Crochet Cablework Afghan
Crochet Cablework Afghan
Crochet Cablework Afghan

Crochet Cablework Afghan

Don’t let this design scare the daylights out of you because this Crochet Cablework Afghan is really easy if you look at this afghan row by row.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Cablework Afghan

The wonderful and coolest thing about this design, once you start the main pattern after the 1st – 3 rows are done, every other row is just straight single crochet across. This means, one row you need to think and the other row to get back is just a no brainer. The complete design is completed on the front side of the afghan so you can see it come together as your crochet. So if you are making an error, you will see it right away.

So when you look at the diagram below, don’t freak out. Take it line by line. The tutorial I have provided is extremely long. I follow you through the entire sheet. Once you get rows 1 – 14 done, you start again at Row 1 and so on. It’s not hard.

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Crochet Diagrams to Save or Print

Click on the diagrams to be able to download or print. These are what Mikey uses in the tutorial to follow along with. You will notice this diagram is slightly different than the one provided with the original pattern. Mikey’s diagram has two repeats of the cable twisting instead of just one in the original pattern. Both diagrams are the same, Mikey’s is just extended for educational purposes.

Crochet Cable Work Afghan Diagram
Crochet Cable Work Afghan Diagram
Crochet Cable Work Afghan Diagram - Marked Up
Crochet Cable Work Afghan Diagram – Marked Up


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17 thoughts on “Crochet Cablework Afghan Pattern

  1. Hi,Mikey. I’ve printed out the directions and it doesn’t look like yours. Are the written directions you used in this video somewhere else?

    • The pattern online, are usually the most up to date, so if the patterns was done previous to the latest version online that may be why you see a difference. That would be the only copy.

  2. Hi Mikey: somehow or other, your two cable afgans are mixed in the directions. I need the directions for the first one with the V stitch. Could you please send me the written directions? I also need the directions for finishing the tassels at the end of the afgan. I certainly do love your work. Thanks Joan

  3. I’m struggling with aligning the extended v stitch. I’ve checked the chain one space and I’m putting the v into the correct stitch also. The left side angle of the v is ‘off’. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong and wondered how I could correct it

  4. Hi Mikey. Love all your videos especially this 1. I’ve always loved the look of cables. Was wondering, I have a lot of acrylic yarn was wondering if I could use that instead of what you used in the video?

  5. Hola Mikey , soy de España del Sur , y me encanta ver tus vídeos , quiero hacer un Pleid , y la manta de los rombos me encanta .
    Gracias por estos vídeos tan ilustrativos .
    Espero ver mas ave por cual me decido .

  6. Hi Mikey, I adore you, Dan, your site and you ease of teaching. I felt bad about your FaceBook problem and page.
    I love this pattern and I have successfully made it to row 5 with your video and Dan’s COLOR chart . . . JUST THE BEST.
    Thanks a bunch!

  7. Hi Mikey, great video. I enjoy your site and like very much your teaching methods. I’m hooked as well thanks to you!

  8. Beautiful. I did one similar to this about 10 years ago. Except it was done in Tunisian and it had angels and hearts with it. I made a male sweater very much like this also. Now I see a full afghan,, and I will make this You always find an excellent way to get me from doing my chores. )

  9. Your video is very informative. I hope I have a successful afghan upon completion. Thank you for such a beautiful presentation. Is it possible to use a less bulky yarn or would that change too many factors?

  10. Hello Mr. Mike:L

    I love all your patterns and have made many baby blankets. Could you help me find a pattern with corner to corner with a elephant. She is due in July and I want to start it after spring break because I have 3 more showers this year.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    Sheryl Myers

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