Finding Myself with Filters

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Minas Basin, Nova Scotia
Minas Basin, Nova Scotia

I’ve been pretty open about mentally struggling in the times of Covid-19. A friend told me about Facebook Purity and YouTube Premium.

In the times of Covid-19 with people on all spectrums of the opinions. Combined with the USA election that happened as well. I found myself pummelled in social updates that either reflects my point of view or go hard against my beliefs that create anger and frustration.

My friend had told me about it in the past but I didn’t bother applying the APP to my system but last year, 2020, my gawd it was bleak and I was seeing black holes. I was losing my joy and concentrating on things I cannot fix or have no power over making a difference. I hit rock bottom. Some of you may experience that as well.

Facebook Purity

I found my Facebook Newsfeed is filled with complaints, grievances and much more. I want happiness and joy. My life is already complicated but to be wasting energy on things I cannot change was ripping me apart.

With the Facebook Purity APP, you can do many things but one of the key triggers for me is inserting words that if a social update contains a word, it’s automatically overlooked by my filter. So let’s say I don’t want to see any updates that contain the word Peanuts. Anyone that states the word Peanuts in their update and that I would normally see their updates on my newsfeed, will skip it and move onto the next newsfeed item. I will never see it. This filtering has been a dream for me to keep my emotions balanced. This is just for the newsfeeds, not if I go searching for something specific or viewing a group in general.

This allows me to put in words that are a trigger for me to get upset. This also helps me to not engage or want the urge to engage on a topic that sets me off.

On YouTube

I have a paid membership on YouTube. Yes, I know it’s free, but I have a subscription that I pay for. It’s YouTube without commercials or visual ads.

  1. The videos start without playing or suggesting an ad.
  2. This includes the entire platform of YouTube where the home page is nothing but videos. It’s literally ad-free.

Having no ads also reduces a trigger for a company to see me as being advertised to buy something, change my mind or whatever they have in mind. Creators like me, still get paid, as the subscription program is divided up between the creators as the clicks to view are still registered.

I know, why pay for something that is legitimately free? Health balance is my top priority. I cannot be happy if I am constantly angry or upset.

You may find this helpful to know. You do have some control, even when you don’t think you do.

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  1. Darlene V Quinn

    I don’t have ads on youtube because I have an ad blocker on my computer. But good for you being able to filter out the stuff you don’t want to be bothered with, or things that upset you. You have to look out for yourself and enjoy your life. I don’t understand why people would put negative things on your facebook page anyway.

  2. Gina Marsh

    I hear you … I wrote this in my journal last night.
    Mental health issues are sadly overlooked.

    I’m in this dark hole a solitary place of hopelessness of profound sadness and loss and just existing. Its a place where I feel this deep ache within.

    It’s like a high energy vortex that keeps pulling me down and down . … like one of those dreams where you keep falling and falling and there seems no end to it and if this wasnt enough slowly the light appears to dim and before I know it I am surrounded with this dark empty space filled with nothing but my own negativity and suffering and then from the darkness thoughts appear that its better to curl up and die somehow rather than t o make futile efforts to climb back up towards the little rays of light that still sometimes penetrate this dark soulless pit.

    Today was a new day … with new possibilities ☮️🙏xxx

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