Mikey – Introduction

The Crochet Crowd Mikey
The Crochet Crowd Mikey
The Crochet Crowd Mikey

What’s Happening Around Here?

Let’s face it, I’m addicted to The Crochet Crowd. I’m a self-created workaholic with always wanting to work. Honestly, being in a relationship with me a huge personal sacrifice as I am so distracted by many elements of my work.

While I am really good at flattening out the memory foam of my computer chair, a lot of stuff happens around the house and to me personally in being fully exposed on social media in being available to receive praise but also the ugly negative side of social media. Some days, I just think… What have I done to myself? 

MIkey & Diva Dan (Michael Sellick & Daniel Zondervan)
MIkey & Diva Dan (Michael Sellick & Daniel Zondervan)

So let’s talk about idiosyncrasies about my personality:

Usage of the word Hate 

Since the evolution of Facebook, I don’t like to use the word Hate. It’s such a strong word where my perception of the meaning has changed. Do I hate cheesecake or do I dislike it? Ah, I dislike it. Only a few things I can name where I truly hate something. Like who enjoys a colonoscopy?

A Phone and Me Don’t Belong Together

I used to work in a call centre for a time in my life. The constant ringing of the call centre. Most calls were okay, a few calls really great and definitely a handful of memorable calls where you could literally reach through the cord and snuff someone out. Chained, emotionally and through paycheck-wise to a desk for 9 hours a day was enough for me. It taught me to not want to use the phone for personal calls. Today, I don’t like to call people for personal reasons as I feel I am interrupting their daily lives and what I have to say is probably not important anyway. I’ll just toss them a message through email as they can answer on their own time.

Toilet Roll – Paper Goes Over ALWAYS

Someone in this house cannot change the damn toilet roll. Yet, he can get it out of the cupboard and use it and leave it on the counter. The garbage pail is right beside the dispenser, there are no excuses. If hell does freeze over and he decides to put it on, he does the paper going under. NO, NO, NO… I have to fix that!

I have many more… I won’t bore you with more today.

Puss Puss, in front. Binky Boo is in the back.
Puss Puss, in front. Binky Boo is in the back. This is not photo staging, they love their baskets.

Let’s Talk Cats

Binky Boo and Puss Puss are just two fun cats! Daniel insists he wants a dog! Maybe I should make a deal with him that if he can learn to change the damn toilet roll properly, he can consider a dog. With our travel, I feel having a dog isn’t fair to the creature.

Bothy kitties are really loveable. They are so affectionate and when they need extra love, they know exactly where to come. Binky Boo, oh that sassy cat, has got into the bad habit of being a purring machine at 5 am in the mornings. She sleeps on the bed but then wakes up and starts to purr and walk up to our faces. She noses us and head bops. If you ignore her, out comes her paw to wack you on the nose. Not happy campers but, of course, she is just looking for a few strokes but then she gets greedy and keeps begging for more.

Michael Sellick
Mikey, 3 1/2 Years Old, 1977. Pulling up PJs to the nipples was trendy… I am sure of it.

Watching History Unfold

While The Crochet Crowd and my personal Facebook Page is a political free zone. I am obsessed with what is happening in politics globally. Some things just really make me cringe and other things just make me drop my jaw. I’m not taking a position one way or another in politics. However, I am watching the political dramas unfold. I want to be a witness to major decisions and say, “I remember the day when…!” 

Remember where you were the day the USA experienced 9/11. I was working at the phone centre and our phones went dead. No one was calling in. Our dispatch was wondering what was going on. We turned on the radio as someone who called in mentioned that a plane flew into one of the buildings in NYC. From that moment, we sat quietly all day completely in the dark about what was going on. I worked on the international side of packages being shipped from Canada to the USA. All international shipping was cancelled. I went home. I had no TV but had the internet and started to put the pieces together. My friend and I went out to the bar for wings and a beer. The news was on and everyone is glued. My friend says to me, “I cannot believe this shit!” I had no TV or didn’t follow anything beyond headlines that I didn’t know how serious it was. I will never forget that week.

My obsession is based on what happens globally can eventually make its way to Canada. For the good and bad, it depends on what is happening globally.

Organic Keywords
Organic Keywords

Metrically Fanatical

People who know me well know that I am a statistical freak of nature. While some people follow the news or read the newspaper, I’m addicted to the following metrics. Our site on a specific day took a nosedive of 16,000 points. Right now, it’s starting to go back up.

What’s changed you might wonder? I’ll be damned if I know! Suddenly on a date, the website just took a decline without warning. Nothing has changed programming for us.

We see this from time to time and usually, it’s not that obvious with a slow decline but the floor fell out of the sky here. So guess what I am working on now?

  • Research to check for algorithmic changes to our website programming?
  • Research to check to see if programming is changing in search engines?
  • Research to see if consumer behaviour is changing but it’s usually not this sudden?

The Crochet Crowd is founded on the principle of teaching myself programming and analytics reviews but once in a while, like this one, it’s come out of nowhere and the answers aren’t so obvious.

So what happens when something like this happens! Something drastic, a complete overhaul. Usually, in a nosedive, it will take several months of re-programming to fix and adjust to the new changes that search engines are looking for. At this time, the problem isn’t obvious so it’s a crapshoot and guesses in the dark. Very frustrating indeed.

