Crochet Granny Goes Ripple Afghan
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Crochet Granny Ripple Pattern
Crochet Granny Ripple Pattern

Granny Ripple Afghans

Learn how to make a granny afghan that uses waves that go up and down in the width of the afghan. This is much simpler than you may realize.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Granny Goes Ripple Afghan

Once you get the pattern on how it grows at the top peaks and reduces at the bottom valleys, it’s a cinch!

Give it a try. I have provided resources below to help you.

I have a free pattern for you that can follow along, it’s called Granny Goes Ripple.

In the video tutorial, I have shown an example of my crochet diagram that I used for myself. I figured out that I can change the sizes easily by figuring out the multiple chain counts.

For changing sizes, use Multiples of 18… at the end of the chain ADD 1.

Here is my diagram as part of my rough notes. You are welcome to save it and/or print it for your own records.

Granny Ripple Crochet Diagram
Granny Ripple Crochet Diagram

Video Tutorials

29 thoughts on “Granny Ripple Afghan Pattern

    • I also rewatch the video. Discover a trick reminder on it. When you get to the 5 change on the granny ripple. It the imaginationary sign saying to skip two 3 dc stitches. That is the way to keep the bottom peak or bottom loop pointing downwards. Well that is what I gotten from it.

  1. Where can I get a printable version of this? I find the diagrams difficult to follow and am very new to having to play and stop the video and concentrate on what I am doing – would appreciate any help thank yoi

  2. “Bang on”… really easy and once I got going, don’t have to count at all. I started it with a variegated color I already had in my stash, but I think this may look better in solids or at least some solid rows to show off the pattern better. I’ll share a picture on facebook when I get done. (may be awhile tho… multiple WIP, lol)

  3. Right now I’m making the Spectrum Afghan for Project Linus, then I will make this ripple afghan, also for Project Linus.

  4. Love this. Starting this today with all my leftover yarn from the mystery CAL. How would I do a border on this kind of afghan?

  5. I am very interested in making the “Granny Ripple Afghan”, but I do not know how to read a diagram. The tutorials are very helpful, but I learned to crochet with pictures in a book of each stitch so it has taken a long time to “read” a pattern, but I can do it. Do you have any tutorials on reading a crochet diagram?


    • Chain 109 stitches. Row 1 DC 3 times in fifth stich from hook, skip two ch, DC 3 times, skip 2 chains, DC 3 times chain 3 DC 3 times (This is top peak) skip 2 ch DC 3 times, skip 2, DC 3 times, skip 5 (Crochet in 6th st) DC 3 times, skip 2 ch, DC 3 times, skip 2 ch, DC 3 times chain 3 and DC 3 times (another peak) skip 2 …….end of row will be the down then DC 1 in last stitch and turn. Chain 3 start again…

      • Are the troughs supposed to curl up a bit? I have already done about 8 rows and they curl up. Is this something only edging will fix? Also I know its mentioned he shows how to change colors in the third row but I only get 2 videos of the same thing…where he finishes the first 2 rows in the same green color. No color change… :(.

      • Your tension is too tight try to loosen it a bit or try a slightly larger hook that might help. He made a left handed version and a right handed version. To change colors you simply do part of your stitch then just prior to finishing the last stitch such as dc…yarn over, pull up loop, pull through two then take new color yarn and I make a slip knot and place on end of hook and pull through the last two so I have my beginning loop to start my next row…my email is if you have any more questions.

      • let me work this pattern and make a video in slower motion with the color change for you in the next few days and I will post it for you. Please be patient with me as my filming is not the best yet.

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