Tangled and Stranded in Madagascar

These are the submissions of the Tangled and Stranded in Madagascar. These submissions came in from all over the world. Many of the creatures were free formed for an exhibit that took place at Creativ Festival.

Use this gallery for inspiration.

One thought on “Tangled and Stranded in Madagascar

  • October 29, 2015 at 5:26 pm

    They are gorgeous. In England, a new crocheter (makes me sick!!) has printed two books on animals and birds. They are all crocherpted and outstanding. Yours are lovely too. May I point out that I learnt to crochet at 16. But for nearly three decades I did not crochet. I was registered legally blind in 2012. Much to my delight I can still crochet! I just finished a baby blanket, pattern out of my head. I am so thrilled. Love your site. And love that I am back to crocheting. Keep up with the good work Mikey.


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