet Top Down Shawl
Crochet Top Down Shawl
Crochet Top Down Shawl

Crochet Top Down Shawl

Learn to crochet the Crochet Top Down Shawl. It works up from the top of the neck and down. Due to this formation, you can go as big as you want to customize it for you. Just know, if you change the size, you will change the ball quantities.

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Crochet this gorgeous Top-Down Shawl by Red Heart. It’s really simple once you get by the very start of this pattern. Watch below in my video demonstration to get you started. The entire video demonstration is how to do this shawl from start to finish.

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Crochet Top Down Shawl Pattern


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  1. ana

    Hi! I’ve just started to crochet a few months ago. Saw this amazing shawl and decided to do it! But I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, because the top border is not getting straight, it goes pointing down! Is the pattern like that or something is wrong with my stitches?

  2. Sheila

    Mikey you are the best! I never thought I could make this Shawl and now I’m working on 2 at a time. I love you for this! 😉 You couldn’t have made it any easier. Keep teaching, thanks again.

  3. Absolutely loved this video. I couldn’t figure out the pattern until I watched this video. You are the best 🙂
    Now I just have to do the border. I got the sashay like you did but I can’t seem to figure it out. Do you have a tutorial on the border?

  4. Mikey, I would like to thank you for the tutorial on the Top Down Shawl. I’m almost finished with mine. I’m making mine for a lady in my church who I’ve known for 30 + years and who’s been a good friend to me. When I’m done I’ll take a picture and send it to you. Thanks again for your giggles and your help.

  5. I just finished this pattern tonight! I am so happy, I never thought in a million years I could make something like this, Thank you so much Mikey! will post tomorrow , when my daughter can model for me 😉

  6. Heather

    Thank you! I made my first shawl. Great tutorial!

  7. Viki

    I’m trying to figure out if it’s triangular . . . I can’t get a good view of the front.

  8. Lynn

    I am working on this pattern as well, and I was wondering if it’s going to be wide enough in the shoulders?

  9. You are a fantastic teacher…love that you are so down to earth and can laugh at yourself…

  10. Robin

    I guess I’m not meant to be a hooker. I’ve only been crocheting a few months and I try and try to follow the instructions and it just doesn’t work out for me. I see there is a pattern correction but what is it? I liked learning how to crochet till I attempted this project. Don’t know enough to know what I’m doing wrong…

    • Sorry to hear that… maybe you should put down the hook and try again later in life. It’s not fun when feel the frustration.

      • Robin

        I put that pattern aside…though I don’t like to give up. But I picked up another shawl pattern and have been working on that and making great progress. I want to get this done, it’s for a co-worker, and then attempt the corner to corner scarf. But might go big and do the afghan. I WILL go back to the top-down shawl, you just wait and see. Thanks, Mikey for the encouragement!

  11. Ellen Turbyfill

    Mikey, you have become my favorite crochet teacher!! You just make everything so easy!! I’ll be making this tonight!!

  12. Carol Pina

    Thank you so much! I had already down loaded the pattern and you just made the whole thing make sense! love Carol

  13. Ok Mikey…love your giggles but this pattern is still messed up and in your video you are only chaining 1 in the center v stitch when you are suppose to ch 3… for the pattern row 4 is still wrong….basically you are doing 16 dc down to center and 17 going up and that is why everything was off….frogged 3 times before I just repeated 1st part of the row to v-stitch and just repeated the pattern instead of the last part of the directions…try counting your dc in row 4 and I think you will see what I mean…that is why your row 5 didn’t work out right.


    Watching this and listening to you laughing is heart warming….just love you Mikey…lol

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