Crochet Tufted Pillows
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Crochet Tufted Pillows
Crochet Tufted Pillows

Crochet Tufted Pillows

We’ve been noticing a huge trend in the Bernat Velvet types of yarns. These are the Crochet Tufted Pillows. I was at Pier 1 last week and noticed there was a woven blanket using this exact look of yarn. It was gorgeous. I’m noticing this yarn hitting the home decorating area of stores hard with pre-made things for your home.

Luckily, you have skills and can cut the costs by crocheting it yourself. Use and existing pillow you may have or get a round pillow form. These are two circles that are joined together with single crochet with a pillow form inside. The button is completely crocheted. You make a front and back button and sew them together in the middle to collapse the pillow inward.

Remember the Valentine Bear?

The Crochet Valentine Bear is also using Bernat Velvet yarn.

Crochet Valentine Bear
Crochet Valentine Bear. Click the bear to get the free pattern.

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