11 Crochet Senior Project Ideas

Senior Needs with Crochet
Senior Needs with Crochet
Senior Needs with Crochet

Crochet Senior Project Ideas

The decision to place a loved one in a senior’s facility or for seniors who decide to stay in their home as long as possible can be difficult for both the senior and the other family members.

Sometimes, there’s a need for comfort from home to be with them, while you or others cannot be with them full time. Just to share, some facilities may restrict certain items for their own reasons. However, when there’s an opportunity to give, it’s nice to be able to provide the warmth that your gift can make.

Crochet Textured Lap Blanket
Crochet Textured Lap Blanket

Projects for Seniors In Sitting Positions

  1. Textured Lap Blanket
  2. Crochet Patriotic Lapghan
  3. Joy’s Journey Lapghan
  4. Crochet Latte Lapghan
  5. Baker’s Mix Lapghan
  6. Crochet Spiral Lapghan
  7. Rectangle Granny Lapghan
  8. Wheelchair Wrap
Crochet Cancer Related Projects
Crochet Cancer Related Projects

Sensitivity to Skin

  1. Chemo / Cotton Beanie Hats
  2. Crochet Cancer Basketweave Hat
  3. Amazing Grace Hat



  1. Wanda Seibert

    Reading through patriot comfort. Can you explain row 2 repeat. Skip next st, dc in next, dc in next skipped stitch. There are no skipped stitches in previous row, correct? Did I miss something?

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Susan

    Is there any type of crochet pattern for dementia patients? I once saw one made out of material but I am not good with sewing. Other then that I am interested in trying to crochet items for senior donations. I just work slowly.

  3. Judith tusing

    To who this may concern I crochet for people to. I didn’t know about a site for seniors. I would like to know more. Thanks

  4. Sharon laird

    I was wondering where would I send any projects I can make for the seniors?

  5. Nancy Windle

    Another item not mentioned for the Crochet Senior Project are shawls. I have worked many years with the elderly and know that they are often chilly. Many are sensitive to the breezes from fans and air conditioners and will complain they are cold. A sweater might be too hot if the temperature is warm, but a shawl is just enough covering to take the chill off. Shawls and ponchos are also great for those who do not have enough range of motion to be able to put on a sweater

  6. Debby Gesing

    Jeannie, what about twiddle muffs/mats? I work reception at a senior facility. All levels..memory, skilled care, rehab..I’ve made a mat, asked the resident’s sister if it would be appropriate..she loved it..also a muff another family member took down to the unit.
    Bought the instruction book(s) from Annie’s bought the sewn ones too. Great stash busting projects.

  7. Fay Fraser

    Thanks Mikey N Dan… a wonderful idea.

  8. Hello, I’m a senior, love crocheting, but am only a inter mitten

  9. Heidi Kelly

    I absolutely love that you posted this for seniors and their needs….I’ve doing lap blankets for assisted living facilities for many years now and have found much comfort and joy knowing that I have given someone a little joy, a smile, a better day, a little piece of me……thank you Michael and Dan and the whole crochet crowd network for all that you do…love you all!

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