Crochet Modern Log Cabin Afghan Pattern

Crochet Modern Log Cabin Bed Cover
Crochet Modern Log Cabin Afghan Pattern
Crochet Modern Log Cabin Afghan Pattern

Crochet Modern Log Cabin Afghan

Introducing the Modern Log Cabin Afghan by Yarnspirations. For me, I have never done this concept before. I’ve seen it for years but this is my first attempt in doing such a pattern. I have to say, I’m hooked on the concept.

The concept is easy as you start off with one section and from there, each new section grows directly to the next. So essentially, there’s no sewing involved.

The stitchwork is simple, moss stitch or granite stitch is used throughout. The trick to this particular project is to identify and mark the ‘right side’ of the project right from the beginning. This will help you when you need to move onto other sections of this project. There is a repeat row of 2 and 3 throughout. So when you mark the ‘right side’, you can start the next section without any complications.

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Crochet Modern Log Cabin Afghan  Pattern

Review the tutorial below if you need further help with this project.

Gray Matters is part of the Lookbook Collection by Yarnspirations. This project is featured as one of the projects inside this free lookbook.

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Gray Matters Lookbook

This lookbook features the ideas revolving around the colour gray. Gray is one of the most bought colours by knitters and crocheters. It’s a colour that can be neutral in both home decor setting and for the recipient to receive.

For myself, I think gray is one of the most underestimated colours in the yarn. People tend to gravitate towards many colours but eventually circle back to gray. Gray can be so many terrific shades.


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  1. Tonya

    I started one of these just the other week for my son and his girlfriend. The pattern I found has 12 blocks and almost every one of them starts wholly on the side of the previous block. I like the looks of this one better with only the 5 blocks, and the moss stitch makes it easier to see the sides of the rows. So SPOT ON for this. I love hearing about your experiences and your stories and absolutely adore your laugh, it’s infectious! Keep the tutorials coming! Thank you for all you and Dan and the rest of the Crochet Crowd team does for us!

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