Crochet Breaking Waves Afghan
Crochet Breaking Waves Afghan
Crochet Breaking Waves Afghan

Crochet Breaking Waves Afghan

Introducing the Crochet Breaking Waves Afghan designed by Mikey of The Crochet Crowd aka me. Inspired by the breaking waves of water on a coastal edge and looking to Caron Big Cakes, Blue Macaroon, I developed a textured look wave afghan.


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Free Pattern: Crochet Breaking Waves Afghan

The crashing of the waves appears using front and back posts in 1 row every 4th row. Stabilized by the other 3 rows. The colour changes naturally coming out of the yarn ball give the afghan a look of gradation like you are painting the surface of the water onto the afghan.

The yarn multiple is in 19. So you can change the size of the afghan if you wish by just changing the number of sets of 19. There are 11 sets of 19 in my sample. Seriously though, the sample didn’t take long to make and I enjoyed making it too! The changes in the colour make it more interesting to crochet along.

I knew Caron Big Cakes go a long way, yardage wise and it didn’t disappoint. My pattern is available to download the pdf if you wish to try one for yourself.

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Change the Starting Chain on Pattern to 207, please. PDF IS UPDATED – 03/15/2018


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51 thoughts on “Crochet Breaking Waves Afghan + Tutorial

  1. I know that people don’t often do a border for a stitch like this, but is there a particular border pattern that you would recommend? I am finishing a baby version of this for a friend, and she loves the look but wants it “square”- as she says.

    • I always end with Row 2. You could do a shell border down the sides, then you’d have the wavy shell look all around.

    • What is the proper multiple on this pattern? I’ve scoured the patterns, videos, and internet and everything is conflicting. I’ve unraveled this 3x, but I want to make it as it’s gorgeous! What did you all do as your starting chains? Right now I am doing multiples of 19, but the last stitches in my row one evened out exactly – I didn’t have an extra stitch he talks about skipping to even it out. Please help! 🙂

      • Thank you very much! I saw in the video you crossed out one number, and the pattern said another, so I just wanted to make sure I was using the most up to date info. I’m going to restart this tonight!
        If I wanted to make it smaller/narrower, would I use the multiples of 17, or 20? Sorry if I’m being obtuse. 🙂

      • In my notes I have multiple of 8 + 4. I’ve made at least 4 & it’s worked out. Row three has an error, though. At least in the version I downloaded. My notes also say, ROW 3 CORRECTION: *3 sc in next CH 1 SP, SC IN NEXT ST …

        Hope this helps.

  2. I purchased the yarn for this project and am trying to make this pattern work. Can anyone tell me if you have completed this afghan, the number of chains and number of multiples? I look forward to making this and gifting it. It looks so pretty. Thanks.

  3. If I made this into a baby blanket, how many chains should I start off with? I’m not the best at figuring this stuff out lol

  4. So if I wanted to make this into a baby blanket how many chains would you suggest? Converting isn’t my strongest suite lol

  5. The tutorial says multiple of 19 209 stitches and the pattern in printed versions says chain 207. Could the pdf be corrected?

  6. That is gorgeous! I plan on making one after the Ocean Waves with Big Cakes is finished.

    I’ve also noticed that the Big Cakes and Tea Cakes are on clearance at Michael’s. They’re not getting discontinued, are they?! I wanted to get a bunch of the Tea Cakes..

  7. Mikey, please update your PDF file to reflect multiples of 19 instead of 18. I, too, have frogged mine 3 times thinking I had done something wrong. I love the look of this pattern but not the frustration. Thanks!

    • I am having a horrible time with this pattern. I have tried twice and frogged each one. Your chart is also off kilter. I am going to try and design my own from this as I am getting very frudtrated. Your afghan patterns are always a “goto” for me but this one has just about worn out what patience I have left for it.

  8. What am I missing? My starting chain was 209. I have 12 waves, not 11 and extra chains leftover. I have tried this 3 times with the same result. My 5 dc in next 2 ch look like this (oo) next to each other. Is that normal? Someone please help!!

  9. Hi Mikey! Watched the tutorial and what you show doesn’t match the pattern. Pattern doesn’t state to skip a space before and after the groups of 5 dc but you show it in your tutorial. This may be why my stitch count is off. Can you clarify! Thanks,

  10. So glad to read all these comments. I’m also having an issue with the pattern right from the start. The numbers do not work out correctly. I’ve been reading patterns for many, many years and do find mistakes in them, so I’m aware this happens, but would appreciate it being corrected.

  11. I think is afghan is beautiful. I am also ha having an issue with it pattern. (That has never happened with any pattern I have used from your website before, so maybe it is me.) To me to seems the repeating pattern is based on 19, and not 18. There are 2 stitches that get 5dcs, then the next stitch get 1 dc, followed by (skip 1 stitch & dc in the next one) 8 times. That would be 19 stitches. Can you please advise on this? Thank you. I love you work and your website.

  12. I feel so much better that I am not the only one having a hard time getting this pattern. lol It’s perfect for the Caron Cake I bought months ago! I was going to do another Ocean Wave afghan but I really like your pattern. I will wait for more instructions. Thanks

  13. I know you are busy with your move and a tutorial doesn’t happen overnight but even a chart would really help. Thanks for all that you do Mikey!

  14. Mikey, could you please have a tutorial? I am a visual learner and would greatly love to attempt the breaking waves afghan. It is a beautiful afghan!! I haven’t looked at the pattern yet but would learn better if a tutorial could be made. (even if it was just a swatch) Thanks

  15. I am an experienced crocheter and this pattern has me totally stumped. After 4 attempts, I am putting it aside until there is a chart and/or tutorial. Love the look, have the yarn, and will be waiting.

  16. Hi Mikey! Will there be a diagram for this pattern? My starting chain is correct, but I only have 10 clusters of 5dcs x 2. Am I missing something, also after the tenth cluster, I should only have 5 dcs, but I have 8. Please help!

  17. Trying this pattern & it’s not making sense. Looking at the picture, it doesn’t appear that two rows (1 & 2) have the 5 dc in 2 sts. I keep looking at & enlarging the picture. Will there be a video tutorial?

  18. I love the texture. Is the 198 starting chain count correct? Seems like it needs to be more to have the 11th wave cluster appear towards the end followed by the right number of dc and spaces. The first row is very similar to the seaside ripple first row that requires a starting chain of 210 to achieve 209 sts and 11 ripples.

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