Crochet Bold Angles Pillow Pattern

Crochet Bold Angles Pillow
Crochet Bold Angles Pillow
Crochet Bold Angles Pillow

Crochet Bold Angles Pillow

The Crochet Bold Angles Pillow is based on a graphghan type of project. The panels you see are not separate and then sewn together. They are based on following a graph and changing the colours when needed to maintain the design.

Technically speaking, this is not a hard design as the angles are consistent and the stripes are the same width. As you work through the graph, highlight the finished section to continue along. I think you will enjoy this project.

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Crochet Bold Angles Pillow Pattern

I have a comprehensive tutorial for beginners for graphghan concepts.

The tutorial for this pillow is an overview. How to read the graphs and how to follow it with starting you off. If you would like further information and tips, the Beginners Graphghan Video will share everything you need to know about this concept.

Gray Matters is part of the Lookbook Collection by Yarnspirations. This project is featured as one of the projects inside this free lookbook.

Gray Matters Lookbook

This lookbook features the ideas revolving around the colour gray. Gray is one of the most bought colours by knitters and crocheters. It’s a colour that can be neutral in both home decor setting and for the recipient to receive.

For myself, I think gray is one of the most underestimated colours in the yarn. People tend to gravitate towards many colours but eventually circle back to gray. Gray can be so many terrific shades.


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  1. Amy Murdock

    I scoured your tutorials for “image to crocheted item” over two years ago. I am proud to tell you I’ve completed my project! I will post here, if I can, as well as on Ravelry under’ BoojasMom’ so you can see it.
    I am indebted to you for the clear instructions and enthusiasm you project. You made me believe I could do this!!
    *DeMolay insignia for my son. (The young men’s Masonic group). He is a Past Master Councelor for our city’s DeMolay, as well as up to Senior Counselor on our state level . Please take a look and enjoy!

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