I know during times like this to expect sarcastic and side remarks about being unavailable. I have to fix what is wrong and cannot play on social media in a social sense as I am buried behind a monitor collecting a tan from microns.

Behind the Scenes at JOANN Fabrics & Crafts Before Live Broadcast
Behind the Scenes at JOANN Fabrics & Crafts Before Live Broadcast

Releasing Hurt & Frustration

This year has been very trying on my mental state, to put it mildly. It’s hard to be on when you feel like you are emotionally shutting down. Social media has been very difficult in the amount of fighting and spiteful comments that people leave behind.

Speaking bluntly, I think people forget there are real people behind the scenes that need to clean up after someone has entered a social media page and thrown the furniture about. My team and I are were at a loss several times this year on running out of paper towels and energy to clean up the social media messes left behind.

Before the last Crochet Cruise, I was an emotional mess. I would cry on a dime behind my computer. I would have to walk away from my computer and seeing it as an evil device that is ripping me apart. As much as humans claim they are civilized, sometimes, even with myself, I wonder if we truly are when we cannot even get along with each other.

The Crochet Cruise allowed me to reset myself. I laughed like I haven’t laughed in a very long time. I came back with a refreshed attitude and I am doing so much better than I had been in a long time. I just needed to be reminded that I am a person and not a personal punching bag that social media is convincing me to be.

Since coming back, I am letting things that would bother me just fly right over me instead of letting myself being bathed in hate and attacking comments. I had a comment this morning and before the cruise, I would have just walked away from my computer and just go crochet a sample I need to make. This morning, I know the problem isn’t my own and they are just projecting onto me. If I allow them to get to me, they will win but I don’t want to adopt their hateful feelings but allowing them into my heart. So I have had to reset myself.

The Crochet Crowd Christmas
The Crochet Crowd Christmas

Getting Ready for Christmas

Daniel and I are busy this year and have decided not to decorate the house for Christmas. We have a planned Christmas Party next week. We are excited about the social element to the party but not going to go all out for the festivities this year.

Mentally, I am already working on January / February time frame in my head and sample wise.

JOANN Stitch Along with The Crochet Crowd
JOANN Stitch Along with The Crochet Crowd

JOANN Sample for Spring Stitch Along

The designers of Yarnspirations design the JOANN Stitch Along each time. They have released preliminary concepts but not the actual project yet. Daniel saw the concept and first words out of his mouth! “Dear Gawd, how are you going to be able to teach that!?” 

I told him I don’t know but I am super excited about it. I had my weekly call an hour or so ago about the project. The concept is new, even to me, so Daniel and I were thinking that maybe a small practice sample could be done in advance as a separate project so that when it comes out people don’t assume the worst.

It’s out of my comfort zone which makes it a perfect Stitch Along. I did confirm it’s just a Crochet Along as usual for Spring. It’s just the fall that gets both Knit and Crochet Versions.

Fixing the Website

For now, I have to get back to fixing my website. I did an overhaul this morning to adjust for the dip to change up the programming. One of the tweaks isn’t seeming to take effect to the side you can see. I need to do more research.

The Crochet Crowd Website
The Crochet Crowd Website

I’m unsure if you care about what is happening behind the scenes or how I feel about certain topics. So I am just putting it out there. I have a lot going on right now.

I plan on writing a weekly update. I will update about the The Study of Christmas Afghan aka Jeanne and I’s Toss Toss Afghan.


  1. Diane Hunt

    Hey Mikey and Daniel, I have been following the two of you since you first started The Crochet Crowd. The two of you have been through so much together, and I’m glad you have had each other to help you each get through it. I remember it got so bad a couple of times in the beginning you almost walked away from it, but I’m very glad you didn’t. I have many times almost coming through the screen at the things some people have said to you as well. I can only imagine how much it hurt you if I wanted to do the person in. I’m glad you get things like The Crochet Cruise to give yourself time to de-stress and start all over again. I also think moving to Nova Scotia probably helped a lot. The lifestyle is very different. Keep up what you are doing. You bring happiness into so many people’s lives. If I can ever be of any help to what you do, as a volunteer, please let me know. I have great crochet and office skills and would love to help out if you ever need it.
    Happy times heading into fall. I think you and Daniel have the right idea as far as Christmas holidays go. All my best to you and the rest of the team and look forward to hearing more about and seeing this new concept you are working on.
    Take care,

    • We are truly lucky to have Mikey and Dan here in Nove Scotia, not are they both amazing with talent and creativity, but to know them aside from that they are 2 of the nicest people you could ever meet.

  2. Sue McVicker

    No Blue Button

  3. Diane Blancett

    So glad you are doing much better. I remember how bad it was getting for you. I enjoy the human side of you. That is the key word you are human and people need to remember that. I think you and Daniel are beautiful souls and appreciate all you do for us. I have learned so much and have pushed myself out of my comfort zone with your skilled teaching knowing I can do it. Love you both.

  4. Kim Grindstaff

    Love hearing about/from you. You offer us so much of yourself and your skill that I am so incredibly grateful. Happy holidays to you and Dan.

  5. Debbie

    People can be mean! I think it mostly comes from jealously. We can’t and shouldn’t expect to be favored by everyone, that would be a an unreal expectation.
    We have to take care of ourselves. You are doing what you love and you bring joy to so many. Maybe someone else should be in charge of the internet comments. Just a thought…
    Keep your chin up, you know in your heart what your soul needs❤️

  6. Elizabeth Urien

    Mikey, I enjoy hearing your behind-the-scenes perspective. Your thoughts, your feelings, cuz you’re a real person just like the rest of us and I care about your mental and emotional health. I love your sense of humor and even your highs and lows. Please keep up the good work. And the writing. ?

