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New Afghan Pattern
Icy Snowflake Throw Pattern & Video Tutorial

Part of my mission is to find projects that I believe are worthy of filming. It’s a really hard task to decide which projects are worthy of spending a great deal of time to investigate, sample and then go through my entire process of getting a video online.

I guess based on watching how people respond to topics, pictures and much more. It’s a hint of being intuitive, thoughtful and practical all wrapped into one. For the most part, I get the ideas right most of the time. Occasionally, I have a video that doesn’t perform like I expected to. With being creative, you have to be open to fail, learn the lesson and move forward.

The Icy Snowflake Throw Pattern and Video Tutorial are one of those guesses where I slammed a home run. Speaking bluntly, its a project that instantly went viral. I believe there is a number of reasons why it went viral quickly but I won’t bore you with those thoughts.

This is a classic example of a project that looks so difficult but is really easy to do. There’s more to it than meets the eye! I think that’s what people love about it. I have noticed people already doing sample squares in really cool colours. Some people have Christmas on the brain while others are looking at this afghan from a different point of view. Imagine if the snowflakes represented flowers instead at spring time! It can take this concept and change it completely.

Remember with any pattern, explore your creativity! You may find a hidden gem of an idea tucked in there!


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