Crochet Summer Mist Throw Pattern

Crochet Summer Mist Throw Full
Crochet Summer Mist Throw Full
Crochet Summer Mist Throw Full

Crochet Summer Mist Throw Pattern

The Crochet Summer Mist Throw is a really nice idea for stash busting and making a really unique crochet blanket. This is designed by Kim Guzman for Caron Yarns many years ago.

It’s made of a repeating of 8 rows and once you understand this pattern, you can put the pattern away and just go with the flow.

You can play with the colour sequence and really make a one of a kind look. I have provided a handmade crochet diagram I used during the filming of the tutorial below. You are welcome to have it.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Summer Mist Throw


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Crochet Diagram

Click the picture to download or print the diagram.

Summer Mist Crochet Diagram
Summer Mist Crochet Diagram


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  1. Joanna Mickelson

    Don’t want to sound stupid, but is it one pound per color? I’m not use to working in pounds of yarn. Also, your instructions say 8 repeating rows while the diagram has 7 rows and your video says 7. Thank you.

    • Mikey

      Let me check the diagram again. I’m sorry.

  2. Lisa

    On the summer mist throw that mikey. Did from the crochet crowd hee used caron simply soft yarn it. Calls for 1 lb calron yarn so what would the ball count be for the simply soft yarn. Thank you

    • Mikey

      Oh darnit. I thought I ready Caron Simply Soft. I would look at the yardage and do a cross comparison… I wondered why the hook was so big for Caron Simply Soft. I’m so sorry for that.

    • Lorna Patterson

      good morning Mikey I’d like to know where you got your tapestry needle I have been trying to find them and can not. Can you help me?

      • Mikey

        the silver one with the flat head is a leather needle that I commonly use. If it’s the one with the fishing line, I got it at an independent fabric shop here in Nova Scotia. I don’t know if there is a brand name or generic. I’m sorry.

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