  7. Ruth Richardson

    If I may be so bold to think I can speak on behalf of so many, of course we care. We care about you and your health – both physical and mental. We care about Daniel and how your upheavals might affect your relationship. We care about your relationship with Yarnspirations a the extended associates. For those who feel they are entitled to attack you for any reason – shame on them. Present your concerns civilly. For those who feel they can attack fellow members, also shame on them – take your battles outside of the group. We are all here to learn, be productive and work together. Take care of yourself, Mikey. Don’t let the craft that brings you pleasure also bring you pain. Love you.

  8. Ruth Mower

    Hey Mikey,
    Thank you for everything you are doing. I am trying things I was always afraid to try in my crocheting. Your encouragement and teaching skills help me a bunch. Something you may want to consider about your dip in hits is Facebook changing their algorithm. Every so often your FB page is no longer in my feed and I have to got directly to your page to find out what you are up to. Thanks to your persistence you are back again. My grandson loves his planet crochet blanket.

  9. Mickey, thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s brave to do that. As a bereavement educator, this time of the year is very difficult for many. Your inspiration to create something for someone struggling is a wonderful idea. With regard to social media, I believe that whether you are a faith based follower or do not practice a religion, you can’t deny LOVE. We need to share love and kindness often. Wishing you and Daniel loving holidays and a prosperous 2020.

  10. Robin

    You are amazing.

    • Sara Blasingame

      Mikey & Daniel their are a lot of cruel people out there. I feel like they are trying to take out their jealousy on you because you can do something that helps others feel good. Thank you.

  11. Patricia Silletto

    Hi, I just want to say thank you. To you Daniel and the team. Because of you I am sitting here with 3 wips, and loving every minute of it. I love that my 21 yr. old daughter is more excited for what I’m crocheting for her for Christmas than what I would buy. You and Daniel also share your laughter. My 2 favorite videos are you and Daniel showing the octopus and Daniel asking if if it wants acookie, and trying to spell certain sounds. Remember there are more of us that appreciate what you do. And nasty people are always going to be nasty no matter what. So when it gets to you stop go give Daniel a hug and think of something funny like trying to spell phew. Thank you. And God bless you both

  12. Rosita Ruiz

    I really enjoy reading what you write!!!!! I’m sure you are a great person and as a person you have feelings! Just do nota pay attention to worthless people.
    Enjoy your life as it Is. Love Diva Dan, love your lovely cats, enjoy being the main part of the wonderful crowd you gather!!!!
    Thank you for everything you teach me!!!

  13. Teresa Cristelo

    Dearest Mikey,
    Maybe it would do you good to stop reading all the nasty comments and let Daniel or someone else read them instead. Then let them give you a rundown of the highlights, don’t drive yourself crazy with the nasty folks in the world. You know it’s something in their makeup that makes them that way if they are hurting someone else it makes them feel superior.
    You are very loved and appreciated for your fiber art and creativity. Don’t give anyone the chance to steal your joy.
    A huge fan from South Carolina ?.

  14. Sue Hayes

    Hi its good to meet you. I just did your pepoermint twist tutorial ftom start to finish. Thank you so much you made it so simple to follow. This was my intro to you and now this blog just popped up in my google feed. So now its nice to put more info to the face and great instructions. Its lovely to meet you.
    Cheers Sue

  15. Oh Mikey, sorry to hear about the behind the scene problems. It almost sounds as if you have depression. I hope that you will make a little effort to put out a few small Christmas decorations and perhaps listen to some Christmas music. You don’t need to go all out, perhaps a tiny, predecorated tabletop tree or a poinsettia. Holidays are hard on me and in bad years that’s what I do. Hoping things get better for you, Sharon

  16. Pamela Craft-Jenewein

    I love The Crochet Crowd. I adore your and Dan’s antics even more. Thank you for the smiles, laughter and teachings. ((((HUGS)))))

    I, too, worked phones for over 30 years; Admin Asst and covering the front lobby of numerous companies. Today, I rarely call anyone unless it’s absolutely necessary, nor do I answer my phone on the first ring. You see my phone doesn’t ring, it vibrates so I never hear it – the ring, I mean. I adore quiet.

    Toilet paper roll always goes OVER…enough said. ROFLOL

    My 17 year old cat, Leo rules the house and me. We chat nightly about his arthritis pain and whether cannabis is truly helping, as well as whether he needs more wet food (at the moment). Then when ready for napping, he’ll loudly trill his need for quiet and rest. Of course I comply…fully…without question.

    Politics: Actually, I’m advocating term limits for those career politicians. Its time they had a reality check.

    Social media: UGH! It’s a necessary evil any more, social media and business marketing. As for those nasty people, I shoot raspberries at them. They never respond but I feel better.

    My websites: I’m updating all four of my sites so I know your struggles and achievements.

  17. Susan Roush

    Thank you for everything you do!!! What more can I say, Except much love sent your way!

