Granny Counts Calculator
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Granny Counts Calculator
Granny Counts Calculator

How Many Granny Squares Do You Need?

Each of us crochet with our tensions and we receive messages asking us how many granny squares people will need to complete their afghans. This answer is unique to each crocheter as the sizing of their afghans and personal tensions can be different.

This calculator will factor in your crochet tension with information that you give me. This granny square calculator will figure out your afghans, regardless if it’s square or rectangle.

For your convenience, I have put in average sizes of blankets/afghans that do not include drape over the edges of mattresses.

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Before your Calculate Your Squares

You need to complete 1 step before you do your calculations so I can figure this out for you.

  1. Crochet 1 Granny Square.
  2. Measure the width of the square – Write Down that Number. Round to the nearest inch. 
  3. Measure the length of the square – Write down that Number. Round to the nearest inch. 

Ready to Calculate

The calculator will ask you how many inches you want your afghan to be. In both width and length. Round to the nearest inch. 

You will then enter in your measurements into the calculator.

What our Calculator is Doing

The calculator is processing your square sizes and cross comparing to the size of afghan you want. It factors in how many squares to get to the closest measurements in both width and length. It then counts the squares needed to fill it all in.

The answer given is how many squares you will need to complete. You can change the sizes and recalculate.


Time is precious. You may be pleasantly surprised by adding a few extra rounds on how many less squares you may need to finish. Stopping and starting squares less times will save you time.

You may want to add a few extra rounds and recalculate and make a decision.