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DIY: Crochet Finishing Technique

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In September 2013, my technique and the way I finished my projects were forever changed. The way I was finishing off my projects with just a simple sleight of hand

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Happy Hearts Crochet Afghan Pattern

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Crochet Happy Hearts Afghan Crochet memorable and deceptively easy crochet afghan. The afghan is actually granny squares that are changing colour once per square. When you look at the overall

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Entrelac Crochet Tips for Afghan Creation

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Valuable Insider Tips for Afghan Making Entrelac Crochet has been one of the hardest elements for me to understand with Crochet. I have seen this concept in books since I

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How to Make Picture Crochet Graphghans

How To Make a Graph for a Crochet Picture Afghan

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How To Make A Picture Graph Afghan Making a picture afghan isn’t that difficult as long as you get the picture and basics under your belt. The key to getting

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Railway Knitting eBook

Learn Tunisian with Free eBook

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Learn Tunisian Crochet with Dela Wilkins Dela Wilkins is the one and only Railway Knitter. Her nickname is exactly what you would imagine it to be. She does Tunisian onboard

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Crochet Gap Space Baby Blanket

Crochet The Queen of Hearts Baby Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Baby Blanket This easy crochet baby blanket is inspired by doing double crochets in the gap spaces between the double crochets in the row below. Inspired by our Trendy

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Crochet: Star Cluster Stitch

Crochet Star Cluster Stitch

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Star Cluster Stitch The Star Cluster Stitch is a variation of the famous Crochet Star Stitch. Its variation is in the single crochet rows that are between the clusters. I

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