  18. Pansy

    I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed this “update.” I liked this brief peak into the life of Mikey. Thank you. I find you inspiring. I enjoy your tutorials and I think you and Dan are adorable. I often wish I could come up there and visit your studio, but well . . . Personal stuff. Maybe someday. In the meantime, I love this site. I think you are awesome. Thank you for being you! *hugs*

  19. Jackie

    You are a very special person and part of an awesome team. Sorry you have to put up with so much bad stuff. For each piece of rubbish there are multiple good things going on. All that you do keeps fellow strugglers going with the positivity. Keeping things crochet/knit/yarn related is definitely a positive. Somewhere to escape to away from the bad things in life

  20. Jana Connell

    Mikey, we love how transparent you are here and I got one have the exact same feelings about social media. I’m older than you (65) and do not like what it’s done to society as a whole. Yes it has its place- saved my life and creates a living for me even now, but I’ve been online since 1993 and I’ve seen it go from exciting and wonderful to turning those so inclined, into the beasts they cannot publicly be.
    I’m just a poor woman who spends what little I can on yarn now & then and is very grateful for all the work you do bringing us free patterns and tutorials. I love crochet, and I taught myself to knit, so I really appreciated the fact that you did the same a while back.
    It’s my dream to someday go on a crochet cruise but that’s only going to happen if it goes on the west coast and I can save enough for it. Right now I’m raising my grandson (who crochets a bit) and dreaming.
    You and I chatted years ago about where you and Dan met. I was also dating a Dan who’s since moved back to Michigan.
    You’ll never know how much we love you Michael. We love and appreciate you and Dan, and are grateful that you allow us into your lives behind the curtains as it were. As a life-long Veterinary Technician I love your love of cats and share the same.
    Thank you for all you do for us. All we can give back to you is our love and appreciation.
    Love you guys,

  21. Patti

    I just love what you are doing for all of us. But we can’t learn if you’re not there….so please do take care of yourself. Know that for every one creep there are hundreds of us loving you.

  22. Christine Nebel Wright

    I love getting to know who you are personally. It is like sitting down for a cup of coffee and learning new things about a friend that you never knew before. Keep writing these please. Looking forward to next week’s coffee get together. Here’s a question for you, Do you type traditionally like was taught in schools or do you type like most youngsters do with two fingers or some variation?

  23. Kathleen

    Good morning Mikey! So glad you are feeling much better! Don’t let malicious and hateful people bring you down! I love your personal interactions and videos! Yours is my favorite FB page! I just love you guys!

  24. Audrey Stapleford

    Thanks for the update. So sorry to learn that you were being bullied. You’ve helped so many of us over the years to learn new stitches and projects. There are more good people in the world than bad and you are among them. Bullies are sad souls, full of fear, angry at the world and themselves. They hurt inside so they lash out at others that are unlike themselves. You are a good, kind, loving person and your followers know that. Looking forward to your getting up and running soon. Have a Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year.

  25. Hi Mikey!
    I’ve never emailed you before so thought I would this time. I like learning what goes on behind the scenes, it’s very interesting to me. I had noticed that you didnt seem to be leaving posts as often as you usually did so I figured something was up. I just figured you were very busy at this time of the year. 🙂
    I sure don’t envy all the computer work that you’ve been doing.

    I’m sure almost all of us in the Crochet Crowd are busy working on Christmas presents. I love seeing the pics of things people are making.

    Just wanted to say take care. You are appreciated. I’m looking forward to the new year and what’s in store!

    P.S. I agree with Dan on this one. I put my toilet paper on so it goes under! ??

  26. Sharon Dial

    Yes, I am very grateful and thankful for your teaching and hope to learn even more. Thank you for the crochet crowd and yarn inspirations.
    Love & blessings, Sharon dial

  27. Elaine Boyd-Williamson

    Well I haven’t followed your blog, but it frequently pops up in my news feed like now. And I will tell you when it does, it provides an answer to a crochet question I may be musing about.
    I want to thank you for the fingerless gloves pattern, done from the fingers to cuff. I tweaked it to include short fingers to the first knuckle, and my husband loves it. (I just made one to cut down on his hand bruising issue) now he wants a set, so I just wanted to say thank you for your insights. Good luck with all your endeavors

  28. Jennifer Luedtke

    Thank you. I truly enjoy your thoughts and feelings. I appreciate your openness and honesty.

  29. Ava Lynn Schaedler

    I am grateful for all you do. I’m glad you were able to reset yourself. I have noticed a certain meanness in society. Not just in media. I’m not sure what is going on. It certainly isn’t anything you are doing wrong Michael.
    I enjoy your posts. I try to respond to the ones I see. For some reason the posts don’t pop up as much as they used to . I hope you continue to thrive and crochet for many years to come.

  30. Patty Clay

    I am not very familiar with Crochet Crowd. I am very familiar with the emotional “down” side, and can understand how negative messages do not help. What I don’t understand is why people feel they must write them. Maybe expressing them helps them somehow, a superior feeling or something. Don’t sweat them. Thank you for the “inside glimpse.” I appreciate it.

