Crochet School Colour Texture Afghan Pattern

Crochet School Colours Blanket
Crochet School Colours Texture Afghan
Crochet School Colours Texture Afghan

Crochet School Colour Texture Afghan

Are you or someone you know heading off to school to a College or University? Is it the person just leaving home for the first time? How about something extra special with school colours in mind. Something special for you and something special that would mean something to the recipient. A piece of you heads off to school with them.

When I headed off to college, granted I drove 45 minutes each way to attend college for 2 years, I really wanted to show my self-pride in reflecting the school colours. I couldn’t wait to order my winter and spring jackets that I had purchased with my name and school colours. It made me feel like I beyond and went beyond high school to try to pursue more education.

Today, though I am not in my field of study today that I took in college, I took the experience with me in my adult years which shaped me. I am disciplined, goal-oriented and can problem solve. Sure, I can flip out once in a while, but that’s life… right?

Consider this textured rich afghan called The School Colour Afghan. It’s featuring Caron Simply Soft which has a large array of colours. Potentially every possible colour may be available for school colours. Even if your school had more than 2, you could work up magic with afghan.

If time is running out, maybe consider this a gift for when the person returns home for a visit. Wrap it up and give it as a gift. I know myself, I would have appreciated something like this in my school colours. Not just because I crochet, but for the colours and what it meant to me at that time in my life.

There are currently 52 shades of yarn in Caron Simply Soft.

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Crochet School Colours Texture Afghan Pattern

Diagram Used in Tutorial

The top of the diagram was cut off by my scanner. The top row is half double crochets.

Crochet Diagram: School Colour Afghan
Crochet Diagram: School Colour Afghan. Click this picture to save or print the PDF.


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  1. Linda Forsyth

    Hi Mickey,
    I’m not using Caron yarn, so I need to know the size of the blanket as it is in the picture. Thank you very much.
    Sincerely, Linda

  2. Catharina

    Need help with the edge on the Juicy Fruit afghan. Tutorial was great but stopped before going over how to do the edge. Thank you

    • Linda

      Hi, did you ever get an answer to your question? I just started this Afghan, but I am stumped as to an edging. Hope Miley got back to you, and I also sent him a message.

  3. Diane Clayton

    Hi Mikey,
    You make everything look sooo easy! Please help me!
    I am still learning to properly change colors, actually, basics. But I’d like to make a grandson an Afghan for Christmas. He loves University of Alabama.
    I was thinking a one big square granny square blanket. Maybe using Homespun Quick and Thick? Not sure but soft. Arranging black,white,and crimson to look great, I have no idea.
    Please help me with this!
    Thank you much,

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