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Crochet Crutches / Walkers Bag + Granny Tutorials

Reading Time: 2 minutes Crochet Crutches / Walkers Bag For those with mobility issues with the use of crutches, walkers or scooters, here is a Crochet Crutch & Walker Bag. Guest designer, Heather Wilson has written up a pattern for the convenience of being mobile and keeping her hands free. Heather finds herself need crutches after an injury. She […]

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Crochet Comfort Rice Bag + Photographic Tutorial

Reading Time: 6 minutes Crochet Comfort Rice Bag I designed this simple crochet comfort rice bag out of personal necessity for myself. I suffer from headaches and any kind of relief in the moment is much needed. They do say, the best ideas come from “see a need, fill a need” concepts. Why buy something from the store when […]

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10 Most Important Health Benefits

Reading Time: < 1 minute Health Benefits with Yarn We all know that crochet and knitting has fabulous health benefits. Kathryn Vercillo wrote a blog that appears on Lion Brand’s Website titled 10 Most Important Health Benefits¬† of Yarn Crafting. I didn’t expect to read anything that I didn’t already know about but boy oh boy, was I surprised! Crafting […]

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