  31. Sandra Schmidt

    Dear Mikey, thank and I appreciate you! I love this group and enjoy all the positive feed back and help from all your yarning friends, I think you are very gifted and I enjoy reading about your “behind the scenes” goings on. I’m sorry people are so mean and rude sometimes but I’m glad you have figured out that their issues are their own and not yours. Sending you love and joy. Keep creating joy! Xoxo ? Sandra

  32. Marlene

    Don’t let others take your joy away! Like the song says Be happy ,don’t worry!lol
    You have a wonderful group and bussiness.
    Crochet takes you away from it all.♥️

  33. Dianna

    Thank you for sharing! I really appreciate all you do. I have followed you for years but just recently did a stick along, Planet Earth, for the 1st time. I work full time so it took me longer. I loved it. I love reading about what is going on behind the scenes. This year I have concentrated on Self-care. Take a bit of time everyday to just breath. Meditate or just BE quietly. Then once a week and hour to a half day just for me. Really does wonders. Praying for you both and your team. You touch alot of lives for the good. Thank you!

  34. Teresa

    I enjoyed this, very much. Thanks for sharing, Mikey

  35. Margaret (ALIAS BETTY) Benjamin

    Thanks for all you do for all of us. I can’t even imagine the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep things running along like a well oiled machine. You and Daniel contribute so much to this community of crochet folk. Thank you.

  36. Marilyn Grayson

    I like to hear your voice. There are so many feelings that a text or e- mail or just a typed message comes over. A voice is so much better, and I like to see your happy smiling face. Enjoy you and Diva Dan so much.

  37. Marty Moore

    Love to hear the behind the scenes stuff. Sometimes when we see such a lovely finished product, we forget all the work that goes into making it happen. I appreciate your sharing now & on the cruise. Sometimes it takes a wakeup call to remind us to treat others as we would like to be treated. Thanks to you & Daniel & your team for all you do for us. Take care of you. Marty

  38. Deborah Bosch

    I had a major loss in my life 5 yrs ago. So I took up my crocheting again. I love the challenges of new stitch patterns. Thank you Mikey and you tube for allowing me to create.
    I also have 2 cats and a Pomeranian. I got the dog as a rescue. She loved me from day one.
    I’m hooked on crochet and my fur babies rock my world.
    I look forward to finding your videos and keep up the good work you do.
    Merry Christmas

  39. Debra

    Glad that you are in a better state of mind. Social media can be a bitch sometimes – I have a few FB friends and family who periodically rake “breaks” from it as they are stressed by some of the drama and hate.
    Updates from you and Daniel are great. It is important for people to know what it takes to do what you all do and how it makes you feel when people are mean or unappreciative. It would be sad if you had to make it a closed group as you have so much to offer and I often recommend The Crochet Crowd when I am asked about patterns or how to do something.
    Huggz to all b


    Mikey – “you” being “you” is what makes The Crochet Crowd so warm and engaging. If you feel led to tell us more about yourself and your life, I say GO FOR IT! We love it, and we love you!

  41. Karen Maiorano

    Mikey,I really appreciate and admire you.I found the CrochetCrowd and your tutorials years ago.Ive been knitting,crocheting for 48 yrs,learned in high school,(64 yrs young, haha!) You have such a love of life,and people,and it shows in your videos and posts! You also seem to have a LOT of patience. You remind me of myself. Im writing because Ive goone through some rough years,very depressed, and trying to make everyone happy, and I lost myself in all the chaos. Luckily, I am doing much better, after getting help and understanding you can’t please ,or fix everything all the time. Take care of yourself( sounds like you are),and understand who you are is perfect!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!! I enjoy your heartfelt posts about you and your personal life,also…i enjoy your great sense of humor!!! Laughter is always good!!!! TAKE CARE, LOVE YA,Karen Maiorano,Bartlett,Illinois❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  42. Criselda Yonce

    Chin up buttercup, life sucks at times and then it doesn’t. Don’t let hateful people or comments ruin what you love to do. You taught me to crochet at a time in my life when nothing made sense. I couldn’t control the loss of my youngest daughter but you helped me learn to create something out of the pain. You will always hold a special place in my heart.❤

  43. Hope you and Daniel have a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. Just stay positive and ignore that negative (easier said then done). Just be true to yourself.

  44. Mo

    Hey Mikey! Just saying hi and thanks. It’s all good.

  45. Diane Blancett

    Wow what a full plate you have. It is good to be reminded of all you do behind the scenes. Hugs to both you and Daniel. So glad the cruise did you some good.

  46. Nancy Malven

    I loved reading your story. I have been following The Crochet Crowd for several years and love your page. Your video tutorials are excellent and I recommend them all the time. As far as the nasty communications you get, always keep in mind that there are hundreds of us out here that admire, appreciate and love you guys. Carry that above the negatives. Keep smiling.

  47. MaryJean

    Hugs. Major big thanks to you and your team. Don’t worry about the negatives. If you all were perfect God would have called you home. We still need you to learn and teach us. Greedy of us, I know. Hugs to all of your busy bodies, minds and hands. I am inspired every day.

  48. Kim

    You’ve taught me so very much over the years, and I just want to hug you and your crew so hard for it all!! The joy I get in accomplishing something is always much needed. Have you read “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz? If not, I highly recommend it. One of the agreements is “DONT take things personally”. Just as you said, when people are coming for your throat, it’s merely their “problem” (for lack of better word), not you. Keep doing what you’re doing!! YOU’re 10000% GROOVY!! ♥️

  49. Vicky Hall

    I just wanted to remind you that Jesus loves you and there’s so many of us that do too. People who are hateful have their own problems. Your taking the time to give tutorials free for everyone is a huge blessing. I’ve used several of them for my projects for others. Thank you and your team. God bless you.

