Crochet Temperature Afghans
Crochet Temperature Afghans

Temperature Afghan

Years ago, Bernat Yarns prior to rebranding themselves as Yarnspirations had a blog where they used a Yarn Temperature Gauge for making unique afghans, generally referred to as a Temperature Afghan.

I was reminded of this when Sarah, founder of Repeat Crafter Me, posted this as an idea for crocheters. I’ve been looking for this gauge and was unable to find it. Thanks Sarah for the reminder!

How A Temperature Afghan Works

If you have never heard of a Temperature Afghan, it’s pretty straight forward. You commit to crocheting 1 – 3 rows / rounds of your work using the temperature gauge as your colour choice each day. So you can either check your temperature outside of your home or refer to the weather network each day and crochet accordingly. If you think you are not going to crochet for a day, just take the temperature and write it down so when you pick up your project, you have that information handy.

The temperature gauge is showing 8 colours using the Bernat Satin Yarn.

Once you know the temperature, look at your gauge and crochet the colour that falls within the temperature readings.

The trick is not to cheat the system by falsifying a temperature because you think the colour shouldn’t go where it does. The whole point is capturing the temperature as it happens making the afghan a true representation of the season you are crocheting in.

PSST… if you cannot start on the first of the month, you can start anytime, when you are done, no one is really going to know if you started on a the 1st of the month or had to delay it.

Customizing Your Temperature Gauge

In my region of the world, the chances of it hitting anything above 54 – 66 degrees is unlikely at this time of year. So what I would do is to change the temperatures to be closer to what is normal for your region.

So I would just stroke out the temperatures and redo the gauge that is closer to temperatures that are possible. For example, I would actually put my lowest temperature to be up to -20 degrees and work up increments all the way up to a maximum to 13 degrees as my highest point. Be creative, just because there are 8 increments doesn’t mean you have to have only 8, you can have more colours and more closer temperatures.

I would also look at the yarn colours and you can change out the yarn colours too depending what is in your collection or making something that more reflects your own personal tastes.

To help you further, I have created a downloadable PDF of the Temperature Gauge so you can make your own notes or alterations. Get the Temperature Gauge PDF.


Temperature Gauge Afghans
Temperature Gauge Afghans. Click the Pic to download the Temperature Gauge.
Yarn Thermometer for Temperature Afghan
Yarn Thermometer for Temperature Afghan

Thermometer Applique

I have written a pattern called the Yarn Thermometer. This pattern will show you how to make an applique that can be applied to your Temperature Afghan.

The colours you have selected for your project are to be used in the thermometer. Once you are done this applique and your project is done. Simply sew this onto the corner of the afghan.

To help you remember what the colours mean, the gauge shows the colours in order of the temperature. So when you look at the project, you can look at the thermometer and remember the temperature increments.

How Many Chains to Start Worksheet

How Many Chains to Start an Afghan
How Many Chains to Start an Afghan. Click the Pic to Download this Worksheet to Use.
Weatherghan Afghan Creator Program
Weatherghan Afghan Creator Program

United States Weatherghan Creator Program

If you live in the United States, there is a free Weatherghan Program that you can use. You simply enter in your Zip Code and the year that you wish to see. The program will check the weather in the Zip Code and form a pattern instantly.

Read More About the Weatherghan Program here.


What Types of Projects Can You Do?

It’s usually done in granny format but you can follow your own rules or designs. Here is a list of 5 patterns that are great for this. Again, be creative.

  1. Rectangular Granny – Completed in Rounds – Tutorial Included
  2. Granny Ripple – Completed in Rows – Tutorial Included
  3. Granny Textured Square – Completed in Rounds Tutorial Included
  4. Chevron Afghan – Completed in Rows Tutorial Included
  5. Spectrum Afghan – Completed in Rows