Crochet Cabin in the Woods Afghan
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Crochet Cabin in the Woods Afghan
Crochet Cabin in the Woods Afghan

Crochet Cabin in the Woods Afghan

Introducing the Cabin in the Woods Crochet Afghan. This majestic wave, chevron or ripple afghan is really neat and full of interesting texture and stitchwork. This was called the same pattern a few years ago but the designers at Yarnspirations have re-coloured the afghan to match today’s colour trends. It’s a classic design.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Cabin in the Woods Afghan

The pattern consists of 5 repeating rows. Though you see the afghan with the ripples having different widths of bands going across, the 5 repeating rows are honoured and you change colour as it suggests in the pattern or you’re going out on your own creativity to make it unique to you.

In the tutorial provided below, I will walk you through the crochet diagram as well as show you how to customize the afghan to your own needs. It’s not as complex if you break it down step by step. I should you tricks for keeping accurate counts too.

Video Tutorial

14 thoughts on “Crochet Cabin in the Woods Afghan + Tutorial

  1. Mikey, it was such a great tutorial I know now I will be able to crochet this beautiful afghan thank you so much for a very well explained work.

    • you certainly could. you have 2 options when using cakes, just use it as it goes (usually the method I go with) which means the end of the colour will end where it ends, and that can sometimes be in the middle of a row. or you control it, meaning if you see that the colour won’t make it the full row, you can cut take out the rest of that row and join the new colour.

  2. I’m still a beginner and making an afghan for a wedding gift. I like this pattern but I think chevron might be a little too advanced for me. Can you recommend a similar pattern but straight instead of chevron? I really want to incorporate the puff stitch every few rows I like the look. I love your tutorials you do a great job explaining everything.

    • Mikey has videos on YouTube of the Chevron that might help you through where you’re stuck. I find sometimes putting stitch markers where my peeks and valleys of the chevron somethings help in the beginning to show where I should be increasing and decreasing.

  3. Hello, I don’t know if it’s just my phone but it keeps saying error and won’t play once it gets up to you showing the sample. I’ve tried it a few times and refreshed the page. Not sure what’s happening.

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