  50. Deborah

    thank you for sharing i love youre site it has and still is teaching me so much love to you both

  51. Frances

    Thanks for being you, there are so many of us that love you and what you do, never change because of the haters, I am a minority and have been through the ringer but God has blessed me with wounderful friends and family. You are strong and can rise above anything, Happy Thanksgiving, God bless ??

  52. Susan Isaac

    I think your observations and perspectives on topics and the way you address them are heart felt and on point-However…. (sorry) if you are going to continue to write try to proof read-especially your openings. Make sure they flow smoothly and do not have grammatical errors. Also, trying to stick to a few items will help you can traffic (KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid?) Practice makes perfect! Good writers write.

  53. Barbara M

    Mikey, I love getting a glimpse into your life. Thank you for sharing openly and honestly about this past year. I bet there are others among this crowd (me too) who had some struggles this year too. It’s nice to feel connected with others who are marching forward, doing their best and leading by example.
    Thank you and bless you and Dan this Christmas and in the New Year.

  54. Laila E. Teira

    Dear Micky
    I want to thank you first. When I started looking for videos to learn to do some stitches, your videos pop up in quality among all. Then I knew I found you. Everytime I needed to learn something, I would first checked with you. You are very talented and have a great ability to explain clearly everything.
    My time for computer is limited as my days are packed, and my free time is almost always crocheting.
    I really enjoy your script today. You made me laugh and give me the opportunity to be a little more familiar with the person who grabbed my attention some time ago. You also made me think today with your call center job’s story. I know everyone have a talent and the situation is to identify it and put it at work.
    Toilet paper situation occurs in almost all houses. Don’t stress much about it.
    Great you got to learn that what the world throws at you is their problem, not yours.
    Keep the good work crafting and sharing your ideas. You make a difference in so many lifes! I can’t promise I will read all you post, but rest assured I still will find time to read some of them from time to time.
    Again thanks for creating this community. I really enjoy being part of it.

  55. Christina

    Loved this!!! Is so nice to get to know you and Diva Dan!!! And to know what you guys go through is fantastic. Keep up the good work and thank you for everything you do for us

  56. Ruth Farrell

    You are amazing. I have learnt a lot from your site. I am a newbie at crochet and knitting, but I have done a lot this year and have projects from this site on my ” have to do this” list. right now i need to finish the blankets for all my kids and grandkids.. just a few more to go still.. my advice.. HATERS are gonna hate.. don’t let their rudeness and drama spill over to you.. send good thoughts or prayers that they will see the beauty in life and someone will will come into their life and make a difference.. some drama people will never change.. but it is up to us to not let others “define” us .. we just be ourselves and make the most of this life and try to pay the good things forward onto others.. you never know when you will be the one that makes a difference in another’s life. i smile at people, i give things away, i try to be kind, but will tell you some days are tough and those are the days i start naming the things that i am grateful for.. soon my attitude turns around.. wishing you a safe and happy Christmas season 🙂

  57. Lisa

    Mikey, Just to say “I care.” I laughed when you mentioned the toilet paper. It is that way here. Apparently only I can put it on. I teared up when you mentioned 9/11. i was in the middle of my third pregnancy (probably more than you wanted to know) wondering what kind of world I was bringing my baby into. Also remember, civilized to some does not necessarily equate to nice. That is just a sad state of affairs. I am glad that the cruises help you reset. Try to always remember that there are more of us that care than those who are hateful. We just don’t always say it enough.

  58. Kim Wood

    love hearing about your life like a reality show on print. Keep going there are more of us that adore you than the haters and we all know where they are going!! ?

  59. Trish Barker

    I personally really enjoy reading your updates/“what’s happening” posts. I appreciate the fact that you are willing to share, good or bad. On your low days, I wish I could give you a hug, and tell you to drop kick the negative nellies back into cyberspace! :). Sometimes it’s hard to remember for every loudmouth negative person, you have 1000 people that admire, support, and love you. On most days, you bring smiles, laughter and joy to us all! Please keep posting whatever your heart tells you to, it’s wonderful seeing all sides of you.
    I will give you that hug on the February 2020 cruise, my first cruise ever!
    You are doing a phenomenal job, thank you!


  60. Anne Beaufay

    Hi Mickey,
    I am a huge fan and I can tell you that everthing you do is beyond any expectations. You are amazing. Just ignore the mean crowd and cheer up with the greatest crowd. We love you. And by staying inside because of work…a mood light might help with the blues! (It works for me)

  61. Lisa Zafar

    Good Bless you Mikey. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. ??
    Lisa Zafar
    NY and SC depending on the time of year!

  62. AL Bragg

    Hang in there! Make time for yourself and Daniel; go to a local hotel and spend at least a day doing anything fun but not crochet,knit, yarn or computer related. I cannot imagine why anyone at Crochet Crowd would troll you. They must not have a true love of yarn. Like you say, ignore the “trolls”… makes you wonder about what miserable, little lives they must lead since they have nothing better to do. Remember things get done when they get done. You can always find someone you could delegate certain things.Don’t let it burn you up. It will stop being fun. Take care of yourself & Daniel and your furry kids. Life goes on. Enjoy it!

