Crochet Easy Dishcloth Pattern

Crochet Easy Dishcloth Pattern

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Crochet Easy Dishcloth

Crochet Easy Dishcloth

Crochet Dishcloth

This easy to crochet dishcloth is using the moss stitch which makes it very quick and easy to crochet. What is the moss stitch? It’s very simple, it consists of 1 single crochet, chain 1. You crochet within chain one spaces. Though it appears like a solid unit, it’s actually like a granny experience.

This dishcloth is 8″ x 8″ square. The width will give you approximately 8″ wide but when you crochet, you stop when the length gets to 8″. It goes much faster than you may realize. It didn’t take me long to make this example.


  • 5 mm or Size H Crochet Hook
  • 2 Balls of Lily Sugar’n Cream – Twists
  • Darning Needle to Weave in Ends


Ch 37
  1. (RS). 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook. *Ch 1. Miss next ch. 1 sc in next ch. Rep from * to last ch. 1 sc in last ch. 36 sts. Turn.
  2. Ch 1. 1 sc in first sc. *Ch 1. 1 sc in next ch-1 sp. Rep from * to last sc. 1 sc in last sc. Turn.
  3. Rep last row for 8″ ins [25.5 cm]. Fasten off. Use darning needle to hide in tail ends.


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Mikey, aka Michael Sellick, is the creator of The Crochet Crowd. From Nova Scotia, Canada. He is informal and teaches on YouTube to expand the global crocheters' knowledge of ideas and stitches.

Started unofficially in 2008 and transitioned into a full-time job in 2011. He is a stitch ambassador for Yarnspirations in teaching crochet. Most of the patterns he develops are free for you to enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Crochet Easy Dishcloth Pattern”

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  2. Kimberly Thompson says:

    What is the yarn used in the photo? Are you using two yarns at the same time?

    1. Lily Sugar & Cream Twists. The colour may be unavailable. I bought it a few years ago. It’s cotton yarn. It’s just one strand of yarn.

  3. Cindy Cunningham says:

    I can’t find the tutorial for this dishcloth on this page. The link right on the page would be helpful.

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