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Crochet Alaskan Key Card Challenge

Crochet Alaskan Key Card Pattern Challenge

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Alaskan Key Card Challenge On a cruise ship, money isn’t used but you need to carry your key card to make any purchases or get added services like drinks. It’s

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Crochet Long Pointy Hat

Crochet Long Pointy Hat Pattern

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Crochet Long Pointy Hat Get out of the box and have fun with a Scarf Hat. I know from just looking at this hat design that not everyone would get

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Crochet Reversible Cowl

Crochet Reversible Cowl Pattern

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Crochet Reversible Cowl The Crochet Reversible Cowl, designed by me, is a 1 ball quick plane trip type of project to complete. It’s using Red Heart Gemstone yarn and the

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7 Christmas Stockings with Videos

7 Christmas Crochet DIY Stocking Patterns

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Christmas Stockings The Crochet Christmas Handmade Stockings hung by the chimney with care. For me, for you and for our furbabies too. Two of these stockings I have adapted with

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Crochet Advent Calendar

Crochet Advent Calendar with 12 Ornaments

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Christmas Advent Calendar Introducing a Crochet Along to welcome Christmas with counting down the days with a Crochet Advent Calendar. There are 12 different ornaments, essentially you crochet 2 of

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7 Christmas Crochet Ball Ornaments

7 Christmas Crochet Ball Ornament Patterns

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7 Christmas Crochet Ball Ornaments A dream of mine would be to crochet an entire set of Christmas Ornament Balls for my Christmas Tree. I remember my first Christmas Tree,

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Crochet Snowflakes

14 Crochet Snowflakes Patterns

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14 Crochet Snowflakes We have an assorted type of crochet snowflake motifs. They can be used as ornaments, garland or even gift toppers. In this article, I have added tips

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Crochet Red Heart Stockings

Crochet Holiday Stocking Pattern

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Crochet Holiday Stocking Make these festive Crochet Holiday Stocking in any combination of Red Heart Super Saver that you like, Working in back loop only this stocking is super easy

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Crochet Jar Santa

Crochet Santa Candy Jar

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Crochet Santa Candy Jar To go with the Snowman Basket, add this Crochet Santa Candy Jar to your decor for the festive touch. You could also use this Crochet Santa

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Granny Tree Skirt

Granny Tree Skirt Pattern

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Crochet Granny Tree Skirt I looked all over last year for a tree skirt pattern, I wish I had found this Crochet Granny Tree Skirt pattern I absolutely love it.

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