  63. Peggie Thom

    I try to be less and less visible and soon enough will likely go the way several people close to me have gone – i.e., no FB, no IG, no Twitter, no Snapchat……I will rejoin certain groups under another name and only monitor those groups. It is sad that the original intent of social media (FB) has become a platform for people to make hateful insulting comments to people they don’t know and about subjects they have little or no knowledge of based on their comments…..Mom was right – if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    You and Dan are good people with good intentions……don’t let the murky people affect you – blow them off and if they get too lippy, shut them down. Your true followers will stay with you and continue to enjoy the amazing and wonderful things you do for them.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and take some time for yourselves.<3

  64. Cheryl James

    I think y’all are wonderful. Don’t worry about the comments, if these people don’t pay your bills, sleep in your bed, they’re not important. Keep on with your amazing work.

  65. Deborah

    Well said and please keep doing what your doing I’m sure it takes a strong minded person to do what you do both of you

  66. Teresa Worley

    Really enjoyed this. I am in total agreement about the toilet paper. Also I have a cat with the same problems. If I don’t pay attention to her she bites my nose. You do so much for us and I hope you know how much you are appreciated. You are my crochet hero Mikey.

  67. Mickey, I LOVE the concept if behind the scenes. Please keep it up.
    Thank you for ALL you do for us.

  68. Michelle Rickens

    I love this idea! I hope you continue to write updates about behind the scenes. And about yourself and Diva Dan and your life together!
    Thanks for all you do Mikey!

  69. Christine

    I love the crochet crowd. And personally I like hearing about your personal life. Minus the political opinions. I belong to enough political groups to get my political fill. I like to keep the crochet and political things separate. Honestly I couldnt handle the negative comments and nastiness. My opinion is if you dont like it or its not your cup of tea move on. No need to comment that you don’t like it and be nasty. Everyone has different likes and dislikes and that is ok. As far as diva dan wanting a dog with two cats. Dont do it….we had two cats and then got two dogs. We had to rehome the cats. The dogs would not leave the cats alone. I’ve heard people say it does work but you don’t know if it will with your cats. You guess are awesome and I appreciate all you do.

  70. Theresa Adams

    Mikey and Dan
    As an older person,who has worked in a management position in several large hotels in Vegas…I understand your situation…I was a person who went to work to work ..not make friends. Needless to say I was not very well liked and I lived with this theory…I have to protect myself and my job ..you cannot depend on someone to cover and protect your ass but yourself. When I retired, I realized that I have to take care of myself…you and Dan have to do the same…people are cruel…they feel they are privileged to insult people because it is not their way.
    Be true to yourself….we all have faults….reach deep inside and make sure you are happy and make the changes you need to make it happen.
    I love your website…you make me a happy person with all of the crazy things you post…I love your patterns…I am just an average crocheter… and I try hard..I am proud of myself and the person I am. You should be too. I so want to g.j o on as cruise just to meet you both. BE HAPPY AND BE PROUD..SCREW WHAT EVERYONE ELSE THINKS!

  71. Donna

    Of course I care… I Love you and all you do for all of us….

  72. Jane Mummert

    Mikey, you are a smart, kind, and important person to the crochet community. What the trolls say is nothing but hot air. Can you tell me where I can find a tutorial for the Granny Striped Crochet Floor Cushion?

  73. lyn

    Mikey you truly are a great person don’t forget to take a break and breathe once in awhile I hope your holiday goes well.

  74. Shirley Mancini

    Thanks for the peek into behind the scenes! So many care so much about you, Mikey and love how you share! <3 You are an inspiration to thousands!!

  75. Mary McDonagh

    Thank you for the beautiful heart rendering post. I think you do a wonderful job and love your Crochet Crowd. Just remember,
    You can please some of the people some of the time
    All the people some of the time
    But NEVER all the people all of the time!!!!
    Just Keep being MIKEY

  76. Paula

    It’s very evident to me that both you and Dan work very hard to bring new ideas to us. As for the naysayers… they are a bunch of disrespects, jealous of others success. Keep on guys. You are awesome.

  77. Vickie Dederian

    Developing a hard shell is what got me through 18 years of working for local government in the child support collections/enforcement division. I feel for ya I really do. I love all you and Daniel do for us. Thank you so much! (((HUGS)))

  78. Julie

    Just a thought in response to your website decline – I am curious the effect that the numerous rolling black outs in California are causing – how many hits from California does your website get, and did the decline correspond with the outages? I was unable to process a customers credit card payment last week because their bank was offline.

  79. Marta Carrigan

    This has been very informative and gives the group a birds eye view of what we don’t normally see.
    Hope you Diva Dan have a wonderful and peaceful holiday season.

  80. Linda Holly

    Love hearing about what happens behind the scenes and your thought process, for different projects and events. The information provided was an eyeopener and much of it was helpful in understanding the industry and how we got to where The Crochet Crowd is today. Keep the information and insight, coming. We have the option of reading it or not. So Rock On, with your updates!!!!!

  81. Cathy Brey

    You are a great person and so is Diva Dan. I’m
    Not decorating this year and it depresses me. But I broke my foot in September ( putting on underwear, figure that ). It didn’t heal so after surgery a week ago, still can’t walk without scooter until January . But there is always next year!

  82. Diane

    Hi Mikey, I am so glad you got refreshed, and so very sorry that it had gotten so hard for you prior to your cruise. Regarding when your site numbers took a nose dive…I have found that sometimes for what ever reason I was no longer subscribed to crochet crowd and a couple of other sites…I do not believe it’s because I wasn’t on these sites, but I had to update my subscriptions and notifications. That was a while ago…it still is odd how I still dont always get the notifications. Very frustrating for both of us!
    I love the idea of you writing about back scene updates. As long as you enjoy doing it! I teach crochet classes in a community school. Thank you for all you do! You are the best!

