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Granny Counts Calculator

Calculator: How Many Granny Squares Do You Need?

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How Many Granny Squares Do You Need? Each one of us crochets with our tensions and we receive messages asking us how many granny squares people will need to complete

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All Crochet Blanket / Afghan Sizes

All Crochet Blanket/Afghan Sizes

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Afghan Sizes Do you need to know how big the typical afghans are? Below I have given you the sizes for typical afghans. Also, I have given you mattress sizes

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How to Substitute Yarn

How to Substitute Yarn for Patterns

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Learn How to Substitute Yarn We are constantly bombarded with two questions. They are as follows: I have a size afghan in mind, how much yarn will I need? I

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How to Calculate Granny Square Colours for Ball Counts

Calculator: Granny Square Ball Colour Counts

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How to Calculate Balls for Each Colour in a Granny Afghan? Many people love granny squares but would like to switch colours used in a granny square. The complication with

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Yarn Substitution Calculator

Calculator: Yarn Substitutions for Yardages

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How Much Yarn Will You Need? Many crocheters substitute yarns all the time but are unsure how to calculate it. For this calculator, you need to know the following to

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Crochet Entrelac Rectangle

Entrelac & Rectangular Afghans

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Entrelac Rectangular Afghans For those that prefer to do Entrelac in a rectangular, yet done in a circle formation, I’ve figured out the math to make it happen so it

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How Many Yards Left On Yarn Ball?

Yards Yarn Ball Calculator

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How Many Yards Are Left On Your Yarn Ball? You have yarn left over from a previous project but you really don’t know how much yarn is left. The project

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