  83. Debbie Preseau

    I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing.

  84. Lori

    I enjoy reading your posts and would be very interested in weekly updates.
    It would be great if you could post a link to these updates when you do them. Thanks so much for sharing a part of yourself with all of us. You are truly an inspiration to me and many others.

  85. Sally Reiser

    Love and hugs to you and Daniel! I enjoyed reading the insights, and look forward to the next one. We appreciate all the hard work you put into the Crochet Crowd and I am always referring people to your videos and website.

  86. Robin Rainwater

    I love your crochet wisdom and following your adventures and patterns. Dont let people get to you. As my mother always says ‘dont let someone live rent free in your head’! You are special and have added much to so many. People like you are awesome!

  87. Donna

    Debbie Downers be damned. You and Dan are loved by thousands of people. Picture all of us in a huge stadium giving you hugs and blowing kisses to you. You are truly an awesome person!

  88. Annette Carnell

    I so very much enjoy The Crochet Crowd website and FB page. I subscribe to your YouTube channel too. I have worked on 3 of your CAL’s and have applied the new stitches I learnt to other projects. You have challenged me so much and I have loved every minute of it !! Thank you to you and your team for all you do !!

  89. Meggan Lloyd

    Thank you Mikey for the brief insight into what’s going on behind the scenes. I’m shocked that there are people who don’t like cheesecake, maybe it’s a texture thing?

    I personally appreciate all that you do for The Crochet Crowd and crocheting. I wouldn’t be where I am as far as crocheting goes with your help.

    A big howdy to Diva Dan too. You two can be absolutely hysterical.

    Wishing you both a very happy holiday season.

  90. Sharon Hunt

    I’m glad you are starting to feel better. I really like to listen to you talk about life. I can relate to so much “crap” it’s unreal and I think that most of us can relate. I do hope you have an enjoyable Christmas though. One think I will tell you, when you cry, I cry and when you laugh (or that adorable giggle) I laugh and that is not a word of a lie. May the good Lord strike me down.
    Big hugs from Sharon in Newfoundland to both you and Daniel.

  91. Connie Pickering

    Dear Mikey,
    I ‘m sorry you were having a hard time before the cruise. You need a huge hug. { H….U….G….} I hope that helps. Hold it for a minute so our hearts have a chance to talk.
    You are just so sweet, I can not understand why a person would want to cause you drama. But I know people do. They gave me drama too. Take heart, there are people out here that love you and Daniel.

  92. Mikey, you and the Crochet Crowd are responsible for bringing my daughters and I closer together. Adrienne and I have been honored and privileged to attend two Crowd functions where we earned the Old Runner and Young Runner nicknames. Together with Amanda, the three of us crochet items for sale and provide countless crocheted goods to our local humane societies. None of this would be happening without you and Daniel. Forget the negative garbage you read. It comes from small closed minds. We love you just the way you are.

  93. Liesbeth

    Hi Mikey,
    I really enjoy reading your behind the scenes commentary. I joined the Crochet Crowd a few years ago and still like it best of all the other crochet websites that are available.
    Kind regards Liesbeth Jacobs (from the Netherlands)

  94. Pearl

    Sometimes people forget that there are a number of generous, kind, and caring people behind the scenes at The Crochet Crowd. I have been following you for quite awhile and learned so much! Thank You! Chin up! God bless! Take care!

  95. Sue Charlton McEndree

    Mikey, just take one day at a time. Everything will fall into place eventually, so please don’t stress out about it. We need you around to help us with the projects. I love watching the videos you do to learn new stitches & projects. Thank you for being there for us.

  96. Peg Murphy

    Love your comments and all you do. There is a saying don’t let the b-st- rds get you down. You and Daniel work too hard to allow folks comments to negatively affect you. I wish I could go to every cruise, show, opening, you do.

  97. Robin Whitaker

    Beautiful words. And I cannot believe the audacity of some people. You and Dan have done so much for the crochet community while making us feel like part of your family. I wish that I did not live all the way across the US so that I could come to some of the events to meet you and thank you in person for you loving ways. Some people are not happy unless they are complaining, even here on our neighborhood FB page. It is exhausting. Be strong. Blessings

  98. Janet Schroeder

    Thank you for being so open about yourself. I truly hope the “hateful” people will get some idea of what their harsh words can do to hurt someone who is trying to help them.
    Depression is nasty business – I know 1st hand. You are doing all the right things to protect yourself from the negative perils that affect so many. A person can take only so much of a beating – and if the roles were reversed, those people probably wouldn’t be as forward looking as you. Kudos to you for being strong and able to look inward.
    The Holidays are in your heart – they don’t need lots of decorations, lights and hooplah. Do what makes you feel best, especially when you have so much on your plate after the Holidays!
    We’re glad we got to be a part of all your laughter on the cruise. It did me a world of good, as well. What a joy and fun experience for us…and so many others! You are amazing!!
    I’m sure if anyone can figure out the problem with the numbers, it’s you! Just keep plugging away and have a great EUREKA! when you discover the issue and solve it!
    Thank You, Mikey!



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